Cake on a Stick

Winter Park confectioner combines cupcakes and mini-desserts for pop-up treats.

Larry Bach, owner of Sprinkles Custom Cakes in Winter Park, has combined the cupcake craze and mini-dessert mania into a push pop treat made of alternating layers of cake and filling, then topped with frosting and sprinkles.

Bach got the idea for his Sprinkles CakeShooter at a confectioners’ convention when he spied plastic push-up containers designed to hold Italian gelato. “It’s a very easy thing to put cake in there,” he says, “and kids could eat them without a fork or spoon or even a napkin”—a real plus for his business because he’d recently lost several regular orders after some local schools banned messy cupcakes for birthday celebrations. Bach plans to patent his creation, which already has drawn a celebrity following. People magazine reported that actress Tori Spelling ordered pink-and-white CakeShooters for her daughter Stella’s second birthday celebration in California.

CakeShooters come in flavors such as yellow raspberry swirl, OMG (raspberry swirl and chocolate buttercream), Sprinkles Signature (vanilla cream and white icing), piña colada, chocolate and vanilla. Vegan and gluten-free options are available, and Bach also has made fruitcake, cheesecake and bread pudding shooters. They cost $3 each.

Sprinkles Custom Cakes
501 W. Fairbanks Ave.
Winter Park 32789

Lil’ Shop of Treasures

The just-opened College Park Antiques Market is like a mini-flea market for eclectic home décor that is as unusual as it is scarce in Orlando. The shop is filled with one-of-a-kind finds. Standout items include colorful mosaic mirrors, sculptures and other pieces festooned with broken china, porcelain, seashells and pottery by artist and interior designer Kim Wagner, who’s also one of the store’s owners. Her remarkable pieces combine decorator style with shabby chicness. Hanging from the rafters are custom-made light fixtures, like the cheerful chandelier made with teacup sconces ($348) that can add a touch of whimsy to a cozy breakfast nook. There are also glass cases brimming with smaller items such as vintage china, crystal and tabletop items, as well as substantial pieces of antique furniture, some with their original finishes and some hand-painted in bright pastels, scattered throughout. But some of the best stuff is tucked away in the back, including emerald-green glassware and antique linens. Step outside and check out the garden ornaments and planters; custom cast-concrete and iron decorative items are a specialty here.

College Park Antiques Market
2630 Edgewater Drive


 Special Delivery

In the years she worked as a radiology therapist in the Orlando area, Dawn Veselka saw that loved ones often struggled to find an appropriate gift for the cancer patients she treated. Seeing a need, Veselka decided to launch a business that offered meaningful items for any occasion or situation. Gift-givers can log on to to find the perfect present; items run the gamut from handmade clocks to organizers to inspirational plaques. One of the most popular choices is the “Magnetic Ikebana (right),” a contemporary desktop sculpture-photo holder-vase ($42). For a delivery charge that starts at $10 for the Orlando metro area, Out of the Blue Delivered will bring your gift right to the door of the recipient.





Artistic License

The iconic sunflowers, poppies, roses and irises of Vincent van Gogh’s art have been beautifully reinterpreted in porcelain by Franz Porcelain. The 18-piece van Gogh Hand-Painted Collection includes five vases, five teacup-and-saucer sets, five matching spoons, and three pendant necklaces. Each captures the lush, passionate brushstrokes of van Gogh’s artistry in fine porcelain, and the detailing is remarkable. Prices range from $100 to $600. Franz Porcelain pieces can be found at Marriott World Center’s gift shop (8701 World Center Drive, Orlando; 407-238-8860) and at European Gallery in The Florida Mall (407-438-5339;

Travel in Style

The spring break travel season is upon us, so ditch the boring black lookalike luggage in favor of something more stylish. The South Hampton Collection by Isabella Fiore is a chic way to tote your stuff. The rugged fabric bags are trimmed with faux brown and teal leather, and they have plenty of pockets and compartments to organize your stuff. $295-$445 at Dillard’s stores throughout Central Florida.


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