Casey: Is Her Goose Deep-Fryed?

    I had a sneaking suspicion that Judge Perry would release his order this morning (May 9) regarding air samples taken from Casey’s car trunk. The whole gang, including Casey, Judge Perry, prosecutors and defense attorneys, have taken flight for Pinellas County. Casey will be there until a jury is selected. Hopefully, the food is as marginal as it is in the Orange County jail.
    The judge denied the defense motion, and that means the final Frye, the one that’s never been tested in a court of law, will be allowed at trial. To say the judge carefully studied his options is understatement. In his ruling, he said that it is quite apparent Dr. Vass and Dr. Furton, the respective state and defense experts, are going to present opinions based on the results of the GS/MS data, but their opinions will be far from similar. The judge wrote, “The disagreement between the experts is best resolved by the trier of fact, the jury. This is where both the defense and the state will have the opportunity to controvert the experts’ findings and conclusions.
    There’s no doubt that this is a heavy blow to the defense, but certainly, Dr. Vass is not without his critics. The judge merely decided it was something the jury should be made aware of, just like the other Frye rulings. There will be no more time for defense objections. I intend to study the 23-page document and write a more comprehensive report on it later this week, pending no SHOCKING! BREAKING STORIES in the interim. Please feel free to discuss this latest development.






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