Conversation Starters

Get some help with discussing tough questions before the big day.

Game Night

Gather a few of your favorite couples for a round of Analyze Me (above), a mature board game that opens some juicy dialogue about likes, dislikes, personality references and how you and your spouse would handle certain situations.  With lots of laughter mixed in with a few ”a-ha” moments, this game will shine a light on some of you and your mate’s lesser-known propensities. $19.99, Lighten Up, Winter Park


Conversation Cues

There are 135 inquisitive question cards loaded into the Couple’s Edition of Table Topics. Some are humorous (how would we spend a gift of $100,000?) and some are provocative (what would we do if our families strongly opposed our relationship?). Take them in the car or grab a bottle of wine on the next rainy night, and let these inquiries peel back some important layers. $24, The Signature Shop, The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes


Create a Keepsake

What would you do if you or your spouse became attracted to someone else? Are you each comfortable with the other’s level of ambition? These are two of the questions explored in the book, The Hard Questions: 100 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Say “I Do” by Susan Piver, an unabashed inquiry into your relationship. Make a pledge to ponder all 100 questions before the big day and you’ll start your new life together with eyes wide open. $10, Barnes & Noble stores,


By the Book

Before the Wedding: Fun and Provocative Questions to Prepare You for Married Life, by Alex A. Lluch, not only prompts thought-provoking discussions, it also acts as a journal for you to write down your thoughts. In the spaces provided in the book, you and your fiancé can record how you feel about such issues as spirituality, travel and careers. Your responses will be yours to read for years to come when you want them for evidence… er, nostalgia. $11, Barnes & Noble stores,


App Assistance

The portability of the Talk About app, currently available for iPhone and iPad, means you can take more than 450 thought-provoking questions with you anywhere. Choose from more than 20 categories, like Engaged or Questions People Avoid, and see what new and interesting details unfurl. Does one of you have an undisclosed aspiration to live in Alaska? Could he be a closeted cat lover? Now’s the time to find out. 99 cents, Apple’s App Store

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