The Best Shampoos for Hair Growth and Thickening


Thinning hair is natural. As we age, hair follicles become less productive, leading to thinner, finer hair with a visible reduction in volume and density. For the most part, your pattern of hair thinning depends on genetics, exposure to pollutants, and hormones—but modern hair care technology is changing everything we know about hair thinning.

Taking your hair back to its glory days is possible with the right hair care products. Specially designed shampoos actively restore the plumpness of the hair fibers and provide deep nourishment to the scalp for restorative hair growth.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, years of research have produced some of the best growth-promoting shampoos on the market—and we’re here to give you the run-down.

Fuller, healthier hair is only one product away. Take a look at our list of the best shampoos for hair growth and thickening to discover which one is right for you.

1. Blu Atlas Shampoo


No one does hair care quite like Blu Atlas. This New York-based men’s grooming brand has shot their way to the top of the cosmetology world in recent years, with their vegan and cruelty-free formulas boasting out-of-this-world results. Their shampoo is one of our absolute favorite hair care products for hair growth and thickening. 

It’s jam-packed with gentle yet hard-hitting ingredients such as jojoba oil for vitamin delivery to the scalp, aloe barbadensis leaf for natural moisturization and detoxification, saw palmetto for anti-inflammation and vegan biotin for strong, reinforced hair fibers. This means the head is repaired at both the scalp level and the hair level, improving the appearance of existing hair while enhancing the health of the scalp for future healthy hair growth. 

Your hair will feel cleansed yet hydrated, with a noticeably fuller, shinier appearance. No other product is more deserving of our number one spot.

2. Kerastase Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo


Is your hair just not what it used to be? Kerastase has the solution. Their Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo is the ultimate anti hair-shedding product for people experiencing hair loss and thinning. 

Although the formula is incredibly delicate and lightweight, it effectively removes sebum and debris from both the scalp and the hair fiber. This gentle cleansing action is supported by a potent blend of edelweiss native cells and ginger root, which strengthen the structure of the hair strand for increased resilience, resolving brittleness and preventing future breakage. In fact, after using the Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo only a single time, 80.9% of users reported noticeable reductions in the amount of hair fall they experienced. 

Keratase recommends shampooing twice during each washing session to help fortify your hair for intense thickness, shine, and body.

3. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Shampoo


The Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Shampoo by L’Oreal is our miracle in a bottle. Not only is it unbeatably affordable, but it’s highly effective, using three refined clays to purify the roots while moisturizing dry, brittle ends. This leaves the scalp feeling refreshed, and the length of the hair hydrated and silky. 

If you struggle with an oily scalp, this is certainly the right product for you: L’Oreal promises up to 48 hours of absolutely zero grease accumulation. Extending the time between washes is essential in your hair regrowth journey. With this clarifying shampoo, you can allow your scalp’s natural oils to work its magic without a dirty, oily appearance. 

The three clays rebalance the oil production of the scalp so you have optimized conditions for future healthy hair growth. This shampoo is extraordinary—just as its name suggests.

4. R+Co Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo


Sparse scalps are no match for R+Co’s Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo. As one of our all-time top products for thin hair, this biotin-based formula has a lot to prove. Biotin is a soluble version of Vitamin B, and is renowned within the hair care community for its out-of-this-world ability to restore hair health, promote hair growth, and improve the texture, shine and strength of the hair fiber.

The thickening action of this shampoo is the result of high-quality biotin, which is absorbed into the strands for intense nourishment and repair. This light formula is also infused with antioxidant-rich moringa seed extract, which protects the hair against free radical damage, plus an advanced polymer complex, which adds body and volume to the hair while reducing frizz. 

R+Co certainly ticks all our boxes!

5. Garnier Fructis Grow Strong Shampoo


Your hair follicles will thank you for using Garnier’s Fructis Grow Strong Shampoo. This next-generation hair technology resists all types of hair breakage for smooth, detangled hair. Infused with apple extract and niacinamide, we love this dual-action formula for its effective hair-thickening and hair-strengthening—at only a fraction of the cost of top-shelf brands. 

Apple extract is enriched with natural compounds which promote hair growth and triggers keratin production, making it an effective and sensitive-scalp-friendly option for thinning hair. Niacinamide boosts the circulation of the scalp to support healthy hair follicles, and aids the apple extract in replenishing the hair’s natural keratin supply. 

To use, simply lather onto wet hair, massage into the scalp and rinse thoroughly. The results will prove you don’t need to break the bank for beautiful, long-lasting hair thickness.

6. Nanogen 7-in-1 Hair Thickening Shampoo


Jump on board the thick hair train with Nanogen’s 7-in-1 Hair Thickening Shampoo. As one of the best shampoos for hair growth and thickening (and one of the cheapest), this cleansing formula returns your hair to its youthful thickness. 

This London-based haircare brand has designed an all-in-one product that cleanses, exfoliates, conditions, and volumizes the hair, all while being incredibly gentle on the scalp. 

Nanogen’s unique hair growth factors include larix europaea bark extract to reinforce hair follicles, pea sprout extract to trigger hair cell production, and peptides to stimulate collagen synthesis for improved hair stability. Aloe and chamomile are also added for a calming, soothing experience, reducing any irritation or inflammation of the scalp. 

Plus, it gets better—the delicious berry scent lingers all day, fighting off scalp sweat odors. At a price this low, what do you have to lose?

7. SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo


Those with curly hair can also experience hair loss and thinning. SheaMoisture are the experts in curly-to-coiled hair textures and know exactly how to restore hair as tight as 4C back to health. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo works by dissolving buildup at the scalp and infusing the hair fiber with intensely nourishing moisture. 

Jamaican black castor oil is one of our dream ingredients as it promotes hair growth, hydrates even the driest of hair, heals splitting hair strands, and strengthens internal bonds. According to professionals, six to eight weeks of Jamaican black castor oil exposure is all you need to notice thicker, fuller hair. 

Meanwhile, shea butter—SheaMoisture’s hallmark ingredient—is added to promote hair softness. The formula is also silicone-, sulfate-, and paraben-free, so your hair will literally glow with health.

8. Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance


If you’ve perused any online beauty shop, Olaplex probably isn’t a stranger to you. This brand is the subject of rave reviews for their high-intensity products that deliver unbeatable results—and their No. 4 Bond Maintenance is no exception. 

This shampoo is our favorite of their line-up for hair growth and thickening, with an effective bond-restoring action to strengthen the hair from the inside-out. No more breakage, frizz, or thinning — just luscious, manageable locks from root to tip. 

The key ingredient in the No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo is the molecule bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, which is just as impressive as it sounds. This powerhouse particle dramatically reinforces the internal hair fiber structure, and protects from external aggressors. It’s also made without parabens, aldehydes, alcohol, sulfates, and other irritants, making it suitable for sensitive scalps.

9. PURA D’OR Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo


To add vitality to flat, thinning hair, look no further than PURA D’OR’s Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo. This clinically tested formula targets the three main components of healthy hair: volume, strength, and shine. Packed with 17 key active ingredients, essential nutrients, and organic extract, it’s no wonder that PURA D’OR has such a loyal fanbase. 

Biotin, one of our hair care superstars, works alongside nettle, pumpkin seed, and black cumin seed oil to revive damaged hair, smoothing down broken hair fibers and restoring moisture to dead ends. Organic argan oil and organic rosemary leaf oil adds unbeatable shine to the hair. 

We love how the Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo resolves the root of the problem—an unhealthy scalp—rather than simply treating thinness. By invigorating the scalp with these natural oil and essential nutrient blends, hair follicles are fortified for long-lasting hair growth.

10. Living Proof Full Shampoo


Having beautifully full hair has never been this easy. Living Proof’s Volumizing Shampoo is one of the most gentle products on our list of the best shampoos for hair growth and thickening, making it the perfect product for those with sensitive scalps. Formulated with a goal of maximum volume while still preserving scalp health, this shampoo brings out the natural fullness and body of your hair using simple, plumping ingredients. 

You won’t feel weighed down by thickening agents—you’ll instead have clean, supple hair with added bounce. Living Proof utilizes a unique blend of “slip modifiers,” which are ingredients that improve the smoothness of the hair fiber by reducing surface friction. This not only controls frizz but prevents hair fiber stress, preventing bond breakage and damage. The Volumising Shampoo really is a lifesaver for fine hair.

11. Kiehl’s Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo


Kiehl’s have been the masters of hair care for centuries—and it shows. Their Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo is the perfect combination of experience and top-quality organic ingredients. Lightweight rice bran oil and wheat proteins gently cleanses the hair while reviving fullness, leaving you with a healthier, thicker appearance and a refreshed scalp. 

Hydrolyzed wheat proteins are a natural moisturizer, working to condition the deepest segments of the hair without over-saturating the hair fiber. Rich in amino acids, hydrolyzed rice protein resolves flatness and dullness, adding shine and body to fine hair. 

Meanwhile, honey softens the hair strands into a sleek, robust texture, so you can easily style your revitalized hair. To use, just lather a small amount over the scalp and rinse out through the ends. Volumized hair is really that easy!

12. Briogeo Volumizing Blossom & Bloom Hair Volumizing Shampoo


Bring your hair back to life with the Briogeo Volumizing Blossom & Bloom Hair Volumizing Shampoo. Derived from 94% natural ingredients, Brigeo has formulated one of the best hair-thickening shampoos on the market. Supported with an intoxicating blend of ginger, ginseng, Vitamin B5, and biotin, you’ll notice immediately fuller hair after only one wash and further hair health benefits in the long-term. 

Ginger and ginseng are often the unsung heroes of head health, packed with bioactive molecules that reactive lifeless hair follicles for hair growth. They also promote anti-inflammatory effects, aiding in the restoration of a balanced scalp. 

The addition of maltodextrin, a natural sugar starch, ensures your hair will retain this new fullness over time. These starch particles encapsulate every individual hair strand to seal in nourishment. Briogeo recommends shampooing and rinsing twice to see the best results.

13. Sachajuan Thickening Shampoo


The Thickening Shampoo by Sachajuan easily deserves a spot on our list of the best shampoos for hair growth and thickening. This enriching formula fights off any hair-damaging stressors, such as UV rays, heat, and external pollutants. 

The main character in its ingredient list is red algae, which has picked up traction in recent years as a life-changer for dull, lifeless hair. Packed with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, red algae accelerates hair growth and plumps up the hair fibers for visible fullness. It’s also rich in iodine, which works on the scalp to dissolve bacteria, remove excess oil, and restore a healthy microbiome. 

Meanwhile, Sachajuan’s famous ocean silk technology helps to untangle the hair for extra smoothness. There really is no problem this Thickening Shampoo can’t resolve.

14. Ouai Fine Hair Shampoo


The Ouai Fine Hair Shampoo is the perfect pick-me-up for hair needing that something extra. Ideal for hair experiencing dryness, split ends, damage or breakage, this biotin-based product does all the heavy-lifting for you. An effective blend of biotin, chia seed oil, and hydrolyzed keratin revitalizes lifeless hair, with visible refreshment after only one wash. 

This is the first product on our list to contain hydrolyzed keratin, which is ultimately a broken-down version of the larger protein molecule. By reducing keratin to a smaller form, it can more easily penetrate the hair and scalp, resulting in deep moisturization and reinforcement of malnourished skin and hair cells. Keratin also coats the hair fiber in a filmy layer to seal in all the other fantastic ingredients. 

Ouai’s formula will keep your hair just as clean and strong as it is fresh after washing.

15. Aesop Volumising Shampoo


Aesop has really pulled out the big guns for this one. Their Volumising Shampoo is specially designed for fine and thinning hair, with volume-boosting ingredients to improve the body and luster of the hair. 

Its key ingredients include fennel seed, peppermint leaf and rosemary leaf, which give off a sophisticated herbaceous scent that could outplay even your favorite perfume. 

Fennel seed is rich in essential hair nutrients, including iron, niacin and folate, to improve hair growth. The natural detoxifying action of fennel also helps fight harmful free radicals that can damage the scalp and hair, exacerbating thinness. 

Peppermint leaf stretches open blood vessels within the scalp to improve circulation, rejuvenating hair follicles, and also soothes any irritation of the scalp. 

However, we’re most impressed by the addition of rosemary leaf. This powerhouse ingredient has been proven to prevent male-pattern baldness by blocking specific hair-loss hormones. 

Aesop has absolutely changed the haircare game—and you can be part of the revolution.

16. OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo


Limp hair is a thing of the past with OGX’s Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo. This affordable shampoo texturizes the hair shaft for improved volume and abundance. 

Biotin and collagen are the ultimate thick hair dream team, with collagen scientifically proven to enhance the strength and structure of the hair’s natural building blocks, leaving you with healthier, stronger locks. Biotin, on the other hand, stimulates keratin production and triggers the hair follicle to produce hair quicker, improving the rate of hair growth. 

You can see how this simple formula leads to fantastic results: biotin produces proteins, while collagen locks them all into place. 

Plus, the creamy formula spreads easily, so a little goes a long way. Simply spread over wet hair and lather from the scalp through to the ends, then rinse thoroughly. You can follow with your favorite conditioner for extra softness.

17. Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash


Kevin Murphy is the ultimate thick-hair guru. The fan-favorite Plumping Wash is designed to nourish fine and aging hair back to a youthful density. 

Some of the highlighted ingredients include ginger root and nettle extract to strengthen the hair fiber, aloe vera leaf extract to condition the hair with essential vitamins and minerals, rice bran and rice amino acids to enrich the hair shaft’s diameter, and bamboo extract to nourish the deep hair structures. 

Additionally, silk amino acids draw hydration into the strands for improved flexibility, decreasing the chance of breakage. You’ll be left with luxuriously thick hair with a lovely luster. If the packaging hasn’t tempted you yet, take it from us—you need the Plumping Wash ASAP.

18. Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Shampoo


Give your hair the strength it deserves with the Pro-V Sheer Volume Shampoo by Pantene. Despite its price, Pantene has developed one of the best shampoos for hair growth and thickening on the market.

Formulated with Pro-V nutrients and micro-boosters to improve the volume and body of your hair, this shampoo fortifies fine, flat hair while protecting the delicate hair fibers from heat damage. We love how intensely nourishing this product is—hair feels not only cleansed but conditioned after use. 

Plus, there are no silicones, paraffins, mineral oils or colorants, so it’s ideal for sensitive scalps. No matter the occasion, Pantene will help your hair reach its full potential.

19. Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Shampoo


Say hello to your new hair bestie. Paul Mitchell’s Extra-Body Shampoo is the first step in your hair transformation. Containing panthenol to boost volume and repair internal bond breakages, and wheat-derived ingredients to promote silky-smoothness, the Extra-Body Shampoo has all your corners covered. 

We especially recommend Paul Mitchell’s dynamic shampoo for color-treated hair, which often experiences thinness and breakage as a result. Consistent repair will reduce the amount of trips you’ll take to the salon, and preserve the color freshness for beautiful vibrancy. 

There’s more—the crisp apple scent is absolutely delightful, making each hair washing session a little aromatherapy treat. Just take the plunge.

20. Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo Volume Boost


Gather round, dandruff sufferers—Head & Shoulders is here to win your battle. We can’t keep the Dandruff Shampoo Volume Boost a secret any longer. With clinically proven 100% dandruff protection, this miracle shampoo will  eliminate all visible flakes and dryness while leaving hair incredibly soft. 

Ingredients such as almond oil, tea tree oil, lemon extract, and peppermint all work within an effective blend to soothe the scalp and moisturize the hair, resolving any irritable or itchy conditions. 

As its name suggests, the Volume Boost shampoo does more than refresh and heal—it packs the hair with body and thickness, with incredible salon-fresh results lasting up to 24 hours. The vibrant fresh fruit and floral scent is just the cherry on top.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my hair thinning?

Hair thinning is a natural part of the aging process. It’s more common in men, although women also experience a reduction in hair volume as they age. Thinning occurs as a result of shrinking hair follicles, leading to the appearance of sparseness and, in some cases, baldness. This means the underlying issue is not the hair itself; rather, the health of the scalp will directly impact the quality of the hair. 

Other factors such as vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes, chronic stress, skin disorders, trauma, and genetics all contribute to the condition of your scalp, and therefore the thickness of your hair. Of course, some of these factors cannot be changed (thanks, genetics), but replenishing the scalp of vitamins and proteins can support the growth of fuller, thicker hair. This is where shampoos come in.

Can I regrow my hair?

Whether you can grow back thinning hair depends on its root cause. If you have a family history of thin hair or balding, then it’s more than likely nature will simply take its course. There are things you can do to improve the health and appearance of the hair you do have, such as scalp massages, oil treatments, and using nourishing shampoos. These will not prevent hair loss, but they will extend the life of existing hair follicles. 

If you’ve experienced sudden hair thinning or loss as a result of medication, pregnancy, weight loss, trauma, or another lifestyle change, then hair regrowth is certainly possible. Reduce the use of heat tools, reduce your hair washing frequency (this preserves the scalp’s natural oils), and keep on the lookout for shampoos containing beneficial scalp-supporting ingredients, like biotin and Vitamin B. 

Our list of the best shampoos for hair growth and thickening is a fantastic place to start.

What products should I avoid if I have a sensitive scalp?

It’s no secret that harsh hair products can swiftly flare up a sensitive scalp. Cheaper products are often packed with heavy chemicals and fillers which strip the hair and scalp, causing irritation for those who are vulnerable. If you have a sensitive scalp, it pays to have a look at the ingredients of the product. 

Avoid those which contain sulfates, parabens, alcohols, formaldehydes, or synthetic fragrances. Instead, opt for products using certified organic ingredients as these generally have gentler formulas to cleanse the scalp without being overly drying. Any signs of redness, flaking, dry patches, or sensitivity to touch indicates you may need to switch up your shampoo.

Should I wash my hair everyday?

The amount of times you wash your hair in a week really depends on how quickly your scalp accumulates oil. For some, their hair will appear greasy after only a single day; for others, they can go a week without washing and not see any noticeable difference. 

Some factors can influence the rate of visible oiliness. Straighter hair, for example, appears “dirty” faster than curly hair will, while thinner hair can look limper than thicker hair even if just recently washed. 

However, haircare experts recommend extending the time between washes for as long as you can. Every other day, or every two to three days is the average. This allows your natural oils to sink into your scalp, contributing to healthier, stronger hair follicles. Washing too frequently will leave you with a tight, dry scalp and coarse hair strands.

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