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Throughout the year Orlando magazine spotlights different categories around town and gives you our Exclusive Guides.

Best Doctors 2008  

Best and Top Doctors 2008

When you’re faced with making a decision on your health care, this may be the place to start. The physicians on Orlando magazine’s Best Doctors and Top Doctors lists were chosen as among the finest in the city by their local peers. Altogether, the lists name 377 doctors in 58 specialties.

Best of Orlando 2008  

Best of Orlando 2008

Best is so subjective. So when we asked you—our readers—to send us your nominations for the Best of Orlando in 83 categories, we knew there would be some disagreement. But we had faith that, somehow or other, you would arrive at a sort of collective wisdom.

In our survey, we were looking for the best in such areas as “Eat and Drink,” “Personalities,” “Goods/Services,” “Media” and the vague but useful “Potpourri.” Our categories range from such standards as “best brunch” and “best bookstore” to less expected entries, including “best place to get married,” “best pet accessories store” and “local hero.”

Nightlife Issue 2008  



The Nightlife Issue 2009

Whoever said the streets of Orlando roll up after 5 o’clock must live in Clermont. O-town and its close-in neighbors catch a second wind as darkness falls, with adults of all ages going out to bars (many located in upscale restaurants) and nightclubs that reflect their moods and stations in life. Surveying Orlando’s nightlife scene, we find it’s doing nicely, thank you very much. So here’s our totally selective guide to nightspots for those with discriminating tastes, along with profiles of some of the people—and a place—worth knowing about.