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Meet Elisha Gonzalez, Executive Director at FAIRWINDS Foundation



Executive Director | FAIRWINDS Foundation

Financial illiteracy is negatively impacting millions of Americans every day. Without a clear understanding of financial knowledge and confidence, personal financial skills are impacted and — on a national scale — the economy suffers.

Elisha González, Executive Director of the FAIRWINDS Foundation, is driven to changing this narrative. She has been successfully advocating the relationship between financial crisis and overall financial literacy for years. A basic financial education not only promotes financial confidence, it encourages better money management skills, decision-making, and strong budgeting and spending habits. Research confirms that being more literate in financial topics is positively correlated to an individual’s capacity to overcome macroeconomic difficulties like COVID-19 or the 2008 financial crisis.

Elisha believes that the investment in financial literacy education collectively impacts and improves our community’s economic well-being. The FAIRWINDS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of FAIRWINDS, provides grants to some of Central Florida’s most economically vulnerable populations, including home- less and at-risk youth, victims of domestic violence, and minority business owners impacted by the pan- demic, among many others. Through financial literacy programming, delivered by FAIRWINDS Foundation grantee partners, families and individuals have the information and tools needed to secure and improve their financial health.

Her curating of these collaborations with nonprofit grantee recipients is changing lives every day. In 2021 through its grants, the FAIRWINDS Foundation made measurable impacts, from helping Heart of Florida United Way to secure $3.4 million in tax refunds for disadvantaged families to aiding Prospera USA help small businesses create or retain 2,400 jobs.

Financial literacy programming, delivered virtually, and in person, by this year’s FAIRWINDS Foundation nonprofit grantee’s, has effectively advanced broad-based prosperity. When it comes to the betterment of our community and neighbors in need, Elisha is “all-in!” She is a passionate ambassador who invests in community partnerships proudly representing the FAIRWINDS Foundation. Through these relationships Elisha has built and nurtured, economic empowerment and financial freedom is possible – for everyone.



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