Best Trans Dating Sites For Transgenders To Find Love


The difficulty that comes with finding someone that feels the same way as you do on a dating site is at a high level. The number of dating sites that are available online is a lot.

Therefore, there is a high tendency that you will face lots of problems when trying to find someone for a long-term relationship.

This is why we have created this article, to help transgender people have a better chance at finding someone who wants to build a long-term relationship filled with love.

These sites are available for transgender or cross-dressers; they can find other people like them with a lesser level of difficulty.

Top Trans Dating Sites & Apps Of 2022:

We have put together a list of ten sites for transgender people.

They have a better chance of finding someone with the same mindset and falling in love together.

These dating sites are:

  1. Butterfly – Overall Best Trans Dating Site For Transgender Singles
  2. Tsdates – Top Transgender Dating App To Find A Quick Match
  3. Adult Friend Finder – Popular Dating Site For Trans Singles
  4. My Transgender Cupid – Recommended For Serious Trans Dating
  5. Ladyboy Kisses – Safe Trans Dating Platform

#1. ButterflyOverall Best Trans Dating Site For Transgender Singles


Butterfly is regarded as arguably the best dating site for transgender people. The dating site is suitable for male and female use. In addition, it is open to be visited by non-binary individuals and others within the LGBTQ community.

On Butterfly dating site, 34% of the population are transgender people, while 43% are cis people. Within that 43% population, 23% are women. Most of the people that use this dating site are majorly heterosexual.

However, many policies have been created to help ensure the safety of transgender people on the site. For example, when phrases like shemale and tranny are used on Butterfly, the app allows transgender people to mute the conversation.

People who also use these types of words are immediately informed that these words are abusive, especially if they are trying to send the words to someone directly. In addition, the dating site refuses to allow people to upload an NSFW photograph as your display picture on your site.

Butterfly will help to reduce the amount of sexual innuendo potentially targeted at transgender people.

Regardless of how well the site tries to implement policies to keep transgender people safe on the site, it is still challenging to curb everything. However, several improvements have been made according to the customer suggestions submitted.

Various meanings can be drawn from the butterfly term. Majorly, it means being alienated, objectified, and patronized.


  • Committed to keeping trans people safe: this dating site has not only welcomed the presence of transgender people, but they have also created several policies to ensure that transgender people can stay on the site without being sexually bullied.
  • Chance to find someone with the same like-mind: the chance of finding someone like you in the pool of heterosexual people can be challenging. However, this difficulty is reduced on this site as they have tried to ensure trans people get the chance.


  • Protection policies are in place to help maintain the trans person’s safety.
  • There are lots of transgender population


  • The number of cis users is plenty

=> Click here to visit the official website “Butterfly”

#2. TsdatesTop Transgender Dating App To Find A Quick Match


Tsdates is very suitable because it can be used for free, with plenty of features available. However, there is a gold membership option for people who would like better features. Gold membership features are more than usual and better for site convenience.

Tsdates was majorly created to ensure that transgender and cross-dresser people can quickly meet each other without the difficulties they already experience. They have a better chance of meeting people with the same like-mind.

When writing this article, it is recorded that the population of users on Tsdates platform is about 70 million. And This population of people is from over 100 countries around the world.

On this site, the chance of meeting someone like you is at a top-notch level, which is why many users like to use the site to find love. Text or instant messages are the most used ways of communicating on the site.

Forty million people exist on Tsdates with their photos and videos posted on their profiles. And the number of users on this site makes it more interesting for trans usage.

To enjoy your stay on Tsdates platform and proceed quickly with your registration, you shouldn’t repeat your information on the site.

There are several filters and customization features that you can use to narrow your search down to the kind of person you want to be matched with.

The location feature also helps filter your potential matches to only people within your vicinity. Tsdates gives you a better chance at meeting up with the person and taking your relationship to real life.


  • Search engine filters: this dating platform has a lot of search engine filters that help you to search for someone within your preference. It has a location tab that will only show you someone within your location. In addition, you can add little details to your search.
  • Primarily created for transgender and cross-dressers: this dating site was created to serve the purpose of helping trans people get to meet people like them and create a loving relationship. The site also has a massive population of transgender and cross-dresser people.


  • This site was created in 1996
  • The site is used by the LGBTQ community in a large population
  • You can go through multiple photos of the people you are matched with


  • Accounts without gold membership can not use the top-tier features
  • Compared to most other sites, their membership is expensive

=> Click here to visit the official website “Tsdates”

#3. Adult Friend FinderPopular Dating Site For Trans Singles


When you are considering several dating sites that are available online, Adult Friend Finder is one of the oddest sites that you can come across. The platform was mainly created for people who wanted someone to be sexually involved with, flirt with, or have situationships with.

However, it has been discovered that lots of people have used this platform to find love and start long-term relationships.

Adult Friend Finder platform has been in operation for years, and they have operated under the best and most organized system. This platform has also welcomed transgender people, and measures have been implemented to help them feel safer.

To this very moment, the platform is still implementing policies and updating its features that can help transgender people have a better experience on the platform.

For example, on this platform, users can upload videos and engage in chats using the dating site’s features. Adult Friend Finder particular feature is encrypted, and only you and the person on the call can know about the conversation you both are having.

Adult Friend Finder represents to date, the best option for people who want to flirt or just have sexual entanglement with someone. They also have features that assure you that you are talking with a person.

However, you should subscribe to their membership plan to enjoy the site and have the best experience possible. The plans available are expensive, but the features that come with the plans are better.


  • Can be used by trans people for flirting: the features of this site make it possible for people to only engage in sexual situations without any emotional attachments. This feature is also available for trans people, who can look for someone to be sexually involved with.
  • Better features with the subscription: the features available for free use are good enough for essential communication. However, it is more enjoyable for you to have a premium subscription so that you can enjoy the better features.


  • The site has been around for a while
  • Several sites have noted them as one of the best dating sites
  • Great for people who do not want anything serious


  • The membership fee for premium is quite expensive

=> Click here to visit the official website “Adult Friend Finder”

#4. My Transgender CupidRecommended For Serious Trans Dating


It is impossible for anyone that wants to be involved with the dating site to say they have not heard about my transgender cupid. This is arguably one of the most popular platforms that are meant for people who are transgender or cross-dressers.

According to various statistics or findings from studies that have been carried out concerning My Transgender Cupid platform, there is a considerable population of transgender and cross-dressers on the platform.

The operations of those platforms have changed over the last couple of years, and in recent times, they have begun to accept several sexual preferences and have allowed other types of persons to join the platform.

One of the most recent features created on My Transgender Cupid platform is allowing users to search for straight people on the platform. However, the site was primarily created to provide services to people who belong to the LGBTQ community.

Right from the inception of that platform, people of different sexuality, such as queer, asexual, demisexual, heteroflexible, homoflexible, pansexual, and questioning.

Aside from being able to choose from the LGBTQ genders, including transmasculine and transfeminine, users have now been given the option to choose from other genders, such as male and female.

According to online statistics, over 50 million users on My Transgender Cupid platform are known to be cross-dressers and transgender. Therefore, if you would like to engage in a transsexual relationship, My Transgender Cupid is the best platform to try and meet someone who is like you and has the same mind.


  • Primarily created for transgender and cross-dressers: the primary aim of creating this platform was to attend to the needs of transgender and cross-dressers due to the difficulty they experience on other platforms meant for straight people. In addition, this platform has helped different genders within the LGBTQ community find love and try other sexual activities.
  • Zero membership plan required: the features on this platform can be used by just anybody for free. You will not be required to pay for a membership plan to enjoy a more advanced set of features. For example, you can text unlimitedly and also engage in video chats.


  • Lots of trans users
  • Non-trans people are also allowed on the platform
  • Several suitable features


  • Expensive membership plans
  • No messaging feature for free users

=> Click here to visit the official website “My Transgender Cupid”

#5. Ladyboy KissesSafe Trans Dating Platform


Ladyboy Kisses is also one of the most popular platforms within the dating scene that is meant for people who are tomboys, women, and men. It is suitable for people who want to find someone just like them and start a loving relationship offline.

During the registration process, users on Ladyboy Kisses platform are not required to verify their identity or gender, and information regarding their country of origin is also not required. Anyone can register on Ladyboy Kisses platform and use its search features to find someone with a like mind.

The platform does not have a lot of eligibility requirements that a user has to meet before they are allowed to use the features on the Ladyboy Kisses platform. It is mainly meant for people who are tomboys that are trying to look for a relationship or flirt with people online.

The statistics provided by those platforms show that they have successfully helped people to meet each other, regardless of the gender they represent. These people have been able to meet each other on several occasions and engage in sexual or related activities.

However, Ladyboy Kisses platform is seen to be at a different level than some of the other platforms recommended in this article; most users regard it to be of average quality.

Therefore, it is impossible for you to properly determine whether Ladyboy Kisses platform is legit about helping transgender people to meet up together or just about taking their money from subscriptions.

Still, some customer reviews that can be read online have shown that some users have had a good time engaging other people on Ladyboy Kisses platform.


  • Accurate information on the site is not available. Regarding the topic of discussion in this article, it is pretty difficult for anyone to understand if this platform will be the best option for transgender or cross-dressers. There needs to be more information online to help determine if the platform has features that help to maintain the safety of other genders.
  • Available in various countries: the fact that this platform does not require users to verify the allocation before their registration can be approved allows users from different locations to register on the platform. There are many people with different ethnicities and cultures on this platform.


  • This platform is suitable be used by people who are tomboys or admire tomboys
  • the platform is available to people from different countries


  • The platform has no specific regulations created to maintain the safety of transgender cross-dressers.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Ladyboy Kisses”

#6. Transgender Date

One of the features of Transgender Date platform that helps keep your users entertained is that it is somewhat different from most of the transsexual dating sites you can find online. From the name of platform, you might be able to determine that the platform is meant for people who are transgender.

However, the Transgender Date platform is suitable to be used by people of all genders and sexual orientations, and they have a good chance of meeting people who agree.

The Transgender Date platform provides users with the opportunity to connect with people from different locations around the world and build relationships that do not have to involve love or sexual activities. It also allows people to converse on different ideas and share new things.

Transgender Date platform serves as a community of transgender people and helps those new to the gender to find their way around dealing with criticism in the LGBTQ world. You can easily find someone to talk to, share your experience, and get encouragement.

The safety of transgender people on this Transgender Date platform is a top priority. The site’s creators have found ways to introduce several options to help transgender people remain safe in conversations. Several features help them discover people of the same mind, and they can make friends with different people with unlimited text ability.

Furthermore, the Transgender Date platform allows its users to comment on posts made by other users, and other users can also make posts on the platform.

The population on this Transgender Date platform is smaller than the others as they only have 110,000 registered users. Still, the community of transgender people on this  Transgender Date platform allows this to be a safer place to connect with others.


  • A transgender community online: this platform serves as a way for people new to the LGBTQ world to connect with people of the same gender so they can share their ideas and ways to keep safe online and offline. Most of the users on this platform belong to the LGBTQ community and have also been allowed to form a community online.
  • Better communication features: This platform is one of the best regarding the features they have in place to help transgender people feel safer and have more chances to communicate with people of the same mind. They can easily communicate through the comment section of a blog post posted by another transgender person, and they can make friends without any sexual attachment.


  • A live chat feature is available
  • Can activate a private profile


  • Proof of identity is not required

#7. Tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating site that you can find on any article posted online. It is a dating site renowned for the varieties they allow regarding gender.

In recent times, several developments have been made to the Tinder platform to create a different section that is meant for people who are transsexual, both men and women.

Most people regard Facebook as the king platform of social media; Tinder is the king platform of dating sites.

At first, this platform was not created to provide service to people who are transgender or member of the LGBTQ community. It was mainly meant for people who identified as male and female.

However, many improvements have been made to the application; people of different gender and from the LGBTQ community cannot register on the Tinder platform without fearing their accounts being canceled.

This improvement was in place in 2016, and the Tinder platform said it would create a new section meant for cross-dressers, transgender people, and other genders within the LGBTQ community.

In 2022, this application is now considered one of the best platforms for transgender people to meet each other and try to form sexual relationships.


  • Excellent browsing features: this platform has many fantastic browsing features that allow people to match themselves with people of the same gender without fearing being canceled by the community of people online. You can customize your search process so that it will only match you with people from the LGBTQ community.
  • Suitable for finding commitment: this platform is suitable for transgender or cross-dressers who are looking for love and are trying to build a long-term relationship. in addition, it can also be used by people who want to flirt or only want the sexual part of the relationship.


  • It has lots of potential dates
  • Has been in the dating industry for years


  • Fake accounts can be created

#8. Date A Cross-Dresser

Date A Cross-Dresser is one of the platforms you can find online that was primarily created to provide online dating site services to people who are cross-dressers or from the LGBTQ community. The Date A Cross-Dresser platform also allows people of the TV, TS, and CD communities.

Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender, you can always register on this Date A Cross-Dresser platform, and you will find someone who is also of the same gender and has the same mind. It is suitable for people who like to share their fantasies with others.

This Date A Cross-Dresser platform is very suitable for people who have not yet decided on their sexual preferences and want to explore different things.

It allows them to explore transvestites and other transsexuals. in addition, users of this site are not required to subscribe to a membership plan before they can enjoy the site’s full features.

People registered on this Date A Cross-Dresser platform as free members can use the essential features needed for proper communication. They are also allowed to message using their email.

Amongst all of the transgender dating sites available online, this is one of the most suitable ones because of the various measures they have in place for your satisfaction.


  • Zero membership plan is required: this platform does not require its users to subscribe to a premium membership plan before they can enjoy the full features of the platform. People registered under the free account can enjoy all of the features provided on this platform to provide a better communication medium.
  • Suitable for cross-dressers: the features of this platform make it very suitable to be used by people who are into cross-dressing, and you are not required to make any subscription to enjoy all of their services. This platform also shares some features with another cross-dressing platform to give its users a better browsing experience.


  • Advance search filters
  • You can switch your online and offline status


  • iOS users can’t use the application

#9. Taimi

This Taimi platform is regarded as one that is not majorly a dating platform. Instead, it also serves as a social network for people of the LGBTQ community to communicate with each other. However, it also has several features that allow the same community members to build relationships and sexual situationships.

This also allows them to explore their sexual desires with each other. Users of this Taimi platform can operate under a free account or pay for a premium membership plan according to the budget they have.

On this Taimi platform, there are over 50,000 users that are active every week. Most of the registered users on this Taimi platform are from the United States of America and a total of 250,000 people.

When you consider that this Taimi platform was majorly created for people who are transgender or have transsexual fantasies, that is a lot of transgender people to have on a single platform. In addition, most of the users on this Taimi platform are youths who would like to explore their sexual orientation.

Creating a profile on this Taimi platform is easy, like some others, and you do not have to pay any fee before you can download their application. Potential users of this application need to register in the allocation and sexual interest, and the platform will provide several matches according to the details provided.

Once a match has been made, both people can continue communicating through text messages for free without paying for any plan. However, there have been reports that many fake profiles have been created on this Taimi platform.


  • Fake profiles exist on the platform: everyone likes to be sure they communicate with a fellow human being or someone of the same sexual orientation. However, it has been reported that there are a lot of fake profiles on this platform created by people who are not transgender or that sexual orientation. Therefore, the creators of this application have invested resources to ensure that these fake profiles are removed from their sites.
  • The population of LGBTQ people: the chances of finding someone with the same mind are very high on this platform due to the massive population of LGBTQ people available. There are over 250,000 registered users from the United States of America, and that is a significant percentage chance for anyone to find the love of their life on this platform. You can also use the platform to network with others from the same community.


  • The app can serve as a social media and dating site
  • The platform is very safe for gay and trans people


  • Reported app crash or glitch

#10.TG Personals

TG Personals  is one of the other platforms that was primarily created to provide dating services to people in the trans community. Based on the comfort you will feel when browsing on any transgender dating site, TG Personals is one of the best platforms for transsexuals.

On this TG Personals platform, you can find anyone within the transgender community ready for the same type of relationship you want. It could be that you’re looking for commitment, friendship, or marriage. This TG Personals platform provides the necessary features and tools to search for people of the same mind.

On TG Personals platform, there are over 200,000 registered members from different locations. However, most of the registered users on this TG Personals platform have been discovered to be from the United States of America.

Users of the platform can use a free account, but they can also enjoy better features if they pay for a subscription. Therefore, the only difference between this TG Personals platform and others is that users using free accounts can enjoy all of the features provided.

Users of this TG Personals platform are not forced to pay for their membership plan. But the membership plan has better features than other dating sites, such as voice support and video chats.


  • Better advanced features: most other platforms with paid membership plans provide their users with the basic features that are being provided on this particular platform. The advanced features provided on this platform when you pay for a membership plan are better than what you find on other platforms.
  • Zero restrictions: users of this platform are not required to conduct themselves under certain restrictions or rules when communicating with someone from the same community. It also allows people to search for different relationships by inputting information during their search organization.


  • The site is free to use
  • Lots of user base


  • Features are not at the best level

How to Stay Safe on These Transgender Dating Platforms:

Regardless of the measures that all of those dating sites have in place to ensure the safety of their users, it is essential for you as a user to also employ different measures to ensure that your safety is not compromised.

When you read about the statistics of people harmed through social or dating platforms, you will be convinced that you must employ various measures to keep yourself safe.

Some of the measures that you can employ are:

●       Be Confident About Your Match

You must have enough confidence in the person you are matching yourself with before you meet them.

If you come across someone’s profile that does not match what you are looking for, you need to swipe left instead of trying to communicate with the person.

It would help if you tried to build a relationship with the person online, so your confidence can be improved before you physically meet the person.

●       Conduct Prior Research on Potential Dates

There has been a lot of criticism of people that have engaged in stalking someone’s Facebook account to get proper information about them.

However, when it concerns a situation of your safety, and how well you can best prepare yourself, you should not feel bad when you have to stalk someone’s Facebook so that you can get an idea of who they are and if they are telling you the truth.

Facebook accounts are the best option for you to know more about someone and check their interest.

●       Let Family Members Know About Your Date Plans

Once you have been able to build that relationship with someone online and you feel very confident enough to meet up with them physically, it is advised that you should inform any of your family members or friends about your plans and your whereabouts consistently so that they can be aware if the situation goes south.

You can do this by just switching on your location and sharing the same link to your friends or family. You must apply enough smartness to the situation and not put all your eggs in one basket.

●       Meet In Public

When discussing with the other party how you guys can meet up physically, the agreed location must be a public place.

The best location for you to meet up with anyone is the restaurant, bar, Cinema, coffee shops, and even the park are safer places than the intimate environment.

It would help if you rejected the invitation to visit the person’s apartment, and you should always retreat to the person with whom you would prefer a public meeting.

FAQs Regarding Trans Dating:

Q1: What Is A TS Female?

This is referred to as a transgender girl, a transwoman. Once you hear someone saying TS girl, it means transwoman or transgender girl.

This also means that the person was originally a male but then decided to undergo surgery to transition their body to a woman.

Q2: Are You Gay for Dating a Trans Person?

You can’t be gay because you decide to date a transsexual person. However, if you are a straight person who likes women, you may be attracted to a transgender woman.

This is because a transgender woman in contemporary society is also referred to as a woman. And from their appearance, you can only tell they are women. So, it is normal for you to feel attracted to them.

Q3: Who Do Trans People Date?

Most people are confused about if transgender people can date anyone of any gender. Trans people can decide to date anyone of any gender so long they have the same sexual orientation.

Concluding – Best Trans Dating App Made For You!

It is pretty tricky for people who are from the transgender community to find love on any dating site in the world. Some people who have experienced a lot of cyberbullying find it difficult to even register on any dating site or try to go on dates.

But in recent times, society has become more accepting of trans people, and more sites have been created to help them find people of the same mind and sexual orientation.

This allows them to explore their sexuality and find someone willing to build a long-term relationship.

All the dating sites we have recommended in this article are some of the bests you can find anywhere. You can decide to use any of them, but you need to use those that we primarily created to provide service to transgender people.

This will allow you to meet up with people of the same mind, share ideas, and probably be involved sexually.

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