Disposable Flatware

I was at an outdoor event recently and was pleasantly surprised to learn about an upscale option for disposable cutlery (with an added bonus for coming preassembled).  The disposable cutlery, with the same shine and silver sparkle as stainless, is wrapped in a linen-quality dinner napkin and sealed with an elegant band. The sets   address both the need for a formal presentation while reducing the costs associated with renting flatware and napkins from caterers. These napkin rolls are ideal for an outdoor reception at any venue. Options include a fork and knife in a white napkin; a fork, knife and spoon in a white napkin; and a fork, knife and spoon in a black napkin. Priced at $72.60 each, a case contains four 30-count bags.  Visit pjpmarketplace.com and search Reflections Plastic Cutlery in Rolled Napkin.