The Best Shampoos for Dry Hair in 2023


In this list, we delve into the best shampoos for dry hair so that you don’t have to.

Shampoos flood our stores with all sorts of unnecessary marketing aimed to prove they really are the brand that’s going to perform some supernatural miracle on your head. But how are we to truly know which ones really bring our dry hair back to a healthy level of hydration? We’ve put together the ultimate list of shampoos that have had real-life hydrating effects on people’s dry hair.

1. Blu Atlas Shampoo


For crunchy dry hair, Blu Atlas has blessed the shampoo market with their cruelty-free invigorating and strengthening shampoo. Unlike most hair brands, Blu Atlas have formulated their products using the advice of certified dermatologists to ensure hair and scalp health is the top priority when the makers determine what will go on your head. 

The liquid hair resurrector is formulated with ingredients from natural origins such as plants, fruits, and minerals. The three key ingredients that make this shampoo a necessity for dry hair are jojoba oil, Aloe Barbadensis leaf, and vegan biotin. Jojoba oil seeps into each hair strand to nourish and protect the hair as best as it can from further damage caused by dryness. Aloe Barbadensis leaf (better known as aloe vera) has vital antibacterial and moisturizing properties for dry hair. The vegan biotin encourages your hair to grow by activating keratin production.

Blu Atlas shampoo gives a kind cleanse to the hair and scalp with coconut-derived surface active agents to take away impurities and leave you with happy healthy hair.

2. Kérastase Nutritive Bain Magistral


A fantastic hydrating shampoo to have in your hair before a hair treatment is the Kérastase Nutritive Bain Magistral. Invented with the most severely dried hair in mind, the soft finish this product leaves you with will make your hair much more manageable when it comes to brushing and detangling. Not only is this shampoo extra nourishing to the feel of the hair, but it also leaves it looking shiny and healthy. 

This shampoo’s ingredients help remove impurities in the hair and give vital nutrients to the scalp with iris rhizome. For the best results, the shampoo should be applied and rinsed twice per wash.

3. Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Wash


Rich in vitamin C and shea butter to moisturize and add some softness to dry hair, Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Wash is a hero for all hair types, especially for hair with a coarse, dry, and frizzy appearance. It contains hydrolyzed silk extracts to dampen out any frizz and make your hair look luscious. Much like most of Kevin Murphy’s pretty pastel products, this shampoo smells amazing both in the bottle and on your head.

The Hydrate-Me shampoo is suitable for vegans as it was created using cruelty-free techniques. It’s sulfate-free and doesn’t overly strip natural oils that are already protecting your hair and scalp. It’s great for those with medium to thick hair, and is also safe to use on colored hair. 

4. Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo


This is a renowned shampoo suitable for all hair types but is best known for helping nourish dry and colored hair. Olaplex No. 4 purifies and re-bonds each hair strand so that your locks thrive after each use. The unique formula strengthens the bonds in the hair from within, which ultimately leaves you with smoother and shinier hair. 

Olaplex No. 4 has no harsh detergent chemicals, including all sulfates. This means that it still cleans the dirt but it simultaneously helps preserve the natural oils on your scalp and on your hair. It also means that if your hair is colored, it prevents the dye from fading too fast.

5. Angel En Provence Helichrysum Revitalizing Shampoo


This product is specifically made for people with dry, coarse, tangled, and frizzy hair. If you spend a lot of time at the beach, this shampoo has powerful ingredients such as vitamins A and E to prevent your hair from getting any further sun damage from UVA and UVB rays. It rehydrates the hair with helichrysum, which helps bond damaged parts of each hair strand. This makes Angel En Provence’s Helichrysum shampoo one of the best shampoos for dry hair.

This shampoo is ideal for colored or chemically treated hair as the helichrysum also acts as a protectant. Angel En Provence products are sulfate- and cruelty-free.

6. Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo


With red algae, a rare ingredient in shampoos, this product is great for all rehydration needs for your hair. It’s perfect for regular usage, even just to upkeep your hair’s hydration when it’s already healthy. It works well in colored hair and helps maintain a smooth and shiny finish. This shampoo is rich in argan oil which moisturizes your scalp and provides great everyday protection. The argan oil also makes your hair feel and smell amazing. Studies show that it may even contribute to giving users thicker hair.

Overall, Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo is fantastic for rehydration, maintenance, and making your hair smell extra luscious and beautiful.

7. Pureology Nanoworks Gold Shampoo


Pureology Nanoworks Gold Shampoo is an ideal product for hair that’s dry and aging. It’s forgiving on the hair by only lightly cleansing the impurities while infusing the strands with a soft feel that’s strong and shiny. This is a great option for people with colored hair as it doesn’t strip the dyes back with harsh detergents. This one is also cruelty-free and sulfate-free.

Pureology Nanoworks Gold shampoo is another option for beachgoers looking to protect their hair from the harsh sun. It has vitamin E, as well as UVA and UVB filters to protect your hair with the company’s AntiFade Complex. Each bottle goes a long way as you only need to work in a dollop about the size of a quarter each time you wash your hair.

8. Redken All Soft Shampoo


Unlike most shampoos that leave you with piles of foam from sulfates, Redken’s All Soft shampoo is made to give you all the goodness without the foamy overload. It’s rich in deluxe argan oil to moisturize your hair strands and your scalp. It’s a fine choice for people with dry and brittle hair who are looking to restore softness and have a smooth glossy finish. 

This product is safe for hair that’s been dyed as their formulation helps lock in color and rehydrate damaged ends. Following up your shampoo with Redken’s All Soft Conditioner will give 15 times the amount of hydration to your hair’s root, core, and ends.

9. Aēsop Shampoo


This shampoo is adequate for regular usage and maintaining hair that needs some TLC. It’s one that leaves your hair with a very pleasant fragrance after showering, including citrusy, earthy, and woody notes. The fragrance comes from their special ingredients like panthenol, frankincense, bergamot rind, and cedar atlas. Aesom Shampoo removes greasy impurities from your hair and your scalp, which is great for making the hair look shiny and feel soft.

For people who have a sensitive scalp, this is a shampoo designed to not leave you with an itchy or flaky scalp. It works well for most hair types, but especially for dehydrated hair that’s desperate for some rehydration and extra attention.

10. Davroe Moisture Senses – Hydrating Shampoo


Davroe is another shampoo with a positive reputation for having a great smell thanks to the organic argan oil in its make-up. It’s exceptional for dry hair that’s in desperate need of rehydration and a detangle. It works well for people wanting to control frizz, keep their hair soft, and who are about animals. (It’s cruelty-free!)

This shampoo feels a bit thicker than others on the market but this is because it’s packed full of nourishing ingredients; nothing unnecessary has been added. Davroe has designed this shampoo to be suitable for hair extensions too. For best results, you should leave it in your hair for two minutes, then rinse, then repeat.

11. Eleven Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo


Designed for the brittlest of hair, Eleven’s formulation is tender enough to treat hair that feels like it’s going to break off after one more wash. It’s a great choice for hair that’s kept in mostly dry or hot climates, hence this beauty product was designed in Australia. It’s fantastic at adding moisture and locking it into each hair strand that desperately needs it.

Eleven is safe to use on most hair types including colored hair. It gives you a silky finish and completely rinses out during the shower to prevent breakage. Eleven’s Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free.

12. Wella Invigo Nutri-Enrich Shampoo


Another one of the best shampoos for dry hair is the Wella Invigo Nutri-Enrich shampoo. It’s formulated for dry hair that not only feels brittle but looks brittle and stressed. It has all the nutrients needed to help rehydrate the hair and it has vitamin E to protect the hair from further stress. This is one of the only shampoos on the market to contain goji berry, which is potent in the nutritive vitamins and minerals it carries.

For the best results from this shampoo, it’s recommended that you lather, rinse, and repeat twice. Finally, follow up the two shampoos with Wella’s Invigo Nutri-Enrich Deep Nourishing Conditioner for an extra sleek finish.

13. Keratin Complex Care Smoothing Shampoo


Give your dry hair some much-needed relaxation with Keratin’s Complex Care Smoothing Shampoo. It’s ideal for people who have had a lot of chemical damage to their hair and are looking for something to revitalize the dryness. This shampoo is sulfate-free and sodium-chloride-free, which means the hair will receive a gentle cleanse that won’t further damage your already dry hair.

The finish this shampoo leaves is smooth and silky thanks to the generous amount of keratin in each bottle. This makes the shampoo a necessity for people looking to maintain their keratin treatment (permanent straightening).

14. De Lorenzo Moisture Balance Shampoo


This is a luxurious sulfate-free shampoo designed for a few hair types, including normal, dry, damaged, and colored hair. It protects color from fading, while giving the hair a mild cleanse. It’s ideal for rehydrating each hair strand and locking in the moisture it desperately needs. This shampoo hydrates the hair but it also strengthens it in all the right places.

With interesting ingredients consisting of wattle seed, olive leaf extract, cacay oil, and Kakadu plum, De Lorenzo’s Moisture Balance Shampoo is here to take care of your dry hair.

15. O&M Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo


Packed full of vitamin C, O&M is a nourishing option for hair that’s feeling like it needs a reinvigorating day at a spa. It was specifically designed to hydrate dying hair back to a healthier and fuller form. Vitamin C works to repair broken bonds and strengthen hair strands to keep it at a top-tier healthy hair level. This shampoo is color safe for people who dye their hair or want their natural hair color to shine and not look dull.

It’s ideal for straight, curly, wavy, coily, fine, or thick hair. For the best results from this shampoo, wash your hair and rinse it twice. O&M is suitable for all age groups starting from teens.

16. Biolage Care Hydrasource Shampoo


Frizziness seems to be the main outcome for people with dry hair and Biolage thought long and hard about this when designing the Care Hydrasource Shampoo. Their unique formulation helps detangle frayed ends, re-balance moisture levels, and perk up the liveliness of your hair’s appearance.

This shampoo is safe to use on colored hair as it’s paraben-free, and it gives your hair a natural shine with a gentle softness to the touch. This product also works well for people struggling with grease at the roots. It’s safe for all age groups over ten and for all hair types.

17. Kerasilk Control Shampoo


Kerasilk Control shampoo is another keratin-rich formula to help bring some life to hair that’s looking dead and heavily damaged. This shampoo was made for the most untameable of manes. It counteracts tangles by adding softness and strength to every strand on your head.

It’s a tender cleanser that won’t cause any further hair breakage thanks to its heavy dose of keratin in each bottle. The formula is paraben-free and even gluten-free. The extra bonus to this particular shampoo is that it can be used as a maintenance treatment for people who’ve had a keratin treatment (a permanent straightening treatment) at a salon.

18. Evo The Therapist Hydrating Shampoo


If your hair is so dry that it’s causing you to have a flaky scalp, Evo has your back with this soothing shampoo that rehydrates and moisturizes all hair types. It adds structure to hair strands, which helps them to become stronger and less frizzy. 

The Therapist Hydrating Shampoo is suitable for all hair types that need a soft cleanse and some help to retain color (for those with dyes in their hair). It’s also suitable for all age groups from teenagers and up. This shampoo is a great option for anyone who needs some hair resurrection.

19. Lust Hydrate Shampoo


With ingredients like ginkgo biloba leaf, Hydrate shampoo by Lust moisturizes your dry hair back to something more lively. The shampoo contains Vitis vinifera seed oil (aka, grapeseed oil) to moisten, aloe vera leaf extract for elasticity, and ginkgo biloba leaf extract to protect your hair from heat damage, including damage from the sun.

This product is safe for colored or chemically treated hair that’s extra thirsty and needs some hydration-boosting love. For the best results that Lust can give, it’s recommended to lather, rinse, repeat, and then follow up the shampooing with Lust’s Hydrate Conditioner.

20. Fanola Nourishing Shampoo


Fanola offers this budget-friendly option for giving some healing to hair that is dry, fragile, or stressed. It contains some milk proteins, which help make your hair slip through the brush without having knotting and tangling, which prevents hair from breaking or falling out. It’s a shampoo that soothes frizziness, strengthens strands, and protects hair from further damage.

It has a butterscotch essence that will make you look forward to every shower. Fanola also has a Nourishing Mask that can be used after your shampoo to help lock in the hydration and nutrients your hair needs.

21. Fudge Luminizer Moisture Boost Shampoo


Luminizing and moisturizing is this shampoo’s bread and butter. Expect your frizzy dead hair to defrizz, detangle, and brighten up to an energetic shine. Fudge’s special Opti-PLEX technology is combined with their Micellar Oil Complex to cleanse and repair all your dry hair back to its pleasing feel and youthful appearance.

This product’s unique ingredients make this shampoo safe for colored hair—it even helps to maintain color.

Massage a small amount of product through wet hair, massage the scalp, rinse, and repeat. To make the most of this shampoo, use Fudge’s Luminizer Weightless Conditioner. It latches to the hair stands like no other, keeping it silky for days.

22. John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Shampoo


John Frieda offers another budget-friendly option for people wanting to get rid of thirsty-looking hair without breaking the bank. John Frieda uses their own in-house formulation that rebuilds hair from the inside out. Their Frizz-Immunity shampoo is optimal for dry hair that needs a good moisture-boosting soak.

Anticipate hair that will be much smoother in texture and more manageable for styling. Frizz Ease is best suited for hair types that are medium to thick, but especially suited to wavy or coily hair. This shampoo is safe to use on colored and chemically treated hair.

23. Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo


Oribe Gold Lust shampoo s-is almost worth its weight in gold. It’s a dead hair reviver made to quite literally bring hair back to life from the dead. The long list of exotic and hydrating ingredients features a bio-restorative complex, amino acid complex, Oribe’s signature complex, Mediterranean cypress extract, and argan oil.

The various oils all work to restore hydration and shine for a glossy and radiant finish. As you would expect from such a high-end shampoo, the fragrance it leaves in your hair is magnificent. Pair it with the conditioner or pair it with Oribe’s Nourishing Hair Oil for an extra silky soft appearance.

24. OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo


This sulfate-free shampoo uses an intriguing combination of argan oil and silk proteins to make hair stronger, more hydrated, and healthier. It can be used on the most extremely dry hair, hair that may be breaking severely each time it’s washed. The exceptional formulation helps lock in all of the hydration the strands are fed to ensure an extensive repair and restructure of your dehydrated hair.

OGX’s Renewing + Argan Oil shampoo is ideal for people who often style their hair with heat and are looking for a shampoo that can protect against heat and UV damage. 

25. Juuce Argan Soft Shampoo


Restoring your hair to a shiny and soft state is possible with Juuce’s Argan Soft shampoo. It was designed for the most fragile of dry hair and can help bring it back to life. Expect a glossy finish to hair that’ll become tameable all the while giving it some extra movement. This shampoo is sulfate- and paraben-free.

Unlike most other shampoos for dry hair, this one protects against humidity, meaning you won’t have to worry about your frizzy flyaways in muggy climates. It also protects against UV rays and oxidation. For the most effective look, use Juuce’s Argan Soft Conditioner after the shampoo.

26. System Professional Smoothen Shampoo


System Professional Smoothen Shampoo is a gentle product that provides a hydrating improvement to dry hair. It can make even the most fried hair feel like it’s gone from zero to hero by providing control with the ingredients it infuses into every hair strand. System Professional developed their unique LididCode™ for all hair that needs some resilience and a healthier glow. This is what makes System Professional’s Smoothen Shampoo one of the best shampoos for dry hair on the market.

Massage the shampoo into your hair focusing on the roots, then lengths, and finally the ends of your hair. Be sure to repeat the application and rinse process twice before using a follow-up product like conditioner. 

27. Lumin Keratin Recovery Shampoo


Ever wondered if green tea could help your dry hair woes? Well, Lumin has made a shampoo with green tea in it that can. It’s formulated to help with extremely fragile hair in desperate need of some matcha magic by stimulating hair growth and strengthening each strand. 

The product also contains peppermint oil, which gives off a gentle cool tingle to the scalp and actively cleanses the hair and encourages more follicles to grow. This shampoo is ideal for thin dry hair that’s needing nourishment and potentially a bit of thickening. For the most successful results, lather the hair in the product and rinse until the foaming stops.

28. Ethique Mintasy Solid Shampoo Bar


This is a bit out of the box among other products on this list because it’s a solid shampoo bar. Use Ethique to feel environmentally friendly by reducing your plastic bottle intake; this shampoo reduces container waste because it’s an alternative that’s sold as a bar. It’s made with all sustainably sourced ingredients, including cocoa butter, coconut butter, and peppermint oil. That’s a whole lot of hydration with an added refreshing minty and cool feel to the scalp.

This bar shampoo is free of any synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, alcohol, palm oil, and soap. It’s also safe to use on colored hair, and you can get at least 80 washes out of one bar.

29. L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Absolut Repair Shampoo


Repair and restore your dry, damaged, or fried hair with L’Oréal’s special concoction. It’s a salon-quality product that you can have in your very own bathroom at home. If used correctly, it can help you with surface damage by 77%, and it can rehydrate your hair to get it looking up to 7 times shinier.

This shampoo can guarantee extensive hydration without making your hair feel heavy. It’s ideal for people looking to have hair that’s resistant to heat from hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners or whatever heated hair finishing utensil you want to use.

Expect healthier hair that has a silky feel and smooth appeal when you use L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Absolut Repair Shampoo. Massage the shampoo into dampened hair, rinse it out, and do it once more for the best outcome.

30. NAK HAIR Hydrate Shampoo


NAK HAIR has made this moisturizing shampoo to indulge your dry hair to make it nicely balanced. This shampoo is kind to animals by being cruelty-free. It’s also kind to your hair by being paraben- and sulfate-free. It’s specifically formulated to nourish thirsty hair that needs some smoothing and restoration.

Hydrate Shampoo is a great option for people with dry, frizzy, normal, chemically treated, and color-treated hair. It acts as a color protectant for people who frequently dye their hair. Finish up your hair wash routine with NAK HAIR’s Hydrate Conditioner for fantastic results. Be sure to twice apply and rinse the shampoo before moving on to other treatments.

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