35 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers, Likes & Retweets (2022)

Here are the top 35 sites to increase your Twitter following and engagement.


Today, anyone who uses the internet knows about Twitter. It is one of the most influential social media platforms. Today, many important people all over the world use this platform to voice their opinions. Many brands use this platform to promote their products and services. If you have been looking to grow on Twitter and are searching for the best sites to buy Twitter followers, likes and retweets then a list can come in handy. We have put together a bunch of sites that you can use to buy Twitter followers if you want to boost your Twitter following numbers, buy Twitter Retweets to give your tweet more engagement or buy Twitter likes to boost the outlook of your tweet.

Many of the sites claim that you can buy active Twitter followers. Also if you are looking to buy Twitter followers many sites have packages that start at a very low price point. So, let’s get started.

Buy Twitter Followers (Real & Active):



SocialRush helps you build your presence on social media platforms by allowing you to purchase social media marketing services. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube are the platforms supported by it. You can buy Twitter followers starting at $20 for 500 Twitter followers. You will get them delivered in a matter of days.



SocialPros.io knows what people want is experts helping them grow on social media platforms. The site claims that the social media experts linked with it can help you reach your true social media potential. If you were looking for a site that sells social media marketing services for many different platforms then this is one such site. You can buy 100 Twitter followers on this site for $2.5.



If you have been looking for the best sites to buy Twitter followers then you start your search by taking a look at Getviral. This site has the appropriate services to help you increase your engagement metrics on Twitter. You can buy Twitter followers starting at just $2.99. At this price, you will get 100 Twitter followers. The company boasts high customer satisfaction and promises high-quality results.



Viralyft knows that its clients want to get the results fast. They don’t want to wait days and weeks to receive the service they paid for. The site promises fast delivery and quality results along with secured payment options. You can buy services for multiple social media platforms on viralyft.com.

If you want to buy Twitter followers then the price begins at $3.99 for 100 followers. To buy Twitter Retweets from this site the minimum budget you need is $6.99 for 250 retweets. If you want to buy Twitter likes or favourites the minimum price is $2.99 for 59 favourites.



The price of the services at FollowerPackages is a bit more than other sites but the company promises that the services will speak for themselves as they are of high quality. You will get a boost in your credibility and establish social proof that will help you gain more exposure and reach. You can find services for many platforms on this site. It has already delivered millions of stats to its clients.



The next site on our list of sites to buy Twitter likes, retweets and followers is ViewsExpert. This site sells social media services and promises that these services will help you improve your presence on the social media platform you are planning to grow on. This site supports multiple social media platforms. If you want to buy Twitter followers you can find packages on this site starting from $2.2 for 100 followers.



SocialPackages is another site that sells Twitter followers. The site also has services for other social media channels as well. You can get services for Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud too. 

The site promises real and quality services for Instagram users and claims that all accounts will be real. If you are interested in purchasing followers for Twitter you have to buy a minimum of 100 followers which will cost $2.5.


Fastlikes is a site that knows people want real growth. It claims that when you visit the site and pay for the Instagram growth services what you will receive is only real growth. No fake followers or bots. 

Only real accounts. Besides Instagram, you can get services for TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. You can buy Twitter followers from this site. The cost of 100 followers is $2.99.


Famoid is another site on this list that may not have the cheapest services out there. So, if you were looking to buy Twitter followers cheap then this is probably not the site. 

But the site does promise that whatever you buy from it, you will get reliable results without causing any issues for your social media profile. The site also offers 24/7 customer support to its clients.


Woorke not only sells social media marketing services but also offers website services, SEO services and sells email ids for marketing purposes or official use. You can find a list of almost all the popular social media platforms on this site. 

If you want to buy Twitter Retweets, the price starts at $17.99 per 20 retweets. If you want to buy Twitter likes the minimum amount to buy is 50 likes for $4.99. You can also buy real Twitter followers starting at $24.99 for 50 followers.


Venium says that its services have the potential to help you get noticed and boost your rank on social media platforms and Google search results. If you have wanted your content to go viral and reach all over the world then these services can help you with it. 

Venium serves multiple platforms. You can buy Twitter likes starting from $3.49 for 100 likes and $2.99 for 100 retweets if you want to buy Twitter Retweets.

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta knows that people want quality services along with good customer support. The site claims to provide all that. You can buy Twitter followers on mrinsta.com. It promises that this service will help you gain recognition and credibility. You can buy 250 Twitter followers for $15. You don’t have to share your password and a refill is guaranteed.


You can buy a lot of different services on BuySocialMediaMarketing.com. This is a site that offers services for Twitter. So, if you are looking for the best sites to buy Twitter followers, likes and retweets, check this site out. The price for followers starts at $5.99 for 100 followers. 

You can buy Twitter Retweets starting from $4.99 for 100 retweets. If you want to buy Twitter likes the price is the same as retweets.


If you want to increase your social media presence then you will need quality services and BuySocialBuzz claims to have them. You can buy different Twitter services from this site if you want to grow on Twitter. The claims that you can buy real Twitter followers starting at $9 for 500 followers. The price for likes is $2.7 for 50 likes.


If you want one site that you can use whenever you want any service for any social media platform then you can visit instafollowers.co. This site has many social media services for most major social networking sites. For just $5.85 you can buy Twitter followers. 

You will get 100 followers. You can also buy Twitter Retweets. These start at $0.89 for 20 retweets. You can buy Twitter likes starting at $0.99 for 20 likes.


If you want to be able to choose the features of your service and want the service provider to provide you with the flexibility to choose the criteria for a service then you can visit mediamister.com. 

For example, you can choose from a list of target countries when you buy Twitter followers. Same deal when you try to buy Twitter likes or retweets. So, visit the site if you want services like that.


Appsally knows that to gain popularity and build a successful brand businesses need to use social media platforms. The site sells many services delivered by marketers of top quality that the site has hand-picked. You can buy packages and combos to get attractive deals. Visit the site to know more.


On Buzzvoice you can find different services to grow on different platforms. You can find the popular services for Twitter as well. For $5.97 you can buy 100 Twitter followers from this site. You can also buy Twitter Retweets starting at $4.97 for 100 likes.


If you are looking to buy active Twitter followers then the next site can help you out. Twesocial promises that you will buy real Twitter followers here. The site will help promote your Twitter account for you and get you all the followers, likes and retweets you are looking for. Prices start at $15.


SidesMedia is similar to Twesocial. It promises to provide you with high-quality engagement and followers. It has services for platforms other than Twitter. If you have the budget then you can go for this site as well. The price starts at $49 per month. Visit the site to know more details.


GetRealBoost sells two services for Twitter. You can buy Twitter followers from the site or you can buy Twitter Retweets if you want. For $12 you can buy 200 Twitter followers and for $4 you can buy 100 retweets.


This site sells Twitter followers starting at $2.99 for 50 followers. The company promises that you will be able to buy real Twitter followers. You can also buy Twitter likes if you want. It will cost $2.99 for 100 likes and for $7.99 you can buy Twitter Retweets. You will get 100 retweets.


InstaMama may sound like a site that sells Instagram likes, followers and other similar services. But it also sells Twitter followers. The price is a bit high but the company promises that you can buy active Twitter followers. For $8 you can get 100 followers.


We decided to put in a free option here. Twiends provides a platform that can be used by people to grow together on Twitter. It provides free learning that you can use to grind and get popular on Twitter. Visit this site if you want a guide to grow on Twitter and connect with other people like yourself and grow together.


BoostLikes sells Twitter followers and services for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The price of 250 followers on BoostLikes is $17. If you want to buy Twitter likes then you have to pay $24 for 250 likes. The price remains the same if you want to buy Twitter Retweets.


Another site that promises services to buy real Twitter followers is GetPlusFollowers. It claims that you can buy active Twitter followers starting at $9. At this price, you will get around 25 followers. The site will give you a 500% refund for fake followers.


The last site on our list of best sites to buy Twitter followers, likes and retweets is Tweeteev. This site promises to promote your account and get you followers who are really interested in your tweets. Thus, you will gain engagement from them as well. The price starts at $15 per week.



  • How to Get More Followers, Engagement, etc. on Twitter?

Growing on social media can be quite difficult because of the popularity of the platforms. If you want to have a good following on Twitter then you have to beat thousands of other people in your niche and get the attention of Twitter users in that niche. It is not going to be easy.

But everything can be achieved if you follow a certain method and have set processes in place that can help you achieve the things you want. In this section, we discuss a few general tips that can help you create a method or plan and know what things you need to focus on if you want to grow on Twitter. So, let’s jump into it.

  • Increase the Frequency of Tweets

If you tweet a few times a week or less than that then you need to be more frequent with your tweeting. Social media platforms want more people to be active on their platforms and spend more time on them. This is why when a social media user is more active and posts more often they get more engagement and exposure as opposed to users who only post a few times a day.

So, you can increase the frequency of your tweets. Tweeting 2 to 3 times a day can be beneficial to your growth on Twitter.

  • Figure Out the Best Time to Tweet

Knowing when to tweet is important as well if you want to get more exposure and engagement on Twitter. You need to know when your audience is most active on Twitter. If you tweet at a time like this you can get more engagement on your tweet which can help you gain more exposure and will increase your reach on Twitter, helping you gain more followers.

There are research results published by various sites that provide the best time to tweet for different niches. Things will be different for every individual depending on where they are located and who their audience is. So, you have to do more research. But the general research results published by HootSuite or SproutSocial can be a good starting point.

  • Quality of Tweets

Since we mentioned that you need to tweet as frequently as possible, we would also like to mention that high frequency does not mean low quality. The quality of your tweets cannot be compromised because of the number of tweets you are uploading. So, you have to focus on posting tweets that are interesting and entertaining enough for your audience. Otherwise people will stop looking at your tweets as they will feel that your tweets are not going to be entertaining or interesting.

Once you fall into that category it will be very hard to get out of it and convince people otherwise. Having visually appealing content can help your tweets. Put in videos and images as often as possible. It makes it interesting to look at the tweet. Also, try not to be too ‘salesy’ if you are promoting your brand.

Social media is meant to feel personal. So, even if you are on Twitter to promote your brand 70% of the tweets should be for entertainment purposes and 30% for promotional purposes. Even the promotional tweets should be created from an entertainment or interesting point of view.

  • Optimize Your Profile

Once a person searches for you on Twitter they are probably going to take a look at your Twitter profile first. Thus, your profile becomes the first point of contact with your potential audience. First impressions are the best impressions. So, if you can impress them at this point you will be able to gain them as followers. Ensure that you have a good profile pic. Your Twitter username should match the username of your other social media profiles.

This way it becomes easier for your audience from other platforms to find you here. Also, if it is a brand page then it needs to have the brand name and the profile pic should ideally be the brand logo. The cover photo is very important as well. A good-quality cover photo attracts the attention of people and they feel that work has been put into the profile.

If it is a brand page the cover photo can consist of a pic of all the employees or the office building or products. Don’t forget to add a concise but fitting 160-character description describing yourself or the brand as applicable. Pin your most popular tweet on your profile. This way people can look at your best tweet and be impressed adding a layer of credibility to the profile.

  • Hashtags

Use Hashtags for more exposure. Tweets with hashtags will get more exposure than tweets without them. This does not mean that you will spam Hashtags. Only use relevant hashtags and don’t make your tweet appear “spammy”. You can use your niche-specific commercial hashtags, the hashtag related to your brand and the Hashtag related to the topic.

You can also use trending hashtags so that you can get the benefit of more exposure. In general, if you can seamlessly add the hashtags in your tweet so that it does not break the reading experience of your audience then it is better. So, try to put the hashtag within your sentence rather than putting it at the end of your tweets. This rule is not always applicable but in general, it gives the tweet a better outlook.

Why Do People Buy Twitter Followers, Likes and Retweets?

How to Buy Twitter Retweets, Likes and Followers?

There are a lot of options out there that one can choose from when it comes to social media services. Whether you want to buy cheap Twitter followers or whether you want to buy Twitter likes, retweets, followers, buy active Twitter followers you will not run out of options. However, this can be quite confusing to find the right site or service provider from whom you can buy the service you need.

Our list of the best sites to buy Twitter followers, likes, and retweets can be taken as a guide to pick out sites that you can then research more on and see which ones suit you. Most of the sites promise and claim that you can buy active Twitter followers and real likes and retweets from them.

But there are a lot of scammers in the social media marketing industry. So, if you want to know how to buy real Twitter followers, likes and retweets then you need to know how to find the best sites to buy Twitter followers, Likes and retweets. Let’s take a look at the couple of things you can be on the lookout for while searching for a good service provider

  • It Has The Service You Want

The first criteria is kind of obvious. You want the site to have the service you want. If you are looking to buy Twitter followers cheaply then the site should have the services to buy Twitter followers at a lower rate or if you want to buy Twitter likes the site should be able to provide you with the same. So, yeah the first criteria needs to be that the site sells the service you want to buy.

  • Good Customer Service

A site should have quality customer service. You should not use a site that does not have quality customer support. This is because you will face problems while making an order and there will be times when you face other issues. In these cases, you will be needing the help of customer service representatives to walk you through the process or direct your issue to the person who can solve it. Also, you can get your doubts cleared and queries resolved whenever you want. So, always check for fast and responsive customer support.

  • Refund and Refill Policies

You need to know about the refund and refill policies of the site. You will find info about these in the terms and conditions section of the website. These policies are very important to know. There will be instances when your order will fail and you will not get the desired results. In these cases, you will want your money back.

So, you need to know if the company has refund policies in place. Refills will be needed if after purchasing a service you experience drops. For example, if you buy Twitter Retweets and after getting them the numbers start to go down for some reason. You need to know that the company has got your back. Learn about the refill time period and conditions before making a purchase.

  • Read Customer Reviews

Though reviews can be faked and bought if you read through enough review forums you might be able to get an idea about the site. Most of the time you may find that sites don’t have good reviews because people may expect very different results from the one that the company promised. So, you need to use customer support options to know exactly what you are going to get when you make a purchase.

So, these are some of the basic things that you should look into when choosing a site to buy social media services. Once you have found a site that you feel won’t do you dirty then you can proceed onto the next steps.

  • Choose the Platform

Since you are looking to buy Twitter likes, retweets and followers you have to choose Twitter as your platform. Most sites support many social media platforms as they want to appeal to social media users from different platforms. So, choose the platform for which you want the service.

  • Choose the Service

As you click on the platform link it should show you a list of services that the site has to offer. If you click on Twitter you should see a list of services to buy Twitter Retweets, likes and followers. Now, depending on your needs you can buy the service you want.

  • Pick a Package

Depending on the money you want to invest and your social media strategy you need to decide on the package to buy. For example, if you want to buy Twitter followers then you have to decide whether you want to buy 100 followers or 500 followers or 1000 followers or more.

  • Payment

This is generally going to be the last step from your side. You have to choose one of the payment options that the site provides and pay for the service you have chosen. Once this is done you have to wait for the site to process your order and then start the delivery of the followers or likes or retweets that you have bought.

So, as you can see, it is very easy to buy active Twitter followers, likes and retweets from a site but the harder part is to find a good site and not end up getting scammed or short-changed. You can take these steps as a sort of guide to help you out when you have decided to buy Twitter likes, retweets and followers.

Do I Need to Share My Password?

No, you do not have to share your password on many of the sites that we have mentioned. The sites will explicitly mention whether you need to provide your password or not. In general, you can rest assured that your password will not be asked for. You just have to provide enough details to the site so that it can send you the engagement metrics.

For example, if you have decided to buy Twitter Retweets then you have to provide the link to your tweet so that the site can provide the service. If you have chosen the service to buy Twitter followers then you have to provide the link to your account. Many sites will also ask for your email id so that they can share information about orders and can open a communication flow.

Can I Earn Money on Twitter?

Yes, you can earn money on Twitter. If you have a sizable following and your tweets get quality engagement then you can leverage it to earn money on Twitter. Many influencers who have grown on Twitter earn good money due to their popularity. The thing about having a loyal audience is that you can always promote or sell stuff to them.

You can either do it yourself or get paid by a company to do so. Whether it is an ad for a new service or a product by a brand or you are selling your own merchandise or services you will be able to use your audience to make a living. All the earnings methods that we have mentioned here fall into those categories. So, let’s take a look at them.

  • Sponsored Tweets

Let’s start with sponsored Tweets. This one should have been an obvious guess by many social media users since sponsored content is prevalent on many platforms. Whether you are a YouTuber or an Instagram influencer or a TikToker you will have the opportunity to get sponsorship deals with brands if you have a solid audience.

What a brand or a company will do is they will pay you to promote their brand or product via a tweet. You will be able to negotiate a deal with them and they will provide you with certain guidelines that your tweet may need to follow. This is one of the first income streams you may get if you have a good following on Twitter.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Anyone who has been researching for or trying to find ways to earn money using their online following will have come across this method as well. Affiliate marketing is a way to make money online by putting product or service links on a certain platform or interface that will get some traffic. Interested people can buy the product or service through those links.

If they do end up purchasing the service or product you will get a small commission. So, you can imagine if you have thousands of followers who engage with your tweets regularly and a small percentage of them by using your link you can make a few hundred bucks. On a side note, only promote links to products that you use and generally talk about.

It will increase your chances of getting your audience to buy the product and also since you know the product is good you can be assured that most of your audience will also like the product.

  • Sell Your Own Products

When you become a big influencer on social media it means that you have become a brand yourself. Your audience is a sort of loyal customer who increases your brand value. So, you can create your own products and services and sell them and cut the middleman out. There are many influencers who have done this.

People create their own clothing lines, jewellery brands, cosmetic products and much more. The goal is to use the audience you have built to grow your brand and then take it a step further. This field can be quite lucrative if done right and nowadays it has become the main source of income for many influencers.

  • Start A Course

You can start a course and help other people get to where you are. There are brands and businesses that have realised that social media popularity is very important if they want to have a successful business. They often hire social media experts to help them grow on social media.

Also, today many people want to become influencers so that they can earn good dough. If you have worked hard and grown a good following on Twitter then you can help businesses, brands and individuals achieve similar results. A lot of people do this and have been able to earn some good income from it as well.

  • Generating Traffic for Other Platforms

You can generate traffic for other platforms using your Twitter following. If you gain a lot of engagement on your tweets you can direct the traffic to somewhere else where you have a chance of making money from such traffic. Generally, it is a website or a YouTube video or something similar.

If you have a website that has a deal with an ad provider then you should be getting paid based on the quality traffic your website receives. So, if you can talk about something interesting on Twitter and link the article on your website which talks about the same thing in detail or a YouTube video about it then you can make some gains from it as well.

  • Gain the Email Ids of Your Audience

Building an email list can be very fruitful for any business venture that you might get into. Email marketing has been around for a long time and has been used aggressively by brands and businesses to promote products and services. If you have enough email ids on your list and you have written a book you can even become a best-seller given how engaged your audience is.

So, try to use different promotions and services to gain the email of your followers. Obviously, you have to incentivise the action. Let’s say if they give their email addresses then you provide them with a free subscription to your Telegram channel for a month. You can gain some serious revenue boost if you have a nice, big email list.

  • Ghost-Writing Tweets

Yes, you can ghost-write tweets and get paid for this. But of course, you can’t become a Twitter ghost-writer if you don’t have enough instances and examples to prove that you are good at it. Companies and brands often look for quality Twitter experts who know how to engage audiences with tweets.

If you have written quality tweets in the past that have got a lot of engagement and you have been able to make people click on the links that you post on the tweets then that’s what the companies are looking for. They want people to engage with their promotional tweets and click on the product links. Though niche, this can be a lucrative field if you are good at it.


So, these were some of the ways by which you can make money on Twitter. As we mentioned previously, all of these depend on the number of followers you have on Twitter and the engagement rate you are pulling in with your tweets. If you have met the correct criteria or hit the right numbers in analytical terms then you will be able to leverage your presence on Twitter to earn money. We hope you find a good way to get some extra income on the side from your Twitter account.

So, that was our list. We have provided you with a variety of options that you can use to buy real Twitter followers, likes and retweets. Please research more if you want and analyze things for yourself. Never put in too much money at the start. Invest a few bucks and see how well you are able to integrate this tool with your promotional strategy. We hope you find the best sites to buy Twitter followers, likes and retweets and grow your presence on the platform. We wish you all the best.

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