Color Scheme DO & DON'T

When it comes to planning your wedding, the color palette is of ultimate importance. The hues you choose are integrated into every aspect of your ceremony, from the attire of your bridesmaids and groomsman to the flowers and table settings at the reception. So how do you choose the shades of your big day?

DO choose a color that you love. Don’t settle for colors that just look nice together, or that someone else—looking at you, mom—thinks are right. If you’ve liked periwinkle blue for your whole life, utilize it or variations of it, and have your wedding planner help you pick complementary colors.

DON’T pick colors that will inevitably become dated and laugh worthy. You might love the idea of neon colored nuptials now, but that doesn’t mean you’ll like the looks of your wedding album ten years down the road. Be realistic about what works. There’s something to be said about timeless tones.

DO take inspiration from your natural surroundings. If you don’t have your heart set on a starter color or a special theme, visit a local garden, or take a stroll through a well-landscaped neighborhood. Earth, water and flora tones can be inspiring when looking for the perfect color combos.

DON’T copy cat the color scheme of friends or family. If you’ve recently been to a wedding that struck you as “perfect,” the bride probably felt the same way. Don’t ruin that for her when you invite her to your wedding and she sees that her concept is no longer hers.

DO have some fun with your choices! If you’re having a spring wedding, don’t be afraid to utilize the colors of the season. If you’d like a more vintage sort of look, go through some old photos and familiarize yourself with the faded hues. If you know your fiancé looks good in grey, give him a chance to weigh in on what color he thinks should be on the boys.

There are an endless amount of complementary color combinations out there. For the bridal fashion pictorial in our upcoming issue, we were inspired by the Pantone fashion color report for spring 2013 (seen at the top of the page). We utilized shades of dusk blue and grayed jade, linen and the nectarine for some beautiful pops of color throughout the spread and ended up with a wonderfully fresh take on what it means to be a bride. Color is a good thing when it comes to your wedding—it’s what makes every aspect of your big day yours.

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