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Vaping is all fun and games until you develop a nicotine addiction. Though many people turn to vaping as a safe alternative to smoking, it isn’t exactly healthy when you consider that there’s nicotine inside the vape juice.

There are many vapes that might help you reduce health risks and the chance of developing nicotine dependence. Nicotine free vapes may help you enjoy vaping without posing hefty health risks.

To help you steer away from nicotine, we introduce you to an exciting alternative – THC. THC vapes are an excellent nicotine-free alternative that will keep you occupied and content. Thanks to Delta 8, you can now enjoy federally legal THC without worrying about legal implications. Delta 8 may provide you with a smooth experience without posing severe side effects like other THC variants.

So if you want to say goodbye to nicotine and embrace a fun new alternative, take a look at what we’ve got for you and give THC a try.

What Are the Best Nicotine-Free Vapes?

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Vapes With No Nicotine
  2. BudPop – Best Tasting Nicotine-Free Delta 8 Vapes
  3. Hollyweed – Premium Quality Vapes Without Nicotine

With all the side effects of nicotine and the high risk of developing an addiction, more and more people are interested in vaping without nicotine. Nicotine-free vapes offer an abundance of flavors, similar to regular nicotine vapes, with the only difference being that they contain absolutely no nicotine. They are an excellent way to enjoy the event of vaping without exposing your body to nicotine.

The best non-nicotine vapes contain natural and organic vape juice. They contain no synthetic chemicals and avoid using propylene glycol, medium-chain triglycerides, and vegetable glycerine. They often come from reputable brands that switch out the nicotine for cannabinoids and produce 100% safe and natural vape juice. For extra reassurance, nicotine-free vapes should come with Certificates of Analysis (COAs) testifying for their safety. Here are our top picks for the best nicotine free vapes.

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Vapes With No Nicotine

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If you’re interested in exciting and federally legal THC vapes, the name Exhale Wellness is worth memorizing. The company offers a broad range of THC and CBD vapes and disposables that will make your nicotine appetite a thing of the past.

Though the company offers a broad palette of safe and delicious vapes, we believe that their Delta 8 disposables are the best option. Despite eliminating nicotine, they also ditch many other harmful compounds like chemical additives and artificial flavorings for a 100% natural vaping experience.


Exhale’s delta 8 disposable vape pens will fill your mouth with incredible flavor, in contrast to the bitter flavor of nicotine. The company offers a wide array of fantastic flavors that will have you craving for more. The most flavorful options include Blackberry Kush, Fruity Cereal, Mango, and Pineapple Express, but Sour Diesel is the ultimate fan favorite.

These disposable THC vapes come fully assembled and ready to draw. The included battery is rechargeable, so if you run out of power before running out of juice, you can quickly recharge and enjoy the remaining juice before getting a new pen.

If you’re looking for something milder, pure, and organic, you might want to consider Exhale’s CBD carts. They are infused with broad-spectrum CBD without any THC, making them an excellent choice for anyone that wants a boost of wellness without experiencing the THC high. Thanks to the natural terpenes, they taste just as well as the Delta 8 carts.


  • Incredible flavor and aroma coming from the natural terpenes
  • Infused with 940 milligrams of Delta 8 THC
  • 100% natural ingredients without any cutting agents like MCT, PG, VG, or PEG oils
  • Button-activated devices
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Remarkable strain selection with a variety of Delta 8 strains


  • The expressive potency of the Delta 8 vape pens might be too intense for some users

Why do we recommend it?

Exhale’s Delta 8 vape pens are excellent for keeping you occupied while avoiding the side effects of nicotine. These vape pens offer a rich and dense vapor that’s very pleasant and mild on the throat. The vapor comes in various tasty flavors that might have you coming back for more.

If THC isn’t your vape juice of choice, you can try out Exhale’s CBD vapes. They’re also nicotine-free and may provide you with a boost of energy and wellness.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop – Best Tasting Nicotine-Free Delta 8 Vapes

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Looking for a luscious vape juice? BudPop’s got it! The company offers a variety of safe hemp-derived products that carefully eliminate all harmful compounds, including nicotine. If you want something with an incredible aroma and flavor, their Delta 8 vapes are the best choice.

The vape juice for these cartridges is made using 100% natural ingredients and is neatly infused with natural terpenes that deliver a phenomenal taste. They’re proudly sourced and manufactured in the United States, so you can rest assured that you’re getting premium-quality vapor compliant with the federal laws.


BudPop’s Delta 8 vapes are well-known for their remarkable flavor profiles. The nicotine-free vapes come in two unique flavor options.

Strawberry Gelato is our personal favorite that also comes with impeccable user reviews. This vape juice contains natural terpenes that deliver a delicious vaping experience. However, you should know that the alluring aroma of the vape might attract a lot of attention. It is smooth and provides a pleasant vaping experience that’s not harsh on the throat.

In addition to Strawberry Gelato, BudPop offers Grape Runtz, the second-best choice. It comes with the same smooth and rich vapor but a slightly different flavor and effects.

Regardless of your taste preferences, BudPop will provide you with 800 milligrams of Delta 8 THC in each vape cartridge. The flavorful vape juice is free of cutting agents and additives like PG, VG, PEG, or MCT oil.


  • Premium quality Delta 8 distillate with less than 0.3% of D- 9 THC
  • Provides a smooth vaping experience
  • A burst of fruity sweetness from both of the strain options
  • Fast and free shipping on all orders
  • Third-party tested with certified quality
  • Manufactured using local organically grown ingredients


  • A vape battery isn’t included in the package

Why do we recommend it?

BudPop is our best recommendation for anyone looking for a vibrant burst of natural flavors. Its nicotine-free Delta 8 carts are top-rated for their incredible taste and aroma. The manufacturer uses 100% natural terpenes and flavors to achieve the mouthwatering flavor that’s become the trademark of these vapes.

These vape cartridges are slightly more expensive than other similar products, but once you get a taste of them, you won’t mind spending the extra dollar. In combination with the mellow brain fuzz, these vapes may offer a truly remarkable vaping experience.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#3. Hollyweed – Premium Quality Vapes Without Nicotine

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Hollyweed’s vapes with no nicotine offer an abundance of flavors that will make your head spin. The company is determined to provide its customers with the healing essence of hemp, and it strives to eliminate the presence of harmful compounds like nicotine altogether.

Therefore, Hollyweed Delta 8 vape carts will undoubtedly live up to your standards. They come in over ten delicious flavor options to caress your throat and lungs and completely satisfy your taste buds. If you’re looking to be spoiled with a safe THC vape cart, give Hollyweed a try.


These nicotine-free vape carts come with a remarkable Delta 8 potency. Each cartridge contains 900 milligrams of Delta 8 THC that may put you in a better mood with a single inhale. The company offers a variety of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid Delta 8 strains, so you can quickly find an option to fit your needs in Hollyweed’s online store.

Though the impeccable strain selection makes it harder for people to decide, we strongly recommend Blackberry Kush as the first option for you to experiment with. The Indica-dominant hybrid comes with relaxing effects that may help you unwind while remaining in control. It might be an excellent choice for alleviating pain and discomfort and promoting better sleep.

In terms of the vaping experience, Hollyweed Delta 8 vapes will give you an enjoyable vapor to inhale. Though most of the strain options are pleasant and smooth, some specific strains may be slightly harsh to begin with.


  • 100% organic ingredients without any additives or preservatives
  • Naturally flavored with botanically-derived terpenes
  • Certified at an independent laboratory with the lab results publicly available on the website
  • A boost of wellness through the healing essence of Delta 8 THC
  • Incredibly simple to use


  • The battery and charger are sold separately

Why do we recommend it?

Hollyweed’s Delta 8 cartridges are your go-to products whenever you need to zone out and let go of any worries. The health-conscious manufacturer pays close attention to eliminating harmful components from its products, so you’ll never get any nicotine or undesirable ingredients like cutting agents or any other synthetic additives.

If you’re excited to experience the rich and smooth Hollyweed vapor, you should know that these cartridges don’t come with a battery or a charger. If you decide to purchase them from Hollyweed, you’ll get an extra 10% discount.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed

Beginner’s Guide To Nicotine-Free Vaping

Vaping is an excellent chance for you to break down your nicotine addiction. It allows you to eliminate nicotine altogether by using vape juice with 0% nicotine. It is becoming increasingly popular, but not all users are well-informed about it. If you want to get more knowledgeable on nicotine-free vaping, we have some valuable info for you, so let’s look at it.

Nicotine-Free Vapes Vs. Regular Vapes

Conventional nicotine vapes often contain an abundance of sweeteners, synthetical flavors, and solvents like PG and VG. These ingredients are necessary to disguise the bitter taste of nicotine and dissolve the alkaloid. These vapes contain different amounts of nicotine, usually ranging between 3 milligrams to 18 milligrams. The most common sweeteners for regular vapes include ethyl maltol and sucralose, while flavors range from fruity berries to sweet vanilla.

On the other hand, the vape juice in nicotine-free vapes contains 0% nicotine, as the name suggests. They also may contain flavoring or PG and VG solvents, but the best options eliminate these substances. As to make up for the absence of nicotine, these vape juices often rely on cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC or CBD for the vape juice. If you’re worried about whether cannabinoid vape juice will provide you with the same enjoyment as nicotine vapes, the answer is yes. In most cases, users even find cannabinoid vape juice far more pleasant than nicotine vape juice. It’s not as harsh on the throat and provides an enjoyable and uplifting essence.

Advantages Of Nicotine-Free Vapes

The advantages of using a nicotine-free instead of a regular vape are countless. First of all, nicotine-free vapes are non-addictive. They may help you break down your nicotine dependence even if you’ve been using nicotine for many years. You can turn to nicotine-free vapes whenever you feel an urge to smoke, and you should notice your cravings are starting to wear down gradually.

Another perk of nicotine-free vaping is the excellent taste and aroma you get from 100% natural flavorings. Delta 8 vapes use cannabinoid- and botanically-derived terpenes that provide amazing flavor profiles, making nicotine-less vaping even more pleasurable.

Many people start with nicotine to blend in with their social environment. Suppose you’re interested in vaping from a social or creative aspect. In that case, nicotine-free vapes are an excellent way to enjoy the experience without exposing your body to the potential side effects of nicotine.

Different Types Of Vape Devices For Vaping Without Nicotine

Since nicotine-free vaping is pretty similar to regular vaping, there are a couple of different devices at your disposal. If you’re looking to experience nicotine-free vaping, here is what you’ll get to choose from.

Nicotine-free disposables

If you’re looking for the most convenient nicotine-free experience, disposable vape pens are an excellent choice, and Exhale Wellness has the best options. Disposable pens usually come pre-assembled so that you can start vaping right away.

Depending on your vaping habits, they should be good for around 300 to 600 puffs. However, since these pens are disposable, you won’t be able to refill the tank when you run out of vape juice. Running out of power won’t be an issue, though, as most of these devices come with rechargeable batteries.

If you’re looking to experience nicotine-free vaping for the first time, disposables are an excellent way to get you started.

Nicotine-free vape mods

Vape mods are an excellent alternative if you aren’t interested in single-use devices. Vape or box mods with no nicotine are more advanced devices that use various types of refillable tanks. Usually, tanks need to be purchased separately to pick an option that fits your needs. Unlike slim and sleek disposables, vape mods are bulkier in size. They also come with a rechargeable battery to power the device and produce pleasant vapor from the vape juice you can switch out and refill at any time.

Nicotine-free pod vapes

Pod vapes are tinier vaping devices that can hold small liquid cartridges that can be refillable or pre-filled. For a nicotine-free experience, they use various vape juices without a nicotine concentration. The small size is very convenient because they’re very light and portable and still fit a rechargeable battery.

Nicotine-free e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that produce flavored vapor for you to inhale. They are versatile and come in many different shapes, such as USB drives and pens, categorized under different names like e-hookahs, e-pens, vaporizer cigarettes, etc. They use nicotine-free vape juice or other flavored solutions like methanol that provide a great aroma without any side effects.

FAQs On Nicotine-Free Vapes

Q1. How to vape without nicotine?

If you’re in it for fun, nicotine-free vaping is straightforward. All you have to do is pick your favorite vape device and juice and start enjoying it.

However, if you’re turning to nicotine-free vaping to get rid of a hefty nicotine addiction, you’ll need to prepare your body gradually before you cut off nicotine entirely. Even though you may be able to cut off nicotine immediately, you should do it moderately and give yourself the time to get used to it.

Therefore, you should start with lowering the nicotine concentration of the vaping juice. If you’re currently using a potent vape juice, start by lowering the dosage to about three milligrams or milliliters at a time. Stick to the new nicotine concentration for a couple of days or a week, depending on how fast you’re looking to make progress. After some time, reduce another three milligrams or milliliters of nicotine until you get to zero nicotine.

If the vape juice with lower nicotine content isn’t enough to keep you satisfied, you can try using a more powerful vaping device. That will produce denser vapor and should be able to satisfy your cravings despite the low nicotine content.

Q2. Can I use my old nicotine vape device for nicotine-free vaping?

Yes. Unless you’re using a disposable which cannot be filled with nicotine-free vape juice, you can definitely stick to your old vape device and use it for nicotine-free vaping.

If you have a reusable vape device, all you have to do is clean it from any nicotine residues that might have stuck to the device from previous uses. After thoroughly cleaning the device, you’ll be able to enjoy nicotine-free vapor without the expense of purchasing a new device. All you’ll need to buy is your favorite nicotine-free vape juice, and enjoy it without worrying about nicotine ever again.

Q3. Where can I buy vapes with no nicotine?

Nicotine-free vapes are readily available online and at many physical stores like tobaccos, dispensaries, gas stations, etc. However, you should be careful to purchase your nicotine-free vapes from reliable sources. The best way to make sure that you’re buying a safe and 100% nicotine-free vape is to do some online research.

Online stores are an excellent way to get all the information you need up ahead. You get to read through all the ingredients, and some manufacturers like the ones we reviewed even include the lab results, so you can get a detailed overview of each product before purchasing it.

Q4. Can nicotine-free vapes help me quit smoking?

Yes, if you’re looking for nicotine-free vapes to help you quit smoking, you’re on the right path. Recent studies suggest that nicotine free vaping can be very beneficial if you’re looking to break down smoking habits. It might be an excellent alternative since it provides a similar sensation but eliminates the nicotine from the equation, helping you get rid of your nicotine dependence.

Q5. Are nicotine-free vape juices safe?

Even though nicotine-free vaping is significantly safer than regular nicotine vapes, it still isn’t a 100% safe thing to do. While vaping, you inhale a number of chemicals besides nicotine. The fact that vape juice contains food-grade ingredients doesn’t mean that they’re entirely safe to be inhaled.

To lower the health risks from vaping, you should look for nicotine-free vape juice without artificial sweeteners or preservatives, as they could potentially threaten your respiratory health. However, you should know that even if you go with the best nicotine-free vape juices, you’ll still be exposed to some side effects, like dry mouth and dehydration.

Q6. Can nicotine-free vaping help with anxiety?

Though there isn’t conclusive evidence to confirm the claim, many experts suggest that nicotine withdrawal can be very beneficial for anxiety relief, as the substance is highly addictive. If you decide on nicotine-free vapes infused with cannabinoids, you may get significant aid for anxiety relief. Delta 8 and CBD vapes are well known to help with anxiety and stress, so there’s no harm in giving them a try.

Conclusion: Where Can I Get The Best Nicotine Free Vapes?

Vaping could be a fun and tasty habit, but you should always insist on avoiding nicotine. It comes with many potential side effects and risks to your respiratory health, and you also risk developing a nicotine addiction.

If you’re looking for the thrill of vaping, there are many ways to enjoy it without exposing your body to the hefty nicotine. THC and CBD vapes which are nicotine free are an excellent choice. They replace nicotine with natural cannabinoids that are beneficial to your overall health.

The best options for nicotine-free vaping are listed above. You can take another look at them, find your favorite flavor from the abundance of choices we’ve introduced, and embrace the safer vaping alternative.

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