Body And Soul: Studio K

Named Orlando's Best Studio for Body & Soul by our readers, this community dance studio offers 35 styles of dance and fitness classes for adults ages 15 and up.

There are just some places in this world that are truly community best kept secrets that stand out from all the rest, and Studio K is definitely just that. Tucked away on the second level of a new developing plaza on International Drive, Studio K offers the largest variety of dance and fitness classes for adults ages 15 and up with 35 styles, the largest offering anywhere in the country. Studio K is also a first-of-its-kind concept, and makes it their mission to make adults forget the stress of the day, and to simply smile again. This year marks the third consecutive year that the readers of Orlando Magazine have named Studio K “Best Studio Body & Soul” in their “Best of Orlando Awards,” and Owner and CEO, Kristin Weissman, thinks that couldn’t be more appropriate.

At Studio K, our tag line is ‘The Floor is Yours,’” said Weissman.  “Meaning no matter your age, your size, your level of ability, or even if you have a disability, the floor is yours at Studio K to achieve whatever you want to do. If your goal is to learn a new dance move or to expand your technique as a trained dancer, we have the classes for you. If you want to have a blast working out so you don’t have to go to the gym, or just want to connect with your friends, or even make new ones before you get back to your life, we make it all possible. Studio K is not just a place for you to challenge your body in dance and fitness, it’s a place that reaches down deep to your soul.

With such a large variety of styles of dance and fitness classes, there is truly something for everyone. Studio K’s elite instructor team is each hand-picked to not only be able to deliver a superior level of training, but to be able to work with all levels in a class setting to make it engaging for all, but most importantly, to have the best time night after night.

The biggest comment we receive at Studio K is that someone was intimidated or afraid to try, or hasn’t danced in years but is looking for something fun and unique to do. That is why at Studio K we ensure that from the moment you walk into our facility, you are treated like family. We are a warm, welcoming, stress-free environment where you can truly put on your tap shoes for the first time since you were a child and tap your heart out, or enjoy classes like POUND, Zumba, Hot Hula Fitness, and so many more and just escape for a while.” In addition to beginners, due to Studio K’s proximity to the theme park market, they continually draw a great percentage of professional dancers and performers as well who can find a class to improve or build upon their training, or to just enjoy a class style that they might not find anywhere else.

That is another thing that makes Studio K so special. The schedule changes slightly each month to introduce new styles into the weekly rotation so not only can adults try something new, but it keeps everything fresh so they are never bored. For those working on health and wellness, it continually challenges their workouts so their bodies never adapt and they may achieve their very best individual results. Studio K also creates a variety of custom classes exclusive to the brand in-house that are originated on their dance floor with the Studio K Instructor Team, and are also quite well-known for their unique and fun workshops and events. Studio K is also often chosen by the LA market to debut certain class styles and trainings that are popular on the west coast, but haven’t made their way east just yet.

At Studio K, our goal each day is to have fun, to offer a remarkable variety to learn something new, and to provide an easy, caring environment for adults to fall in love with,” Weissman added. “We are copied often but just can never be duplicated because I think what inspires me the most each day is that we are far beyond a dance and fitness studio. We genuinely provide a community for adults to belong, and in our fast-paced world where personalized connection is often a thing of the past, our team collectively works exceptionally hard to provide that little bit of extra magic to make sure our members know they matter more than all of it. And if they can feel that way while rocking it out to their favorite song and feel amazing on that dance floor, then we hope we are doing something right!

For more information about Studio K, please visit their monthly class schedule at or call 407-778-4607.

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