Conservation Guide: 10 ways to connect with the Florida Wildlife Corridor


Florida’s natural spaces are here for everybody to enjoy and becoming a link in this green chain is as easy as taking a hike on a trail. Here are 10 ways you and your family can help sustain wild places for our animals and plants, courtesy of the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation:

  1. Enjoy Florida agriculture. Purchasing foods with the “Fresh From Florida” label helps to keep farms and ranches in business.
  2. Raise awareness. Recruit friends and family to follow the Florida Wildlife Corridor on social media and sign up for its newsletter.
  3. Get involved. Volunteer for a public campaign and urge others to support the cause.
  4. Go birding. Ecotourism is key to Florida’s economy, so experience the Great Florida Birding Trail or attend a birding festival.
  5. Teach a child to hunt or fish. Learning to hunt or fish ensures a lifetime of outdoor pursuits and a respect for nature.
  6. Visit public lands and share the experience. Explore the corridor and “real Florida” and share the experience with friends.
  7. Donate to the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Become a member or donate to conservation groups and land trusts within the corridor.
  8. Advocate for land protection. Contact state legislators and urge support of funding for Florida Forever and the Rural and Family Lands Protection Program.
  9. Support smart planning. Advocate for urban development and compact communities to reduce loss of rural land. Support funding for wildlife crossings, underpasses and signs to protect drivers and animals.
  10. Explore. Go hiking, paddling or biking on Florida’s system of greenways and trails and support completion of the system statewide.

Courtesy: Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation,

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