Curb Appeal that Wows

Let your house make a great first impression with a few simple changes and upgrades.

Before visitors even step inside, they get their first impression of your home from its exterior—which is why first looks matter. You want your home’s exterior elements to work together, so don’t forget the role of the driveway. The use of pavers for the entire driveway can add interest with color, like blends from white to beige or orange to charcoal. Pavers also work well to create decorative outlines in contrasting shades, giving the driveway definition. 

Once the sun sets, outdoor lighting can make all the difference in whether your home stands out or disappears. Beyond the standard porch light, try installing multiple fixtures or use accent lighting to enhance architectural details. 

Keeping trees and shrubs neatly trimmed is an easy way to pump up curb appeal, and adding flowers always gives your exterior a burst of color. Last of all, for that individual decorative touch, consider a fountain or statuary.  

The Details
A couple of things often overlooked that can give your entrance a touch of class are a door knocker and address numbers. They should complement your home’s style. A brass, bronze or cast iron door knocker is an accessory that you can have some fun with. Choose one to match your personality, from custom designs that include everything from your family’s coat of arms to the family dog, or match it to your home’s architecture with a contemporary silver moon and stars or an Old World brass lion’s head holding a circular striker in its mouth. For a long time, no one gave a second thought to the address numbers on their home, but now you can find them in all kinds of materials and fonts. Look for chrome, stainless steel and brass numbers to place above your door, on mailboxes or even on an artistic plaque created especially to display them. 

Roberto Gonzalez

The Door
The second thing guests encounter, and the first thing they see up close, is the front door. So make sure yours is not only eye-catching, but warm and welcoming. You can make a statement by painting the door in a vibrant color; just be sure the hue beautifully complements or contrasts with the color of your house. One classic to consider is the red door. In feng shui (the Chinese art of placement), it symbolizes positive energy, something homeowners want to drawinto their homes. But red is also a color of passion, vitality and excitement, all good things that make for a happy home. To give your door an inviting entrance, simply place decorative containers of lush green plants and flowers on either side of the door.

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