Online Psychic Reading Sites In 2022 – Top Psychic Readers For Accurate Astrology Answers


Are you confused about the future as much as we are? Whether it be your love life, your career, ambitions, personality, or future, we’ve got just the trick to ease your worries! 

Psychic readings are not uncommon in these uncertain times. Our lives can get confusing with the hassle of everyday events, with no power over what will happen next. 

Seeking psychic help can help us feel more secure about our future. In many ways, it can guide us in the right direction, sometimes one we weren’t even aware existed. 

It is easy to find online psychic reading websites, but not all of them are reliable or authentic! We have created this list of the Top 5 most authentic and best psychic reading sites to help you find clarity. 

The following sites are renowned for offering particularly accurate readings, which have helped people learn more about their lives and make decisions with less worry. 

Top 4 Best Online Psychics & Tarot Readers On The Market:

  • Purple Garden – Best Online Psychics For Psychic Readings Via Phone, Chat Or Video
  • Kasamba – Top Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot Reading
  • Mysticsense -Top Online Psychics For Tarot Sessions; Trusted For Love & Career Advice
  • Keen – Psychic Medium With Trusted Psychic Readers & Fortune-Tellers

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks: 

#1. Purple Garden – Best Online Psychics For Psychic Readings Via Phone, Chat Or Video

Best Online Psychic 1

Purple Garden is a specialized mobile app that aims to provide high-quality psychic readings to truth-seekers. The brand excels in terms of accessibility and ease of use, offering both recorded and live psychic readings. Enthusiastic readers receive the most judgments because they can provide high-quality interpretation on a wide range of important life decisions.

Purple Garden is one of the most well-known online psychic reading websites, with thousands of satisfied customers. They have a team of genuine psychics, soothsayers, and tarot card readers who promise to make their psychic readings enjoyable for their customers.


Purple Garden provides a wide range of services, including love and relationships, tarot readings, spiritual guidance, caregiver and goals, numerology, astrology readings, dream analysis, previous life readings, and others. You can also choose the language in which the psychic will communicate with you. In addition, the brand has a few new features, such as the ability to view each fortune reader’s weekly schedule to see when they are normally available to serve you. Users can also read their educational blog, check their horoscopes, and watch videos about fortune-telling readings.

With Purple Garden’s low-cost packages, you can get a psychic reading near me for as little as $0.99 per minute or as much as $14.99 per minute, and you can even get a free five-minute consultation with an “elite” psychic near you. The best part is that you can choose a psychic and connect with them right away with just one click. You can also consult with experts via online chat or phone to get a love reading, career advice, or financial decision reading.


  • Mobile psychic readings
  • Variety of reading styles
  • Live chat, voice, & video


  • Simplified website
  • Pricey
  • Limited discount offers

User Reviews

If you want to avoid a lot of scam psychics while still getting a high-quality psychic reading at a lower price, this website is worth a look. It’s a genuine platform that will connect you with knowledgeable readers with a variety of skills. Purple Garden should be able to meet your needs if you need a comprehensive online psychic reading but are on a tight budget. It provides a simple user interface for scheduling and receiving phone readings.

=> Click here to visit the official website of PurpleGarden

#2. Kasamba – Top Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot Reading

Best Online Psychic 2

Our top pick for the best online psychic reading sites is Kasamba. When it comes to predictions and readings of any kind, be it horoscopes, tarot, dream analysis or fortune-telling, Kasamba has it all! 

Kasamba has been up and running as a psychic reading platform on chat, email and phone for 20 years. For a psychic reading platform to have established such a strong name for themselves over two decades, they must have credibility and authenticity attached to their online psychic reading services. 


Kasamba has a wide range of psychics available for many kinds of reading. Psychic readings, in particular, have a diversity of options, including Tarot readings, Crystal readings and Rune Casting. 

With such a large number of services falling under one psychic reading provider, you may expect the prices to be quite high; however, that is not the case at all. Kasamba offers a low-price range of approximately $1.99 per minute. Some of the more professional and experienced psychics may charge a higher fee. 

Moreover, Kasamba offers a free three minutes with your psychic! This proposal is only available for first-time users who may also be entitled to a 15% discount. Isn’t that amazing? 


  • Two decades of experience! 
  • Available through phone, chat and email
  • First three minutes free
  • Begins with a low-price range ($1.99/minute)


  • Prices can exceed up to $20+/minute 
  • Satisfaction guarantees not available after first reading 

User Reviews 

Users have praised and expressed immense satisfaction with their psychic readings from Kasamba. People suggest that many psychics are able to place their problems, struggles and situations in merely the first free three minutes of their chat. The psychic’s reliable process of customer situations is what draws people to use chatting options more. 

If users are not satisfied with the first reading, they are entitled to financial compensation of up to $50. Hence, in the cases where users have not received accurate or useful readings, they have not left empty-handed or suffered losses. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. MysticSense – Top Online Psychics For Tarot Sessions; Trusted For Love & Career Advice

Best Online Psychic 3

MysticSense is a successful endeavor for psychic readings offering a wide range of affordable prices. The psychics available on the MysticSense website are all checked through a rigorous standard to ensure their authenticity. 

MysticSense has grown highly in popularity over the past few years. It is still a young platform compared to other renowned ones, but its offers and workers are just as qualified and honest. 


One of the features that make MysticSense stand out so vividly amongst competitors is the number of choices. This online psychic reading website has dozens of psychics specialized in love, career, energy, medium and intuitive psychic readings. MysticSense has one of the best sorting and filtering options so that you can find a psychic who fits all your needs. 

Like other sites, MysticSense offers its customers the first five minutes of consultancy absolutely free of cost. You can easily conduct the psychic readings online through phone, web chat, SMS or even video calls. 

One of MysticSense’s best features is the refund policy they have. Upon dissatisfaction with your initial reading, you will receive a refund guaranteed. Many other online psychic reading websites do not offer this service, giving MysticSense a superior edge. 

Various types of psychics, including clairvoyants and empaths, are accessible 24/7. Along with having psychics who can match specifically with your needs, MysticSense offers a wide range of articles and FAQs to clear up any of your general or particular questions. 


  • Psychics available 24/7 
  • Readings done through video, phone, SMS and chat
  • Free five minutes available 
  • Refund available 


  • Fewer years of experience 

User Reviews

Customers of MysticSense express a great deal of gratitude and comfort towards the psychics on the website. People admit that psychics have often helped ease their worries, nervousness, and confusion about their love lives and careers. 

Your daily life can become confusing when you don’t know what step to take forward. MysticSense is one of the best sites available to help you figure out what path is right for you. With the added benefit of a refund, in case of dissatisfaction, you can rest assured that you will suffer no loss through psychic consultation from MysticSense. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of MysticSense

#4. Keen – Psychic Medium With Trusted Psychic Readers & Fortune-Tellers

Best Online Psychic 4

Our runner-up for top psychic reading sites is Keen, which has been in service for more than two decades now! The considerable experience has been a great advantage for this site, making it a reliable source for psychic readings. 

In terms of astrological and love readings, Keen is simply the best. Many of the psychics on this platform specialize in rare kinds of Chinese, Mayan, and Vedic astrology. 


Keen has an easily navigational website that provides information about horoscopes and psychic readings. It has clearly listed articles and online psychic advisors to help you find your clarity and have ample information about your life’s twists and turns and how to deal with them. 

Since Keen is one of the oldest websites offering psychic readings through call, phone, and email, it has some of the most experienced psychics working for it. Some of these psychics have been helping people with their love lives, horoscopes and other life predictions and predicaments for decades. 

Consultancy for the first three minutes with any psychic of your choice is provided to you for free. Keen offers an affordability range from $1.99 to $9.99+. You may select your price range, and the site will provide you with appropriate psychics for your issues. 


  • Free 3 minutes on the first consult 
  • Available through phone, email, and chat 
  • Low price range available of $1.99 to $9.99+
  • More than two decades of experience


  • Free 3 minutes are only valid for your first psychic choice

User Reviews 

Customer reviews are an easy way to judge the authenticity of an online psychic reading website. People usually arrive at psychic reading sites with questions and problems in their heads, which they want to resolve as soon as possible. Keen has proven over time that it has one of the best variety and ranges of psychics to help you guide you to your conclusions. 

Keen is claimed to be a source of immense comfort for many users who were previously struggling with issues. Psychics at Keen are usually willing and able to judge your situation clearly, and that strong empathetic bond becomes a way for you to find solutions to hardships, a loving partner or even a career. 

We are all in need of guidance in these troubling times, and Keen is one of the best sources for it!

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#5. AskNow – Popular Psychic Reading Site For Live Reading Sessions

For more than 15 years, AskNow has been providing experienced and talented psychic mediums a way to connect with you. It has become a solid platform for psychic consultation and readings, especially with their offer of providing you with messages from loved ones who have passed on. 

AskNow’s professionals set a good standard tor psychic help! They offer psychic readings for horoscopes, love life and your future through phone and chat options. They do not cater to video messages and emails. 


AskNow is famous for having relatively low prices. For an introductory session, you will receive the first five minutes free! They also have psychics working for as low as $1 per minute! 

Like many other psychic reading services, AskNow gives you a chance to switch over to the psychic you want after the first few free minutes. However, AskNow usually links newcomers to elite and experienced psychics who charge more. Switching over to a less paid and less experienced psychic may not be as satisfying for customers. 

AskNow specializes in some of the best connections with otherworldly messages, especially those from the dead. It has dozens of psychic mediums available, including the famous Medium Jozette, who has been in this service for almost 30 or more years. 

AskNow’s services are available on the phone and chat only. They do not provide psychic consultation over videos or email. 


  • Free first five minutes (introductory session only)
  • Available through chat or phone 
  • Price as low as $1/minute 
  • Specialized in mediumship, horoscope and other phone psychic reading


  • Not available through video or emails
  • Some psychics are very expensive (more than $13+/minute)

User Reviews

Although AskNow is third on our list, it has a significant reputation amongst its users. Not only do customers appreciate the psychic readings provided by AskNow, but they also recommend them to others.

AskNow lacks ratings compared to our top 2 options (Kasamba & Keen) because of lesser years in service and fewer communication options. 

#6. Oranum – Affordable Psychic Readers for Astrology & Numerology

Unlike some online psychic reading websites, Oranum offers a purely video-based system. The company believes purely in transparency regarding your psychic readings because they are very personal.

Video services offer a way to see the person you are speaking to, along with what methods they are using to deduce your situation, such as tarot or crystal readings. This system can be very beneficial and detrimental, as it can provide honest clarity but can significantly reduce the customer base.


Oranum provides video chatting services for psychic readings by dozens of experienced and professional chat psychics. Unfortunately, they do not have mediums or readings available through phone, chat or email. It is a strict video setting for clarity and transparency purposes. 

A distinct feature provided by Oranum is its credit system, so for every reading, customers earn 9.99 credits which they can use later to avail themselves of psychic packages. Customers can have psychic readings done by expensive psychics through this service, with prices up to $35 available for 27 credits only!  

Like other companies hosting psychic readings on their platform, Oranum offers free 1 to 3 minutes with a psychic to ease your worries and help you choose what kind of reading you want. 


  • Video chatting for clarity 
  • Free 1 to 3 minutes (for the introductory psychic reading session) 
  • More than a decade of experience 


  • No availability over phone, chat or email
  • Less experienced than other online psychic reading sites 
  • Confusing credit system 

User Reviews

Oranum has become highly respectable over the course of a mere decade. By offering its customers accurate predictions and genuine help with the future, love lives, careers and other areas of life, Oranum is easily one of the best online psychic reading sites. 

However, a point of confusion for many people is their credit system. Other psychic websites have a simple costing system that is easily understandable and may give them an edge over Oranum’s services. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing 2022’s Best Online Psychic Reading Services 

Type of Reading 

Before choosing your psychic from the large range that most online psychic reading websites provide, you should have a certain idea about what kind of reading you want. Most psychics offer tarot, horoscopes, love life, crystals, careers, rune-based, and other types of readings. Many psychics specialize in specific, often astrology-based, readings from Chinese, Mayan and Vedic cultures. 

Reading and researching the different kinds of readings – examples and descriptions of which are given on the online psychic reading platform – can help you easily decide which one will suit you best. Many people opt for tarot card readings when uncertain about their careers and lives. Others prefer horoscope accurate psychic readings to figure out their love lives. 

Psychic’s Talent

A psychic’s talents are something you should be aware of beforehand. Usually, the psychic’s specialization will be listed conveniently with their name and information. 

Talent is a necessary consideration because if you ask for a specific kind of reading from a psychic not specialized in that field, you may end up with an unsatisfactory reading. To ensure that you have an accurate and honest reading, you should choose a psychic that is an expert in the type of reading you require. 

Psychic’s Experience 

A psychic’s experience in their field of conversation or as a medium matters a lot. When you seek clarity in your life, the inauthenticity of inexperienced psychics may not fulfill your satisfaction. You may be left more lost and confused, in some cases. 

The amount of years a psychic has worked, and the quality of their customer reviews can be a good determinant of a psychic’s experience. Those who have been in the field for many years have good advice and judgment of people’s situations and are better at helping people than newer psychics. 

Although a psychic’s experience may become irrelevant if they are good at their job, a good psychic can deliver the right information to guide you through life regardless of the years they have worked. However, it is often the case that the older, more reputable psychics are better at readings than new ones.  


As important as considering factors like experience and talents is before selecting a psychic for your readings, these considerations can make the process more expensive.

Good quality readings and experienced psychics who have been working for years charge a higher price for their services. In many cases, the difference can be extreme. 

New psychics may charge approximately $2 to $5 per minute, but a highly rated psychic’s prices may rise more than $20+ per minute. 

Therefore, before you choose a psychic, you should make sure you can afford the help they offer you.

Online Psychics Vs. Offline Psychic Readers:

Online psychics and offline psychics both have benefits the other lacks. What some people may find in face-to-face communications, others may seek through a video call. 

Every seeker has their own comfort zone, and with psychics who require you to be honest so they can be truthful in return, it is absolutely essential that you stay comfortable. According to that comfort level, you may prefer a psychic’s online or offline presence. 

Offline psychics may be a valid choice for those who disagree with technological barriers. However, to contact an offline psychic, you will require scheduling, and the process can be generally more time-consuming than merely using online methods. 

Hence, for those searching for a psychic, it is beneficial to use online psychics, whatever the reason may be. A good psychic will be able to provide you with accurate information regardless of your setting – be it in person, on the phone, chat, video or even email. 

The motive of a psychic reading is to satisfy you. You should choose whichever reading mode is best suited to what you want out of the psychic’s help. 

FAQs About Psychic Reading

Despite using psychic reading websites, tarot cards and other types of readings for years, people are often unaware of the wide range of offers they can avail themselves of. As a beginner to psychic readings and spirituality, you may have a few questions regarding the topic, and we have all the answers you need! 

Q) Who are psychics, and what do they do? 

A psychic can process, observe and provide information that exists outside of most people’s natural senses and perception. Using abilities like clairvoyance, telepathy and tarot cards, a psychic can judge, examine and predict facts about your life that may happen. 

They provide people with guidance and predictions of their future, which can help people feel less confused about their relationships, careers or even their personalities. 

Q) What are some common types of psychic reading abilities?

There is a wide range of psychic abilities available all over the world. Throughout different cultures, different variations of psychic behavior and readings are practiced by those who claim to have the ability. 

Some common types of psychic reading abilities include: 

  • The Clairs’

 There are six different types of ‘clairs.’ Some psychics may be able to use a few or all of these abilities. 

Clairvoyants can see symbols and visions; clairaudients can hear voices; clairsentients can feel other people’s emotions; clairalience is smelling scents that are not present; clairgustance is tasting food that is not present, and claircognizance refers to knowing something without any means to the information. 

  • Telepathy

Telepathy is considered a connection through one or various senses from one person to another. Psychics who use telepathy have a direct idea of what you may be thinking or feeling, and they can use that information to help you find solutions to your questions. 

  • Intuitive Psychics 

Intuitive Psychics use their intuition to judge and predict what will happen in the future. They can be an immense help in figuring out the circumstances of your career and love life. 

  • Empaths 

Empaths rely on feelings and emotions you are feeling at the present moment to guide you through current events. If you are stuck in a dilemma involving you and other people, an empath can clearly feel your and other people’s emotions to help clear up misconceptions. 

Consulting an empath can help clear your worries regarding present situations. 

  • Mediums 

Mediums possess the ability to portray the deceased’s energy, emotions, and messages or spirits around them. However, it’s not necessary that mediums will be willing to let a deceased spirit speak through them. The help they offer will depend on their preferences as well. 

  • Astrology 

One of the most common forms of future predictions, astrology, uses physics to determine the placement of planets over various periods to predict future or current events further. Psychic astrologists can be extremely knowledgeable individuals. 

  • Numerology

Numerology psychics can use information about you, such as your birth date, to calculate specific numbers relevant to your life. Using these numbers, the psychics can guide you through current events or help you watch out for future events. 

  • Cartomancy 

Cartomancy involves using a deck of cards to predict current or future life events. That deck of cards may be tarot, angel, or another kind of oracle card set. 

The benefit of using cartomancy for psychic readings is that it can help clarify confusions about present life situations. It may also help you face situations you are afraid of. 

Q) How may I contact a psychic? 

You may contact a psychic using any one of the online psychic reading websites mentioned in the list above. You may choose the website that fits you best according to your preference.

Most of them offer best online psychic readings through video calls, phone, chat and emails, but some may have restrictions or anyone or most of these methods. 

Q) Are psychic readings honest? 

Many of them are. 

The majority of psychics available on online psychic reading platforms provide honest services to people seeking clarity. However, some of them are simply willing to profit off the business it offers and are either not good at past life readings or lack the proper senses required to be a successful psychic. 

You should thoroughly review phone psychics ratings and reviews before choosing their services so you may avoid dishonest or unprofessional psychics. 

Q) What is the best online psychic readings website? 

Choosing the best online psychic reading for yourself can be quite difficult, considering the wide variety all of them offer. The different types of online psychic readings may be particularly difficult to choose from if you are a beginner. 

However, some key features have allowed us to divide a few of these sites into specific categories, such as: 

  • The best overall online psychic reading website: Kasamba 
  • The best video chat online psychic reading website: AskNow 
  • The best horoscopes and love readings: Keen 

Concluding – Psychic Near Me 

We have provided you with many relevant details regarding multiple online psychic reading websites. Before you choose, you must research and educate yourself on the various types of online psychic readings and the psychic reading site’s reputation. Making yourself aware of these simple things can help prevent online scams. 

The online psychic reading websites mentioned in this psychic guide are all efficient and renowned. You should thoroughly skim their website for prices, psychics and other relevant details. 

Judging by a psychic’s reviews, you may find yourself attracted to their service, but their specialization may not be for you. You must remember that what works for others may not be the best fit for you! Hence, you should keep your own necessities in mind before your consultation.

Whatever online psychic reading site you choose for your best online psychic reading, we hope you can garner effective results and receive genuine help to guide yourself through life’s unending hurdles. Good luck! 

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