Creating Space

Top tips for cleaning out and organizing your closet.

We know that the thought of cleaning out your closet (and parting ways with that sequin dress you wore once, three years ago) may be enough to send chills down your spine, so we called in the experts. Paris Bernhardt, the vice president of Closet Factory, shares some tips for cleaning out your closet and staying organized after you do.

When it comes to getting rid of old unwanted clothes and accessories, it’s ideal to create piles. Separate the items that you no longer want into piles such as donations, recyclables and sellable.

“These days there are consignment stores and eBay that make selling nice pieces, vintage and designer pieces easy to do. There are also great charities to donate gently worn clothing and shoe to,” says Bernhardt.

It’s important to let go of clothing that you will really never wear again because it takes up such valuable closet space. “We do feel that it’s best to clean out your closet before you put everything back into your new closet system.”

Once you are fully satisfied with the cleaning-out-your-closet process, it’s time to use space-saving strategies to help keep your closet organized. Double hanging areas are aesthetically pleasing and will immediately create additional rod space. They can also free up some wall space for shelving and drawers. For storing shoes in a space-savvy way, Bernhardt suggests storing shoes in boxes. “Boxes expand shoe storage space, however we recommend that a photo of the pair of the shoes stored in the box is neatly taped to the front for quick access.”

It’s also important to know what clothing is better stored on shelving instead of on hangers or in drawers. Sweaters are best folded, according to Bernhardt. Keep your sweaters and other folded items in piles of three or four for easy mess-free access.

Grouping like clothing together and using uniform hangers throughout your closet will also save space and make it easier to take items on and off the rods. Using the same type of hangers will create tidiness by keeping clothing at the same eye level.

Although all of these tips are sure to kick start you in the right direction, Bernhardt suggest investing in a proper organization system. “A proper system that contains rods and shelving is the first and most important product someone needs to save space and stay organized. Gadgets are great, but it’s the nuts and bolts that matter most.”

If you’re interested in investing in an organization system, plan on spending at least $1,000. According to Bernhardt, wall closets will usually start at $1,000 and go up from there. Walk-ins generally begin around $2,000 and go into the tens of thousands depending on what materials, features and how large the space is. “We like to work within a client’s budget and make recommendations on ways to get the most space and style for their needs.”

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