Brains and Beauty

Meet five unattached professional women who seek men of a certain caliber.

1. “I love being outdoors and on the water. I love challenges and trying new things. It is important to me to find balance in everything I do, say and think.”

Erica Leach, 41
Education: Nursing degree, Nassau College, New York   
Profession: Registered nurse and owner of Crown Legal Nurse Consulting, a service that analyzes health-care practice as it relates to litigation
Hobbies/Interests: Family and friends, music, travel, the arts, dancing, cooking/baking, shopping and fine dining.   
Likes: A man with confidence, sense of humor, emotional and financial stability. He’s also physically active and has a genuine concern for others.
Dislikes: Roaming eyes, negativity, insecurity, emotional instability, needy/smothering behavior and smoking.


2. “At the end of the road, I will have a drink in one hand and chocolate in the other saying, ‘Whew, what a ride!’”

Lynn Mulherin, 48
Education: Master’s degree in organizational management, University of Phoenix
Profession: Regional vice president, University of Phoenix  
Hobbies/Interests: Time with friends and family, travel, snow skiing, sports events, blackjack and contemporary country music.
Likes: A handsome gentleman who makes me laugh and is up for all life has to offer. Dislikes: Inflexibility and insecurity.


3. “I like a guy who’s not shy of stepping up to the plate when it comes to making decisions and who’s not intimidated by a strong, independent woman.”

Kim Sachse, 45  
Downtown Orlando
Education: Bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing, Syracuse University
Profession: Vice president of Creative Services for Massey Communications
Hobbies/Interests: Love to travel. Enjoy lots of Napa’s finest, good food and spending time with friends. And for staying in shape and keeping my sanity, working out is a must.
Likes: A man who is educated, ambitious, athletic, funny, independent, trustworthy and TALL (I’m 6-foot-2 in heels).
Dislikes: Commitment-phobic men and smoking.


4. “This is going to sound incredibly cheesy, but I wake up every day excited about what the next 24 hours might bring.”

Kathy DeVault, 32
Downtown Orlando
Education: Master’s degree in public administration, UCF
Profession: Business development manager for the city of Orlando
Hobbies/Interests: Spicy food, UCF football, living an urban lifestyle, exploring new cities, and the Red Fox Lounge.
Likes: The most attractive quality in a man is his sense of humor. I’d also like him to be taller than me (5-foot-7 in high heels), have a job and a vision of what he wants in life and the ability to bowl over 150.
Dislikes: Men who dress like a cast member on Jersey Shore or who take themselves too seriously, and need time to “find themselves.”


5. “I love creating laughter and smiles. I am very driven and a true serial entrepreneur.”

Nekeya Nunn, 34
Downtown Orlando
Education: Bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, Florida A&M University
Profession: Owner of The Labor Pros Inc., a labor-
relations consulting firm
Hobbies/Interests: Home-improvement projects, restoring old furniture and giving it to people in need, world travel, and experiencing spas and blogging about them.
Likes: Men who are talkative, open-minded, confident and successful in their own right.
Dislikes: Smoking and men who don’t tip at least 18 percent when eating out.


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