Existing Subscription Inquiries


When will my subscription begin? 
Your order is processed by Orlando magazine upon receipt. Your first issue should arrive within 6-8 weeks of receipt of your order. If you have not received your first issue within eight weeks please call our customer service department at 1-800-243-0609.

I will be moving soon. How do I change my address? 

If you move, make sure Orlando magazine moves with you! Please notify us 6-8 weeks in advance at 1-800-243-0609, or send address changes to Orlando magazine, P.O. Box 2141, Marion, OH 43306.

What should I do if my issue arrives late, damaged or not at all? 
Simply notify us 1-800-243-0609. Let us know which issue is in question and where to send a replacement. We'll send a replacement if supplies permit, or extend your subscription an additional issue.

I've paid for my subscription, but bills keep coming. What should I do?

If you receive one bill after you have paid, please disregard it. Sometimes a bill will go out just before a payment is processed. If you receive a second bill, please call 1-800-243-0609 to clear up the matter.

Why do I see the current issue on newsstands before my own copy arrives in my mailbox?
You should receive your personal copy before the issue hits the newsstands. However, delivery times for magazines via the U.S. Postal Service are beyond our control. If you are experiencing chronic slow delivery please notify our customer service department via e-mail at orlando@emailcustomerservice.com.

Please address all other questions about your current subscription to orlando@emailcustomerservice.com. Thank you.