Candy Buffet Tables

A candy buffet table is a hot new trend at wedding receptions. It’s easy to pull together, inexpensive, and a whimsical way to incorporate favors and an interactive element to your reception. Here are a few tips for making a candy extravaganza that’s classy and sophisticated, but also a lot of fun.
    Choose candy colors that coordinate with your wedding theme and either match or complement your color palette. Think about location of your table and temperature when choosing your sweet treats – chocolate truffles may melt too fast in outdoor heat. Use varying shapes, sizes, colors and textures of candy and display them in variably sized containers  – this adds interest to the display, along with layering and lifts. Use fine linens and trimmings for additional decoration on the buffet table; just don’t go overboard, less is always more. But do get creative with your candy; anything sweet will work, like  marshmallows, gummy bears, cookies, cupcakes, pastries, and of course fresh fruit – nature’s candy. Offering a variety of treats will make it appealing to guests of all ages and different tastes.
    Finally, be sure to provide scoops or utensils for guests to gather their treats. Offer small decorative boxes and or mesh or plastic bags with tie ribbons for your guests to store and carry home their special treats. You’ll be giving them a great take-away and a fun memory from your special day.