Blooms on a Budget

It’s possible to have a petal-perfect wedding and not go broke

Flowers can take a big bite out of your wedding budget. But there are ways to prune the costs without sacrificing the floral flourish you’re looking for. We turned to flower experts John Kobylinski, owner of Orlando’s In Bloom Florist (; 407-649-7771); Tommy Murphy, an account executive specializing in weddings for Greenery Productions (; 407-363-9151) in Orlando; Marie Ackerman, vice president of education for Teleflora (; and Cara Davis, author of Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot, for advice. Here’s what they suggest to save money on flowers:

1. Choose flowers that are in-season. Additionally, avoid planning a wedding around Valentine’s Day, when flower prices skyrocket.

2. Use carnations. “Carnations are making a comeback,” Davis says. “You can’t get a cheaper or heartier flower, and many times, when mixed in with roses and greenery, they add a punch of color and depth while the roses still shine in the forefront.”

3. Substitute less expensive alternatives like garden roses in place of more costly blooms like peonies. “Garden roses are year-round, have a beautiful texture and are about the same size as a peony,” says Murphy.

4. Use hydrangeas, specifically the white and light blue versions, which are less expensive than the purple, green and dark blue varieties. “A creative floral designer can spray the white and light blue hydrangeas any color you want, and your guests won’t know the difference,” says Kobylinski. 

5. Use potted plants with flowers or colorful foliage instead of formal floral arrangements. “You don’t even have to take them out of the pots,” says Kobylinski. “Just group them together and add some moss to hide the pots.” Ackerman notes that potted gerbera daisies, mini-rose bushes or orchids are good choices for table centerpieces.



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