White Maeng Da Kratom: A Guide to Its Benefits, Uses, and Dosage

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Mitragyna speciosa is Kratom and has gained traction as part of alternative wellness approaches for years. 

It’s grown in Southeast Asia, with the leaves used in various powders and teas. There are plenty of Kratom strains, each having varied benefits due to its color, dosage, and origin. 

The FDA disapproves of Kratom as a dietary ingredient, but people still purchase and enjoy this plant to help with anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. 

We don’t have a lot of info about the benefits kratom offers. But the main ingredient, mitragynine, is like cocaine, binding to opioid brain receptors and offering pain relief plus other uses. In addition, it significantly affects sedating and calming you down.

White Maeng Da Kratom is highly popular and known for its potency. It’s the strain we will talk about most in this article. It’s an uplifting and energizing strain you’ll enjoy using for that boost.

Top 7 White Maeng Da Kratom On The Market

  1. Happy GoLeafy – Overall Best White Maeng Da Kratom; Top Choice
  2. Super Speciosa – Best Kratom Capsules With Natural Ingredients
  3. KratomSpot – High Quality Kratom Pills To Buy Online 
  4. Klarity Kratom – Effective Pain Relieving Kratom Capsules
  5. Golden Monk – Recommended Kratom Product With Rich Aroma & Sweet Taste
  6. Kats Botanicals – Organic Plant Based Kratom 
  7. Kraken Kratom – Best White Maeng Da Kratom Powder With Vast Varieties

#1. Happy GoLeafy – Overall Best White Maeng Da Kratom; Top Choice


Happy Go Leafy is a well-known brand for its dedication to quality and consumer satisfaction. Happy Go Leafy has built a reputation for providing its consumers with reliable, high-quality products by emphasizing the sourcing of premium kratom leaves from the best farmers in Southeast Asia. 

Numerous kratom enthusiasts all over the world have trusted and remained loyal to the brand because of its commitment to openness, moral business practices, and customer education. Happy Go Leafy is a well-liked option for kratom users all over the world since it takes pride in offering a trustworthy, natural solution for individuals looking to improve their wellbeing.

The brand follows stringent quality control procedures and uses independent lab testing to confirm the uniformity and purity of each batch.


Pain relief: –

Kratom is renowned for its analgesic qualities, which can aid with both acute and chronic pain relief. Muscle aches, migraines, and arthritis are among the many ailments that users frequently find relief from.

Aids In Opiate Withdrawal: –

Kratom has been used by some people to lessen the symptoms of opiate withdrawal because it can lessen bodily aches and pains and curb cravings.

Improved Sleep: 

Kratom’s calming effects can also aid those who have insomnia or other sleep disorders by promoting better sleep by calming the body and mind.

Works On Stress & Anxiety: –

Kratom’s relaxing properties can aid in lowering tension and anxiety, resulting in a more tranquil and at-ease frame of mind. For people who struggle with anxiety disorders or lead stressful lives, this can be especially helpful.


  • Science forward approach and reliable quality,
  • Focus on a high alkaloid content,
  • Easily digestible 


  • Potential side effects like dizziness and nausea 
  • Has a slower onset

=> Click here to visit the official website “Happy GoLeafy”

#2. Super Speciosa – Best Kratom Capsules With Natural Ingredients


Super Speciosa is an internet-based kratom website that provides the best in kratom goods and solutions. They provide powders, tea leaves, and capsules to their customers. It opened its doors in 2016 and has taken the industry by storm. 

They are based in Florida and do exceptional work converting the leaves to teas, capsules, and more. Super Speciosa is proud to be a Good Manufacturing Practices company, so you can be sure you’ll get a superior product each time. 

In addition, they take extra care to educate and help clientele with the best kratom products for their situation. 

We recommend checking out their capsules if you’re unsure where to begin. These capsules are easy to swallow and pure, with only the leaf powder packed into a gelatin capsule. You begin with four capsules and may adjust your dosage accordingly, like the package directions. 

Lastly, check out the positive customer reviews. You won’t find any shortage of happy customers here. The reviews are in the thousands on this White Maeng Da capsule alone, and folks are delighted with the product.


Extensive Variety: The Super Speciosa company provides many kratom items such as powders, capsules, and teas. In addition, they have the white Maeng da you are looking for, along with Red Bali, Premium Bali, Green Malay, and others. 

Wholesale: The company provides its items at retail and wholesale prices. It is ideal for those who wish to stock up and add the products to their inventory at their shops. It’s a company known for its great rates next to other companies. 

Customer Care: The customer care you find at Super Speciosa is impressive. They carefully reward customers with points and other perks for making continuous transactions. 

Fast Shipping: If you put your order in before 2 pm, you can get it shipped that same day. You have to be on their email list to get this perk. Returning customers will enjoy the rewards program, discounts, and other money-saving benefits.

Transparent: You will love the transparency offered by this exceptional brand, as we did. They are GMP-qualified and provide safe, potent Kratom to the buyers. Every batch is made using quality ingredients and leaves. 

You will find zero impurities or contaminants in these products. You can review the product labels and QR codes with your smartphone to learn more or read about the testing directly on the website. Everything is transparent and clean. Hence, they have made the top spot on our list.


  • Very strong
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Same-day shipping
  • Varied strains


  • Gelatin capsules mean they are not vegan-friendly

=> Click here to visit the official website “Super Speciosa”

#3. KratomSpot – High Quality Kratom Pills To Buy Online


Kratom Spot is a wellness/health brand making premium powders, drinks, and capsules. In addition, they offer non-prescription kratom goods for those seeking a natural approach to stabilizing their moods and energy.

Kratom Spot is known for its significant market share next to its competitors. They provide 30-plus strains of Kratom for you to enjoy and try. 

Kratom Spot is a top online retailer for the plant, and you are free to buy nearly any kratom item you seek. The company is Irvine, CA-based. They sell fair trade kratom and take pride in selling all-natural products.

Kratom Spot is a stickler for offering the best products around. Each product is tested at a third-party lab to ensure its potency. The company is transparent and tests all products with the firm resolve to ensure zero contaminants in the final product.


Transparent: Kratom Spot is an industry leader in being transparent with its customers. They take care to ensure all products are labeled correctly and accurately.

Every item is shipped off to a third-party lab to keep it in compliance with their quality standards. Kratom Spot is a GMP manufacturer. They offer all information up to you, helping maintain their standards of transparency.

High Quality: Kratom Spot is known for providing excellent products with exceptional quality. The company is renowned for upholding its standards and using the latest tech to process the leaves and get them to you. In addition, they adhere to strict safety measures when making their products. 

The products are natural, come from Southeast Asia, and are grown naturally. The number of kratom strains available is numerous, and Kratom Spot carefully harvests and chooses its leaves. As a result, the powders, capsules, and other products are spot-on in terms of quality and ease of use.

Extensive Selection: Kratom Spot takes pride in being one of the few health and wellness brands with an extensive product selection. They care immensely about customer happiness. 

They have 30 strains of Kratom available, and you’ll have many choices at your fingertips. Each capsule comes with 0.7g of powder, lower than the regular kratom dosage. An excellent mild dosage is anywhere from 1-3g.

Happy Customers: Feel free to read the reviews left by other pleased customers about Kratom Spot. They praise the fast shipping and excellent customer service, not to mention the potency of the products available. 

They offer fast support over the telephone and delivery that’s fast. Customers appreciate the convenience and hassle-free nature of shopping with Kratom Spot.


  • American Kratom Association member
  • Third-party tested
  • Big product selection
  • GMP-certified brand


  • No kratom gummies available

=> Click here to visit the official website “KratomSpot”

#4. Klarity Kratom – Effective Pain Relieving Kratom Capsules


Customers genuinely enjoy the offerings of Klarity Kratom. They are LA-based, and the brand is sold nationwide at varying smoke shops. So, you’ve likely encountered the brand if you’ve gone out looking for Kratom in a local zone. 

Their capsules come in 8, 40, 75, and 100 count-jars; if you want more, they can provide the capsules to you. We’ve seen an order for 500 capsules they fulfilled with no problem. So, you can start small if you’re new and go big if you’re experienced. 

Powders are also sold in quantity. You can buy the powder at .5 or 1 lb. Their specialized formulas are immensely popular among buyers; for example, their Trainwreck strain is peppered with favorable reviews. 

However, you’re here because you want Kratom’s white Maeng Da strain. You will find what you need here at the Klarity Kratom site. They provide a variety of White Maeng Da kratom capsules and powders to keep you energized and moving.

One thing we would have liked to see was the company’s commitment to GMP compliance or third-party testing results. 


Clean Packaging: Inside the bottle/bag is what counts the most, but we couldn’t help but notice the clean and colorful packaging of the kratom strains offered. With beautiful artwork on some of the bottles and simple designs for the others, it’s nothing short of appealing. 

You immediately notice a regular kratom leaf and then a clean white background, which makes it pop. Each package is not only lovely to look at, but it’s also labeled with easy instructions for dosing and use. 

Customers Love It: Customers love Klarity Kratom, as evidenced by the company’s reviews and social media presence. They have left plenty of positive feedback on the brand’s websites and social media like Twitter and Facebook. Read the reviews on the company site and their many social media profiles, and you’ll see what we mean. 

Aside from this, the customer service of Klarity Kratom is spot-on. They can be contacted using their telephone or customer email. Just fill out the form, and a rep will get back to you quickly. Additionally, you can contact them by phone from 9 am to 6 pm PST.

Shipping: The Klarity Kratom site provides free USPS shipping, and you can pay using Visa, Amex, Mastercard, and PayPal.


  • USA-based brand
  • Great customer care
  • Shots, powders, and capsules are available


  • No free shipping to Alaska or Hawaii

=> Click here to visit the official website “Klarity Kratom”

#5. Golden Monk – Recommended Kratom Product With Rich Aroma & Sweet Taste


Golden Monk Kratom is a brand respected and known for its products of high quality. The vendor opened its doors in 2016, starting operations in Canada. Later, the company moved to Sin City (Las Vegas). 

They have pledged to provide nothing but safe and pure Kratom. They follow current Good Manufacturing Practices and are members of the American Kratom Association. 

They employ six various lab tests to keep each product safe and pure. As a result, all kratom items you’ll find here are potent and pure. 

They have many great products to enjoy. You can, of course, find your White Maeng Da kratom here, but there are other strains like Sumatra, Borneo, Malay, and Bali.


Sterile: The company is proud to keep all products in a clean, safe setting before they are packaged and shipped to you. They use a clean room with climate control, which keeps the products fresh before they are shipped. 

As a result, no airborne particles will reach the products, and you can rest assured you’re getting something clean.

AKA Approval: We recommend patronizing Golden Monk because they are beloved by customers everywhere and hold themselves to high standards. They are positively reviewed by clientele and feature accreditation with the American Kratom Association. 

Testing: Third-party lab tests are essential for industry success, and it seems Golden Monk knows this through and through. Golden Monk tests its product for different contaminants before selling them. Your goods are tested for heavy metals, alkaloids, and microbes.

Their facilities are cleaned each day to combat disease. While Covid-19 is mostly under control, they keep the facility clean and tidy. Staff members wear Tyvek suits, and products are kept in airtight storage. 

Staff also wear gloves and masks when working with available products. Sick employees are not allowed to work, and only three staff members work simultaneously.

Bestseller is Maeng Da: If you want the best Maeng Da kratom strain, then Golden Monk may be your place. It’s their bestseller! It’s a stimulant known for helping you keep your energy levels high even when the going gets tough. 

One user noted feeling in a good mood despite the hot temperatures taking a toll on everyone’s attitude. They have white Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, and Red Maeng Da for your enjoyment.


  • Extensively tested for safety
  • Clean facilities
  • Great price points


  • No kratom teas are available.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Golden Monk”

#6. Kats Botanicals – Organic Plant Based Kratom 


Kats Botanicals is a transparent, friendly company devoted to helping their people get the Kratom they need and want. The vast amount of info you’ll discover on their website speaks for itself. 

They describe every strain in detail and discuss how it is harvested and processed and where it comes from as you shop for your items. They are transparent about their kratom blends also, which we appreciated.

A site like Kats Botanicals is filled with happy customers who constantly return to get their kratom needs filled. We would have liked to see the test results posted, and we hope Kats Botanicals will post them in the future.

Kats Botanicals is an American Kratom Association member, thankfully. They follow and exceed current Good Manufacturing Practices, and we thank them for that. 


White Maeng Da: You will have your choice of fine quality white Maeng da kratom here at Kats Botanicals. These capsules and powders are a great blend of 70% white powder and 30% green vein kratom powder. 

The powders are made out of leaves grown across the varied districts of West Kalimantan, and you will love their potency and pleasant aromas. 

Reasonable Prices: The price points of Kats Botanicals are perfect for everybody and fair for the quality of products offered. It costs about $20 for 30g of Kratom. 

You’re mostly paying for the encapsulation of the powder, so if you’re capable of creating your capsules, you could save a bit by buying the powder. 

Returns & Payments: You can return your purchase within 30 days if you feel unsatisfied. Contact them to begin the process.

They make paying for your order as easy as can be, given the circumstances. You can send a payment for your order using a variety of methods. For example, cryptocurrency, gift cards, ACH bank transfers, personal checks, and money orders can be used. 

However, some card companies will not stand for using their products to pay for controversial products like Kratom, as they consider it a high-risk product. So, you’ll have to use one of the above methods if you plan on buying at Kats Botanicals. 


  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Orders ship the same day if placed before 2 pm
  • Thousands of happy customers
  • Transparent, honest company
  • AKA membership


  • You have to spend over $100 to get free shipping.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kats Botanicals”

#7. Kraken Kratom – Best White Maeng Da Kratom Powder With Vast Varieties


Kraken Kratom is widely known among fans of the leaf, thanks to its longevity in the business. Their business model is simple but effective: Ensure customers get the highest quality in the market and make it easy for customers to buy their preferred strains. 

The brand was the first of many to garner recognition from the American Kratom Association. Their facilities are clean and cGMP certified. Safety, quality, and testing are of the utmost importance to this company. 

Our Kraken Kratom review will show you what you need to know about the company and why the products should be considered. If you’re a person suffering from low energy, stress, anxiety, etc., consider using Kraken Kratom products to help you.


Extensive Selection: Kraken Kratom ensures customers get what they need and want. The company provides an extensive catalog of strains, formulas, and products to help customers feel their best. Kratom is the main ingredient, ensuring the efficacy and performance are at their best. 

You can buy approved kratom powder, Borneo kratom powder, and of course, Maeng Da Thai kratom, among several others. The selection is vast.

Whether you demand tea, a capsule, or a powder, they have you covered. We would have liked to see gummies, but perhaps that will be part of the selection in the future. The company knows that you don’t want to spend extra for shipping, so all orders are shipped for free.

Third-Party Tested: One thing we loved is that Kraken Kratom is a company that takes third-party testing seriously. As a result, they have the best selection of safe products, especially if you’re seeking the best white Maeng da kratom. 

The company is GMP- compliant, so you are getting an item of high quality and safety. Their company has been in operation for six years and counting. The product quality is excellent, and so is the website. People find it easy to get what they need.

Pay Your Way: You can pay using BTC here, and they provide a 10% discount when you use this method. You can also pay with your bank account, an eCheck, and a credit card. 

So, next time you need a quality Maeng da kratom powder, go to Kraken Kratom to get what you need and pay how you like. Their white vein kratom powder was on sale at the time of this writing, so go check it out now.


  • The first company to gain recognition by American Kratom Association
  • Free shipping available
  • Great website
  • No minimum to spend for free shipments


  • Some customers complained the strains were weak.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kraken Kratom”

How We Made This List Of The Best White Maeng Da Kratom Supplements

If you are looking for Kratom for sale on the internet or want the best white Maeng da kratom, there are hundreds of sites to select from as you shop. So, what steps did we use to create our list and narrow it to three great vendors?

The process was more straightforward than you think. We created high standards for the companies we considered using and brought companies forward that met our high standards. Check out the factors used in making a list. 

Third-Party Testing

It was the first factor we considered when choosing our best white Maeng da kratom providers. Companies that took their customer safety seriously were given top marks. 

Not only did we want safe and pure kratom products, but we also wanted potent ones. All the best kratom vendors you’ll meet are known for providing safe and clean products to buyers.

Ethical Sourcing

You will find plenty of great kratom sources, and we prioritized companies that put effort into sourcing their Kratom sustainably and ethically. 

Each of the Kratom companies you will meet get their leaves from mixed farms, but each of the farms is known for being safe, clean, and consistent. 

As kratom lovers, we want to see healthy plants grown in healthy farming conditions. The kratom quality will speak for itself when grown and harvested the right way from beginning to end.

Good Variety 

There are dozens of kratom strains, and the effects are different. So, we understood that the finest kratom vendors were companies providing various strains for all customers to enjoy. 

We also thought about the types of products offered for sale. Customers want gummies, capsules, teas, and more, so we wanted to ensure there was something for everybody to enjoy and find relief from what’s bothering them.

Brand Ethics

The sites you’ll read about are ethical in what they do. They advocate for responsible, safe white maeng da kratom use. 

You will be given a product guarantee when you purchase Kratom from these companies. They also advocate for fair labor surrounding Kratom within the USA and overseas.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Choosing Best White Maeng Da Kratom Strains

No matter the reason behind your purchase of Kratom powders, your goal is to ensure the Kratom you’re purchasing online or in a store is potent, consistent, and pure. 

In addition, you need to ensure the strains you’ve chosen are what you truly want and deliver the results you’ve been seeking.

You also want to understand the kratom items you buy are devoid of harmful additives or impure ingredients. Stated differently, you want high-quality Kratom delivered to your doorstep being kratom users. 

So, here’s what you should watch for when choosing your white Maeng da kratom, Red Bali Kratom or any strain, for that matter.

AKA Member

The American Kratom Association, or AKA, is known for creating Good Manufacturing Practice standards in the industry. Companies with membership in the AKA are held to strict standards to remain in the org. 

So, when going to buy Kratom online, you should check for AKA membership. If you purchase from an AKA brand, you get something made with high manufacturing standards and advocacy for ethical production and growth.

Detailed Catalog

The best white Maeng da kratom suppliers are ready and willing to provide detail after detail for their goods. If you see detailed product pages and a good selection of products, it’s a sign you’re dealing with something good. 

You’re in a good place if you can peruse and understand what a particular strain does before buying. It is especially true for new users of the plant.

Different Package Sizes

You don’t want a whole pound of the leaf if you’re just beginning usage as you’re not sure it will be right for you. Instead, check for a kratom vendor selling all or most kratom products in various sizes. 

Some companies provide sample sizes of their Kratom, which is excellent. So long as you can purchase a small size before you commit to something significant.

Strain Choices

As we mentioned, the various kratom strains can leave you feeling different with each variant. Some strains are known for promoting sleep and relaxation, while others get you motivated and moving. 

You could desire a strain for winding down and working hard. Choose a company that offers different strains for different situations.


Customers should be able to read and learn all they can about where the product comes from, and the lab testing results. 

Great kratom vendors won’t feel shy about sharing this information, and the best companies will prominently display their testing results to see which can help you make a better buying decision.

FAQs About White Maeng Da Kratom

Where does white Maeng da kratom come from? 

White Maeng Da is a popular strain with similarities to white Thai Kratom. Both strains are white veins and come from Thailand, and that’s the only similarity they have. However, Maeng Da Kratom is not named after its primary location. 

Strains such as Thai, Indo, Malay, and Borneo are traceable to their nations of origin. However, Maeng Da’s story is different. The name means “Pimp Grade” when translated to Thai, thanks to its superiority. 

It comes from Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. So despite most white vein powders originating from Indonesia and Thailand, you can also find them in other places. 

People discuss plant based kratom pills, but the correct terminology is Kratom trees. The Kratom thrives on high trees that can be 100 feet tall when the conditions are just right. 

But such trees may also be grown as house plants. The conditions under which it is grown will determine its health. It grows in the natural climate of Thailand and is challenging to grow, so it’s easier to import.

What are the primary benefits of white Maeng da kratom? 

This kratom strain is known for being famous, and the reasons are easy to see. Those who’ve used it provided positive feedback for the benefits it brings. 

They include white Maeng da kratom into their drinks, foods, and more to help receive the benefits. 

Here are what others use the plant for: 

Withdrawal from Drugs: It’s important to state right away this method isn’t scientifically backed, and that drug withdrawal treatment should be performed under the supervision of a trained, licensed physician. 

However, some people self-medicate using white Maeng da kratom. They feel it is better to use the plant than drugs and eventually stop using harmful drugs. 

Aside from managing an addiction of high doses, a person might utilize Kratom to fight the discomfort of withdrawal. It’s an accepted, popular method of using Kratom. In addition, white Maeng Da could be beneficial thanks to its ability to affect one’s mind and cognition. 

More research is needed to understand if you could use Kratom to fight drug dependence and addiction. Still, anecdotal evidence suggests that it is pretty helpful in getting people off drugs and living sober.

Pain Relief: White Maeng Da kratom is a popular strain grown primarily in Southeast Asia. It’s known in several areas of the world, all thanks to its features for pain mitigation. 

This form of Kratom is packed with properties that help fight pain; everybody has some sort of pain they’re trying to fight. 

Some pains, such as migraines, backaches, and others, lead to discomfort. White Maeng Da kratom may be the way to go for some folks. It works alongside our brain’s opiate receptors and hormones like dopamine to help you feel less pain. 

It’s become popular in the past few years thanks to this. The smell is also lovely, so it’s easier to use. It helps fight pain fast. Use a small amount of kratom powder dietary supplement, as it’s known to be strong. 

Fights Fatigue: White vein kratom strains are known for having sound effects on one’s mood. You might think of it like a strong cup of coffee. So, beginning the day with the correct dose of white vein kratom may do great things for your energy levels. 

If you are tired thanks to work or family, or you’re not an early riser, consider kratom use to help you get started. 

But if you are tired and cannot explain why it may be due to something requiring a doctor’s care. Speak with your physician before using Kratom for such a purpose as to ensure you are diagnosed correctly.

Depression, for example, can cause low energy. You will need help from an expert for that. White Maeng Da kratom may be able to help.

Where is White Maeng da kratom allowed? 

As a prevalent kratom strain, where you buy kratom legally. . You can purchase it online from the companies above as well. 

However, kratom powder and other such products are banned in some states because they lack FDA approval, or the governments have deemed them unsafe for the population. 

Alabama, Vermont, Arkansas, and Wisconsin are these states. Buying and using white Kratom strains is against the law here. 

If you purchase it online, use brands that ship legally. It demonstrates authenticity and integrity in the brand. Plus, you won’t have to research laws and worry if you’re doing the right thing by ordering it.

What are some similar kratom strains? 

You can try out other strains if you wish. For example, white vein strains similar to White Maeng Da kratom are white Borneo kratom and white Bali kratom. The strains are known to be uplifting and can help you fight depleted energy. 

White Maeng da kratom does have stronger potency- two times- that of the other strains. So, use it responsibly and start your dose low.

Other strains you may wish to try are red and green Maeng da strain types. They are part of the Maeng da category due to their potency. 

Green Maeng Da can help improve your mood and kill pain, prevent major health risks and red Maeng Da kratom can provide a stimulating, soothing effect.

What’s a suitable dosage of Kratom? 

Understanding the correct kratom dosage can take time. Some folks are more sensitive to the plant than others and will require a low dose. 

The dose will depend on the strain you take and the effects you want from Kratom. Most folks will take 2g to 8g at once. 

Here are some dosing guidelines for Kratom. Start low and see how it makes you feel. 

Less than 2g- Micro dose

2 to 6 g- Low Dose

6 to 8 g – high dose

Greater than 8g – heavy dosage

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Conclusion: Use White Maeng Da Kratom Pills To Cure Pain

White Maeng Da kratom is known for its high amount of health benefits. Unfortunately, we don’t have a ton of medical research about Kratom at this time, but the benefits exist anecdotally, at least. 

You may benefit from Kratom when correctly used, and you don’t reside in a place where Kratom is banned. Review the laws associated with your state before purchasing using our linked legality map. 

Check the site’s shipping policies to ensure they will ship to your state. 

Begin with a small dose and increase slowly as necessary. It will help you fight the risk of taking too much and feeling adverse side effects. If using Kratom makes you feel unwell, stop using it and seek medical help.

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