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People have always been curious about their surroundings and what loved ones are up to. But unlike in the past, when there were very limited ways to tell what someone was doing, that is no longer the case in today’s modern world.

With the advancement of technology, and the vast number of connections that the internet provides, the world will never be the same. We all carry smartphones and are constantly connected to a network.

Even though that may sound negative, there are also positive sides to it, since you can use all that connection power to keep track of people you love.

Children are especially vulnerable when cyberbullying is concerned, so using phone tracking apps will be beneficial to prevent any negative events. Besides, these apps also allow monitoring access for partners and older people such as your parents.

Below we have compiled a list of some of the best phone tracking apps available, and we thoroughly reviewed each of them and their perks. So keep on reading!

Best Phone Number Tracker To Find A Phone Location Fast:

  1. UMobix – Best Mobile Tracker & Phone Finder Apps For Android & iPhone Users
  2. Spyic – Recommended Phone Tracking App For Parental Control Phone
  3. SpyBubble – Popular GPS Cell Phone Locator To Track Phone Location Accurately
  4. GeoFinder – Most Liked Phone Tracker App With Strong Tracker Network
  5. Spyzzz – Local Android Phone Tracker Application To Find A Phone Location

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. UMobix – Best Mobile Tracker & Phone Finder Apps For Android & iPhone Users

Best Phone Tracking

If you are a parent and want to know where your child hangs out, UMobix is probably the best tracking app and service that money can buy. It has modern and sophisticated tracking qualities, which you can use to monitor your child and ensure they are safe and sound.

Setting up an account and installing the app is a breeze and will allow you to start tracking in only a few minutes. The application is straightforward and gives you access to over 40 social media platforms and apps. There is very little chance that you will remain unsatisfied with this app.

The app also works with all Android and iOS devices, but the iOS version has several limitations in in-app monitoring.

The developer of UMobix offers excellent prices for their app, including several different subscription packages. Depending on your needs, you can decide to use the app with a 1-year, 3-month, or 1-month subscription at reasonably affordable prices.


Using UMobix’s services, you access several features like call logging, keylogger, GPS location tracker, etc.

Call monitoring

The call monitoring feature provides just what the name implies – access to incoming and outgoing calls on the tracked device. The ability to record calls is, however, unavailable.

Access to log records is simple, and the calls are all listed chronologically, from the newest to the oldest ones. Using a pagination system with numbers, you can quickly scroll through all the call logs on the tracked phone.

The information visible in these call logs is the caller ID, the call duration, and the date they made the call.


Out of many apps and services of this sort, UMobix probably has the most accurate keylogger. Many spy app developers claim their apps have the best keyloggers, but they rarely work as promised. They would most often have trouble recording keystrokes and form incomplete sentences that are hard to understand.

UMobix’s keylogger is more than satisfactory, with only a few tolerable glitches. It can record over 95% of keystrokes on the tracked device, including passwords and other documentation.

Ideal for parent control, this feature will give you an insight into every action your child performs on their device. It will timely notify you using real-time notifications.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking and location is another feature UMobix has up its sleeve, providing accurate location data and frequent refresh intervals.

UMobix records all users’ visited locations, which appear conveniently on the dashboard map. Each visited point is linked to information and details about that specific location. That information also includes a timestamp, which tells you when the user of the tracked device visited that location.

With this feature, you can easily monitor your child’s whereabouts and track whether they are at school or hanging out with friends.


  • You can easily install the app
  • Gain access to almost every social media platform
  • Deleted messages have never been easier to retrieve
  • Frequent updates and reports
  • Live support via phone from the UMobix team
  • GPS tracking in real-time
  • An excellent choice for worried parents
  • Offers an affordable service
  • You don’t need to jailbreak or root your device to use it


  • It requires iCloud credentials on iOS
  • You only gain access to one device per subscription
  • Social media tracking is limited for iPhones

=> Click here this website “UMobix”

#2. Spyic –  Recommended Phone Tracking App For Parental Control Phone

Best Phone Tracking 2

Spyic is an iOS and Android compatible app and tracking service that gives parents the ultimate access to messages on their child’s tracked device. The features work identically the same on both operating systems, so you wouldn’t miss out on anything regardless of the platform you use.

Spyic even supports older OS versions, so if your child has an older phone, there is a high chance that the app will support its operating system.

Even though Spyic is not a cheap service, we consider it very affordable for the services and features you are getting in return. There are several different subscription options: Basic, Premium, and Family while the premium one is the most popular among users. It also offers excellent annual discounts but only supports one device at a time.

Social media monitoring is also exclusive to the premium subscription package, so we suggest you use that option.


Some of the most prominent features of Spyic are the ability to access a tracked device’s messages and social media activity. These are the features at which the app performs best, including call monitoring and access to logs, media files tracker, location tracker, etc.

Gain access to messages on a tracked device

Spyic has an SMS tracking option, probably one of the app’s best features. You can use it to access and read all messages that have been sent and received on the tracked device.

The feature also provides the contact’s name, phone number, and the time and date when the message was received.

Like any regular messaging app, the simple track messages window uses a chat-style view. You can scroll through all the messages on the dashboard and easily find the particular one you are looking for. It gives you information and access to media files, like an MMS message.

Gives you social media monitoring access

Social media is one of the most dangerous places where stalkers operate these days. It is not safe even for adults, let alone children. Spyic pays careful attention to this fact, granting you instant access to all social media activity on the targeted device.

Spyic gives access to all popular social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Snapchat, Viber, etc. You will see your child’s friends, who they message, and what they post on their feed. You will also see comments on photos and posts.

The app will give you access to private and group chats on platforms designed solely for chatting. Every chat will be time-stamped, so you will know exactly when the conversation went down.


  • You can use it on both iOS and Android
  • No rooting or jailbreaking is required to use the app
  • The app offers plenty of features
  • The stealth mode option makes it undetectable on the tracked device
  • Several subscription plans are available at reasonable prices
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Free sign-up


  • You can’t install it remotely on Android devices, so you will need to have access to the tracked device
  • You need to know the iCloud security credentials to access tracking on iOS devices

=> Click here this website “Spyic”

#3. SpyBubble –  Popular GPS Cell Phone Locator To Track Phone Location Accurately

Best Phone Tracking 3

SpyBubble is another mobile app we included in this article that allows you to track your chosen device. It is suitable for anyone to use, especially distraught parents. They can easily track their child’s whereabouts, conversations, and internet browsing reasonably easily with this service.

The app is compatible with all newer iOS and Android operating systems and even supports older versions. Unfortunately, some features may not function the same on both operating systems.

After installing the app on both your device and the device you wish to track, you have to make an account with SpyBubble for the service to work. Installing the app on both devices is only applicable to Android, while on iOS, you only need the iCloud credentials of the targeted device to gain access.

After that, the app will give you refreshed information every 5 minutes, keeping you updated on any recent changes on the tracked device. To check the activity, you must log into your account via the app or any web browser on your phone or a PC.


One of the best features that SpyBubble has is gaining entry to the web browser history of the tracked device. It also has the power to act as a keylogger, recording every keystroke on the device, monitoring call logs, gathering location information, etc.

Web browser history

The most prominent feature of SpyBubble is its ability to access the web browser history of the targeted device. Your child can access the internet via the phone’s web browser, so now you will easily monitor their online activity and see which websites they visit most often.

This feature is helpful to prevent your child from accessing harmful information online, like any scamming websites or content meant for adults.

Besides providing the links to the visited pages, SpyBubble also takes screenshots of them to see what is going on visually.

This feature neatly organizes all web browsing information and even gives you an insight into web history records that have recently been deleted. Every visited website is also embedded with a timestamp.

Provides access to the contact list of the tracked device

SpyBubble gives you access to your child or your loved one’s contact list, and the chance to access it at any time is very important. With this app, you can monitor contact activity on the targeted device and find out who your child interacts with regularly.

The app records the contact’s vital information, such as name, address, phone number, and even a picture if available. The app can also tell if any contacts have been recently deleted because all the data is stored on online servers to be accessed from anywhere.


  • Reasonably priced
  • No need to root or jailbreak the tracked device
  • Stealth mode enabled
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast and effective data syncing
  • Gives you full access to social media platforms
  • Allows you to track the device activity in real-time
  • Provides access to the web history


  • Features may be different on iOS and Android
  • Does not support geo-fencing

=> Click here this website “SpyBubble”

#4. GeoFinder – Most Liked Phone Tracker App With Strong Tracker Network

Best Phone Tracking 4

GeoFinder is the app we chose, dedicated to pinpointing the location of any phone number you provide, irrespective of the mobile network.

The app is also available on Android and iOS operating systems; no rooting or jailbreaking is required to install and use it. It is straightforward to use, with only a couple of steps to follow and find the location of your loved one.

This app is ideal for any situation, whether you want to keep track of your child, find out if your partner is cheating on you, or if you want to keep a close eye on your elderly parent. You can easily track their movements anywhere if you have their phone number and they provide their consent.

The GeoFinder’s geolocation services are accessible through a one-time payment of $29.99. You will get full access membership for this price, and because of the nature of the service, there are no money-back guarantees.

According to the app developers, the registered account will be available at your disposal for the next 10 years with an unlimited number of devices you can track.


GeoFinder provides accurate and precise geolocation of the phone number you want to locate. Once you enter the phone number, regardless of the carrier, the service’s precision system will work and deliver the device’s exact location in a map-like file.

This follows legislation, and the service operates according to the commissioner’s office of information (ICO). The feature will only be activated and start tracking once the person being traced gives consent.

The service covers all mobile phone operators and almost all known mobile phone brands. Many users use fairly popular brands of phones, so that would not be an issue or impairment for this service to function.

GeoFinder also features worldwide coverage, as long as the targeted mobile phone is connected and has internet access.

One last interesting feature that GeoFinder has is the ability for the user to request either an anonymous or identified geolocation. If you submit an anonymous request, the person you wish to locate will know and be notified as to who is trying to locate them, and vice versa.


  • Easily track and locate a mobile phone number from any provider
  • Supports both Android and iOS
  • Geolocation is only available with consent from the person that is tracked
  • Precise system
  • You can request geolocation anonymously
  • The service provides worldwide coverage
  • Many positive reviews on Trustpilot
  • Easy to use


  • Only one membership plan without a subscription

=> Click here this website “GeoFinder

#5. Spyzzz – Local Android Phone Tracker Application To Find A Phone Location

Best Phone Tracking 5

The last phone tracking app we included in our review is Spyzzz. From the first time you access the website of this app, you will get a general idea that it is a tracking service devised to track cheating partner activities. You will instantly be greeted with the “Cheating Partner Investigation” headline.

The app provides quick results, and according to the developer, it takes only 3 minutes to get all the information you need. That is convenient since impatience plays its part in a situation like that.

The app has few positive reviews from users, who claim to be satisfied with the service and the information they have received. It finally left them in doubt about whether their partner was a cheater or not.

Spyzzz provides its services at very affordable prices, which is also one of the reasons we decided to include it in this article. On their website, the developers claim their app has exactly 43 features. Out of so many of them, we decided to mention some of the most useful in cheating partner situations.


There are several key features that this app is perfect for since it is developed specifically to help you monitor your partner and their activities and movements. These features will provide the most evidence that your partner is a cheater or not.

Enables access to photos and videos

The app lets you view every photo and video file stored on the tracked device, whether hidden or not. You can even download the photo and video files on your device as duplicates to save them as proof for later if your partner denies them.

Notifies you when a SIM card has been changed

This is a handy feature since many cheating partners will swap between different SIM cards to make phone calls or send text messages.

This feature is also helpful in other situations. For example, if your phone gets stolen, you can use the app from another phone to detect if the sim card has been removed and act accordingly to protect your private data.

Excellent keystroke tracker

Considering its use, the keystroke logging feature is vital in a cheating partner situation. The developer team of Spyzzz has done a great job, and the app provides accurate and permanent information about the typing activity on your partner’s device.

The keystroke logs remain intact, even if the user becomes aware of the feature and tries to erase anything they have written up until that point. All the logs are saved, and you can easily access them anytime.


  • Quickly reveal the truth in under 3 minutes
  • A dedicated app to catching cheaters
  • Reveals hidden and deleted pictures and video files
  • Also shows if a contact has been recently deleted or renamed
  • Has the option for an audio stream
  • Able to track your partner’s location
  • Easy installation process
  • Reveals any hidden and secret accounts on social media
  • Affordable service
  • No jailbreaking or rooting required


  • If your partner restarts their phone, they will disable the tracking
  • We could not find any information about a refund policy

=> Click here this website “Spyzzz”

How We Made This List Of Best Mobile Tracker Apps With Advanced GPS Cell Phone Locator Tools:

Choosing the right apps for this article was tricky. If the app does not do its job, it’s a waste of money, and it’s like you don’t have an app. Besides, when you hear of a tracking app, you instantly think that the device needs to be hacked for it to work.

We picked phone tracker apps that require no hacking, rooting, or jailbreaking to work, and there were several things that we ensured all of them had in common.

We selected apps that are easy to use

Our goal wasn’t to select high-end technical apps too complicated to use. We tried as much as possible to avoid such tracking applications. Even though they have many features, only a few would help, while the other would only confuse most users.

That is why we picked apps that are easy to use by almost any user. They have a friendly user interface and a straightforward way of using them. Every tracking option is separated into sections for easy navigation. That way, you will know exactly what and where to look.

The apps are compatible

We ensured every app on our list was compatible with Android and iOS devices. There is also no need to hack, root, or jailbreak your device, and the installation process is the same as with any other app.

The apps also support older versions of both Android and iOS and work across both platforms. That means you can track an iPhone using an Android device and vice versa.

Besides phones, these apps are also compatible with PCs and tablets, making them even more versatile.


Many users would hassle about the price and how much a service like this costs. So, we paid a lot of attention to this fact and wanted to choose apps that offer the most affordable prices for the features you’re getting.

Several apps come with great subscription plans, which allow you to use them for some time and try them out. These plans offer great discounts, so it would not be a huge waste of money even if unsatisfied with the app’s features.

Beware of tracking apps and services that offer low and affordable prices for high-end features that have not been tested. They might pose a scam, so it would be best to choose an app from the ones we selected.

Our apps pack all the important features

Many tracking apps we examined had features and options you would probably never even need. So many unnecessary features will only confuse you, making you pay a lot more money than you have to.

That is why we considered apps that have the essential features you would need to get tracking information as quickly and as easily as possible.

One of them, GeoFinder, is specialized only for location tracking and is a great app for people that require only that option. Spyzzz, however, specializes in tracking cheating partners and features many options.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Phone Finder App To Track A Phone Location:

Customer service and support

Using such apps might cause crashes, especially in the long run.

Because of so many privacy issues in today’s modern world, phone and operating systems manufacturers are constantly developing updates to increase their device’s security. That is why phone tracking is becoming more and more difficult with each passing moment.

When technology fails, it is important to have the proper support that provides quick help. Not all developers provide customer service, especially not the shady ones. All they do is take your money and leave you at that.

But if you try one of the reviewed phone finder apps, you wouldn’t have to worry about being left alone to deal with any trouble. UMobix especially has one of the best customer service teams that provide quick and easy fixes to any problem related to their tracking app.

Try to choose an app with a convenient dashboard

Choosing an app with a simple User Interface (UI) means a lot, especially if you are in a hurry and want to access the information fast. That is why it’s best to pick an app with a basic and uncomplicated dashboard to be able to navigate it quickly.

Many apps also have dashboards with different view modes, so you can pick the one you like most.

A simple dashboard also means that the app will run smoother since there are fewer resources to handle, and the device will render all information faster and more efficiently.

Make sure the app has a GPS tracking feature

If you’re considering using a tracking app for a phone device, then GPS is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Without a GPS location option, the app would not be a tracking app in full context.

GPS tracking allows you to find the location of your child, parent, or partner, easily and within seconds. For this to be legal, however, they must first provide their consent.

Some apps are great because they can record GPS location history and provide a detailed list of where the tracked device has been. The app records location history in set intervals during the day, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting any settings or options.

Call logs and phone call recordings are also great options to have

Listening to phone call recordings and sifting through call logs lists are two great features every tracking app should possess.

Phone call recording documents all incoming and outgoing phone conversations. All recordings are automatically stored on the app’s dashboard; you can listen to and review them anytime. Simple dashboards later let you select the conversations you want to keep and delete all the unnecessary ones.

Call logs work complementary to phone call recording. They also register incoming and outgoing calls, voicemails, deleted messages, and missed calls.

Call logs notify you the same moment someone makes or receives a call and shows the caller’s name, the duration of the call, and the time it was made.

Social media monitoring is also a great addition to have

Everyone uses social media these days. Everyone can be hooked up on at least one social media platform, from young people to older adults. So having a tracking app that also harbors the capability of monitoring social media is a must.

Most tracking apps, including those on our list, can track the activity on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger, and Viber.

The application can also give you direct access to the accounts of the person you wish to track. It does that by mapping the keystrokes of the email and password when the person enters them on the device to log in. You can use them to log in to their account and find out what they are up to.

Take note that you should take these privacy concerns seriously because you wouldn’t want to ruin your relationship with your loved ones by invading that privacy too harshly.

Why not include web browser history while you’re at it

Web browser history tracking could be important, especially to parents who want to monitor their children’s online activity. A phone tracking app with the feature to track web browser history is an excellent choice since the internet has countless scamming and negative websites.

The tracking app can register activity whether the user uses regular or incognito mode. The apps usually list visited web pages in chronological order, just like any other history list inside a regular web browsing app. Some apps even let you filter potentially harmful ones and notify you about them first.

FAQs Regarding Location Tracking Apps For Android & iPhone:

How do I know that phone tracking apps are not scams?

This is a good question since many people doubt these kinds of apps and whether or not they do what they claim. And indeed, countless apps out there are scams, so we picked 5 that are reliable and trustworthy.

We’ve put so much research into this topic that we highlighted what we looked for and gave you a basic idea of what you should be aware of when choosing the right tracking app.

A great way to also know if an app is a scam or not is to read customer reviews of it online. If an app has received nothing but positive comments, then it is the real deal.

Are these types of apps secure?

Apps that reputable companies develop are highly secure and safe to use. Many of them ask for your personal information, but do not share it later with third parties for commercial purposes. They must notify and ask for your consent if they intend to do so.

Besides, apps like these usually can track people while keeping you anonymous, which means that if the person finds out that they are monitored, they will not know who is monitoring them.

Your payment information will also be kept secure, and paying for apps and services like these is the same as making online shopping payments on popular websites like Amazon or eBay.

Are tracking apps and services legal?

Yes, using such apps is legal, but not in all cases. For example, it is legal to use a tracking app if you are a parent and want to monitor your child’s online activities or locate where they are and what they are doing.

It is also legal to monitor your older parent, but only if they have given you their consent. This also applies to spouses and partners. Without their consent, tracking them would be a breach of their privacy. This is a thing to keep in mind and be careful about since serious complications may arise.

What phone models are supported and can be tracked?

This depends entirely on the app you consider using. Some apps only support specific models, so it is a good idea to do a little research first and find out if the app supports the phone you intend to track.

The apps we reviewed support all phone brands and models, so you would not have any trouble tracking any device if you chose one of them.

Can I track my partner or spouse without them knowing?

Yes, Spyzzz is excellent for that purpose since the app has been specially designed to track cheating and deceiving partners.

The app will allow you 24/7 monitoring privileges and can monitor your partner’s phone regardless of the model or operating system it uses.

Can I track someone using only their phone number?

It is possible to track a person’s device without them knowing it. A great app for that intention is GeoFinder, which only requires the device’s phone number to locate and track the device.

GeoFinder is an app that performs cell phone tracking privately, using a precise GPS service system that pinpoints the person’s location and device within seconds.

What about text messages? Can they be tracked too?

Yes, tracking apps possess one of the basic and essential features, giving you access to SMS messages. Through the app’s filtering system, you can read all incoming and outgoing messages, even those that have been deleted.

Many tracking apps also give you the option to filter text messages. On average, people receive over 70 messages daily, and not all of them can be important. So instead of reading through all of them, you can set a specific keyword. That way, the app will only notify you about messages containing that keyword in particular.

Can Google maps track a device?

No, it is impossible to track a person’s device without them knowing using Google maps. That is because Google is a highly secure service that regularly sends notifications to users whose account or location has been breached.

Fortunately, you can use Google maps to track someone, but only if they consent. So if you want to track someone without them knowing, you should try one of our reviewed apps since they all are great for the job!

Can I track a phone without a SIM card installed on it?

Yes, it is possible to track a mobile phone without having a SIM card installed. However, it needs to be connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi network to send location information online through GPS.

To make sure this is true, try removing the SIM card from your device and turning on your Wi-Fi. Once the device establishes a Wi-Fi connection, open an app on your phone that requires using your device’s location, such as Google Maps. The app will still be able to locate your device without needing a SIM card to be installed.

Final Thoughts On Best Phone Tracker By Number:

You’ve reached the end of our article, so bear with us a little longer. Since it is a sensitive topic that should be taken seriously, we wish to say a few more words about it.

By now, we hope you were able to understand the role phone tracking apps can have on your and your loved one’s life. Whether to find out a dirty secret or keep an eye on your precious child, they can be life-changing.

It is our advice to use these apps with complete prudence and discretion. Use them only positively, and avoid undergoing negative situations and experiences.

These apps, in our opinion, are best to keep your child safe and sound because dangers are lurking around every corner in the vast ocean of the internet. So we hope you will use them consciously and have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe.

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