Confessions of a Former Ladies Man

“Way more than a hundred” is John Hill’s guess when asked how many women he has dated. And, how many of them has he fallen in love with? A lot, he replies. Best known as “Johnny Magic” on XL106.7 FM’s hit morning show, Johnny’s House, Hill, 47, has earned a reputation of being a serial dater, though he would argue he’s not a “player.” Whatever the label, the once-committed bachelor says he is ready to change his status to “married.” He’s moved to the burbs, bought a dog and is preparing to nest with the still-to-be-named love of his life.  But before he takes the plunge, Hill takes a deep breath and exhales.

“I’ve dated all races, colors and creeds, except atheists.”

“When you date, everyone is looking for the same thing —that love of a lifetime, that one person their soul connects with.”

“That first date, you wonder, wow, could this be ‘the one?’ But after 30 minutes you realize she may not be ‘the one.’”

“The most important thing for me is a woman’s heart. If she has a good heart, that’s more attractive than a woman in a Playboy magazine.”

“Dating is just an interview over a meal.”

“Listening is the key. Just listen. A woman will tell you everything. A lot of guys are just like, ‘I just want you to talk so I can get us to where I want us to be.’”

“If you really want to know the woman you’re with, spend some time with her mother.”

“I fall in love every day. I can fall in love driving home.”

“I always wait for them to say it [I love you] first.”

“Most women tell me I have a fear of commitment because the relationship doesn’t go to the level they want.”

“The person you meet is not the person who they are. It takes time for that person’s true self to show. I will intentionally start an intense argument with someone to see how they handle it.”

Has he cheated on a girlfriend? “When I was younger I did. And I realized that I hurt someone really, really bad.”

“I make sure it [sex] is what they want to do. . . . I stop that moment in the heat of passion and make sure we both acknowledge what’s about to happen. Let it be their decision.”

The longest he’s gone without sex: “Wow, geez. Uhmm, well, maybe two to three months.”

“Dating is getting old. I ran the gamut. There are no new things in the dating world I haven’t done.”

“I made it a point about a year ago that I wanted to change my life. I got rid of the bachelor pad [a swanky downtown condo], moved into the suburbs and bought a dog. So I am preparing myself now to settle down. I don’t date now for the enjoyment of knowing someone; I date now for someone who’s going to be there for longevity.”

“Being married to me? You’re going to have a devoted, hard-working guy whose whole goal in life is to make that marriage work. I can’t say I always thought that way, but I think that way now. I am ready to grow, to learn and change. . . . I don’t divorce.”

On his current love interest, a woman much younger than him: “Your heart wants who your heart wants. There’s nothing you can do about that. I am attracted to someone younger. I can’t run from a situation because it doesn’t fit society’s standards of what I should have.”

Is his current girlfriend “the one?” “She’s closer than anyone I’ve been with.”

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