The Best Shampoos For Thinning Hair


For many people, hair can be a source of self-confidence, of beauty, and of self-expression. So if you are going through some issues with thinning hair, we empathize. We are sure you are just as beautiful with or without those hair troubles.

If this is something that you wish to fight, luckily, in this day and age, thinning hair does not always have to continue thinning. There are a range of products and specialized ingredients and compounds that may be able to help you battle thinning. 

Because of this variety we encourage you to experiment until you find the product that works for you, rather than despairing after a try or two. We hope our list helps you in that exploration. 

Why is my hair thinning?

There are many reasons why you could be experiencing hair thinning.  If the thinning is sudden and dramatic, we recommend you go see your doctor.

Otherwise, if there are clear causes such as color or heat styling damage, consider products formulated specifically for this cause type.


The most common reason for experiencing hair thinning is an increase in age. Over time, hair tends to lose its fullness and thickness, color and shine. Some may also experience gradual male/female-pattern baldness, a hereditary condition common in the human population. 

Chemical damage

The most common chemical damage that we see is a result of persistent hair dying, with permanent colors, and especially if the color change involves bleach. There can also be damage incurred from excessively strong topical hair treatments.

Sun, chlorine, or heat damage

Hair can also incur damage from other elements, such as excessive or harsh sunlight exposure, frequent swimming in chlorinated water, and the use of heat-powered hair styling tools. This can lead to thinning over time.

Medical conditions and treatments

There are some medical conditions that can cause thinning and hair loss and there are some medications that can cause thinning or hair loss over time. We recommend discussing this with a doctor.

Nutritional deficiencies

You are what you eat. We need a healthy skin barrier, proteins, and fats to grow healthy, luscious locks. Many of these building blocks for hair come from the foods we ingest. The right foods, supplements, or topical products can help mitigate thinning from this cause.


Some people experience thinning under stress. This could be related directly to the stress response, or insufficient diet from the withdrawal of appetite.

Let’s take a look at some of the best shampoos for thinning hair. 

1. Blu Atlas – Classic Shampoo


Vibe: Invigorating, strengthening, natural, gentle

Delicate and thinning locks flourish under gentle formulas that are lightweight and nourishing, and use natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. This makes them appropriate for long term use.

That’s why first on our list is the Classic Shampoo from Blu Atlas.

Blu Atlas is looking to reimagine the natural head and skin care market, with scientifically-proven natural ingredients, sourced from plants and minerals. 

This shampoo is free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. Blu Atlas came into being primarily for a male market, but the deliciously scented and powerful ingredients are suitable for all genders.


First for thinning hair, is the herb Saw Palmetto. Some hair loss is caused by the hormone DHT, and our friend saw palmetto can block this and reduce inflammation at the skin and roots, another causal factor for thinning.

Moisturisation is next on the list for battling thinning hair, especially hair that is also dry or brittle. This function is provided in this blend through the refreshing Aloe Barbadensis Leaf. This lead forms a natural soothing gel that is highly rejuvenating.

Biotin is well known as a key building block for hair. As a vegan formulation, this has been Infused with vegan biotin to fortify the hair strand, for current strength and future protection. 

Finally  rebuilding your hair from the roots to produce fresh thick growth is a final step in battling thinning hair. Jojoba is a powerhouse oil that works through many beneficial compounds. These include fatty acids, antioxidants and the Vitamins A, E, and D.

These all work together to penetrate, uplift and nourish hair from root to tip for overall, long term health. This makes this formula no topical bandaid, but something that will promote health from within the strand.


Blu Atlas is so sure this shampoo will work for you that they offer a money back guarantee, and we love a risk-less trial.

Oh, and this natural shampoo both lathers beautifully and smells simply delicious.

2. Aesop Shampoo


Vibe: Sophisticated, musky, quality

This shampoo from Aesop, second on our list of best shampoos for thinning hair, is the epitome of deep and sensual luxury. This enliving formula has a distinctive and soothing woody aroma, cut through with sharper citrus and grounding earthen notes.

For a premium aromatherapy experience, this shampoo is also infused with the revered ancient and exotic ingredient, frankincense.


The winning ingredients in this formula have to be the aromatics, including bergamot, cedarwood and boswellia carterii oils. 

Bergamot is packed both with fatty acids and antioxidants, protecting, replenishing, and taming the hair with a sweet scent. Cedarwood is fantastic for the cleaning function of shampoo, with its antimicrobial  and rebalancing properties. These go a long way in caring for the scalp and thus helping with your hair woes. Frankincense is great for creating shiny locks, so they don’t dry out from the shampoo, and also preventing dandruff, which often co-occurs with hair thinning.

Lastly, we love the inclusion of panthenol. Thinning hair is often exacerbated by the frailty of the hair strand. Panthenol, from Vitamin B5, seals off the strand to further protect it from damage and also encourages moisture to enter into each strand. This can give visible fullness back into the hair.

We also love that all ingredients are chosen for safety and clinical efficacy.


If you prefer a low lather, cooling gel texture, this could be the choice for you.

We love the versatility of this formula that is appropriate for long-term use, and sensitive scalps. Aesop considers this product an all-rounder, across wavy, curly, and straight hair textures, and across coarse, dry, damaged, and colored hair states.

3. Liaison Hair Bond Shampoo


Vibe: Regenerating, bonding, fresh

This shampoo was specifically designed for those struggling with thinning hair as a matter of course with time and age. To boost and revitalize your hair, this formula comes from a range of products that say no to limp, dry, thinning hair, and yes to shine and life!


The Liaison Bond Shampoo contains their trademark Growth Bond Complex. This targets the roots to promote better hair growth.

Squalene has been taking the beauty world by storm. It has recently been applied from strictly skincare products into the hair market as well. Squalene mimics the oil your hair naturally produces, for the most ideal hydration, and has antioxidant protective qualities. 

Sea Buckthorn helps remove any extra soils blocking your pores, and is great for reducing excess shedding of hair. It has B vitamins such as folate and biotin, which are known to support hair health and density.

Linseed Oil and Olive Oil lubricate the strands for a beautiful shine, and also provide nourishment right at the roots. Peppermint Oil rounds off this mix for a gentle touch of refreshment, and it’s soothing properties on the scalp.


Liaison offers a satisfaction guarantee, easy shipping, and easy returns.  You can also try this product without a burden on your pocket.

We also love that this product is cruelty-free, helping us support our furry friends.

4. The Australian Organic Argan Oil


Vibe: Organic, targeted, gentle

For those who prefer their hair and body care organic, number four on our list of best shampoos for thinning hair might hit the mark. And this one is formulated specifically to target thinning hair too!

Part of the 10-minute miracle range, it doesn’t hurt either that this formula is powered by the luxurious and gently scented hair care cult classic—argan oil.


So yes, cold-pressed argan oil takes pride of place in this efficacious but gentle formulation.

Argan oil is a wonder oil for hair, being packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. In vitamins alone, this oil is packed with B3, B6, B7, C, and E.

Most importantly these compounds infuse moisture into the scalp, rebuild at the root and protect the hair on your scalp. It is also renowned in the hair growth community, for its softening-, shine-, and growth-conducive properties.

This formula is also packed with over nineteen plant extracts working to target different parts of the hair regeneration process, and soothing and nourishing the scalp.


This is a product this company truly believes in. Thus rest easy with the 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, they don’t love it either.

We love that there are also packs with a matching conditioner and mask if this is a range that works for you.

5. Rekze Laboratories 63


Vibe: Clinical, alopecia, genderless

Sometimes you want a product that says no-nonsense, no fluff and clinically verified high performance. If you want something that diverges away from the natural scene and toward the laboratory, number five on our list may be the one for you.

The results of new growth in just a month are truly astounding—these are testimonials that made our jaw drop. This makes this product from Rekze Laboratories a perfect fit for anyone dealing with the severe thinning and loss associated with alopecia.


When we say that this product is packed to the brim with ingredients, we mean it. This shampoo has over 63 of the highest quality ingredients. Not only do they work on their own, but the product as whole has been clinically tested and proven, and without any animal testing too.

So we’ve already heard about biotin and saw palmetto, with the latter’s ability to block a hormone that often contributes to hair loss. Alongside these we have lycopene and ginkgo biloba, great for healthy blood flow to the roots and caffeine, which extends part of the growth period of the hair, resulting in longer lengths. 

There is zinc, which when deficient can cause hair loss, taurine, which increases keratin, and kigelia africana, which combats hair loss and reduces blockages and inflammation. Finally, there are carnitine, which increases energy available to the hair follicle to grow, and salvia sclarea, which is great for its antibacterial and astringent qualities for a great deep clean.

So really, this product is attacking the thinning problem from all possible angles. If one ingredient doesn’t work, try the kitchen sink!


This product was developed in Italy, and is made locally in the USA. Just as with many of our recommended products, this one comes with a money-back guarantee.

In addition, this product was tested in ages 18 to 67, in an FDA-approved lab and is recommended by dermatologists. It will equally suit both men and women. 

6. Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo


Vibe: Clinical, popular, rebonding

Yes, we know. It is hard to get through a list of the best hair products without coming across the famous Olaplex. And so number six on our list of best shampoos for thinning hair is the Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo.

This is a powerful clinical concoction, famous for its patented technology that physically re-glues split and frayed hair with proteins and other ingredients. This makes it a great option when trying to keep the hair that you have on your head when you are already noticing some thinning. It also strengthens and hydrates the hair while repairing. Oh, and it’s color-safe too.


Much of what powers the Olaplex shampoo is its patented clinical compound, that is harder to unpack but incredibly powerful. There are some of the other ingredients we love too. This includes sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil, rosemary leaf extract, and banana fruit extract. These give the blend its delicious aroma, and facilitates the general benefits a hair oil brings to shine and texture.

We also love what doesn’t go into olaplex: a long list including parabens, phosphates, phthalates, sulfates, DEA, aldehydes, formaldehyde, alcohol, and other allergens and animal products. Phew!


There is just something nice and comforting, and distinctly cool-feeling about joining in with a product that has a cult following. Marketing can only go so far, for a product to actually stick requires real efficacy out in the community. And boy does this product stick around. 

7. Redken Extreme Strengthening Shampoo


Vibe: Extreme, damage, fruity

For those whose thinning hair appears to be due to excess damage, perhaps from color or styling, Redken’s extreme strengthening shampoo is here to save the day.

This bottle is an exercise in deep hydration, injecting shine and health back into even the most tired-looking of locks.

While fulfilling the primary function of a shampoo as a deep cleanser, this concoction also strengthens and restores broken hair, plus adds a shield of protection against future damage.


Again, this product is powered by a proprietary Strength Complex. There are two main ingredients to focus on in this complex.

This first is Arginine, an essential amino acid that makes up part of the keratin compound. Keratin is a protein found in hair that can have nourishing and smoothing effects on hair appearance.

Arginine also improves circulation which has knock-on effects on growth via the hair follicle, with more nourishment reaching the roots to grow.

Secondly there are other amino acids, providing the other building blocks for effective protein growth of the hair, and citric acid. Other than being a pantry staple, citric acid is a champion at clearing debris, smoothing out the hair, and also bringing the PH level to a neutral zone.


We love that this is one of the more accessible and affordable salon-quality hair product lines, and it bases itself in New York City for that Big Apple city shine.

This shampoo has rave reviews for the wonder it has worked on the driest of hair, and is one of those products that will have quickly visible results for those needing just a little bit of encouragement that their hair truly can improve.

8. Virtue Labs Flourish


Vibe: Free-from, scientific, keratin

Virtue Labs knows that a good hair can only come from a truly clean, healthy, and nourished scalp. If you’re in the battle against thinning hair for the long haul, this type of formula will slowly but surely bring strength and vitality back to your hair.

We love that this is a shampoo purpose-designed for the battle against thinning hair, and has included some of the best clinical compounds for better looking and feeling hair.


First up on the keratin train, the virtue flourish shampoo for thinning hair is made with alpha and gamma keratin proteins, that can each bring strength and bounce to the hair respectively. Even better together, they become one fused molecule that can then act on the scalp to bring maximum health back to the skin on your hair.

This product also takes a brief dip in the ocean, combining red algae extract with sodium hyaluronate. Together the two protect the hair in the long term with a thickening and moisturizing shield that wraps around hair strands.

Humectants are key in shampoo products for damaged hair, being substances that attract water and thus maximize hydration. We love that this product uses rice-based humectants, with rice known to impart volume and shine into hair. 


This product is great for those who notice scalp irritation alongside their thinning. This is formulated to maximize scap health, which includes clearing redness, flaking, and irritation.

We also love that this product is color-safe, paraben-free, and vegan, and promises more volume alongside all of the repair, detoxification, and deep moisturisation.

9. Dr.forhair Folligen Original Shampoo


Vibe: Clinical, minty, scalp

This clinical formulation attacks thinning hair from four different angles. These fall into the categories of symptomatic hair loss relief, hair root nutrition, scalp elasticity, and hair softness.

No matter the cause, some part of this formula is likely to ease some of your thinning woes and introduce new volume and a new lease on life into your hair.


This is another product that is packed full of a variety of interesting and powerful ingredients.

The first objective of this product is to relieve the symptoms of hair loss. This is achieved by the inclusion of zinc pyrithione, panthenol, and salicylic acid.

The second step is to inject nutrition into the hair root, so new hair grows thick and strong. The ingredients used to achieve this goal include rose-root rhodiola, chinese yam, rhatany, and ginger.

The third goal of this product is to increase scalp elasticity, to prevent hair breaking off high up on the head before it reaches a terminal length. This is achieved with adenosine and caffeic acid.

The fourth and final aim of this product is to soften the hair. This is done via a winning combination of three oils—camellia oil, argan oil, and moringa oil.


For those that are big fans of the k-fashion and j-fashion industries, this is a Korean-brand shampoo, made in Korea itself.

This has become a cult favorite in Korea for its visible results on dull, broken, and thinning hair. This may work especially well for those of Asian descent. 

10. Pura D’or Original Gold Label Anti Hair-Thinning ShampooImage8

Vibe: Natural, affordable, powerful

Number ten on our list of best shampoos for thinning hair is the original gold label anti-hair-thinning shampoo from Pura D’Or. This product works primarily through reducing breakage, is made on a base of juicy aloe vera, and is powered by biotin and a blend of 17 powerful herbs.

For the natural shampoo lovers out there, this is another great option, that uses only natural preservatives and without any parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, artificial colorants, and many other nasties. It is also gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.


So what kind of herbs are we talking about in the proprietary 17 herb blend? 

The first four ingredients should be familiar to you now—saw palmetto for countering a hair loss promoting hormone, red seaweed for its multitudes of benefits, Vitamin E for its antioxidant properties, and the hair cult favorite, argan oil.

Alongside these we have three additional oils—tea tree, black cumin seed, and amla—plus two extracts—nettle leaf and he shou wu. He shou wu has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years, as it seems to prevent hair loss and promote further growth.

Tea tree oil acts as an antiseptic for cleaning and protecting the scalp. Black cumin seed oil is a great topical applicant for smooth and shiny locks, and amla oil promotes new growth. This leaves us with the nettle leaf, another ancient remedy for preventing and treating thinning hair.

Along with biotin and a host of other herbals, this is another unique and varied formulation that is great for the health-conscious consumer.


We love that this product is neutral and earthy, formulated to be suitable for both men and women. This natural formulation makes it ideal even for daily use and for colored hair.

This product is also made in the USA to strict ethical guidelines, in a factory powered by renewable energy.

Getting your shampoo choice right

It can be overwhelming, even with a distilled and informative list like this one, to find the right products for you and your needs.

There is a lot of choice out there, and many different ingredients and formulations that can be equally effective. Here are some extra tips.

Try it out safely

Many of the companies on our list offer money-back guarantees. Starting with one of these products means no loss for your wallet if the product is not performing as expected for you.

Some companies also give samples, though we recommend a decently long trial with each product, to give enough time for the hair growth cycle to kick into effect. So a small sample may not really help in this case.

Take pictures

It can often be hard to notice subtle changes in your hair, especially in growth close to your head. We recommend taking pictures every week or two, in the same space and lighting. Efficacious products should show significant change in one to three months.

Consider your goals

Efficacy aside, there may be other considerations you value in your choice. If you are continuing to color your hair for example, a color safe shampoo is a must. If you are aging, look for products that yield long-term results, over a short-term boost.

You might have certain environmental, health-oriented, or other ethical considerations that matter to you, when choosing a product. We recommend looking into the websites of the company to make sure you meet this need and remain true to your values.

I am worried about thinning, who can I talk to?

First and foremost we recommend seeing your doctor to rule out any medical problems that could be causing thinning.

A visit to a dermatologist could also be helpful, as skin health is crucial to hair health, via the scalp.

Your salon hairdresser may also recommend some great products, including treatments,masks, oils, shampoos, and conditioners.

For the most part, however, thinning is a natural part of the human experience and is nothing to worry about.

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