Epcot Flower and Garden Festival: A Virtual Topiary Tour

While Walt Disney World is closed, we offer this peek at Epcot during the prettiest time of the year.

The 2020 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival had just started when Disney World announced it was closing because of the COVID-19 pandemic on March 16. As of now, we are five weeks into the closure, and there’s still no official reopening date.

Monorail F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

For many visitors and Florida locals, the festival is synonymous with spring, so it’s definitely been strange to sit this one out. 

Disney hasn’t shared publicly its plans for a reopening date. And we don’t know if the festival will extend beyond its scheduled June 1 end date. However, we can still look back on the few days of festival fun we did have. And we can dream of more magical days to come.

Fortunately, I visited the festival the week before the closure. I thought at the time that it would be one of many trips to see the flowers this year. That remains to be seen.

Spaceship Earth F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

However, if you’re missing the festival as much as I am, I thought you might enjoy a virtual visit. Although this isn’t everything (because see above), it should be enough to put some sunshine into your soul.

There’s a lot to cover, so today, we’ll hit up the topiaries. Next week, we’ll visit the Outdoor Kitchens and see some of the exhibits.

And together, we’ll believe we’ll all be enjoying Epcot festivals safely and joyfully again soon.


Of course, topiaries are one of the biggest draws at the Flower and Garden Festival.

Future World Topiaries

Normally, the front bed at the entrance of the park has a huge scene, but this year, with all of the construction, you have to travel into the park before you get the goods.

Mickey Minnie Goofy Topiary F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

Pluto and Chip n’ Dale frolic in the flowers of Showcase Plaza as well.

Pluto Chip N Dale Topiaries F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

What would F&G be without those butterflies? We were super happy to see them back again! They’re right outside of this year’s Butterfly House (yay! also back again!) in Future World West.

Butterfly Topiaries F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

Sorcerer Mickey and Friends also make appearances near here.

Sorceror Mickey Topiary F&g

We’ll hope to see the rest of the Future World Gang—Bambi, Buzz, Bo, Figment and more—when the park reopens. (Please, flower gods. Let it be so.)

World Showcase Topiaries

As you head to World Showcase, Miss Piggy and Kermit greet you between Canada and the UK Pavilions.

Miss Piggy Topiary F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

Seriously. I can’t get enough of Kermie.

Kermit The Frog Topiary F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too (and the rest of the Hundred Acre Wood Bunch) are keeping residence in the UK.

Pooh And Rabbit Topiaries F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

Tigger Eyeore And Piglet Topiaries F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

Before you cross over the bridge to France, witness Peter Pan and Captain Hook taking care of some unfinished business.

Captain Hook And Peter Pan Topiaries F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

Belle and Beast hold court in France.

Belle And Beast Topiaries F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

However, there’s a new French kid in town. Remy has joined the festival just in time for his new attraction to open later in 2020!

Remy Topiary F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

Remy Topiary Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

The dragon, which was previously in China, has been relocated to prime real estate in Japan. I absolutely love how he’s placed here with this perfect view.

Dragon Topiary F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

Meanwhile, Dopey and Snow White whistle while they work in Germany.

Snow White And Dopey Topiaries F&g

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

And Simba joins Rafiki, Mufasa and Sarabi in a moving tableau near the Outpost. Yay! Circle of life.

Lion King Topiaries

(Courtesy Brooke Fehr)

There’s lots more to see, including Anna and Elsa, The Three Caballeros, Lady and the Tramp, and So. Much. More. We’ll trust that the amazing Disney horticulture team is keeping the lights on for us until we can all return and see them firsthand.

Until then…See you real soon, Epcot.

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