Blu Atlas Is Transforming How Men Do Skincare

Blu Atlas is a New York-based brand that creates skincare for the modern man.

Blu Atlas Is Transforming How Men Do Skincare

Blu Atlas is a New York-based brand that creates skincare for the modern man. With simple formulations backed by scientifically-proven natural ingredients and botanicals, this new brand is transforming the way men do skincare. By making skincare a health-oriented concern, one that is grounded in routine, Blu Atlas encourages men that it’s okay to take time for themselves. In fact, they should take time for themselves and their skin to ensure their skin stays healthy, strong, and protected as they age—just like they would for their bodies in the gym.

Blu Atlas strips the negative stigmas associated with men’s skincare (that it’s gimmicky, ineffective, girly, or too difficult to manage) and creates groundbreaking products and formulations that focus on wellness from the outside. Below, we’re giving our full review of the brand and the ways it’s changing the world of men’s skincare for the better.

What We Like:

Their Mantras

You can tell a good skincare brand from a not-so-great brand based on their morals and goals for their customers. For Blu Atlas, they believe wellness can start on the outside (contrary to popular belief) by focusing on skincare and moving self-care to the top of your to-do list. For men, even the simple act of cleansing their face day and night gives them at least one minute of their day dedicated to themselves, where they can wash away the day they’ve had and enjoy the present moment.

Blu Atlas champions the importance of men having routines (specifically skin and body care routines) not only for their physical benefits, because, yes, you will see results. But they also do it for the psychological benefits of having a routine. Science shows that daily routines, even if they’re just as short as a five-minute skincare regimen, can reduce feelings of stress, remind you of your good decision-making skills, promote better sleep, and make you feel happier and more accomplished. So when they say wellness starts on the outside, they mean that what we do to take care of our physical appearance has profound positive impacts on our mental and emotional health.

Their Dedication to Clean, Natural Ingredients

One of the ways Blu Atlas is transforming how men do skincare is through their priority of clean, intentional ingredients. The average person is exposed to over 120 chemicals just in their daily use of skin and body care products (think deodorant, moisturizer, cologne, etc.). To significantly lower this average, Blu Atlas created an entire range of products that work seamlessly into any man’s routine. So you no longer have to worry about potentially harmful chemicals or ingredients you can’t pronounce; all of Blu Atlas’ ingredients are clean, all-natural, and without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Instead of ingredients like butylated hydroxytoluene or diethanolamine, you’ll find health-oriented ingredients like mango seed butter, which is known for its skin conditioning and protecting properties, or aloe vera leaf juice that provides the skin with necessary vitamins and moisturization. With Blu Atlas, every ingredient serves a purpose.

Their High-Impact Formulas

This all-natural skincare brand cares about science too, so don’t think they’re just throwing random plants into your products. All of their formulas are simple, specific, and formulated alongside high-ranking dermatologists and skincare professionals. There may be only ten ingredients in their face moisturizer, for example, but that’s exactly what we love about Blu Atlas. The formulas aren’t flashy or full of fillers: they use an intentional handful of ingredients known to work well together and benefit the skin. That’s why multi-functioning ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin, and algae extract are so beloved by the brand­—they offer the skin a multitude of benefits and work harmoniously alongside other botanicals and naturally-derived ingredients.

Blu Atlas also knows how to make use of powerful antioxidants. You won’t find a single skin or body care product from their line that doesn’t provide skin with the magic that is antioxidants. Whether it’s in their super-charged Vitamin C serum (that has some of skincare’s best antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid) or in their soothing aftershave, Blu Atlas guarantees your skin healing and protective benefits no matter which products you use.

Their Usability

The brand has made it incredibly easy and desirable for men to establish a well-rounded skincare routine. Not only does their branding speak to multiple ages, lifestyles, and aesthetics, their no-fuss formulas can also be used by all skin types. Since the product formulations are simple and prioritize soothing and protective natural ingredients, a man with oily skin can enjoy their face cleanser just as much as a guy with dry, aging skin.

All Blu Atlas’ products are designed to cover your skin and body care bases, so you have your essentials like shampoo, deodorant, and body wash. But you can also experiment and build upon your routine as you grow more comfortable with skincare, throwing a detoxifying face mask into your weekend routine or finally taking care of the dark circles under your eyes. No matter where you are on your skincare journey, Blu Atlas is right there with you.

What We Don’t Like:

Spoiler alert! There’s nothing we don’t like about Blu Atlas. These days, finding a skincare brand that isn’t just here for the hype and actually pays attention to what customers want and need is a huge deal. Not only does Blu Atlas deliver quality, highly effective products for men’s (and women’s) skin, they are also dedicated to sharing the importance of routine and skincare as self-care.

Taking care of the skin on our face, body, and scalp is just as important as taking care of our bodies in the gym or in the kitchen. Our skin is our largest organ, after all. So Blu Atlas’ commitment to making a skincare routine something that’s achievable for all men, and that’s filled with all-natural ingredients and none of the stuff our bodies don’t want. Well, it’s a breath of fresh air.

So if you or someone you love has been craving a skincare routine or needs a few new products to set their year off right, we can’t recommend Blu Atlas enough.

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