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Dr Ballagas


Innovative Endodontics

Innovative Endodontics has prided itself in providing excellent service while ensuring that patients are comfortable and pain free for the last nine years. My goal has been to save teeth and break down the presumption that root canal treatments are painful, complicated, and unnecessary. Ever since I started this company, I knew the technology I would provide had to be the most innovative, which led to the inclusion of now industry standards of portable digital radiography, the best practice software available, 3D cone beam computed tomography analyzation, and advanced surgical operating microscopes.

This approach of always finding the newest, most advanced methods of providing comfortable, effective treatments through research and continuing education has led to loyal referring offices and patients. By having a conservative treatment mindset to avoid tooth debilitation, my practice has relied on a multiple visit structure, regardless of production, to ensure the elimination of patient symptoms before obturation. Although effective for my commitment to patient care, at times it has caused an inconvenience for my patients in having to return repeatedly due to continued symptoms.

In consideration of the everchanging dental environment, especially amidst a global pandemic, as well as patient feedback it will be my pleasure to introduce the newest advancement in endodontic care, Sonendo’s GentleWave procedure. This groundbreaking technology will reduce the number of visits necessary for success while providing a less-invasive, efficient way of cleaning canals with minimal instrumentation. It has been a journey of research, discussions, and meetings to decide to include this amazing procedure into our standard of care, but it is the best option for my staff, my referring doctors, and most importantly my patients. Being the first in the Orlando area to step forward with GentleWave is a testament to my dedication of providing state-of-the-art Endodontic Therapy while catering to patients’ comfort and needs to ensure a lifetime of care and satisfaction.

From my diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics to my Endodontic Fellowship and Residency to my extensive experience, it is my passion and pleasure to continue growing and providing the highest standard of care while focusing on exceeding patients’ expectations of comfort and customer service.



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