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Get the best testosterone booster on the market to unleash and energize your masculinity.

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Testosterone is a popular supplement on the market. It has gradually grown over the years, to help anyone and everyone get jacked, lean, and energetic. But whenever a popular product is on the market, many fraudulent entrepreneurs try to get their own slice of the action. Not only do they produce iffy products that fail to increase your gains, but actively harm your health.

Fluffy “best testosterone booster” information is flooding the internet. It is becoming all the more difficult to decipher which testosterone booster brands are trustworthy and which are out to make a quick buck. 

We don’t take the best testosterone booster supplements lightly. No one should. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that can provide many positives, but if handled badly, it can cause some trouble too. 

All the products listed in our article come from reputable brands that stand firmly behind their products. They offer a tangible guarantee on their research-based, safe products. The companies are well managed, properly overseen, have excellent references, and sterling historical pedigree on the market. They also care deeply for the customer’s welfare and less for their profit margins.

But like any supplement that you take, testosterone boosters are something you need to be certain about. We strongly urge you to check with your physician before taking anything. They can help you better understand the hormonal process and the benefits or risks associated with testosterone on any condition you may have.

Top 5 Best Testosterone Boosters To Raise T-Levels Naturally: 

So, forget about the overrated supplements. Stop wasting time, money, and effort. Here’s a hype-proof list of the best testosterone boosters to the best scientific knowledge of today.

  1. TestoPrime – Strongest Testosterone booster Supplement For BodyBuilding
  2. Testogen – Trusted Testosterone Supplements For Muscle Growth 
  3. TestoMax – Natural Testosterone Booster Foods & Libido Pills Online
  4. Prime Male – Testosterone Pills & Vitamins To Increase Testosterone Levels
  5. TestRX – Best Male Supplement To Boost Testosterone

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. TestoPrimeStrongest Testosterone booster Supplement For BodyBuilding


TestoPrime is a member of the Wolfson Brands family. This UK-based company brought you health and well-being brands such as CBDMuscle, YouTonics, and NooCube. The team behind TestoPrime includes top nutrition experts, celebrity fitness trainers, and health professionals.

TestoPrime creators spent five years perfecting the formula. Furthermore, they tested said products under the most rigorous standards in FDA-certified labs to create their all-natural formula.

As per the refund policy, TestoPrime offers a money-back guarantee. If you don’t get the desired results within 30 days, feel free to return the product for a 100% refund. What’s more, they’ll be there for you when you need answers.

Also, reputable men’s magazine Maxim covered TestoPrime in one of their articles. You don’t get that type of coverage if you’re not offering some sort of value.


Bring Body’s Testosterone Production To Normal Levels: According to TestoPrime’s literature, taking the pills for three months will increase testosterone production. Of course, this depends on different factors from your body type to your natural biological inclination and everything else in between. However, judging from customer reviews and satisfaction levels, TestoPrime is effective at stimulating natural testosterone production.

Induces Relaxation And Self-Confidence: Boosting testosterone levels relieve stress by leaps and bounds. A low testosterone level puts your body on high alert. When your body is always in “survival mode,” it causes so much stress on all your systems. So, you get irritated easily, experience mood swings and anxiety. TestoPrime will switch it off and put your body in “growth mode.”

Promotes A Faster Metabolism: Low testosterone levels suppress testosterone metabolism. Thus, the body stores more fat to prepare for scarcity. Even though there are plenty of resources around, the body thinks differently. TestoPrime will help your body regulate the metabolism process. Thus, your body will stop storing excessive fat. 

Helps Gain Muscle Mass: In “growth mode,” the body can return to its natural state. With the fat melting away, you can have more room for muscle growth. Furthermore, natural ingredients will help the body take shape and form. So, your exercise at the gym will be more effective.

Releases Your Untapped Stamina: With more testosterone circulating through the body, cells can take more oxygen. When that happens, the body starts to make more nitric oxide, which increases your energy. It’ll also help restore your appetite for healthy food and sex. Unlike testosterone gels, patches, and creams, TestoPrime won’t affect your fertility. On the contrary, your fertility will get back to normal.

Animal Magnetism: So, don’t be surprised when you notice how you’re becoming more well-defined and subsequently, more attractive With increased testosterone flowing freely in your blood, it’ll repair your appearance. Your skin gets firmer, your hair will regrow, and your body will take a masculine shape. All of that is possible because TestoPrime is proven to boost testosterone.


  • Organic
  • Non-prescription medicine
  • Natural ingredients
  • Chemical-free
  • Vegan
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free e-books
  • It doesn’t conflict with other medications
  • Free shipping
  • Additive-free
  • Different bottle sizes
  • Safer than hormonal therapy


  • Four capsules are too much to swallow in the morning
  • Can’t substitute hormonal therapy
  • It takes up to three months to get all benefits

=> Click here to visit the official website of TestoPrime

#2. Testogen  Trusted Testosterone Supplements For Muscle Growth 


Prime Shred. Brutal Force. BlackWolf. Do these names ring a bell? They’re all members of the Muscle Club, the same company that brings you Testogen. Muscle Club has been a fitness leader since 1999. They have a top-tier team of athletes, nutritionists, and scientists behind every product. They also have a loyal fan base of 100,000 fitness buffs, with thousands of them using Testogen.

Testogen has been on the market since 2014. The scientific formula is all-natural and lab-tested, with all the 11 ingredients published publicly. Testogen shows results within three months of religious usage. The duration fits nicely with the 100-day money-back guarantee.

Will Pounder uses and recommends Testogen. He’s an ex-Marine Corps, former Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and UFC competitor, and current award-winning adult performer.


Natural Testosterone Increase: Testogen works by turning on the switch of the Luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone. It’s like the signal to your body to produce testosterone. So, it’s natural for the body to respond. The catalyst of this process is the D-aspartic acid, which is safe and found in nature.

Visible Results Within 12 Weeks: Like other testosterone boosters, the benefits are long-term. Nature works in phases. In this case, the active ingredients take time to build up in your system. So, you’ll start getting results within 12 weeks. And, they’ll gradually improve as you take your pills steadily. After 24 weeks, your testosterone level will be back to normal.

Increases Your Testosterone Reserve: Markedly, your body already has all the testosterone it needs. The thing is, those testosterone hormones get “stuck” with other proteins to fulfill priority bodily functions. So, you get less testosterone for your needs. What your body needs is unbound testosterone, and that’s why you need Testogen to get enough testosterone to cover your other needs.

Suppresses Testosterone Conversion To Estradiol: With age, your body starts to produce estradiol at a faster rate. Then, it converts estradiol to other proteins to fulfill its needs. But Testogen will slow that conversion process. As a result, you’ll have more testosterone. You’ll also experience fewer estradiol side effects, such as soft voice, body fat, and weak muscles. In case you’re a little confused as to what it is, estradiol is a form of estrogen, and estrogen to females is what testosterone is for males.

Instant Energy Hike: Another vital point is, Testogen can boost energy within two weeks. The active ingredient with the most visible results is Korean red ginseng, which improves your vitality. Korean red ginseng has the power to relieve stress, improve sex drive, and strengthen the heart.

Take Any Time: With this in mind, Testogen can also serve as pre-workout testosterone boosting supplements in its drops form. 


  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Belongs to Muscle Club
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Works for men of all ages
  • Made in FDA-approved laboratories
  • Have the power to increase muscle mass and energy levels
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Informational bonuses included
  • Available in Drops
  • Flexible dosage
  • Friendly customer service


  • Unverified claim to cure testosterone deficiency syndrome
  • May conflict with pharmaceutical drugs
  • Some ingredients are banned in certain countries

=> Click here to visit the official website of Testogen

#3. TestoMax  Natural Testosterone Booster Foods & Libido Pills Online


Graduate from gym rat to world-class bodybuilder with the six-years-in-the-making TestoMax. Become a CrazyBulk athlete like Randy Smith and Chris Tripp. Might seem a little bold saying all these. However, if the customer reviews and satisfaction levels are anything to go by, CrazyBulk is a brand that prides itself on safety, efficiency, and speed in helping you achieve your goals. It demonstrates this through TestoMax, among other products.

What’s more, CrazyBulk made an appearance on the Generation Iron fitness network. The community is also one of the fastest-growing networks, with thousands of bodybuilders meeting and sharing experiences freely. They also sponsor regular sporting events. 


Allows for Easier Gains: If you have the body type that responds to bulking supplements, you’ll like TestoMax. With exercise and diet, you’ll be unstoppable. You can build that bodybuilder physique you dream about every night. Furthermore, a testosterone boost will stop obesity in its tracks, helping your body gain muscle instead of fat.

Rapid Muscle Recovery: You may want to consider TestoMax for its healing effects. As you push your limits and tear your muscles, you’ll need to heal fast. That’s how you get visible results. TestoMax will essentially compress the time to recover and help you do more. That’s why it’s ideal for bodybuilders who are going to compete professionally.

Improves Bone Density: A point often overlooked, bone density is at the heart of your strength. Without a bone structure to support your bulky muscles, something will be amiss. TestoMax will balance that for you by increasing bone density, thanks to ingredients like Magnesium and Fenugreek. Additionally, with TestoMax helping you to boost your testosterone, in the background, it’ll protect your bones from fractures that could arise from weak bone density caused by low testosterone levels. 

Enhances Sex Drive: Notably, testosterone is responsible for your sexual urges. The low testosterone level could lead to erectile dysfunction, which leads to all sorts of self-esteem problems. By increasing your testosterone, you better your sexual health with one pill. Hence, TestoMax has the strength to help you in this department as well.

Lose Weight: Back to bulking, you want to burn fat while building muscle. It’s crucial because you want to sculpt your body without bulges of fat ruining the picture. Testosterone is one of the hormones that play a major part in how your body looks. TestoMax helps you increase your testosterone levels. With heightened/normalized testosterone levels, you’ll find yourself losing weight much more easily.

Beats Depression: Testosterone also plays a role in your mood. Have you noticed how males with low testosterone act emotionally? Important to realize, you’re not you when you’re low on testosterone.


  • Free international shipping to 100+ countries
  • Betters your sexual performance, sperm count and sperm quality
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Buy two get one free
  • A global community
  • Safe alternative to anabolic steroids & testosterone boosters steroids
  • Lab-tested ingredients
  • Made in GMP-approved facilities
  • Certificate of Analysis available
  • 24/7 customer service
  • No side effects
  • Stackable with other CrazyBulk products


  • May cause nausea if you don’t optimize your diet
  • Could create an allergic reaction
  • Not available elsewhere

=> Click here to visit the official website of TestoMax

#4. Prime MaleTestosterone Pills & Vitamins To Increase Testosterone Levels


Football player Andre Reed recommends using the 12-ingredient Prime Male. We second that. If restoring the vigor of youth is your priority, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. Who knows? You might like it and decide to stay there forever. Ask movie star Dolph Lundgren.

Roar Ambition, a UK-based multinational distributor of fitness supplements, is the creator of Prime Male. They’re also the creative force behind best-selling testosterone boosters such as Hunter Test and TestoFuel. And, they’ve been in business since 2011.

All Roar Ambition products, including Prime Male, go through extensive research in FDA-approved facilities. Furthermore, they operate in the UK and USA with local employers and suppliers. Your order will probably ship from there. If you’re a US, UK, or EU citizen, it means you won’t pay additional customs charges like the rest of the world.


Includes Ashwagandha Extracts: Have you hit your plateau? Training hard, eating healthy, sleeping well, but still no results? You want natural herbs like Ashwagandha in your diet. Here’s the juiciest part, Prime Male contains the perfect ratio of this much-needed herb to cross beyond your plateau.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee: One of the best things about practically any brand is confidence. When a brand has so much confidence that it is willing to bet its potential profits on your satisfaction, you know that it definitely has something to offer. Prime Male has a 90-day money-back guarantee. Essentially, if you use their product and you do not feel satisfied with it or you do not get the results you would like to see in the first ninety days, then you can return the product to them. This essentially gives you a 90-day grace to determine whether or not you’d like to have the product/brand.

Helps Combat Erectile Dysfunction: If you’re one of the 30 million males who suffer from ED, Prime Male is the answer. Restore your erection within 8-12 weeks. The active ingredient Korean Red Ginseng is a lesser-known aphrodisiac found in nature. By increasing your testosterone level, you’ll also soar your sex drive to new heights.

Increased Energy: By the fourth week, you’ll start experiencing more energy to do all the activities you stopped doing. Prime Male will recharge your depleted energy reserves, thanks to a generous dose of Magnesium. It’s the molecule responsible for charging your cells with energy. Whether in the gym or the bedroom, you’ll enjoy going the extra mile without feeling exhausted.

Boost Memory: If you don’t get enough B vitamins from your diet, Prime Male has you covered. Before the body produces testosterone, it needs the recipe ingredients. Luckily, 7.5 mg of Vitamin B6 is present in the Prime Male formula. On the other hand, the abundance of this vitamin will restore your memory.

Feel Better: Among other factors, low testosterone level is a notable reason for depression in men. Nobody likes to be around a man with a bleak view of life. But Prime Male is your ticket to the big party called life. It’s known to enhance your mood and reinvigorate your appetite for living by simply helping you to boost your testosterone levels.


  • All-natural nutrients
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Same-day shipping
  • Order three boxes get one free
  • Customs-free shipping in the UK, US, and EU
  • Vitality and Enhance combo offers
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Increase manliness


  • Unavailable in some countries
  • Not vegan

=> Click here to visit the official website of Prime Male

#5. TestRX Best Male Supplement To Boost Testosterone


TestRX has been a Leading Edge Health product and a BBB-accredited company since 2016. According to the BBB, Leading Edge Health has been in business for 19 years and counting. It also has the highest BBB rating, which is A+. Not only are they a leader in men’s health supplements, but they also offer women’s health, anti-aging, and general health supplements.

The Boards of Advisors at Leading Edge Health include Dr. Steven Lamm, Dr. Dave David, and Dr. Anna Lepeley.

TestRX is safer than hormonal therapy and steroids. As an all-natural supplement, it works on optimizing your body’s chemistry. So, you can gradually build results in three to four weeks. It’s helping grandfathers around the world have more energy to play with their grandchildren. And, males over 30 use it to improve their dropping testosterone levels.


Stronger Bone Structure: With Vitamin K in TestRX, it helps promote bone metabolism and skin health. It also has the power to improve cognitive functions and heart health. Oh yes, you can fortify your bones against fracture. Why? Because vitamin K works hand in hand with calcium to prevent blood vessel hardening.

May Help Accelerate Muscle Growth: With Zinc and vitamin D3, you should be able to accelerate muscle growth like you were in your 20s. For one thing, Zinc is responsible for protecting your immune system. Vitamin D3 also helps restore your body to health. Best of all, the volume of your muscle will grow as you stay consistent with your servings.

Better In The Sack: Remember how your significant other was all over you? You can get your mojo back with TestRX. Even if you are 70, you can reverse 35 years of damage to your libido when you use TestRX. Of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But, ultimately, you’ll find that healthy testosterone levels can work wonders for you in more ways than one. In essence, your sex drive isn’t completely gone. You only need the best testosterone booster to rekindle the fire. You can start having a mind-blowing sexy time again in as short as three months.

Might Be Useful for Burning Fat: TestRX could help you achieve the kind of weight loss where you get and stay fit. As a master hormone, testosterone is responsible for insulin production, blood sugar, and fat burning. Understandably, when you have enough testosterone, these processes will run themselves for you. 

This doesn’t directly mean that you wouldn’t need to work out again or you don’t have to put any effort into maintaining a healthy weight anymore. Quite the contrary, really. You’ll still need to put in some work to get your body in the right shape that you will love. The difference with TestRX is that your work at the gym will pay dividends. You’ll shed the fat, build muscle, and improve metabolism. So, you don’t have to start from scratch every time. Build on your past gains.


  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Discreet credit card statement
  • Full refund within 67 days
  • Two servings a day
  • Free shipping for bulk orders
  • Better sleep
  • Quick recovery
  • Weight loss
  • Promotes Muscle Growth


  • Refund limited to one order for every customer
  • May cause diarrhea

=> Click here to visit the official website of TestRX

How We Compiled Our List Of Natural Testosterone Boosters Of 2022: 

When compiling our best testosterone booster list, we had plenty of key considerations in mind. We drew up our list and worked our way gradually through each brand, checking them against our criteria. We inevitably whittled down the competition as many didn’t meet our standards. 

Testosterone supplements are a serious business. As mentioned before, there are many businesses that don’t care about a customer’s health. So, such an investigation was necessary to find the best. Not just for saving your money, but saving your health too.

What We Looked For

By applying those benchmarks, we managed to select the best products. But we still had to refine our list for the best of the best testosterone boosters. As we promised you, we’re going to deliver a list of the best testosterone pills money can buy.

Therefore, we had to do in-depth research to separate the good from the best. So, here are more measures we took to ensure we fulfill our promise.

  • Impeccable Ingredients: Firstly, we studied the ingredients list thoroughly. We looked into each ingredient and what it does to testosterone. We also looked for scientific studies from reputable health institutions. For a simple reason, we wanted to ensure there’s scientific evidence behind these ingredients and that they actually help you boost your testosterone rather than simply look fancy on the bottle. 
  • Excellent Company Reputation: Undoubtedly, a reputable company will produce the natural testosterone booster they can. We wanted to make sure that you could get help if you needed it. We paid particular attention to their experience, product line, and reputation.

Industry partners, media appearances, and awards are vital to determine whether they are legit. Such accolades show quite a strong trust in any company. 

Beyond this, we studied reviews from trusted sources online and offline. The proof is in the reviews, and the companies we list here really are the cream of the crop. 

  • Policies: We also studied their refund, privacy, shipping policies, and terms and conditions. Each one is incredibly important to every customer. Because of this, we investigated each policy diligently. Ultimately, brands with unfavorable policies didn’t make our list. More specifically, we were looking for brands that offer money-back guarantees, reasonable shipping policies and favorable terms and conditions for customers to do business with them.

Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing The Best Testosterone Pills For Increased Sex Drive:  

  • Your Doctor’s Advice 

Testosterone booster foods have a direct impact on your hormones and help you boost your testosterone levels. This is great but anything that has that much influence on your body could potentially harm you if you have a medical condition that prevents you from consuming substances like that. As such, it’s best to always consult with your doctor before you start downing those boosters.

The reason is that while testosterone boosters aren’t prescription drugs, you may want professional advice. Your doctor likely knows your medical history. For that reason, they’re in the best position to provide advice on whether or not you should get into the boosters. With their advice, you can be sure that you’re on the right track to get the desired results.

  • Quantity

When you purchase in bulk, you can save on money. Moreover, you want to stick to it long enough to start getting results. The listed testosterone boosters all offer discounts on bulk orders. Take advantage of that.

  • Ingredients

Delve deeper into each of the ingredients listed on the product. You want to know their effects. More importantly, you want to know when you have an allergy to any of them. It’ll save you tons of grief down the road.

  • “Proprietary Blend”

Nothing is more misleading than a company boasting a “proprietary blend.” While some are legit, you may want to be careful. Some of them will hide filler ingredients under the label. And, you always want to know what you’re putting in your body. Always.

  • It Takes Time

We’re mentioning this so that you can properly set your expectations before you start taking testosterone boosting supplements. Even the best testosterone booster will take around three months for all results to manifest. Stay consistent and journal your journey. Take photos before and after. Given these points, you can document the changes and decide whether it’s worth doing it for years to come.

  • Directions for Use

Ensure that you’re following the directions of the specific products you’re taking. There are special instructions you want to follow to get the promised results. When in doubt, reach out to customer service to get the facts straight from the source. Otherwise, always make sure that you check the instructions on the bottle/package and follow them whenever you buy a testosterone booster.

  • Lifestyle Changes

Testosterone booster pills aren’t magic pills. It doesn’t make sense to keep your bad habits and expect your life to change. Quit smoking, start exercising and think positively. Remember, these are supplements that enhance your established healthy habits.

  • Move On If It’s Not For You

Testosterone boosters aren’t for everyone. Individual results may vary widely. But if they’re for you, you can get all the benefits you want. If you used them for three to six months, made lifestyle changes, followed directions, and you still don’t get results, let go. Look for something else that works for you. Remember, it’s all about you, the individual.

FAQs About Testosterone Supplements For Men Over 50: 

  • What are the side effects of testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters are all-natural, so side effects are minimal. In the long run, taken in moderation, testosterone shouldn’t produce serious side effects. Furthermore, testosterone boosters won’t make you aggressive, overly aroused, or violent. However, you want to be extra careful if you’re dealing with a medical condition.

  • Will I grow hair inside my mouth?

It’s an urban myth. Likewise, it will not help you grow those extra few inches, or de-age you. It certainly will not cause you to grow hair inside your mouth. Testosterone boosters are not miracle workers.

  • Should I use a testosterone booster if my testosterone levels are normal?

It depends on your age. Your testosterone level starts to drop at 30. So, if you want to maintain a natural level, you should start taking testosterone boosters. As always, double-check with your physician first. Their advice on all things health is essential. That’s what they’re there for! They’ll know more about your age/testosterone level than we do. You can consider the best male enhancement pills for best ever erections.

  • Are testosterone boosters legal in my country?

Some countries ban natural testosterone boosters for one reason or another. It could be a specific ingredient or some bureaucratic reason. Overall, they’re natural health supplements, so you should get them without any trouble in any country. Of course, unless the manufacturer doesn’t ship to your country.

But, if you wish to go a different route, please research and review each in turn to see if they are reputable and trustworthy.

  • Can I do more in addition to the supplements to help my situation?

Yes, you can. Get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy diet, and get some sun. But that’s all boring. We recommend chopping wood. That’ll get the juices flowing and make you feel manly in no time. With these T-Booster pills, improve your body energy by taking high-quality Metabolism boosters.

Conclusion – Best Supplements For Men To Boost Testosterone In 2022: 

So, there you have it, the best of the best testosterone supplements on the market today. Don’t waste your time on other testosterone boosters that don’t work.

We’re sure you noticed the fierce competition in the testosterone boosting supplement market between different companies. With many products to choose from, you may feel confused.

But we assure you, we have thoroughly researched and investigated each item on the list to the highest standards possible. The effectiveness of the testosterone booster for men is due, in large part, to the brands’ reputation and professionalism and the people behind them. And their loyalty to their long-time customers, athletes, and men of all ages.

Remember, the best testosterone booster could be in your hands in a few days. And the enhancements that go with it. In any event, you can get enough supply to cover you for the next few months with a click of a button. In a word, we wish you the best with all your manly endeavors!


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