The Best Summer Colognes in 2023


Whether the sun is just rising high in the sky or setting after a long day at the beach, it’s vital to smell great. Colognes come in many varieties and smells, so how are you to know what the best ones are for a summer day? What about the best one for those long summer nights around a campfire, or when out on the town with friends? Worry not because we’ve done our research and found you the best summer colognes of 2023.

1. Blu Atlas Atlantis


This is how Blu Atlas does cologne. An eau de parfum influenced by the scents and sights of Bali, Atlantis is meant to inspire adventure and wanderlust in every man. 

Blu Atlas Atlantis cologne is a premium and invigorating scent that leaves you with a sense of bliss. You can wear Atlantis with confidence, knowing that it smells amazing and is cruelty-free and made with only premium ingredients. Blu Atlas Atlantis isn’t a hidden world like its namesake, but it holds all the mystery and intrigue of a top-shelf scent. 

The top notes of Atlantis are bright, citrus scents of lemon, blackcurrant, and warming bergamot. The balance of sweetness and acidity is playful and alluring, the tart lemon and blackcurrant mixing beautifully. While lemon is a familiar scent, you won’t recognize it when paired so expertly with the fruitiness of Atlantis. 

The blackcurrant creates warm, earthy vibes, transporting you to deep and lush forests bordered by a sunny mix of flowers. The middle notes of Atlantis are grounding, gifting you with herbaceous and rich scents of lavender, clary sage, and fruitiness from peach and apricot. The base of this exquisite cologne leaves you with oaky moss, deep musk, and higher notes of ambrette seed and violet, creating a full-bodied scent that’s garnered the admiration of many a scent connoisseur.  

The matte black bottle of Blu Atlas Atlantis gives a premium feel to match its premium ingredients and scent. Made without parabens, preservatives, phthalates, or synthetic dyes, Blu Atlas Atlantis is the top summer cologne of 2023.

2. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Forever Pour Homme


Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue Forever Pour Homme is a top-shelf fragrance that gives you a bright and sunny yet masculine scent, reminding you and others of those long summer days that you never want to end. 

Light Blue Forever Pour Homme starts with fresh notes of grapefruit and bergamot from the Italian countryside, instantly transporting you to citrus groves in the sunshine. The body of this premium cologne features green notes of violet expertly mixed with fresh aquatic scents, stimulating the senses to imagine the crisp blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece. 

Woody notes follow, giving this premium fragrance a full and well-rounded body in appealing contrast to the cologne’s head notes of grapefruit and lime. The tail scents of Light Blue Pour Homme boast warm, white musk, velvet Java earth, and deep, woody scents creating an alluring, lingering smell that sits with you all day. 

3. Kilian Moonlight in Heaven


Fresh and summery is the name of the game for Moonlight in Heaven by Kilian. This premium fragrance plays lightly on the palate, taking you to a far-off tropical beach surrounded by fruit trees and citrus groves. 

While Moonlight in Heaven is perfect for men on a summer’s day, its luxurious scent can be worn by anyone. Sweet and tropical citrus duels with delicious mango giving this cologne a distinct and desirable scent. Grapefruit and roasted tonka bean notes fill out the body of this fragrance providing it with a full-bodied yet light scent. 

The top notes of Moonlight in Heaven are citrus, pink pepper, and lemon, giving way to middle notes of mango, coconut, and rice. The base of Moonlight in Heaven is vetiver and the ever-popular tonka bean. Take one whiff of this delicious perfume to float away on a tropical dream.

4. Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend


Paco Rabanne’s Invictus Legend is an easy choice for a night out or for daily use. This spicy and aromatic fragrance is both enchanting and powerful, boasting both vibrant and sensual scents. 

Invictus Legend begins with warming and invigorating orange blossom, spicy black pepper, soothing cardamom, and herbaceous bay leaf. Following this, scents of malt and black, salty amber draw in those who smell it, hinting at something hidden. 

Paired with ambergris and deep woody scents, Paco Rabanne’s Invictus Legend fills the nose and body with comforting yet intriguing notes. The two forces of spicy and woody clash in a beautiful way, giving off a whirlwind of hot summer nights in a far-off land. 

The images this premium fragrance conjures are of wind-swept deserts, baked from a day of hot sun and highlighted with woody, tropical spice—alluring to say the least. In addition to the amazing smell, Invictus Legend is presented in a stylish bottle shaped like a trophy, because anyone who has this scent is sure to feel like a champion. 

5. Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Acqua


Costa Azzurra Acqua by Tom Ford is an excellent choice for hot summer nights spent at a high-end restaurant, a club, or a walk along the beach with your loved one. Merging cool air and refreshing water as one, Costa Azzurra Acqua is a delicious combination of fresh and clean, highlighted with bright and alluring scents. 

The first scents to hit your nose are of citrus, lemon, myrtle oil, and spicy juniper berries, transporting you to moonlit nights after long, hot days in the sun. Costa Azzurra Acqua has an excellent body composed of cypress oil and pine needles, providing a full and tantalizing scent of pine groves. The lingering base of Costa Azzurra Acqua comes with labdanum and amber scents, providing a well-rounded and alluring finish.

Despite being launched in 2019, the woody and aromatic Costa Azzurra Acqua remains a strong competitor for the best summer cologne in 2023. 

6. Prada L’Homme Water Splash


Prada L’Homme Water Splash is a woody and spicy fragrance for men looking to smell great on a summer night out, or those who prefer to visit a restaurant rather than the club. This exquisite cologne is warm and spicy, woody and floral, and earthy in the best way possible. 

The top notes of Prada L’Homme Water Splash are mandarin leaf, cardamom, and neroli, giving the user a deep but bright scent. The body of this fragrance is characterized by floral iris and the delicate spice of perfectly balanced ginger. A warm and woody finish rounds out Prada L’Homme Water Splash with notes of sandalwood, amber, and gentle, spicy cedar. 

This fragrance is a luscious mix of floral and woody, with citrus notes to bring life and light to those who smell it. Launched in 2019, Prada L’Homme Water Splash Prada has been a mainstay for those looking for a premium summer cologne. 

7. Calvin Klein Eternity Flame for Men


Calvin Klein Eternity Flame For Men is a warm and inviting fragrance with plenty to like. Amber-heavy notes open up the nose, leading the way for sweet scents of leather and fruity pineapple accompanied by hints of a woody and fresh spice. 

The top note of Eternity Flame For Men is pineapple, with a rosemary heart note playing the supporting role. The aromatic and warm scent of this premium cologne is perfect for summer days and summer nights alike. 

The base notes of Eternity Flame For Men are labdanum resin, amber, and leather, giving off an alluring and complex masculine scent. Eternity Flame For Men is both fresh and warm, an excellent pairing for a stroll along the beach on a midsummer night’s eve or equally as much for a night out with friends. 

The deep and amber-heavy notes of Calvin Klein Eternity Flame For Men tantalize even the most difficult of customers, encouraging you to revel in the breeze on a hot summer night. 

8. Le Labo Tonka 25 Eau De Parfum


Le Labo Tonka 25 Eau De Parfum is a delicious cologne made to be worn on humid summer nights near the coast, perhaps while sitting at a Mediterranean cafe under a bright, starry sky. 

Le Labo Tonka 25 Eau De Parfum is a dark and spicy scent that reminds the user of a deep and intriguing forest, full of unseen life and mystery. The head notes of this premium cologne are tonka dominant, with supporting roles by cedar, musk, and vanilla. The tonka bean is known for its sweet, spicy, herbaceous, and nutty scent, with hints of woody undertones. 

Orange blossom lifts Tonka 25 Eau De Parfum to great heights. This pairing of bright and sweet citrus goes well with the nutty and woody scent provided by the tonka bean, creating a warm and welcoming feeling in those who smell it. Le Labo Tonka 25 Eau De Parfum is made without any animal products so you can smell spectacular without having to worry about how it was produced. 

9. Le Beau Jean Paul Gaultier


Le Beau by Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the best summery scents available, especially in 2023. The iconic Jean Paul Gaultier never fails to disappoint and Le Beau is no exception. 

Known for his masculine scents, Jean Paul Gaultier brings us a new fragrance that’s sure to capture the attention of anyone who smells it. This summery scent has a base of tonka bean, bringing with it nutty, herbaceous, warm, and spicy tones. A pairing with strong, floral bergamot provides a well-rounded scent. 

Coconut and citrus also appear, giving tropical notes while remaining slightly spicy. Vanilla and mint finish the tail of this premium scent, elevating it to great heights. Le Beau by Jean Paul Gaultier is an excellent all-rounder that can be worn for any occasion where you want to smell amazing. 

10. Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme


Aqva Pour Homme by Bvlgari is the quintessential summer cologne and can’t be left out when listing the best summer colognes of 2023. Launched way back in 2005, Aqva Pour Homme by Bvlgari is a mainstay of summer colognes showing no signs of losing its place near the top. 

This light and bright cologne begins with notes of mandarin and orange giving it a fresh and alluring start. The middle notes are very marine, with seaweed being represented in a delicious way. Paired with lavender and the fragrance of cotton flowers, the body of this fragrance is reminiscent of the ocean and seaside meadows. 

Aqva Pour Homme’s base is mineral amber with woody notes and fresh sage, giving a well-rounded and complete finish. Available in both 50ml and 100ml sizes, Aqva Pour Homme by Bvlgari is a top-shelf summer cologne that deserves its place in anyone’s collection.

11. Cipresso di Toscana Acqua di Parma


Acqua di Parma Cipresso di Toscana is most certainly among the best summer colognes in 2023. With an exhilarating citrus base, it’s the perfect match for any activity on a summer’s day. 

The top notes of Cipresso di Toscana include orange, star anise, and elemi, an oil extracted from tropical trees. The combination of fresh citrus and spicy star anise is one made in heaven, improved further by the tropical notes of elemi. 

The heart of Cipresso di Toscana is given life by floral lavender and sage, and elevated by petit grain, an essential oil extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree. This complex, citrus-based cologne is top tier. 

Acqua di Parma Cipresso di Toscana finishes your Tuscan journey with a piney scent of fir balsam, cypress, and pine needles, providing a delightfully sharp finish without any unneeded spice. This cologne is a great choice for any summer activity, day or night. You can’t go wrong with Acqua di Parma Cipresso di Toscana. 

12. Montblanc Explorer


Montblanc Explorer is the quintessential woody cologne that every man needs to have in his arsenal. Launched in 2019, Explorer has become a serious contender when counting down the best summer colognes, or any season for that matter. 

The woody and aromatic scent of Explorer is paired perfectly with light and bright citrus, and musky amber. Subtle hints of spice bring life to Explorer, giving this premium cologne a complex scent that is sure to please anyone with a nose. 

The top notes of Montblanc Explorer are floral bergamot, spicy pink pepper, and clary sage, providing this excellent summer cologne with a great start. The heart is a simple yet satisfying mix of fresh and warm spice, with hints of earthy undertones. 

Montblanc Explorer’s base is deep and warm, the scents of Indonesian patchouli, cocoa, and wood all working in concert. A summer night isn’t complete without Montblanc Explorer. 

13. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio


Giorgio Armani is among the most well-known cologne brands and for good reason. Acqua di Gio continues the long tradition of top-tier colognes with yet another winning combination of floral, earthy, and spicy. 

This long-wearing cologne keeps you smelling great all day without fading. Acqua di Gio’s scent starts with bergamot, rosemary, neroli, and patchouli giving off muted floral notes underpinned by well-rounded earthy tones. 

The body and base of Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio are made up of marine, lavender, and green tangerine scents, the citrus and salty notes pairing beautifully with the sweet lavender. As far as summer colognes for 2023 go, Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio is one of the best. 

14. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille


Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is a premium summer scent, perfect for an outdoor barbeque or a seaside cafe meal. Often described as an old smoking jacket meeting freshly-baked vanilla cookies, Tobacco Vanille strays from the traditional path, creating a smoky and sweet masterpiece. 

The refined balance of warm, inviting vanilla, and rich smokiness of tobacco leaf gives Tobacco Vanille a lovely scent. Boasting well thought out measures of tobacco leaf, ginger, spice, and tonka bean, this summer cologne is a winner. 

Notes of creamy tonka bean mix with cocoa and fruit, perfectly complementing the almost-but-not-quite-earthy undertones from the tobacco and vanilla. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille won’t leave you quickly either, the velvety musk continuing to bring comforting scents into your life all day long.

15. Frederic Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur


Frederic Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur is a crisp and floral luxury fragrance straight from one of France’s top perfumers, Dominique Ropion. 

After applying Geranium Pour Monsieur, you first get notes of aniseed and geranium. The slightly spicy aniseed intrigues the nose and the floral geranium rounds out the scent, bringing an enjoyable sweetness. The warm and musky base notes are given life by sandalwood and frankincense, allowing Geranium Pour Monsieur to play lightly on the palate while having a full-bodied scent. 

The dueling of sweet and musky with floral and spicy is a delight that’s best enjoyed on a summer’s afternoon or evening, just as the sun is setting. This dynamic and long-lasting formula is available in three volumes, including a sample size so you can try it out to be sure it’s the one for you. 

Summer never smelled so good with Frederic Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur. 

16. Olivina Men Mountain Sage Cologne


Olivina Men Mountain Sage cologne is summertime in the mountains captured and reduced into a stylish and sleek bottle, ready for use as a premium scent. This all-natural fragrance from Olivina Men is ideal for the adventurous sort who wants to smell amazing while exploring the city or the wilderness. 

Invigorating citrus and floral sage combine beautifully to create a hearty coniferous base, drawing out images of mountain forests of cool shade and fresh breezes. This brilliant all-rounder cologne is vegan and free of phthalates and parabens. 

As a natural cologne, it’s lighter than other synthetic scents, giving a delightful fragrance without being overpowering. One or two sprays in the morning will last all day long, well into the cool evenings of summer in the mountains. 

17. Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Eau de Toilette


Re-Charge Black Pepper Eau de Toilette is expertly-designed by the iconic British fragrance label, Molton Brown, and it delivers exactly what it promises. 

The head notes of this peppery and spicy cologne pair beautifully with undertones of lemon and ginger, providing a full-bodied and well-rounded scent. The heart of Re-Charge Black Pepper Eau de Toilette is brought to life by herbaceous coriander and basil, the green and herby scent playing lightly on the nose. 

Next you get delicious notes of vetiver, oakmoss, and delicious ambergris. As a top summer cologne of 2023, Re-Charge Black Pepper Eau de Toilette can’t fail to please, conjuring up images of spicy summer breezes and sun-warmed skin. 

This cologne is perfect for any summertime activity, be it a light lunch at a beachside cafe or a casual bonfire on the beach.

18. Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne


Allure Homme Sport Cologne by Chanel is one of the best possible colognes you can choose for a balmy summer’s day. The luxurious Chanel brand doesn’t disappoint with their citrus-forward fragrance made just for summer. 

Just after applying Allure Homme Sport, you’ll get notes of grapefruit, lemon, and orange. The range of citrus fruits creates a playful and full-bodied scent while managing to be light on the palate. Bergamot brings a delightful floral aspect to this premium fragrance, giving way to a heart of spice and resin. 

It only gets better from there. The base brings an enticing mix of vetiver, musk, and bitter-yet-smooth roasted tonka bean. This head-turning fragrance gets you noticed when you’re out on the town or sitting down at a restaurant, with the summer heat and your scent lingering in the air. 

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne is an easy choice for a summer day or night, and is a must-have for any cologne connoisseur. 

19. Fulton & Roark Palmetto


Fulton & Roark Palmetto is a solid fragrance that you may not be used to, but it’s one that you simply must try. Providing the perfect combination of a premium scent and portability, Palmetto is a must-have in any collection. 

The staying power of solid fragrances cannot be overlooked, allowing you to smell great all day and into the night. Fulton & Roark Palmetto features nourishing and delightful essential oils, giving off a delicious mix of citrus and woody notes. 

Spicy magnolia and cedarwood pair perfectly to give a well-rounded and masculine scent that’s suitable for a summer night out after a long day in the sun. The complex scent of spicy and floral mixed with woody and citrus transports you to a far-off land of perpetual summer. The stylish tin can also fits in your pocket meaning you can take it with and smell great no matter where the night takes you.

20. Dior Sauvage Elixir


If you’re looking for a great smelling cologne for a summer’s day or night, look no further than Sauvage Elixir by Dior. A reimagining of the original Sauvage, Dior’s iconic fragrance, Sauvage Elixir introduces new and appreciated notes of citrus and lavender. 

The immediately recognizable scent of Sauvage has been beautifully infused with a heart of spices, the lavender and citrus playing together in harmony. Heart notes of sweet wood and bright grapefruit come in at just the right time, giving way to a hint of spiced cinnamon and warm cardamom. 

All this is contained in a beautiful midnight blue glass bottle, ready to liven up any summer activity. Long-wearing and great smelling, you can’t go wrong with Sauvage Elixir by Dior.

21. Thomas Clipper Atlantic


Thomas Clipper is a boutique brand creating luxury grooming products, and their summer cologne Atlantic is no exception to their high standard of quality. This premium fragrance is designed with the beach in mind, the fresh scent matching perfectly with sunny days spent by the oceanside. 

The top notes are citrus and pepper with a heart of cedar and nutmeg, rounding out this cologne in a delightful way. A solid base of patchouli and roasted tonka bean give Atlantic a mysterious and tantalizing finish. A perfect balance of light, bright, and musky, Thomas Clipper Atlantic is a top-tier choice for a summer cologne in 2023. 

Entirely free of harsh additives and produced sustainably, Atlantic is a must-have in any collection. 

22. Francis Kurkdjian L’Homme À la Rose


Francis Kurkdjian L’Homme À la Rose is the quintessential rose cologne. In this unassuming bottle is a fragrance that’s ready to please anyone with a light and airy mix of woody and floral scents, matched perfectly to get the right balance of spicy and sweet. 

Francis Kurkdjian L’Homme À la Rose begins with playful notes of grapefruit and sage, only to be improved on by a mix of amber and woody scents with a touch of rose. The robust amber base is well-balanced and doesn’t overpower the lighter notes of herbs and flowers. 

This fragrance is masculine without being overbearing, a risk expertly avoided by the parfumers at Francis Kurkdjian. L’Homme À la Rose wears well, developing and changing as the day progresses. This artisan blend of different scents keeps you pleasantly surprised as day turns to night, constantly piquing the interest of you and others around you. 

When choosing a cologne for a summer’s night, L’Homme À la Rose is one of the best ways to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where on my body is best to apply cologne?

Cologne is best applied to the part of your body where your blood is nearest the skin, such as your wrists, sides of your neck, and behind your ears. As you move about during the day these spots warm up, releasing your carefully chosen scent into the air. 

Do I need to moisturize before applying cologne?

Most people don’t know that you should use an unscented moisturizer before applying cologne but that’s exactly what you should do. Applying a moisturizer keeps your skin happy while encouraging your cologne to stick around and not dry up too quickly.

How much cologne should I apply?

Less is more when it comes to cologne. While you may have chosen the right cologne and scent profile for you, you don’t want to be walking around in a dense cloud of it. One or two sprays are enough to leave a hint of a scent, tantalizing those who smell it without being overpowering.

Can cologne expire?

Yes, cologne can expire if left too long. Natural colognes are the best, but because they don’t have nasty preservatives in them, they may not last quite as long as any synthetic version. It’s best to use up your cologne within a year or two so you have plenty of time to smell great before it’s time for a new purchase.

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