The Best Smelling Body Washes for Women


Whether it’s at the end of a long day, or the beginning of an early morning, our showers are a sacred process of self-care and indulgence. The key to a good shower is to have a body wash that smells amazing. Certain scents can affect our mood, so whether you’re trying to wind down for the day, or jump-start your senses early in the morning, your body wash can play a big part in helping you to get there. 

There are so many body washes out there on the market and it can be difficult finding the right one for you. To help you out, we have rounded up the 10 best smelling body washes for women to help you streamline the products you are looking at. 

1. Blu Atlas Coconut Apricot Body Wash


About the product: Coming in at number one on our list of the best smelling body washes for women is the Coconut Apricot Body Wash from Blu Atlas. This body wash gives off a rich creamy fragrance from the coconut, with a light fruity note coming from the apricot. It has been formulated with green tea, sugar cane and aloe vera to provide intense hydration for your skin all day long. Its cleansing properties come from the coconut-derived emollients that will scrub away any excess dirt and build-up, leaving your skin free from impurities. 

About the brand: Blu Atlas is making waves in the health and beauty sector by providing clean, vegan and paraben-free products at affordable prices. All of their products (including this body wash) are formulated with no synthetic dyes, phthalates or preservatives, and are made with premium ingredients that have been derived from natural sources. 

Who it is best for: This body wash is a great all-rounder and is suitable for just about everyone. We particularly recommend it if you suffer from dry skin, as its moisturizing ingredients will help to provide and lock in the hydration that your skin needs. It is also a fantastic option if you are conscious about what goes into your skincare, as you can be sure that this product is made with clean, cruelty-free ingredients. 

2. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian 4 Play 

About the product:  Sol De Janerio’s Brazilian 4 Play shower cream is a body wash that will have you smelling like a goddess all day long. It has been scented with their ever-popular Cheriosa 62 scent that will linger on your skin for hours. For those who aren’t yet familiar with the viral fragrance, the main notes are pistachio and salted caramel which combine to create a warm and moreish fragrance that will transport you to laying on a beach in the hot Brazillian sun. The key ingredient in the wash is cupuaçu butter, which is filled with essential fatty acids that work to restore the elasticity of your skin and keep it moisturized. It also includes coconut oil to deeply nourish your skin, and acai oil to brighten and improve your skin’s overall texture. 

About the brand: Sol De Janerio wants to bring the bright, sunny and carefree nature of a Brazilian summer to women all around the world. Their philosophy is to love your body and skin no matter what, and to treat yourself to the best products possible. By infusing Brazilian skin and beauty secrets into formulas packed with effective ingredients and developing some of the most delicious fragrances in the game, the brand has created a cult-like following of loyal devotees. 

Who it is best for: This body wash is perfect for anyone who loves a creamy or gourmand fragrance. It’s an especially good addition to your routine if you already use some of Sol De Janeiro’s Cheriosa 62 line, such as their famous BumBum cream or their hair and body mist. 

3. Glossier Body Hero 

About the product: This next product is for those of you who prefer a more subtle scent from your body wash.  Glossier’s Body Hero has been scented with a blend of orange blossom and neroli, giving a subtle and sophisticated fragrance that won’t overpower your perfume. 

Nevertheless, the smell is still addictive and will elevate your next shower to a spa-like experience. Glossier has dubbed this product “body wash gone luxe”, making this the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to treat themselves during shower time. It dispenses as oil but works into a creamy and foamy lather to help wash away dirt and impurities. It contains a blend of seven oils that attracts sweat and grime, leaving your skin cleaner than ever. 

About the brand: Glossier creates fun, intuitive products that celebrate femininity and uniqueness. They focus on enhancing your natural beauty by having a solid skincare foundation and using products to work with your skin, rather than against it. Customers particularly love the unique fragrances that Glossier has developed over time, and the brand has significantly contributed to the popularization of subtle feminine scents that don’t overpower the wearer. 

Who it is best for: This body wash is firstly a great pick for anyone who wants a product that smells great but won’t overpower perfume or body lotion. The seven-oil blend also targets sweat and bacteria build-up, which makes this a fantastic go-to product for your post-workout shower. 

4. Tatcha Forest Awakening Hinoki Body Wash

About the product:  Tatcha’s Hinoki Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash will soothe and calm your senses, transforming your bathroom into a green woodland forest. This body wash has strong green and woody notes, taking inspiration from what the Japanese call “shinrin yoku”, or “forest bathing” which aims to immerse all five senses in nature. Tatcha are dedicated to providing the best ingredients for your skin, so when they decided to make an exfoliating product, they knew they wanted to find a better alternative to the traditional microbeads. They landed on using cellulose, a plant-derived alternative to plastic microbeads, that still gently scrubs and exfoliates the top layer of your skin. 

About the brand: Tatcha has steadily risen up the ranks to become one of the most well-respected and successful luxury skincare brands on the market today. Each product is designed and formulated in Tokyo, where experts combine traditional Japanese botanicals and knowledge with modern research and ingredients, to create powerful products that will change your skin forever. 

Who it is best for: This product is ideal for those of you who prefer a woody or earthy fragrance, as this product does linger on the skin. Furthermore, it is great for those who have dull skin, as the exfoliating properties of the wash will remove the dead cells to reveal shiny new skin underneath. 

5. Alba Botanica Very Emollient Honey Mango Body Wash 

About the product: If you’re looking for a product that will transport you to the tropics, look no further than the Very Emollient body wash from Alba. This wash combines the scents of mango, honey and pure vanilla to create a decadent tropical fragrance that’s so good, you can almost feel the island breeze in your hair. The body wash is also packed with additional ingredients such as botanical emollients to cleanse and clear the skin, as well as aloe vera and botanical extracts to seal moisture into your skin, leaving it feeling soft and fresh all day long. This body wash has also been pH-balanced, which means it won’t disrupt the natural order of your skin and cause irritation. 

About the brand: Alba Botanica believes that health and beauty products can and should be ecologically friendly, and so have designed their range with the environment in mind. All their products are 100% vegetarian and plant-based, and the packaging is made with biodegradable materials. You can also rest assured that none of their products have been tested on animals and are 100% cruelty-free. 

Who it is best for: In terms of fragrance, this product is great for those who prefer summery scents and lean towards bright and fresh perfumes. It is also great for those who frequently react to the ingredients in their body washes, as this one is made with hypoallergenic ingredients to prevent irritation. 

6. Kai Body Wash

About the product: While it might be a little bit of a splurge, Kai’s body wash is an incredible product that your skin will thank you for. Fans of light, floral fragrances will adore Kai’s body wash, as it has been scented with the brand’s signature white floral fragrance. The main notes are gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, and lily which leave your skin smelling like a fresh bouquet all day long.  The formula itself has been created with ingredients that you may not have seen in skincare before, however, they are extremely effective and will work wonders on your skin. The star of the formula is comfrey, a purple-flowered plant that has shown incredible results when used in skin care. Its roots and leaves contain allantoin, which helps skin cell turnover and reduces inflammation, to allow for bright and dewy-looking skin. The wash contains cucumber and ivy to soothe skin and lock in hydration. The formula is completely vegan and is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten and phosphates. 

About the brand: Kai was founded by Gaye Straza to capture the fragrance and feeling of the many vacations she had in Hawaii during her childhood. What resulted was a cult classic perfume that evokes the sensation of laying on a beach in the tropics. The brand eventually evolved from just fragrance, with the beloved bath and body line soon coming to fruition. All the products are scented with the signature white floral fragrance and have garnered a cult following from users all across the world. 

Who it is best for: This product is great for those who prefer subtlety in their fragrance, but still want something that stands out from the crowd. The lingering scent of this body wash isn’t too strong, so you don’t need to worry about it clashing with your perfume. This wash is also great for those who deal with dull or inflamed skin, as the skin-renewing ingredients will target this issue and leave you glowing all day. 

7. Salt & Stone Body Wash

About the product: Salt & Stone’s Body Wash is the product for you if you are looking for a product to get you going in the morning. Infused with Italian bergamot for an early morning kickstart, and eucalyptus to invigorate and even your senses, you’ll find yourself reaching for this product again and again, as it just smells so delicious.  The body wash is designed to combat any negative effects that skin exposure to the elements may have, and contains ingredients to fully cleanse, repair and restore your skin. Ocean botanicals will help to wash away any dirt, grime or bacterial build-up, preventing pores from becoming clogged and reducing the chance of breakouts. The wash is enriched with antioxidants such as blueberry extract and vitamin C to fight free radicals caused by sun exposure, and also to increase the collagen production of the skin. Finally, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid are used to restore and reinforce the skin’s barrier whilst sealing in moisture to allow the skin to look smooth, soft and hydrated. 

About the brand: Founded by Nima Jalali – a former professional snowboarder, Salt & Stone aims to combine nature with science to create products that work in harmony with the environment around your skin. Drawing on ingredients from the sea and the mountains, each product is carefully formulated with science-backed ingredients and innovative ideas. There is a strong focus on the scent of each product, with the brand aiming to provide consumers with a “functional fragrance” – a product that not only works well but also smells amazing too.  

Who it is best for: If you’re a perfume addict, then this is the body wash for you. Salt & Stone’s “functional fragrance” ethos makes their products perfect for anyone who cares a lot about fragrance, as the scent will stay on your skin all day long. It is also a fantastic body wash for those who spend a large amount of time outdoors exposed to the elements, due to the targeted ingredients that will help your skin look and feel amazing. 

8. Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body & Hand Wash

About the product: Sometimes we need to indulge in the finer things in life, and what better way is there to treat yourself than with a Jo Malone product? Their London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body & Hand Wash is an incredible way to infuse your shower with a little bit of luxury and the fragrance makes this product one of the best smelling body washes for women. The top note of ambrette seeds, heart note of sea salt and base note of sage evoke images of a place where the sea meets the land, rugged cliffs along the coast and wide open sky. It is truly a captivating scent that is perfect for both early mornings and late nights when you need to wind down. The fragrance isn’t the only great thing about this body wash, as its inclusion of meadow foam seed allows the product to work up a great lather to clean and cleanse your skin from dirt and impurities. 

About the brand: British lifestyle brand Jo Malone has been offering luxury and high-quality products for the bath, body and home since 1990. They have built a reputation for using premium ingredients to create unique fragrance blends and have continuously pushed boundaries within the fragrance world. Their focus is on elegant, timeless products that will make your everyday routine feel elevated and luxurious. 

Who it is best for: If you don’t mind spending a little bit more money, then this is the product for you. The quality of ingredients and fragrance justifies the price point 100%, and your mind and body will be thanking you for adding this body wash into your everyday routine. 

9. Dove Rejuvenating Body Wash                                                                                                                                                                                          

About the product: No list of shower care products is complete without mentioning Dove. Their Rejuvenating Body Wash is one of the best smelling body washes for women currently on the market. If you’re after an uncomplicated and simple body wash scent, then we recommend you give this product a go. Juicy pomegranate and lemon verbena make up the main fragrance notes of this body wash, giving it a fresh and fruity scent. Luckily, the fragrance isn’t too strong and doesn’t tend to linger on the skin after your shower, so you don’t need to worry about it interfering with any perfumes. Dove have used their exclusive NutriumMoisture™ compound to deliver essential nutrients to your skin. It penetrates deep into your skin and moisturizes from the inside out. The result is softer and smoother skin that is extremely hydrated and healthy. 

About the brand: Dove has been a staple in millions of homes for many years. They believe that beauty is for everyone and offer high-quality products at sustainable prices to ensure that health and beauty is accessible to everyone. The best thing about Dive is how easy it is to get your hands on their products – they are stocked by just about every major retailer worldwide. 

Who it is best for: If you’re looking for an affordable product that still smells great, then this is the product for you. This body wash offers intense hydration, quality ingredients, and a delicious fragrance at a low and accessible price point. 

10. Necessaire The Body Wash Eucalyptus 

About the product: Closing our list of the best smelling body washes for women is The Body Wash Eucalyptus by Necessaire. The smell of eucalyptus in this product is the perfect thing to awaken and refresh the senses first thing in the morning and will elevate your shower to a spa-like experience. This body wash is packed full of amazing ingredients, including plant-derived surfactants to cleanse the skin, and niacinamide to calm and heal blemishes on the skin’s surface. It has also been pH balanced at 5.5-6.5, so it is perfect for those who find their skin to be easily irritated by other body washes.

About the brand: Necessaire is a company that wants you to treat your body like your face. They pack their products filled with scientifically backed ingredients typically used in facial skincare to ensure that your skin is flawless from head to toe. Their aim is to make their skincare with as simple ingredients as possible to ensure that their products are suitable for as many skin types as possible. 

Who it is best for: This is the perfect product if you’re looking for a fragrance that will make you feel like you are taking a daily trip to a wellness spa. It is also great for those who want to treat breakouts and blemishes while in the shower. 

Frequently asked questions 

Why can’t I just use a bar of soap?

A bar of soap is a very effective way to keep yourself clean and therefore has the same function as a body wash. However, a body wash has a few extra features that give it the upper hand on regular soap. Body washes are designed to not only clean the skin from dirt, oil and debris but they are also designed to moisturize and hydrate. Furthermore, some body washes are also formulated to treat specific skin conditions or concerns. Using just soap can often strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture, but by using a body wash instead, this doesn’t become an issue. 

Additionally, body washes are a lot more luxurious than regular bars of soap. They work into a rich, creamy lather that is beautifully scented. The range of scents found in body washes is a lot wider than in soaps, which makes it easier to find a product that you truly love. 

What should I look for in a body wash?

What you look for in a body wash is entirely up to you and your needs. The first thing to address is whether you have any skin issues or concerns that you would like to treat. This could be anything from excess dryness or oil to something more serious like eczema keratosis pilaris. Whatever your issue is, there will be a body wash to help.

The next thing to look at is the fragrance. You don’t want to be using a product which contains ingredients that you don’t think smell good as that takes away the fun of a body wash! A good tip is if you have a favorite perfume or signature scent, find out what the main notes in that are. Then, look for a body wash that also contains those notes. This way you know you are getting a scent you like, and you know it won’t clash with your perfume. 

Finally, if you are conscious of the ingredients in your beauty products, make sure that the product you have chosen aligns with your philosophies. Not all body washes are created equally but do not worry that there will be nothing out there for you. Many products on the market are made with clean, vegan and even 100% organic ingredients. You might need to do a little bit more work to find the right product for you, however, it will be worth it to find a great product that fits within your lifestyle.

I have hyper-sensitive skin. Can I still use a body wash?

Of course you can! However, you may not be able to use all body washes. Some ingredients that are used to color and fragrance a body wash may irritate highly sensitive skin. This means you need to look for body washes specifically formulated without ingredients that may irritate. This is a widespread issue, so there are a plethora of washes on the market that are friendly for sensitive skin. 

Will the scent of my body wash clash with my perfume?

This entirely depends on the strength of the body wash fragrance, or if your perfume and body wash contains similar scents.  If your body wash has a strong fragrance, then it may linger on your skin for several hours. If the fragrance of the wash is not something that complements the notes of your perfume, then you may find there to be a disruption in the scent. This is why it is a good idea to try and match the notes in your body wash to the notes of your perfume so that they act harmoniously on your skin. 

Alternatively, some body washes do not leave a lingering fragrance on the skin once it has been washed away. If you like to change up your perfume regularly, then perhaps this is a better option, as you do not need to worry about your perfume’s fragrance being disrupted by the body wash. 

Can I use a body wash every day?

Yes, you can! In fact, you should use it every day if you are using it as your main method of cleaning your skin. Good hygiene is an important factor in maintaining overall health, and you must clean your body with soap every day to prevent a build-up of dirt and bacteria. As body wash has soap in it, it is appropriate (and recommended) to use it every day. Furthermore, due to the hydrating properties of body wash, you will not need to worry about your skin drying out! 

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