Best Online Fortune Teller Sites For Accurate Fortune Telling Session In 2022

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Do you ever find yourself contemplating the future and wondering what it may bring for you or your loved ones? That’s a perfectly normal thing to do. We all do it, and especially in troubled times, we worry and concern ourselves with what lies ahead in our lives.

Since the future is unpredictable, it is very normal for us to have feelings of anxiety and doubt over our futures and the events that will take place here onwards.

These days, websites that tell one’s fortune are quite popular, and for a good reason. Finding out about our destiny from an online fortune teller can be enlightening, and gives us a positive outlook and increased control over our lives.

So, if that’s what you’re looking for, here are the best online fortune tellers to go for!

Best Online Fortune Teller Sites With Free Trial In 2022:

  1. Purple Garden – Best Fortune Teller Sites For Accurate Future Predictions
  2. Kasamba – Top Recommeded Fortune Telling Website With Top Psychics
  3. MysticSense – Popular Fortune Tellers For Free Online Fortune Telling Trials
  4. Keen – Most Reliable Fortune Telling Experts For Love & Career Guidance
  5. PsychicOz – Affordable Site To Know Your Fortune

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Purple Garden  – Best Fortune Teller Sites For Accurate Future Predictions

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Purple Garden offers many services to its customers, including tarot reading, online fortune telling, palm reading, horoscope, and oracle readings. Purple Garden is mostly famous for its online fortune tellers, who are not only precise but also do not charge a lot of money for their service.

Purple Garden has been in business for a long time and has expanded significantly. The website offers spiritual counseling and all kinds of other psychic evaluations. Their online fortune tellers are so apt that they can address everything from your love life to your professional life.

You not only have the option of getting insights into your future, but the fortune tellers can also interpret your dreams and tell you the significance they hold in your future. These same fortune tellers can also act as dream interpreters and help you understand the meaning of your dreams.

Purple Garden’s website has a nice UI and is very easy to use. You can find an online fortune teller of your choice and connect with them in a few easy steps if they are available at the time.

To check the availability of a fortune teller of your choice, look under their profile. You will find a box there; if it is green, it means they’re available. If the online fortune teller is busy, you will be able to see a gray indicator. In which case, you can either wait for the online fortune teller to be available again or try a different fortune teller on the same website.

You can also download purple garden’s application on your smartphone. Users using the smartphone app can access a special feature known as “Journeys.” Through this, the online fortune tellers you’ve hired before are instantly added to your favorite list. This feature is useful for keeping track since there are so many different online fortune tellers.

If you want to remove a fortune teller from your favorites, simply click on the heart shape next to their name in the list.

The only drawback of signing up to Purple Garden is that they do not offer any discounts, but that does not matter because it is overall inexpensive. Purple Garden offers its services at a cheaper price than all other websites. The fortune tellers on Purple Garden are highly professional and trustworthy. Even the best fortune tellers on the website do not charge you more than a few dollars.


  • The fortune tellers on Purple Garden are all trustworthy and skilled.
  • Purple Garden has an application for smartphones.
  • The online fortune tellers available on Purple Garden all have high ratings.
  • The User Interface for Purple Garden is exceptional.
  • All the fortune tellers available have years worth of experience.


  • You can get your fortune told through video calls or recorded videos.
  • The Purple Garden website’s interface is better than all other websites.
  • The company has a good reputation, and all the fortune tellers are extremely professional.
  • Your information is completely safe on purple garden
  • You can get more than one kind of reading.
  • There are detailed biographies available for each fortune teller.


  • A lot of times, the fortune tellers of your choice are unavailable.
  • Some fortune tellers charge a lot of money for their services.

Customer’s reviews

Customers are generally very happy with Purple Garden and its online fortune tellers. Customers say that their experience with Purple Garden has been exceptional and that it is their first choice whenever they want a reading.

If you want a reading, Purple Garden is where you should go. This company has come a long way and has amassed years of experience. Their primary goal is to protect your information, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Customers have shared their positive experiences and are happy with the readings they got. Customers like the Purple Garden website, which is easy to use.

Purple Garden offers a straightforward user interface for scheduling and carrying out phone readings. It helps you connect with different fortune tellers, so if you are looking for convenience and a skilled online future teller, Purple Garden can help you out.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Purple Garden”

#2. Kasamba – Top Recommended Fortune Telling Website With Top Psychics

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Kasamba is the second best on our list of top online fortune tellers of 2022. It has over 300 million subscribers worldwide and is among the leading psychic websites of this year. It has over a hundred different fortune tellers available at a time and is completely free to use.

The best thing about Kasamba is that you can get a reading from an online fortune teller within minutes. You can also get tarot card readings, astrological readings, or dream interpretations done without hassle.

Another thing that stands out about Kasamba is that they are not only reliable but also transparent about their staff. Each fortune teller has a detailed profile you can go through before making your selection. The profile has everything you need to know about the online fortune teller, including a short biography, skill level, professional background, and the kind of readings the fortune teller offers.

We believe you can learn much from what people say about a company. Kasamba has a lot of customer reviews published on the website regardless of whether they are positive or negative. And to further help you narrow your search, Kasamba’s Top fortune tellers page features a list of the site’s most well-regarded and highly rated fortune tellers for your consideration.

Also, if you are a first-time client at Kasamba, you will receive a discount of seventy percent for signing up and a free reading of three minutes by an online fortune teller. In fact, every online fortune teller reader has a three-minute window in which you may utilize their services for free.

Kasamba is a great place to start if you’re looking to get a reading done by an online fortune teller for the first time.


  • People have been taking readings from fortune tellers on Kasamba since 1999.
  • The fortune tellers on Kasamba have a high level of accuracy.
  • Readings by Kasamba’s fortune tellers are available via email, call, and text.
  • Each online fortune teller reader has a profile page on which you may learn more about their abilities.
  • Hundreds of customer reviews are published on the kasamba website.
  • New users get a 70% discount and 3 minutes of reading for free.


  • There are many online fortune tellers available to choose from.
  • The website is easy to use and to sign up on.
  • The rates for online fortune tellers on Kasambe are budget-friendly.
  • The fortune tellers have years of experience and are quite skilled.


  • The fortune tellers available do not offer a video call session.
  • Refunds are made in the form of credit, so you cannot exactly retrieve your money.
  • Fortune tellers do not provide a reading on certain aspects of life.

Customer’s reviews

According to the customer reviews, Kasamba has a very high rating due to experienced online fortune tellers. These fortune tellers are experts at what they do and provide precise insights into the future. The refund option is also popular among customers.

Customers have reported that the sessions at Kasamba are highly professional, and the fortune tellers are open to questions. This high satisfaction level has made kasamba one of the top websites for psychic reading.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kasamba”

#3. MysticSense – Popular Fortune Tellers For Free Online Fortune Telling Trials

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MysticSense is a reputable and user-friendly website that offers reliable dream interpretation, tarot card readings, and fortune telling from online fortune tellers.

This internet portal for predicting one’s fate includes talented psychics like fortune tellers and people offering other services like palm reading or horoscope evaluation. MysticSense not only provides a wonderful satisfaction guarantee, but they also give individualized fortune readings that may provide answers to your inquiries about your past or the future.

Because every psychic reader and online fortune teller on MysticSense goes through stringent approval procedures, you can rest assured that whoever you choose is great. The website is organized into a wide variety of sections for different people. There are fortune tellers for those devoted to love and fortune tellers for people that want an insight into their careers or family.

MysticSense is one of the most reliable fortune teller websites because of the different ways users can interact with live fortune tellers.

MysticSense provides additional resources for its users, such as a spiritual blog or a discussion board. They also provide traditional phone predictions on the top of email readings, allowing you to contact fortune tellers via several mediums. Their social media pages are engaging and will keep you up on the latest developments across all platforms.

There is a wide range of pricing for the different psychic readers and fortune tellers at MysticSense, ranging from $1.00 to $10. After completing the registration process, you must make a downpayment of ten dollars.

You will get five free minutes after the conclusion of your first phone session with an online fortune teller of your choice. Remember, you have two full days to submit a refund request after your fortune reading if you were dissatisfied with the results.


  • MysticSense offers refunds if you are dissatisfied with your reading.
  • The price range for online fortune tellers is minimal.
  • All the fortune tellers on MysticSense are skilled and highly professional.
  • After your first session, you will get 5 free minutes for a different fortune telling.
  • Quick customer support in case of inquiry.


  • MysticSense guarantees satisfaction, but you can claim a refund if you’re still unsatisfied with their service.
  • Standardized procedures for vetting fortune tellers, which include an interview
  • Different blogs are available on the website for customers to take help from.


  • There is currently no mobile app available for MysticSense.
  • There are not any complimentary horoscopes offered as some other websites provide.
  • Some clients have issues with the lack of clarity in the recommendations.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews say that people have had good experiences with MysticSense. The fortune tellers are professional and offer a thorough insight into what your future holds. They also offer dream interpretation and the significance of those dreams.

The only drawback to using MysticSense is the lack of instructions on how to select the right online fortune teller.

=> Click here to visit the official website “MysticSense”

#4. Keen – Most Reliable Fortune Telling Experts For Love & Career Guidance

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Keen has been in business for almost 20 years, making it one of the most experienced online fortune telling services we examined and rated. Despite being a real professional in the online fortune telling industry, Keen maintains its relevancy by keeping an up-to-date website, which has been published in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and Refinery 29.

Keen’s fortune tellers offer a number of services, including the option to acquire online readings via phone or chat. You may also choose to get readings in your inbox through email. Keen is the only website that provides over 1,700 distinct online fortune tellers, much more than any other company.

Like other online fortune telling sources, Keen offers users an interactive tool to identify online fortune tellers that specialize in their chosen field of expertise and reading style. A range of parameters, such as price, availability, and ratings provided by prior customers and visitors, may be used to narrow down search results.

By clicking on the fortune teller’s name on the list, you can access their profile page to learn more about them and see what others think of them.

After you’ve found an online fortune teller of your choice, you may call them, chat with them online, send them an email, or schedule an online phone fortune telling for a later date. You may also communicate using the Keen app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Keen is a renowned internet fortune telling service and, like other top services, offers the first three minutes of readings for free. With Keen’s current promotion, new clients may obtain 10 minutes of reading time for $1.99, making it an inexpensive way to try out a few different online fortune teller counselors.

Keen is the finest alternative for getting economical online fortune tellings and precise predictions.


  • There are many online fortune tellers available on keen
  • Different media for communication with an online fortune teller are available.
  • Anyone can access customer reviews and read up on different fortune tellers.
  • Every online fortune telling is completely discreet and private.
  • Keen promises its customers’ satisfaction and quality.
  • An online fortune telling will only cost you $1.99 for ten minutes


  • The fortune tellers have years of experience.
  • The Keen website also has an app for both ios and Android.
  • Free 3 minutes trial for every fortune teller you select.
  • Cheap rates for fortune telling services.


  • Too many online fortune tellers to choose from.

Customer’s reviews

According to customer reviews, online fortune telling at Keen are the most economical when weighed against the accuracy of the readings. Keen has fortune tellers that offer insight into all aspects of your future.

People have given keen a respectable rating due to the professionalism of its fortune tellers and the accuracy of their readings. If you are looking for a skilled online fortune teller, Keen is where you should go,

=> Click here to visit the official website “Keen”

#5. PsychicOz – Affordable Site To Know Your Fortune

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Believe us when we say that making it to our list is not an easy feat. We look into everything before we include a company in our list. PsychicOz, even though mentioned at the end, is among the top websites offering fortune telling.

They provide free online fortune tellings and psychic readings, and they have a lot of satisfied customers and years of expertise behind them. PsychicOz has been in business for more than 30 years, and in that time, it has helped many people find their way, providing them with answers and a feeling of peace in the process.

The competitive price is what sets it apart from the competition. You are looking for a guide but do not want to be taken advantage of in the process. These folks at PsychicOz have their business down to a science; they provide service around the clock from seasoned readers, and their rates are quite reasonable.

Having a diverse group of fortune tellers is crucial since we don’t all have the same requirements or desires. The skilled fortune tellers on PsychicOz have been vetted to ensure their authenticity and take a personalized approach to each customer. They are experts in providing readings on past lives and futures, advice on love and careers, missing person investigations, and a great deal more.

When you are unsure about anything, you can use their built-in tools to help you out; just explore the subcategories or ratings to locate the service that is the greatest fit for you.

You may also take part in the sessions without having to worry about any additional costs. The firm is reliable, and if you don’t like the psychic they recommend, you can get your money back (in the form of credits).


  • Psychic Ozz offers refunds to people dissatisfied with their reading
  • Psychic Oz has been in business for more than 30 years.
  • It has experienced fortune tellers available around the clock.
  • The website has in-built tools to help you make the right choice.
  • One of Psychic Oz’s specialties is an ancient Chinese method known as I-Ching.


  • Special discounts for new members.
  • Only professional psychics are available on the website.
  • The online fortune tellers provide comprehensive readings
  • All the readers are skilled and have a keen eye
  • Chat, email, and phone services are all available.
  • Online fortune-telling services are inexpensive as compared to other websites.


  • No video readings
  • Some of the most well-regarded psychics have higher rates.

Customer Reviews

During our quest for the most accurate online psychic readings, we came across a great number of websites. Some of them are not worth the investment of your time or money. PsychicOz was among the top websites we encountered.

On the majority of platforms, it has the highest possible rating. Customers have nothing but complimentary things to say about the company’s level of professionalism, attention, and availability.

Customers seem to be appreciative of a website that is straightforward yet caters to their needs. And let’s not forget that there are discounts available for repeat customers!

=> Click here to visit the official website “PsychicOz”

How To Select The Best Online Fortune Teller Website For Your Needs:

Even if you have been consulting fortune tellers or psychic readers for years, it is essential to realize that there are various things to keep in mind before speaking to an online fortune teller. This is because online fortune tellers operate differently than their in-person counterparts.

If you want to obtain the appropriate answers to your questions from online fortune tellers, you need to make sure that you choose the right fortune teller who can answer your questions and resolve your problems. When it comes down to it, picking the right fortune teller requires careful consideration of a number of different variables.

It is essential to be aware that a gifted online fortune teller may serve as a wonderful source of reassurance and comfort. Nevertheless, putting your faith in any website that claims to be able to foresee your future is a terrible idea.

To guarantee that you get the best possible reading from an online fortune teller, ensure you work with a reader with extensive expertise. When looking for a professional fortune teller, you need to think about a number of different things, some of which are included below.

Do Your Research

When looking for an online fortune teller, most people settle for the first website they find that offers fortune telling. This is one of the most frequent mistakes people make. Research and learn more about the fortune-telling website you’re interested in before making a final decision.

It is highly suggested that you take the time to do some research and make sure that the company you are considering contracting for reading has a good reputation before you decide to do business with them. Also, be sure that the firm you work with does not have a reputation for gouging its customers.

Read Reviews

In order to find an expert online fortune teller, you need to know that there are many methods to narrow down your search. Finding a skilled and trustworthy fortune teller may be accomplished in the easiest and most direct manner possible by reading reviews written by previous clients.

To put it another way, reading the comments left by previous clients will give you an idea of the online fortune teller’s overall demeanor. If you do this, you will have an accurate understanding of how competent their service is.

Pick Your Area Of Interest

You will discover, as you go with your plan, that some online fortune tellers concentrate on a particular field while others provide a variety of answers to your problems. It is essential to give serious consideration to selecting just the relevant specialty.

You need to make sure the online fortune teller you’re selecting gives relevant readings. Pick your area of interest before you pick a fortune teller.

Consider Different Prices

Last but not least, before you make a decision, make sure you give some thought to the price of the services. As was just discussed, several readers provide a wide variety of services and charge accordingly.

This indicates that the price of the services will vary, and you will need to choose an online fortune teller who has both expertise and offers services that are within your price range.

Online Psychics Vs Psychics Near Me: Why Is It Better To Go To Online Fortune Teller?

Many years ago, people debated whether or not psychic readers and fortune tellers could accurately predict the future. Some people are certain that their abilities can accurately predict the future, while others are skeptical of such predictions.

Even in movies, we’ve seen charlatans acting as fortune-tellers or professing to interpret signs in order to trick people out of their money. These charlatans are mostly gypsies, and they have supernatural skills.

In the world that we live in, there are genuine fortune-tellers as well as con artists. The same is true for the tens of thousands of fortune-tellers that can be located online. It makes little difference whether the reading was done in person or on the internet in terms of the accuracy of the reading; what matters is the fortune-teller. Authentic fortune tellers aren’t concerned with how their customers put food on the table. They are not judgmental.

With online fortune tellers, you can read many reviews and ratings to determine if an adviser is suited for you. However, the same cannot be said about a local fortune teller.

Remember that a good fortune teller will make you feel at ease before, during, and after the reading. The availability of local fortune tellers isn’t always the same in every area. Therefore, if you want to consult seasoned and reliable fortune tellers without leaving the convenience of your own home, look at our customers’ feedback and the psychic reading websites we suggest.

One other thing online fortune tellers have on local fortune tellers is that they don’t require you to reveal your identity.

FAQs Regarding Fortune Teller Online:

Is Fortune Telling a Way to Find True Love?

Are there times you’ve doubted if you’ll ever discover real love? If so, have you sought out the advice of a fortune teller to see what lies ahead? Or are you still mulling over the possibility of it?

Real fortune tellers may help you find love. In rare cases, your future lover’s name and even the day you’ll meet them may be given to you by a fortune teller.

Others may describe your partner’s physical appearance and demeanor. A fortune teller may also instruct you to alter your conduct in order to improve your chances of finding love. They may help you find your soulmate by encouraging you to give up items stifling your progress. This is only one of the ways fortune-tellers might affect your love life.

Do some research online in order to find an accurate and trustworthy fortune-teller, especially if you’re concerned about your relationship. Select the top love fortune-tellers by reading reviews and checking ratings from other users and then look them up on one of the websites we have mentioned.

Is it possible for me to consult a Fortune Teller without spending any money?

Yes, and no. Do not go to any of the websites on our list expecting to find a free online fortune teller. On the other hand, you may be able to save money on psychic services by taking advantage of limited-time specials and seasonal discounts.

At the beginning of a fortune teller reading, several businesses give customers three complimentary minutes to speak with a psychic. By taking advantage of this deal, you won’t even need to worry about shelling out any money to get the conversation rolling. You are free to terminate the conversation without incurring any further charges if you do not believe a connection has been made. It’s as near as you can come to get a free reading from a fortune teller.

What Is the Secret of Fortune Tellers’ Predictions?

The same divination methods are used by fortune tellers from all around the globe. It is thus irrelevant how you get your readings; you may just as easily do it online as in person. A book’s last page indicates that your future has already been written. Therefore, all you need is an authentic fortune teller who is familiar with how to interpret it.

Fortune tellers use a variety of ways to get their readings. To get insight into one’s life, some people utilize cartomancy, which is the reading of cards such as tarot or playing cards, while others read tea leaves or engage in tasseography. We also have some that use runes, crystal balls, or palm readings.

In addition, these astrologers have a wide range of abilities and techniques for predicting your future. Clairvoyance is one such skill that enables the bearer to see what is unseen to others. Another is Clairaudience, which is the ability to hear the voices of ghosts from other realms. Finally, we have Extrasensory perception, which is a sixth sense that allows us to access information that the other five senses can’t.

Remember that not all fortune-tellers are the same. Everyone has a unique way of predicting the future. It is still possible to receive a glimpse into your future regardless of the kind of prediction utilized.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Fortune Told by a Reader?

Where you go to get your reading might affect the cost. However, a number of websites provide free online fortune tellings, but these readings are often ambiguous and do not give any helpful information. If you’re looking for accurate information about your future, you can’t get it from Instagram memes or other questionable sources.

Online fortune-telling is far less expensive than in-person readings. In addition to that, you may use the services over the phone or via a live chat session at any time and from any location. The greatest option for those looking to get into fortune-telling while on a budget is to use an online fortune teller service.

Please tell me if you have any questions or concerns concerning your personal or professional life. If that’s the case, you may choose to consult with an internet clairvoyant. Using a variety of divination methods, online fortune tellers may shed light on your present problems and your future. Thank you for taking the time to read our suggestions, and we wish you the best of success!

Concluding – Fortune Teller For Clarity & Insight Into Future:

It might be difficult to locate the best online fortune teller. Given the variety of options available to you on the internet, how do you go about locating a reputable online fortune-telling service? To help you find the top online fortune-telling sites, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest fortune-telling websites that are completely free!

The websites mentioned in our guide will answer any questions you may have about love, your career, or life in general.

Every one of the online fortune tellers on these websites we suggested comes with its own set of advantages, drawbacks, and positives. One thing is certain: they are all credible, respectable, and trustworthy in equal measure.

So, check them out right now and see what the future holds for you!

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