Exodus Effect Reviews (2023) Is The Exodus Effect Legit or Waste of Money?

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Exodus Effect is a book written by Pastor Andrew that contains the recipe to manufacture a natural holy oil that helps individuals reduce health issues and problems they are facing. These health issues can be acute or chronic, moderate or severe, and the formulation of this oil does not depend on your gender, age, or body measure. The best part is that you can make this oil at your own home using completely natural ingredients.

So, let us begin this discussion on Exodus Effect from the table given below:

Product Overview
Product Name Exodus Effect
Product Category Health Secrets Book
Product Description Exodus effect is a book that contains the method to manufacture an oil that helps individuals reduce their health issues.
Intake Guideline The Exodus Effect oil can be consumed by combining it with any food or drink.
Characteristics ●     Safe to Consume

●     Scientifically tested ingredients

●     Completely Natural

●     Non-Habit Forming

●     Stimulant-Free

●     Money-back guarantee provided

●     Works for everyone irrespective of gender and age

Ingredients Used In The Exodus Effect Oil ●     Cannabidiol

●     Cassia

●     Cinnamon

●     Myrrh

●     Olive Oil

Benefits Of The Exodus Effect Oil ●     It helps reduce pain.

●     It helps boost immune system response.

●     It helps suppress appetite.

●     It helps increase your flexibility and mobility.

●     It helps reduce inflammation.

●     It helps improve your overall physical, mental, and cognitive health.

Cost Of Exodus Effect The hard copy of the Exodus Effect book costs $67. You get 4 free bonus products along with the book.
Money-Back Guarantee ●     100% satisfaction 365-day money-back guarantee for users based in the US

●     100% satisfaction 60-day money-back guarantee for International users

Where to Buy Exodus Effect You can buy the Exodus Effect book from its official website only.

Description About The Exodus Effect eBook – What Is It?

Exodus Effect is a book that contains information about the application of different biblical oils, ointments, and wellness practices that you can perform daily to improve your overall health by helping reduce and eliminate different health problems.

The writer of the Exodus Effect book is Pastor Andrew. Pastor Andrew wrote this holy book to help individuals reduce their health problems by following certain recipes for different oils that can be prepared using completely organic ingredients.

This book also provides knowledge about the human body and its functions and mentions that the human body system needs to be taken care of at the right time, otherwise, it might cause serious health implications.

Who Are The Makers Of This Healing Oil? How To Book?

Divine Origins LLC is at the core of the creation of this amazing guidebook which can let you in on how to craft the healing oil or anointing oil to promote good health. Divine Origins LLC is a Miami-based company.

Unlike many pharmaceutical companies that aim to drain your hard-earned money, Divine Origins LLC aims to help offer significant health benefits through its guidebook and the recipe of the anointing oil.

The important details mentioned in the guidebook created by Pastor Andrew can help you prevent high blood pressure, get a fit body, increase life expectancy, relieve chronic pain, improve digestion, and see many other significant changes in your body.

Divine Origins LLC is one company that has brought both Christians and non-Christians together through Exodus Effect Oil.

The company believes that the healing oil is a “manna” for all, regardless of sex, religion, caste, creed, and other societal discriminative boundaries.

How Did Exodus Effect Oil Come Into Origin?

The healing oil mentioned in the eBook had carefully been hidden (either accidentally or on purpose) in the Bible from the wider audience for ages. In fact, it is a new or revolutionary anointing oil that has been developed recently.

So, how did this secret anointing oil recipe come to light?

Pastor Andrew while translating the bible pointed out a mistranslated word that led to him creating the recipe of the anointing oil mentioned in his eBook. This mistranslated word was “kanabos.” Pastor Andrew believes this mistranslated word could mean “cannabis” and is related to the cannabis plant.

As we all know, the cannabis plant is seen as something of a taboo, including other plants such as marijuana. However, with this recent discovery led by Pastor Andrew, it could change things for Christians and non-Christians as well. If people could look past the old belief and accept the various health usages of the cannabis plant, it could very well mean that they can stay fit for a longer time with the use of the anointing oil, the main ingredient of which is cannabis.

Benefits Offered By The Exodus Effect Book – What Does The Book Teach And Provide Us?

The Exodus Effect book provides information about a lot of things, ranging from essential oils to wellness practices to health advice. In this section of the Exodus Effect review, we will mention some of this information:

Best Shape Of Your Life

The holy oil mentioned in the Exodus Effect book helps promote weight loss by blocking the communication and connection of your body with the CB1 receptors. These CB1 receptors have been scientifically proven to be more in overweight and obese individuals. It also helps suppress your appetite, thus helping you lose weight and attain a slim body shape.

Balanced Blood Sugar

Blood sugar is one of the most common health problems faced by today’s world. If left untreated, it can become the root cause of many other health problems.

This anointing oil recipe helps you balance and maintain your blood sugar levels. It helps reduce and then finally eliminate the fluctuations observed in your blood sugar.

The writer suggests combining this holy oil into your favorite chocolate dish and consuming it for healthy blood sugar levels.

Divine Coffee To Improve Energy Levels

To experience a spiritual boost in the morning, you should combine this anointing oil with a small quantity of a powerful fat-burning substance. You can enjoy your coffee with this oil in the morning and make it more nutritious and refreshing.

Not only will this help boost energy levels, but it will also help you be more efficient with your day-to-day activities.

Pastor Andrew believes this anointing oil could also help you steer clear of mental health problems by boosting serotonin levels in the body and keeping you positive and happy.

Lost Mobility Or Flexibility

If your body feels less free and flexible, then you can consume this oil with extra added myrrh. This would enhance your body’s flexibility and mobility significantly.

The original anointing oil works by improving joint mobility and reducing inflammation. This also leads to lesser pain in the overall body.

It can also help with chronic pain and arthritis, as the cannabis plant has been proven by research to aid joint health and prevent joint health problems.

More Youthful Vibrant Appearance

To get a more youthful glow and appearance, you can add this tropical holy oil to your food dishes. After consuming for a certain period, you would experience fewer wrinkles on your face. It helps tighten your skin and makes you glow and feel like a young individual.

You would also be provided 12 recipes that you can make at your own home using this oil and lose pounds naturally.

Pastor Andrew believes that these recipes have helped several people in the ancient age by giving them an exuberant glow. The recipes mention ingredients that have been backed by scientific research and data. Therefore, it is safe to say that they could be the answer to several health problems related to the skin, such as eczema, dry and flaky skin, etc.

Pain Or Discomfort Severe

The consumption of the spices mentioned in the recipe with the anointing oil will help you get rid of pain and severe discomfort. Exodus Effect aims to boost your efficiency by 2000% when you use these spices in conjunction with the healing oil.

The Divine Ratio

The book contains different food recipes and their methods of preparation by incorporating this holy oil. These recipes would serve different health purposes and help tackle several health problems in numerous ways, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, stress, etc.


It is an unobjectionable fact that people mentioned in the Bible lived longer and had a greater average life expectancy than the humans of today. This is because their overall body was in a better state than ours. One important aspect of a better body is better bones.

The unbreakable section of the Exodus Effect book contains information about a substance that helps strengthen your bones and make them less brittle. This substance for bone health has also been scientifically tested and proven in labs for its effects.

How Does Exodus Effect Work?

The human body, as we all know, is a huge system of different parts with separate functions that are interconnected. So, if one of the parts does not work effectively, then after some time, the other parts would also get affected and thus start functioning poorly.

The Exodus Effect book mentions the recipes with their natural ingredients to manufacture oil in your kitchen that can help you take care of your body and its parts. The secret oil formula found by the writer has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and it can be used by combining it with any of your favorite foods in the making.

The Scientific Evidence Behind Its Working

The scientific pieces of evidence to gather the legitimacy of the Exodus Effect book is based on its ingredients. All of the ingredients used to make this holy oil are natural and scientifically tested and proven for their working and benefits. Below we will see a few pieces of evidence on all the ingredients used in the healing oil.

The main ingredient used in making holy oil is Cannabidiol (CBD). It is known to be rich in anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce pain. A survey was conducted on CBD ( a hemp extract) to know the attitude and perspectives of patients, and it was found that most of them had a positive attitude about CBD products as treatments. The patients responded that CBD helped reduce pain and was non-habit-forming and not harmful.

Myrrh has antioxidant properties that help strengthen the functioning of the immune system and improve immune response and cellular health. A study was conducted on mice to know the effects of Commiphora molmol extract (myrrh) on body weight and blood lipids and found that it has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hyperlipidemic effects. It was also found that it helps improve blood lipid profile and reduces body weight gain in mice.

The use of olive oil in making the Exodus Effect oil is done to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, promote weight loss, reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of chronic illness. According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology in the year 2022, olive oil is related to a longer life span. It was mentioned that people who consumed a little more than half a tablespoon of olive oil per day had a 19% lower risk of death in the upcoming 28-year period and that it also helps reduce the risks of several health illnesses.

Similarly, the other two natural ingredients mentioned in the Exodus Effect book are cassia and cinnamon. These have also been scientifically tested and proven for their health benefits by various scientists and research labs.

Who Should Use the Exodus Effect?

The Exodus Effect book should be read and used by anyone who is suffering from acute to severe health problems. It can be anyone facing chronic physical to mental health issues like stress, pain, inflammation, stroke, heart disease, overthinking, etc.

Exodus Effect Features: Pros And Cons

The Exodus Effect book, like anything in this world, has its pros and cons, as discussed below.

Pros Of The Exodus Effect Book

The pros of the Exodus Effect book are as follows:

  • It contains an easy method to manufacture this holy oil in your kitchen at your own home.
  • This book contains several uses of this oil and how you can incorporate it into different dishes you make.
  • The oil mentioned in this book is made using completely natural and high-quality ingredients.
  • It contains different health healing techniques and wellness practices.
  • This book provides legitimate information on improving your overall health and well-being.

Cons Of The Exodus Effect Book

The cons of the Exodus Effect book are as follows:

  • You can purchase this book online from its official website only.
  • This book does not come with any sort of samples to try. The holy oil mentioned in this book has to be made from scratch, which is cumbersome.

What Is The Cost Of The Exodus Effect Book?

The Exodus Effect book is available for purchase online on its official website only. If you want to purchase the hard copy of the Exodus Effect book, then you will have to pay $67 and follow the below-mentioned steps for placing an order:

  • The first step is to fill out a form given on their official website, wherein you will have to mention your contact number, e-mail address, location, etc.
  • The second and final step is to select an Exodus Effect package and checkout.

The money-back guarantee offered in the book differs for different locations, so set your accurate location in this step.

Where Can You Buy the Exodus Effect Book?

The book is exclusively available on the official website. This means you can get all the benefits of purchasing the product, including a solid money-back guarantee and discount offers only on the official website.

Bonus Products

The book provides access to the following things as bonuses to its users.

The Prayer Warrior Network: The Prayer Warrior Network is an online community where the users of the Exodus Effect Book and anointing oil strengthen each others’ faith and belief.

Divine Pet: Divine Pet shows you how you can use the anointing oil to tackle health problems in your dogs and cats.

Hidden Prayers: The Hidden Prayers is a compilation of prayers in the Hebrew text of the Bible. These prayers are otherwise a secret tucked away from the public.

The Lazarus Effect: The Lazarus Effect is a guidebook that lets you in on recipes that can tackle skin health problems. In conjunction with the anointing oil, these recipes can help to promote rejuvenating skin.

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What About The Refund Policy?

The users of the book are provided with an assured money-back guarantee.

If you are someone who is unsatisfied with the book and is based in the US, then you are provided with a 100% satisfaction 365-day refund policy. But, if you are someone based outside the US (an International user), then you are provided with a 100% satisfaction 60-day refund policy from the date you purchased the book.

This means that all the users can ask for a complete refund of the amount invested in purchasing the book if they are not satisfied with the results and are not interested in it anymore.

Exodus Effect Reviews – Real Customer Truth Exposed

The Exodus Effect book contains the recipe and the manufacturing process of a holy oil that provides several health benefits and can be made using 5 completely natural ingredients. There are numerous customer testimonials that provide the real-time benefit of reading this book.

Several Exodus Effect reviews by customers state that this book has helped severely in reducing pain from different parts of the body like feet, joints, etc. It has helped individuals suffering from arthritis, heart disease, stroke, etc., with the help of its natural oil formulation.

The users of the book speak of most of its high-quality natural oil that is power-packed and can be made at home. This oil has helped them maintain healthy body weight, reduce inflammation and pain, look youthful, improve flexibility, and calm their minds.

Reviews state that the healing oil is an umbrella formula that has helped improve their overall physical, mental, and cognitive well-being. It works for everyone, irrespective of gender and body measure.

Taking the Exodus Effect oil by combining it with different delicious food recipes regularly has proven beneficial for their health.

Final Word – Is Exodus Effect Worth Purchasing?

To end this Exodus Effect review, we can say that this book is worth your time, effort, and money as it has been trusted by several customers around the globe.

It has provided several health benefits ranging from reduced pain to weight loss to improved immune system response. You also don’t require a professional for making this holy oil, you can prepare it at your own home. The ingredients used in making this holy oil are completely natural and have already been scientifically tested.

The Exodus Effect oil is absolutely safe to consume by adults with different health issues. So, order The Exodus Effect book from its official website and experience the results for yourself!

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