Best bodybuilding Supplements That Helps To Build Muscle And Shredding Fat

If you are passionate about a healthy body with lean muscles and searching for supplements made of natural ingredients you will get you will get to know about the best muscle building supplements on the online market in this article


Gone are the days when people were content with merry making and enjoying food without thinking of its effect on their health.

After the advent of globalization and liberalization men and women had to go out to different places to earn money. New kinds of food appeared in the market which were named fast foods.

Here are the best Muscle building supplements:

  1. TestoPrime – BEST RATED
  2. BAL.MAX
  3. Testo Max
  4. Testo Fuel

Getting away from the traditional foods and style of living many people particularly in the European and American countries became overweight or obese.

Gradually obesity has started in the Asian countries too. Obesity cause many complications in health including heart diseases diabetes, joint pains etc

In the present time people all over the world are getting health conscious and resorting to hard training for building clean muscles.

But achieving a muscular body solely with the help of hard training is more time consuming unless it is supported by health supplements.

Previously many gym goers used to take anabolic steroids for building lean muscles quickly. But synthetic anabolic steroids cause many undesirable side effects.

In order to avoid harmful side effects and achieve a healthy beautiful body people are going towards muscle building health supplements which are made from natural ingredients.

Our review team has done extensive research to find the efficacy of various popular muscle building supplements on the online market.

After detailed study the review team has narrowed down to 4 best top ranking muscle building supplements of the online market.

Best muscle building supplements and online market which stood our stringent review are

  1. TestoPrime – BEST RATED
  2. BAL.MAX
  3. Testo Max
  4. Testo Fuel

Testo Prime

Natural Booster 1

Testoprime is one of the best top ranking muscle building supplements which helps building muscles by increasing the production of testosterone.

Testosterone is the vital hormone which is responsible for all the male characteristics such as muscular body horse voice hairs all over the body and sex drive.

This muscle building supplement is specially targeted to increase the levels of testosterone in people.

The beneficial effects of the muscle building supplement Testo prime

  • highetened level of energy while performing exercises physical or mental
  • Weight reduction and increase in lean muscle
  • increased motivation
  • improvement in cognitive functions
  • uplift of mood
  • Increased sex drive

All the claims of the manufacturer have been weighed against clinical tests, feedback from the customers, opinion of the experts as well as approvals from Standard  authority like FDA, Popularity as well as reputation of the company etc.

The supplement is manufactured in countries like the USA and UK. The manufacturing process is approved by the FDA. All the ingredients in the supplement have been picked up from Natural sources

The supplement is made from natural ingredients. There are no side effects after consuming the supplement. Also no prescription is required to buy the supplement.

Our review Team has gone into the details of the sources of the ingredients. They found that the manufacturer laid greatest  emphasis on the selection of the sources which ensured that the quality of the ingredients are of the best quality which are available on the market.

The efficacy of the supplement depends to a great extent on the perfect scientific blending of the ingredients. The manufacturer does the blending of the ingredients following GMP practices

As soon as the product comes out of the manufacturing process it has to pass through stringent quality control procedures as well as various tests prior to sending the product to the online market.

The various ingredients of the muscle building supplement Testoprime

Testosterone is the prime hormone for muscle building in men. Low levels of testosterone in men can be a profound reason for the lack of lean muscle development.

As you age and reach middle to senior levels the levels of testosterone starts falling. By restoring the levels of testosterone in men it is [possible to gain lean muscles supported by hard training and a healthy diet.

The supplement which is specially prepared for gaining jogger lean muscles contains 12 natural ingredients which are very powerful herbal substances which are capable of increasing the levels of testosterone.

D-Aspartic acid which is an amino acid and found naturally in foods is added in an amount of 2000 mg. The ingredient has been found to increase the production of Luteinizing Hormone or LH in various clinical teats. LH is an essential hormone which tends to enhance the levels of testosterone in the body. The increased testosterone means bigger muscles and weight loss.

Panax Ginseng is another vital ingredient which has been in use for centuries in the asian countries like China. The natural potent ingredient contains antioxidants which can help in enhancing the energy levels. Antioxidants also reduce the free radicals which are very harmful for the body causing many diseases. In this way the ingredient helps in developing lean muscles, eliminate fatiguing conditions and increase the sex drive. 8000 mg of Panax Ginseng is included in the supplement.

Ashwagandha is a herbal medicine which has been picked up from the treasure of the Indian medicinal system called Ayurveda. Modern clinical studies have confirmed that the ingredient can increase the testosterone levels which is responsible for enhanced vigor, energy, motivation for hard training and achieving bigger, firmer lean muscles. 668 mg of Ashwagandha is added to the supplement for perfect scientific blending without any sort of interactions among the various ingredients.

Fenugreek is widely known as a maple syrup aromatic flavor. This ingredient has also been used for centuries by the ancient people for treating lack of libido and for gaining a muscular body. This ingredient works in combination with the other ingredients of the supplement to enhance the stamina, energy levels and metabolism which results in weight loss and lean muscles.800 mg of Fenugreek is added to the supplement.

4000 mg of green tea extract is added for a high amount of stimulation which helps in going in for hard and tough training for gaining muscles. The green tea extract contains a compound called epigallocatechin gallate compound or EGCG. EGCG helps in inhibiting the breakdown process of testosterone by the body to turn into DHT which is considered as a harmful substance by the medical professionals.

Pomegranate extract which contains 40% ellagic acid is added to the supplement. An amount of 360 mg of the extract is added to the supplement. The pomegranate extract also contains antioxidants called polyphenol antioxidants. This antioxidant enhances blood flow which is vital for supplying oxygen to the cells of the muscles which help in attaining bigger and firmer lean muscles. It also fights chronic fatigue syndrome and increases stamina.

Vitamin D is finding much importance in modern science for healthy lifestyles. Vitamin D has many beneficial effects such as improved mood, enhancement in bone density, increasing the immunity as well as enhancing the rate of metabolism. In addition to the above Vitamin D also increases the testosterone levels reversing the age related sluggishness and muscle waste.

Zinc, which is a vital mineral, finds recognition by modern medical science for increasing and strengthening the immune system of the body. This vital mineral helps in preventing the conversion of the vital testosterone into estradiol which is one important form of estrogen, the female hormone. In this way it helps in providing more and more of free testosterone for recuperating the muscles and stamina. 40 mg of zinc is added to the supplement.

5.6 mg of vitamin B6 is also added to support the normal healthy levels of testosterone levels. This helps in achieving enhanced energy levels and eliminating fatigue. Vitamin B6 is important for cognitive improvements.

8 mg of vitamin B 5 is added to the supplement in the form of the substance calcium pantothenate. It works towards converting the extra fats into useful energy assisting in weight loss regimes.

Garlic extract is a regularly used food item which has the potential of increasing the T levels. It helps to increase the rate of metabolism for gaining leaner and stronger muscles. 1200 mg of the garlic extract is added to the supplement.

Black pepper extract is the other potent ingredient which has been included in the supplement. 95% of the black pepper is the natural compound called piperine which can help in the complete absorption of the other ingredients of the supplement Testoprime.

The benefits which you achieve by consuming the supplement Testoprime regularly as per instructions

  • Enhanced physical as well as mental energy to get the best out of the life
  • Increased motivation and focus enabling you to perform hard training which in turn gets you bigger and tougher lean muscles
  • Enhanced sexual vigor and drive
  • Increased rate of metabolism with higher rate of thermogenesis which melt away unwanted fats from the body
  • The supplement being free from all types allergens like soy, diary, grain etc., making it safest as well as natural supplement without any side effects

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D Bal Max

Supplements 2

D bal Max has been prepared as an natural alternative to the anabolic steroid drug called Dianabol. Dianabol is a powerful anabolic steroid which found popularity among gym goers all over the world.

In contrast to the synthetic steroid the supplement D Bal is one of the safest supplements without any harmful side effects.The supplement does not need any prescription for purchasing.

The supplement which is primarily meant for gaining lean and bigger muscles works according to a triple action formula as claimed by the manufacturers.

  • Working towards achieving bigger muscles
  • Working towards achieving high levels of strength
  • Working towards achieving high levels of performances

Methodology of working of the supplement D Bal for gaining muscles

Enhancing the synthesis of the protein

Protein is vital for muscle building. But just by consuming protein you may not achieve bigger muscles unless the process of protein synthesis of your body is not effective.

By synthesis of the protein your body tries to repair as well as rebuild the damaged muscles after a hard and strenuous workout. So protein synthesis is of utmost importance for building lean muscles. You must have the most efficient protein synthesis mechanism in your body for healthy gain muscles. The ingredients of the supplement D Bal max restores the body’s process of protein synthesis thereby helping you to get the best results from your hard workouts. In this way the supplement helps you gain stronger and bigger lean muscles.

Helping in doing prolonged workout

For building strong and big muscles you must be able to perform hard and longer workouts. But as you go on performing the levels of serotonin rises. This promotes fatigue, inhibiting you from doing more training. D Bal ingredients help you to reduce the production of serotonin enabling you to perform for a longer time. Adenosine triphosphate is available in the muscle which helps you get more and more energy. The supplement increases the amount of ATP providing further energy to perform hard training.

Enhancing the levels of healthy testosterone

Our body contains two vital anabolic steroids called testosterone and IGF 1. While testosterone is important for providing muscle growth and enhancing the strength of the muscles, IGF 1 helps in promoting newer muscle cells. In this way with the enhancement of muscle cells you get bigger and stronger muscles.

The potent natural ingredients in the supplement D Bal

The supplement contains highly potent natural ingredients which have been picked up from the treasure of ancient human knowledge. The manufacturer of the  supplement gives all the emphasis to see that the ingredient sources are the best in the world. GMP certified manufacturing facility as well as FDA approved quality control procedures ensures that the supplement is safe and legal for use.

Pro BCAA complex

BCAA or branched chain amino acid is the accepted building block of the muscle tissues. BCAA works silently in all the stages of your hard training helping to increase the strength and fatigue resistance qualities significantly. The ingredient helps in improving the protein synthesis. As a result you get stronger and bigger muscles. It also reduces the levels of serotonin which causes early fatigue from workouts preventing you from doing longer training. BCAA melts away excess fats and enhances the rate of metabolism.

20- hydroxyecdysterone

This ingredient is found in nature and is considered as a potent plant steroid. It has all the beneficial effects of anabolic steroids. It has significant effects on improvement of protein synthesis, enhancing atp in the muscles and in nitrogen retention.

The ingredient thus gives you a triple push for enhancing muscle strength.

Whey protein complex

This is a well-regarded protein compound which is considered as of highest biological value. It provides vital protein for muscle growth. By adding the ingredient in the supplement the users gets a constant feed for the muscles giving strong and bigger muscles.

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Testo Max

Supplements 3

Testomax is manufactured by the reputed American company Crazy Bulk. It is designed to give you stronger and bigger lean muscles by increasing the levels of testosterone.

Unlike the synthetic steroids this supplement is made from natural ingredients having no side effects. The ingredients are mostly herbs along with some essential vitamins and minerals for improving immunity.

In addition to enhancing the strength and size of the muscles the supplement also improves the cognitive abilities usgc as high levels of concentration, mental focus as well as mental alertness. These cognitive improvements enable you to perform at a much higher level for a longer time.

We all know that the development in the muscles starts declining after the age of 20 years. The condition is further aggravated due to the mundane boring jobs of daily routine which prohibit taking care of the body.

Modern science has confirmed that it is possible to reverse the aging process by taking supplements like Testomax containing natural ingredients which help in increasing the levels of testosterone giving you a beautiful and shaped figure.

The ingredients in the muscle gain supplement Testo Max

D-Aspartic acid 2352 mg: this ingredient is an amino acid. We all know that amino acids are very useful for protein synthesis. Inclusion of this ingredient has a considerable effect in enhancing the strength and sizes of the muscles. D-Aspartic acid also helps in the burning of excess fats thereby helping in the reduction of extra weight. It is a useful amino acid for maintaining the muscles.

Magnesium 200 mg: Magnesium is considered as one of the most vital minerals which our body needs to improve many functions. It enhances the production of testosterone and tones up the movements of the muscles. It has significant effects in improving cognitive functions.

52 mg of vitamin D3: vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin for the growth of bone as well as muscle mass. The continuous intake of a small amount of vitamin D3 restores normal bodily functions achieving general wellbeing. It also increases the production of testosterone, naturally stimulating the body.

40 mg of nettle leaf extract: this herbal ingredient is claimed to enhance the rate of metabolism which is vital for all types of healthy aspirations. As we resort to hard training there occurs muscle damages which must be replenished and repaired at the earliest. Such intrinsic damages in the muscles may cause inflammation of the muscular tissues as well as pain. Nettle leaf extract helps in relieving the pain of the muscles which may be caused due to traction.

Korean Red Ginseng: the herb has been used by the aboriginals for centuries in the treatment of age-related problems. Modern science has revealed that such aging effects are due to low levels of testosterone. It has been found through various tests that the Ginseng extract can enhance the levels of testosterone by enhancing the production of testosterone by the body naturally. In addition to increasing testosterone levels, it is used to improve sexual drive and energy levels. It can help treat erectile dysfunctions too.

Vitamin B6: this is an important component of the vitamin B complex. It is useful for almost all the functions of the body.

Zinc: it is a useful mineral for increasing the production of testosterone.

Boron: the mineral is very good in increasing the testosterone level. Our body has one hormone named SHBG which reduces the production of testosterone. Boron inhibits the SHBG from blocking the production of testosterone production. It helps in improving the level of performance during training.

People who should avoid taking the muscle building supplement Testo max

  • Persons below the age of 18 years
  • People having chronic as well as acute medical conditions
  • People allergic to the ingredients of the supplement
  • Pregnant as well as nourishing women

In addition the women may not use the supplement as it may turn their body more of muscles losing the feminine features which may not be liked by most female participants.


  • Improved testosterone levels
  • Enhanced sex drive
  • Achieving stronger and bigger lean muscles
  • Maintaining the muscle when assisted with proper exercise, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle
  • Faster post training recovery rate
  • Improved stamina


  • Not suitable for persons under 18
  • May not be preferred by the women
  • People with medical persons may not use it

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Testo fuel

Supplements 4

The supplement for building bigger and stronger muscles had been formulated by Roar Ambition in the year 2014. In order to achieve all the benefits of synthetic anabolic steroids without the harmful side effects the company prepared the supplement from all natural ingredients.

The ingredients have been selected from different corners of the world which have proven beneficial effects on muscle building.

The core ingredient of the supplement is D-Aspartic Acid on which the creator of the supplement has put maximum confidence. It signifies that the supplement does not simply add testosterone to the body for gaining muscles but tries to stimulate the body’s natural process of producing testosterone.

The tested product TestoFuel aims to trigger the natural process of the body and thereby increase the size and strength of the muscles.

Lack of muscle growth is often related to low levels of testosterone. Modern science has proper blood tests for determining the levels of testosterone.

Though there are many testosterone enhancing drugs, all such drugs need to be taken under strict medical supervision. In addition such drugs cause lots of side effects.

The muscle building supplement Testo fuel does the similar job naturally without any side effects.

The beneficial effects of consuming the muscle building supplement TestoFuel

  • Enhanced bone growth which is caused by enhancing the levels of testosterone
  • High growth in muscles due to high levels of healthy testosterone. The increased levels of testosterone also helps in maintaining the muscles strength and sizes
  • Weight loss is achieved by burning the excess fats. Often low levels of testosterone causes gain in weight which can be reversed by enhancing the levels of testosterone
  • Production of healthy sperm is also an added benefit of enhanced levels of testosterone caused by consuming the supplement
  • Increase in libido and sex drive
  • Improvement in cognitive abilities such as focus, mental alertness and concentration etc

The ingredients of TestoFuel muscle building supplement

D-Aspartic Acid: it triggers the body’s natural process of making Luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. These two hormones are effective in increasing testosterone levels.

Vitamin D3: our body can produce vitamin D3 when exposed to sunlight. But due to lack of exposure to sunlight peo;le are experiencing low levels of vitamin D3. vitamin D3 is vital for promoting the growth of bone as well as muscle masses. It also helps in the production of more and more testosterone for the healthy growth of the body.

Vitamin K2: known as menaquinone the ingredient works in combination with vitamin D3 for stimulating the body’s process of producing testosterone hormone. It also helps in reducing weight.

Vitamin B6: this vitamin has many benefits for the body’s general well being. It has beneficial effects on improving the red blood cells, skin, hair, eyes and what not.

Magnesium: this important mineral works as an enzymatic cofactor for causing many beneficial effects on the body. It can regulate the processes which are responsible for the proper functioning of the heart, brain as well as the bones. The other good effects of the mineral are faster recovery rate post workout, gain in the muscle size and promoting sound sleep. It also enhances the levels of testosterone.

Zinc: it improves the immune system of the body

Asian Red Panax Ginseng: it is a well known herb which is included to improve mood and other cognitive abilities. Studies have confirmed that this Asian herb can enhance the levels of testosterone.

Fenugreek seed: the ingredient is rich with zinc, magnesium and selenium. The effects of the substances is increase in the levels of testosterone

Oyster extract: it is an aphrodisiac. The high zinc content of the ingredient improves the reproductive health of the users of the supplement TestoFuel.

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Natural means of improving the testosterone levels

By the age of twenty years men achieve their fullest potential. As we cross the age of 20, our testosterone levels start a significant rate of 1% each year.

But till the age of 40 years, we do not feel much of the impact of the declining testosterone. But it shows its effects as we cross 40.

The symptoms which we may feel due to the declining testosterone levels are sluggishness, fatigue, low levels of energy, reduced sex drive and libido, increase in body weight, increase in belly fat, cognitive disabilities such as reduced memory, lack of concentration & focus, slow learning ability and many more.

We can fight the symptoms by doing the following precautionary activities regularly.

Taking regulated healthy diets

Putting on weight is detrimental to the production of testosterone. In fact the two go in the opposite directions. As we gain weight the body starts producing less testosterone.

As we age we must reduce the intake of carbohydrates and compensate it with salads, proteins, nuts etc. clinical studies have been done which have shown that as we increase the consumption of carbs the testosterone levels get reduced.

Perform regular exercises

It is a tested truth that by doing exercises we can increase the levels of testosterone. 150 hours of exercise a week can do wonders depending on the condition of your health.

Consuming more vegetables and fruits

Pomegranate increases the levels of testosterone by 24% as per studies. Some vegetables like broccoli and cabbages reduce estrogen which is a female hormone.

Avoid the use of plastic containers

Plastics which are made with BPA cause disruptions in endocrine. If any kind of disorder happens in the endocrine it may interfere with the production of testosterone.

Avoid drinking of alcohol

Studies have shown that excess drinking of alcohol stops testosterone production. In one controlled study involving middle aged men it was found that by providing the participants with beer continuously for a period of three weeks caused reduction in the levels of plasma testosterone by 6.8%.

Have a sound sleep for eight to nine hour a night

When we take full rest during sleep our body restores many damages. Testosterone level gets enhanced during sleep. This is more pronounced at one hours after midnight.

Spend some time under the sun

The best source of an ample amount of vitamin D is the sunshine. Try to spend at least 20 minutes under the sun. vitamin D is closely related to the production of testosterone. The receptors of vitamin D are also located in the tissues close to the male reproductive system.

Take natural muscle building supplements

Muscle building supplements are available on online markets which are free from side effects. These supplements are made from natural ingredients and hence completely safe without any side effects. Such supplements help in gaining lean muscle.

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