Disney World Furloughs 43,000 Employees With No Set Open Date For Florida Parks

What does this mean for Disney employees?

On April 19, Walt Disney World will begin furloughing approximately 43,000 Central Florida workers after the parks and resorts closed on March 16 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 200 or so essential employees will remain on the job. In total, the Orlando theme parks and resorts employ about 77,000 people. The furlough is part of an agreement between Disney World and the six unions representing the 43,000 Central Florida employees. Due to the uncertain nature of COVID-19, no furlough end date has been set.

So what does this mean for the 43,000 furloughed cast members? Cast members will:

  1. Keep their health insurance benefits for the entire furlough period
  2. Not lose their seniority
  3. Not experience a reduction in pay
  4. Immediately qualify for state unemployment benefits

Additionally, Disney is providing FREE health care for all furloughed employees for 1 full year.

Disney reached similar agreements with other unions who represent facility workers, security guards, and musicians who perform at its theme parks. The Associated Press reported that Disney would also furlough executive, salaried and hourly nonunion employees whose jobs were not considered essential.

Walt Disney World draws more than 52 million visitors to Orlando each year.

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