33 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Auto Likes) In 2022

What is an auto like and how do you acquire one?

Image8You may get a market edge on social media by gaining more Instagram likes. Your followers are a group of people who have identified themselves as such and want to be helped by your postings, which is why a large number of likes will have a significant influence on your competitors. Instagram likes are essential for a variety of reasons. The entire number of individuals who recognize your business or page and wish to get updates from you will be represented by the number of likes your post receives. This is why it becomes important to buy Instagram likes. 

Building a bigger number of likes will boost your brand’s image and trustworthiness, as well as encourage additional consumers to interact with you. A large number of likes is a form of social evidence that shows how popular your account is. In the perspective of the public, a company or influencer with a large number of likes on Instagram appears to be a successful and well-established brand. Regardless of what you believe, the amount of likes on a business Instagram account has the power to influence clients’ initial perceptions of your company.

It’s time to dig into the best sites to buy Instagram likes so you can bring your A-game on Instagram.

Buy Instagram Likes (From Trustworthy Sellers):



SocialRush brings together people from all over the world who share similar interests and allows them to interact by like and following one another. Before purchasing Instagram likes with SocialRush, there is no complex signup page and no tedious survey.

Simply input your Instagram login and select a plan, after which you can make the transaction immediately and securely using secure and confirmed payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, and credit cards. Your profile will rise in a few minutes after you make payment.

Once you buy Instagram likes from SocialRush, they will view your post, ensuring that all of the likes you receive are genuine. Your account will not include any bots or fakes. As a result, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing the quality of your profile.

Instead, with their competitive prices in the industry, you may purchase high-quality likes at a low cost. The price for 500 Instagram likes is $9.59, and the price for 1000 likes is $15.59. SocialRush can only provide likes from actual people; it cannot influence their emotions or ideas. They can change their minds and withdraw items such as this. If it does, they will provide a free refill within a week.



Selling social engagement is a challenging business that relies completely on the trust you establish. Since the beginning of its business, SocialPros has demonstrated its ability to establish trust among its clientele. Few businesses can achieve what SocialPros achieved in such a short period by offering genuine services to their customers. One of the services they excel in is delivering Instagram likes. When you buy real Instagram likes from them, you can be certain that they are from actual accounts rather than bots.

They provide a satisfaction guarantee with every item they fulfill organization, which means that if you are not happy with any order, you may contact them and tell them why. The plans are relatively affordable, with 1000 likes costing $11.50, 5000 likes costing $36.50, and a maximum of 40000 likes costing $267.




GetViral is where you should go if you want to buy real Instagram likes. With its top Instagram growth services, this website offers a lot to help you develop your Instagram account. GetViral’s likes come from actual users, and there is no bot activity to be seen. They are also from international users, allowing your work to be seen in every corner of the globe. Because of the worldwide reach of the likes and content, it is chosen by the vast majority of users.

Their many plans are prepared to accommodate any customer’s budget, ensuring that their offerings are useful to everybody. Customer service is always ready to answer any questions you may have or to assist you in placing an order with them. You may get 100 likes for $2.89 and up to 40000 likes for $270.



The firm Viralyft truly makes you viral if you buy Instagram likes from them, as the name implies. The likes are one of the numerous services they offer, and they are of the greatest quality with no compromises. They make certain that they are sent to your account within hours of placing the order, allowing customers to view the outcomes as soon as feasible. Clients can also split likes across various posts to ensure that they are well distributed and do not appear odd.

Viralyft is the leading pioneer in delivering Instagram engagement, with a maximum of 40000 likes and the lowest of 100 likes for $270 and $2.89, respectively. It provides rapid and reliable results by delivering international likes to your account between 24 to 72 hours. Customer service is developed with such a strong staff that they are available at any moment of the day if you have a question or need a special order.



With the aid of Follower Packages, you’re indeed a leap committed to getting your objective, whether it’s to enhance marketing approaches or to draw a larger audience to your account. It has the potential to convert even the most inexperienced Instagram user into an online sensation while also safeguarding your account from being banned or restricted by the Instagram algorithm. They can assist anyone who is trying to build their Instagram account, whether they are a commercial organisation or an influencer.

The function of dividing likes across various images may be spread out over 12 photos. As a result, rather than promoting a single image, numerous postings receive likes and attract new Instagram followers. The cheapest plan is $10 for 500 likes, the most popular plan is $29 for 2000 likes, and the most expensive plan is $95 for 10,000 likes.



ViewsExpert is one of the oldest companies in the Instagram engagement industry, and it recognizes the significance of delivering high-quality services to its global clientele. ViewsExpert is a legitimate business that creates personalized campaigns and is trusted by thousands of Instagram professionals. They provide you with material exposure so you can focus on what you do best: creating excellent content.

 It is one of the industry’s heavyweights, and it has continuously upgraded its services to ensure that its clients receive only the finest. Because they provide programs for any budget element, you may buy the number of likes that you require. That is to say, they not only provide high-budget plans but also low-budget options. For $2, you can get 100 likes, $36 can get you 5000 likes, $66.50 can get you 10,000 likes, and $266 can get you 40000 likes.



Like many other sites, SocialPackages offers a variety of Instagram engagement options, including Instagram likes. You may buy Instagram likes from SocialPackages with confidence since they provide a reliable service. It increases their chances of achieving the much-anticipated renown in their field of innovation and gaining an advantage over other people. It ensures that the likes will not see a drop in the future.

With the refill pack for the Instagram likes purchased, Social Packages offers a hazard-free service. The packages range in price from $2.50 for 100 likes to $267.00 for 40000 likes. All of the likes are of top standard and originate from actual people, according to the website, and they are sent to customers within 48 hours.


Fastlikes is a company that acknowledges that to improve, you must focus on the most important aspects of your Instagram account, and they will handle the rest. It is a one-stop superstore for a variety of social media platforms, and it has attracted a large number of customers because it offers the finest service for Instagram engagement, including Instagram likes. They don’t require any login credentials to send likes to your posts; all you have to do is give them the URL of the post. It has all the features to be counted amongst the best sites to buy Instagram likes. 

If you notice any fall in the number of likes, they assure you of a refill guarantee with the help of customer support that is available anytime and anywhere you want. The plans to buy Instagram likes start from $2.89 which includes 100 likes, for $24.50 you get 2500 likes, for $68.50 you get 10000 likes, and 25000 likes for $149.50.  


Famoid’s Instagram likes are high-quality, authentic, and active, and they make a difference not only in Instagram stats but also in engagement. These likes are provided by Famoid through targeted marketing, and no bots are used to like your posts. With higher engagement, your material has a better chance of being featured on Instagram’s coveted Explore tab. You may buy real Instagram likes by choosing from a variety of packages.

As soon as you place an order, your Instagram likes are supplied immediately through their fully automated system. What sets them apart from the competition is their quick delivery and high quality. Various payment methods are available to suit your needs. The packages range in price from $2.95 to $168.95.


Instapromote is an Instagram-like service that has helped a large number of businesses. They have a regular clientele that buy likes from them every month. They give likes from high-quality accounts that are 100% authentic. This is why customers return month after month to buy Instagram likes from them. If you want to expand your reach to a worldwide audience, go to Instapromote.

The Rookie bundle is $6.50, while the VIP plan costs $39.95 and includes 5000 likes. Every bundle includes fast delivery and the ability to split likes among numerous photos. They will not ask you for any passwords and the payment process is quite secure. All you have to do now is keep your account public.


Buzzoid specializes in providing high-quality service at reasonable costs. You may check out what consumers have to say about their Instagram likes service if you don’t want to take their word for it. Buzzoid facilitates the purchase of all types of likes and also serves as a means of expanding the reach of Instagram users seeking assistance. The website is easy to use, and you may buy Instagram likes from them quickly.

High-quality likes start at $1.47 for 50 likes and go up to $88.99 for 10,000 likes. The second option is Premium Likes, which start at $3.49 for 50 likes and go up to $12.99 for 250 likes. Premium likes are preferable for new users since they can acquire likes from similar-minded people and, if the people who like it find the material intriguing, they can get Instagram followers.


Mr.Insta promises to protect consumers’ privacy, and they have a policy of providing the specified amount of likes. It is one of the most popular Instagram marketing services available in the industry for growing your Instagram visibility, likes, and audience interaction. Within 24 to 72 hours of receiving the order, they begin delivering the items. You’ll keep getting likes until the order is finished.

If you’re a novice to Instagram, you may start with 100 likes for $6 or 1000 likes for $25 if you’re a novice. If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you can get 20000 likes for $129 or 50000 for $179 if you’ve been there for a while. Instagram does not identify any bad activities because likes are targeted and quite safe.


Advanced techniques and virtual guidelines are used by Famups to drive targeted traffic to your Instagram account. By using organic methods, you may increase the reach of your Instagram account. They specialize in delivering Instagram likes, resulting in a higher conversion rate of profile visits to Instagram followers. Every one of these likes is created by targeted marketing that targets consumers that could be interested in your content’s specialty. 

There are five different options available for purchasing Instagram likes. For $40 and $65 respectively, you receive 5000 and 10000 likes. They guarantee real-time high-quality likes, which is just what you need to satisfy your desire to become an Instagram celebrity. Depending on the bundle you choose, the likes will be sent in 1 to 7 days after payment is accepted.


InstaMama is a reliable website with a large worldwide clientele. Authentic Instagram likes are excellent for aspiring artists and companies who prefer to buy Instagram likes from the top services. It’s because robots merely raise the number of followers, but genuine people increase the number of followers. Which leads to more legitimacy to the business or the Instagram posts that have been chosen for likes.

InstaMama takes pride in its experienced customer service team, which is always accessible to help clients with their orders. They provide a variety of plans to fit a variety of budgets. A maximum of 50000 likes costs $245.5 while a minimum of 100 likes costs $2.5. The buying process is straightforward and does not require the use of your Instagram password.


GetRealBoost knows that getting more Instagram likes may help you gain more attention, boost your brand’s reputation, and increase interaction. This is why, as the company’s name implies, it’s critical to buy real Instagram likes to obtain those actual likes on your photos. They assist you in acquiring Instagram likes that are all legitimate likes from the United States, rather than phony bot accounts that are generally deleted after a week.

You’ll need a certain amount of likes to stand out in a crowded room. GetRealBoost offers 100 likes for $10, 5000 likes for $40, and a whopping 20000 likes for just $125. GetRealBoost can help you buy Instagram likes that are low in price but excellent in quality whether you want to increase likes on a business post or even if you are an Instagram blogger.


PlentyGram is well-known in the industry for providing excellent services, which has drawn a large number of consumers to its platform. Its offerings aren’t limited to only the photo-sharing site. The platform features a user-friendly design as well as a variety of modern payment options for the users’ convenience. To preserve authenticity and trust among your followers, they make sure that the number of likes on your posts or videos equals the number of views.

To begin, choose from the Starter plan, which includes 100 likes for $2.99, the Gold package, which includes 5000 likes for $44.99, or the Diamond package, which includes 10,000 likes for $79.99. Depending on the number of likes you purchase, they can be divided over 3 to 12 posts. PlentyGram may also give outcomes in as little as 12 hours after a request is placed.


iDigic enables you to buy Instagram likes at the most competitive and cost-effective pricing available online. Furthermore, their Instagram profiles are active and provide you with the finest opportunity for exposure. iDigic is a fantastic addition to your Instagram and social media marketing arsenal. All of the accounts they utilize are reviewed regularly to ensure that you receive the finest service possible. Your likes will come from actual people who may become prospective clients.

iDigic provides real-time Instagram likes from actual people. Your purchase will be handled as soon as the payment for the package has cleared. The most expensive package is $69.95 for 10,000 likes, while the cheapest is $1.49 for 50 likes. The quantity of likes people send to your account will never decrease, and you may expect to grow in popularity over time. They have your back, whether you’re a huge or small company, and you may contact us at any moment for updates on your purchase or any difficulties you’re having.


For newcomers, SocialViral is the ideal answer. Apart from that, there is the option to buy auto-like features for articles for aspiring influencers who are about to hit a thousand followers. The website promises that after choosing and purchasing the pack, you will see rapid benefits. The flexibility to personalize packages is what sets SocialViral apart. This option allows you to choose whether you want your Instagram likes to come in quickly or gradually.

The procedure for placing an order is quite simple. Choose a plan based on your requirements, the number of people in your group, and your budget. Prices start at $1.49 for 50 likes and go all the way up to $69.99 for 10,000 likes. By purchasing their packages, you may observe a difference in your business and online visibility, as well as improve overall traffic to your articles. Many businesses can attest to how we have helped them improve their internet visibility and sales in recent years.


InstaFollowers increase the visibility of your posts, and having a lot of likes on a post indicates that it is something worth looking at and enjoying. Otherwise, they promise to make up for any losses within six months of your purchase. They never ask for your password or any other personal information, and they advise you to keep your account secure and never discuss your passwords with anyone. 

For $0.47, you may get 20 likes, $9.81 for 1000 likes, and $297 for 50000 likes. As soon as you finish your transaction, they begin processing your order. Your order is delivered within the expected delivery time indicated on the service page. If they are unable to fulfill your item within the estimated delivery period, they will refund your money (if it is more than three days). You may reach out to them at any moment via the integrated chat system, WhatsApp, or their email address. Their team is always willing to assist you anytime you need it.


ViralRace likes to make things simple, therefore no paperwork or lengthy authentication procedures are required. That level of intricacy is unnecessarily complex for what they do, and it’s also unnecessarily complicated for your marketing approach. All they require is your Instagram account, the post(s) for which you want likes, your payment details, and the sort of likes package you want. 

They are one of the most committed and high-quality social media growth suppliers on the market, with little over 10 years of expertise. They are well-versed in the ins and outs of Instagram and its users, having utilized it since its inception. Customers have varied from the tiniest individuals to the greatest corporations throughout the years. The positive feedback they’ve gotten attests to the high level of service you can expect from them.

They can have the number of likes delivered to them as soon as your post is published. The plan costs $1.49 each month and concludes at $88.99 per year. You may choose from a variety of price choices depending on your needs. Your order will be processed between a few hours to several days. In no time, you’ll notice your new likes from genuine people.

Goldstar Social

The best thing about Goldstar Social is that it has helped a lot of Instagrammers develop rapidly because of its extremely trained marketing team. The website will assist you in naturally growing your Instagram account by providing likes without draining your cash account. The site provides high-retention services to help you grow your Instagram account naturally. If you buy Instagram likes from Goldstar Social, you can be certain that they will be of the highest quality and delivered as soon as possible.

Goldstar Social ensures that your Instagram likes are sent safely and securely, ensuring that the highest quality is delivered to your account. When you choose to buy Instagram likes, you will be able to take your account to the next level by receiving actual likes from real accounts. Purchasing Instagram likes from them will boost your account’s ranking in the Instagram algorithm, enabling more people in your niche to view it. Likes services start at $3 for 100 likes and go up to $50 for 10,000 likes.


FriendlyLikes guarantees that you will receive 100 percent organic likes from actual Instagrammers that engage with your profile rather than just like and leave. They give manual likes and nothing is automated, which means that each like comes from a genuine account operated by a real person. So you can count on them to provide genuine likes to your posts even if you close your eyes. If you have a problem, a query, or want assistance, you may use the Support option in the main menu of their website.

Whether you need 100, 1000, or 10,000 likes, they have them all for $3.90, $14.90, and $59.90, respectively. Select the plan that best suits your needs and move on to the next stage. FriendlyLikes’ billing and processing processes are designed to ensure that you don’t have to wait long for your order to be registered and put to work. Even though their processing is mechanized, their distribution is manual, and their likes are practically instantaneous. This is one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes for all your different budgets and needs. 


Instapple is a well-known and well-respected website for purchasing Instagram likes. If you’re a company owner, celebrity, or influencer, you should be aware that numerous companies sell cheap Instagram likes that are 100% bot likes. Their staff, on the other hand, is focused on offering high-quality services. Because they have very high-quality profiles for the entire procedure, the likes they give will never be dropped on Instagram. To buy real Instagram likes proceed to Instapple. 

They provide packages for almost any type of business or influencer. Feel free to contact them if you believe the bundle falls short of what you want. They can even propose the best plan for you based on your type of business. The most popular packages, which contain 1000 and 5000 likes, cost $9.89 and $39.89, respectively. It is vitally safe to purchase likes from them, just like any other commercial transaction with a trustworthy firm.


When it comes to developing a cutting-edge Instagram profile for your business, establishing trust, and establishing credibility, LeoBoost is there to help. A higher number of likes is seen by most people to be a sign of credibility. When you buy Instagram likes, your page will gain more visibility, which will increase the number of people who read and interact with your posts.

You’ll gain credibility and trust among your fans, increase your following, and easily outperform your competitors. Because influencers tend to gain more Instagram followers over time, they might raise the needed number of likes. Payment varies according to the number of likes necessary for each post.

But the nicest thing is that you may choose your amount of likes rather than relying on companies that provide certain packages. You may choose the number of likes you desire and the price will be displayed. This is the only platform that allows Instagram users to select the precise quantity of likes they require.


How to write captions that are optimized for keywords?

The Instagram Explore page algorithm uses an account embedding framework to discover accounts that are typically linked to each other. This framework deduces the meaning of a word based on the context. It also uses keywords in biographies, names, and usernames, as well as captions, to evaluate how relevant various accounts are to one another.

As a result, writing descriptive captions that include relevant keywords can improve your chances of appearing on relevant visitors’ Explore pages. Based on the keywords in your post captions, Instagram will determine which themes of interest match your account.

What is the best way to use Instagram’s Interest-Based Search?

When searching for something on Instagram, users could only use hashtags or account names until recently. Once you type something into the search box, a hanging menu displays hashtags that accounts have been using in their posts or account names.

Search by interest broadens your search possibilities by allowing you to study the whole content of an Instagram post. When you search for a topic of interest, the results now include a larger number of postings. By displaying additional related subjects, Instagram keeps you clicking, scrolling, and exploring.

And What were the Benefits of Improving Instagram Content?

This is excellent news if you’re a business owner who promotes your firm on Instagram. Your content will be discovered by a bigger and more varied audience simply by searching. Potential customers that are actively looking for what you have to offer will be able to locate you more rapidly. 

By learning more about what others in your business are doing on Instagram, you can perform more competitive research and set yourself apart. Thus taking the help of the best sites to buy Instagram likes becomes very beneficial and important. 

How do you establish a content calendar and define company goals?

Your Instagram strategy should specify what you intend to achieve on the platform. Begin by determining your company objectives and how Instagram might help you achieve them. If you’ve established your audience and goals, you may plan to post on Instagram with purpose. A well-thought-out social media content calendar ensures that you don’t miss important deadlines and that you have enough time to create new content.

If you prepare ahead of time, you’ll be better able to deliver regular content and respond to last-minute or unforeseen events.

Final Words

When looking for a provider to buy Instagram likes, there are a few things to consider. Check to see whether they have decent customer service and at least a few reviews. Payment methods should be secure, and you should not be required to disclose any personal data.

The sites we’ve mentioned above are all knowledgeable in their own right and provide unique answers to your specific problems. It is up to you to choose which service will best suit your needs, and you may remain with one of them for a longer period.

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