Cutting Room Floor: Pets 2014

A collection of our favorite outtakes and extras from the 2014 Pet Issue photo shoot.

Making photo selections is hard work, especially when the options are so varied. For our 2014 pet photo shoot, we had a lot of great shots to choose from, and it was very difficult decision regarding which images would make the cut and be printed in our Pet Issue. Below are a few of our favorite extra shots and outtakes of the 2014 pet contest finalists. Which one is your favorite?

Cooper was such a well-composed rabbit! We really expected him to be hoppin' all around, but he was perfectly relaxed and very easy to pose.

Thumbs might look pretty ticked off in this shot, but we promise he was treated like the true star that he is. 

At first, Olivia was pretty freaked out and didn't care for the tub setup we had in mind (see Tebow's shot above). But eventually we discovered that she loved to hide, so we created this party bag set-up to make her feel more comfortable on set.

Not sure if Daisy is either really excited about the flowers or bored out of her mind…

Marley was one chill kitty who was content to pose wherever we wanted.

Poor Mickee was a bit frightened and stayed still as a statue once his owner placed him in our wagon. 

Tebow behaved so well that we had plenty of time to try 2 settings. We ended up going with the tub scene since his reaction to the bubbles was just too cute.

Old man Freddy was the most laid-back pet of the shoot, and was happy to let us dress him up however we chose.

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