The Best Moisturizing Shampoos for Men


Looking for shampoo that will moisturize and nourish your scalp? Check out our list of the best moisturizing shampoos for men.

If you’re like most men, taking care of your hair might not be at the top of your priority list. But if you want to keep your locks looking glossy and feeling soft and healthy, you need to moisturize them—just like the rest of your skin. 

While there are plenty of haircare products out there, finding a quality moisturizing shampoo that doesn’t come with a nightmare ingredients list can be tricky. So let us take some stress away by giving you an overview of the best moisturizing shampoos for men that will nourish and hydrate both scalp and strands alike!

Natural is better for the environment and better for you

Using a shampoo with natural ingredients is becoming increasingly vital. In recent years, many shampoos have come under fire for their harsh chemical ingredients that can be drying and damaging to the scalp and hair. Natural ingredients are not only beneficial for your health, but they can also be more effective at cleansing, conditioning, and protecting your hair from damage caused by pollutants and over-processing.

Natural shampoos are often made with plant-based oils, herbal extracts, and other naturally sourced substances that nourish the scalp while gently cleansing it. These ingredients help to retain moisture in the hair follicles while providing essential vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair growth. Additionally, natural ingredients tend to be free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, and other chemicals that can irritate the scalp and strip away natural oils from the hair.

By choosing a shampoo with natural ingredients, you are taking care of your overall health as well as your hair’s health. Natural shampoos are gentle on both the scalp and hair follicles while still being effective enough to cleanse oil buildup due to regular styling products or environmental exposure. 

So, be sure to check the label next time you buy shampoo. Looking for a cruelty-free option is also a great way to support ethical companies—and opt for something made with natural ingredients instead!

Buy cruelty-free when you can

It is important to use cruelty-free shampoo and other personal care products as this ensures that no animals have been harmed in the process of producing them. Products that are labeled as cruelty-free have not been tested on animals, which means that no animal has suffered for the creation or sale of these items. 

By purchasing cruelty-free products, you will ensure your contribution to a kinder and more conscious lifestyle. Furthermore, some companies strive to be sustainable and eco-friendly, so by supporting them you are helping to protect our planet!

1. Blu Atlas Shampoo


First up on our list is this all-natural option from premium skincare company Blu Atlas. The Blu Atlas Body Wash has a highly effective, dermatologist-tested, sulfate-free formula that kills bacteria and whisks away dirt and debris while nourishing and strengthening the skin.

Two of the key ingredients you’ll find in this vegan and all-natural body wash are green tea and aloe barbadensis leaf extracts. 

Green tea extract is antimicrobial, and also has potent anti-inflammatory properties. It powerfully kills bacteria, fungus, viruses, and other microorganisms while calming the skin and minimizing redness.This natural extract is also packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients that nourish and protect the skin. 

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice is antibacterial, and like green tea, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes the skin, and works as a natural moisturizer.

In addition to these bacteria-fighting ingredients, this paraben-free and phthalate-free body wash contains sugar cane extract, which gently exfoliates for smooth and bright skin. While these ingredients get to work, a blend of gentle yet effective surfactants removes unwanted debris present on the skin.

2. Dove Men+Care Hydration Fuel 2-in-1 Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner


Dove Men+Care Hydration Fuel 2-in-1 Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner is a two-in-one product that cleanses and conditions your hair in one easy step. Simply lather, let it sit, then rinse. Our men’s shampoo and conditioner hydrates hair without adding extra weight, providing life to dry and fine hair. 

The Dove Men+Care Hydration Fuel 2-in-1 shampoo is specially designed with a hydrating formula that nourishes the hair while keeping it strong, healthy, and soft. Additionally, conditioning actives, like menthol and caffeine, help make hair more manageable after every wash, providing a softer feel and touch.

It is gentle enough to use daily, suitable for all hair types, available in most drug stores and retailers, and won’t break the bank.

3. Pure Nature Moroccan Argan Oil – Shampoo


Argan oil is a fantastic moisturizer. It restores hair and leaves it with a luxurious shine. The Vitamin E also penetrates the hair follicle for deep healing, leaving hair thick and lush.

If you often spend time in the sun or use heat styling tools, then this shampoo and conditioner duo is perfect for you. It contains a UV and Thermal Protectant that protects your hair from the harshest heat and sun damage, plus it’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants to keep your hair healthy and strong.

It also pairs fabulously with the Pure Nature Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner. With these two, you get everything your dry and damaged hair has longed for. The shampoo and conditioner combo is a complete hair care solution in just one purchase—no more searching for a conditioner that works perfectly with your moisturizing shampoo.

4. Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Nourishing Shampoo + Conditioner


Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Nourishing Shampoo + Conditioner is a deep cleansing shampoo/conditioner blend that removes buildup and refreshes your hair. It is specifically formulated for men’s hair, which comes with the added bonus of being usable on both your hair and beard!

This combination of shampoo and conditioner gently removes buildup to deeply cleanse your hair and beard, leaving your scalp and skin feeling fresh and hydrated. The shampoo contains menthol and eucalyptus oil to invigorate your scalp, while the conditioning agents leave your hair soft and manageable.

The shampoo and conditioner both utilize the moisturizing powers of pracaxi oil, a natural conditioner. They also use the powers of cedarwood, sandalwood, and eucalyptus oils, for a smooth feel and woodsy aroma.

5. Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Shampoo


Aveda Men Pure-formance™ Shampoo is an excellent option for showing your hair a little more love if it needs more moisture. Frequently sold at salons, a little bit of the product goes a long way, meaning that one bottle will last you for months.

It works well as a cleanser, even if you use a lot of product, and leaves your hair feeling light and soft, not weighed down as other moisturizing shampoos can.

The Aveda Men Pure-Formance Shampoo offers a sophisticated, spicy, and rejuvenating scent with kunzea combined with certified organic essential oils of lemon, spearmint, vetiver, and lavender.

And even better, it is all-natural and cruelty-free. No sulfates or parabens here, just a natural, eco-friendly way to keep your hair soft and clean.

6. Brickell’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo for Men


Brickell’s Strengthening Shampoo for Men is a deep cleansing shampoo that removes buildup and refreshes your hair.

This natural and organic men’s shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients that leave the hair looking fuller, healthier, and shinier. Your scalp will be stimulated with peppermint and tea tree oil to encourage hair growth while destroying skin flakes and preventing dandruff. 

Meanwhile, hydrolyzed wheat protein thickens each strand of hair, strengthening its underlying structure. Amino acids restore shine and add volume to follicles, whilst Vitamin E nourishes the scalp, encouraging healthy hair growth and minimizing hair loss. With these carefully chosen ingredients, this shampoo promises to give you the best results.

This deeply cleansing formula reduces irritation and flakiness on the scalp while promoting growth and creating a volumizing effect. Made with 97% natural ingredients, including 83% organic components, the refreshing, minty scent is perfect for everyday use and won’t harm color-treated hair. It has something for everyone—no matter your hair type!

7. Jack Black Double-Header® Shampoo + Conditioner with Coconut Oil & Kelp Extract


The Jack Black Double-Header® Shampoo + Conditioner with Coconut Oil & Kelp Extract is a fantastic blend designed to strengthen and moisturize your scalp. Using organic, natural ingredients, the Double-Header® leaves your hair feeling fresh and stronger with every wash.

This sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner will give you a creamy lather that removes oil, product buildup, and tangles while lightly conditioning your scalp. Not only will it hydrate and condition to improve the overall look of your hair, but it also contains creatine which strengthens strands for increased shine.

This invigorating hair care treatment is packed with naturally-derived ingredients that help to strengthen and add volume to your hair. Coconut oil adds an extra layer of nourishment as it detangles and conditions. It also assists to prevent moisture loss while sage leaf extract and peppermint oil cool and refresh for an uplifting experience.

With the inclusion of amino acid creatine, rice seed protein, and white lupine protein, you can expect increased density and volume from each application. Sea kelp, basil, and green tea extract provide antioxidant benefits for a soothed scalp every time.

8. Baxter of California Daily Fortifying Shampoo


Coming from one of the pioneers of the men’s self-care industry and a salon favorite, Baxter of California Daily Fortifying Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that removes buildup without stripping away natural oils.

The shampoo contains coconut extract to nourish your scalp, while the conditioning agents, like wheat protein and Vitamin E, leave your hair soft and manageable. The peppermint scent invigorates, provides a pleasant tingle while lathering, and leaves your hair smelling great.

9. Paul Mitchell – Mitch Double Hitter 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner


Paul Mitchell is a renowned name in the salon industry for making unique products derived from natural ingredients for all types of hair. The Mitch line of hair care products is made especially for men and their specific hair care needs. 

Mitch Double Hitter 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner uses conditioning ingredients to relax and soften hair, restoring moisture to the scalp and hair follicles. It is even gentle enough to use on color-treated hair. This product is also sulfate-free and paraben-free.

An added bonus is that all of their packaging is fully recycled and eco-friendly. It is good for your hair and good for the environment after you’ve used up every last drop.

10. Redken Brews 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash


This article has featured a lot of two-in-one products, and with good reason. The best moisturizing shampoos for men all contain powerful conditioning ingredients. But here, we have something new, a three-in-one product for the hair, face, and body.

Redken’s Brews range uses malt as its active ingredient. Malt is a natural conditioner and provides your hair with essential nutrients to help build healthy follicles. It also has the added bonus of softening the skin on your scalp and everywhere else. The three-in-one is also sulfate-free and paraben-free.

The three-in-one product even harkens back to its yeasty roots with a beer bottle-shaped bottle and a glossy amber hue.

11. Kérastase Bain De Force Quotidien Shampoo


Kérastase Bain De Force Quotidien Shampoo is a thickening shampoo that boosts the volume of thinning hair. One of the major benefits of this product is that you can use it all on its own. No conditioner is required!

This Bain De Force shampoo for men is designed to deeply cleanse your scalp, hair, and beard while strengthening weakened fibers with the help of creatine and ginger root. Experience a refreshing cooling sensation as you remove dirt, oil, and impurities from your hair.

The deep-cleaning shampoo moisturizes and invigorates the scalp, while the volumizing agents leave your hair looking thicker and fuller. The ginger adds a layer of protection to your hair, and the creatine provides bulk and fullness, leaving hair thick and refreshed.

This product is also silicone-free and paraben-free.

12. Hanz de Fuko – Natural ShampooImage11


Hanz de Fuko’s Natural Shampoo is a unique blend of over 16 pure natural plant extracts and over ten amino acids that work together to create an optimal environment for hair growth. 

White/red tea promotes growth; horsetail rejuvenates; cactus adds shine; eucalyptus relieves itching; apple encourages growth; spearmint disinfects; sage regenerates; lemon reduces frizz; seaweed boosts hydration; pomegranate is full of antioxidants; burdock root reduces inflammation; mallow increases elasticity; clove strengthens; shea butter moisturizes and acai extracts rejuvenate the scalp after first use. 

This shampoo leaves hair looking and feeling its healthiest with incredible shine. After continued usage, your hair will become noticeably thicker, stronger, and more manageable while deeply moisturizing from root to tip.

13. KMS Moist Repair ShampooImage4


KMS Moist Repair Shampoo is a salon favorite for a reason. It uses natural extracts to repair dry and damaged hair. Plus, this brand offers full transparency with their products and stands by their ingredients.

KMS Moist Repair Shampoo is packed full of essential ingredients to help nourish, rebuild, and protect your hair. Lactic and malic acid work together to restore the internal structure of your locks, while polyquaternium-7 even out the hair surface. Meanwhile, 18-MEA is a powerful ingredient that restores the natural surface of your hair. Aloe vera and vanilla are added to give extra nourishment and maintain healthy-looking hair.

It has a strong natural scent, combining elements of herbs, fruits, flowers, and trees. Plus, this product is also silicone-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free.

14. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo


Say hello to healthier hair with Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo! This sulfate-free, clarifying moisturizing shampoo removes buildup and infuses your tresses with nourishing moisture.

This shampoo is especially perfect for those who regularly color. It is also a great choice for those that regularly straighten, perm, or heat style their hair. It is also very flexible and great for kinky, curly, or wavy natural styles; this paraben-free formula utilizes Jamaican black castor oil and shea butter to help strengthen damaged hair and revive it back to life.

And the best part? All of Shea Moisture’s products are sustainably produced, cruelty-free, and free of silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and petrolatum.

15. L’Oréal Professionnel Homme Tonique


A long-trusted salon brand, L’Oréal’s Professionnel Homme range is suited to the unique needs of men’s hair.

Perfect for color-treated hair, L’Oréal Professionnel Homme Tonique helps to lock in hydration and protect against hair damage caused by everyday use and abuse. Since it is formulated with a special blend of natural oils and shea butter, this shampoo nourishes each strand for soft, healthy-looking locks with a brilliant shine. 

Additionally, it contains anti-free radical agents to guard against premature aging. Regular use allows you to enjoy stronger and softer hair with beautiful color vibrancy.

16. Sachajuan – Moisturizing Shampoo


Sachajuan Moisturizing Shampoo is specially formulated for dry, bleached, lighter-colored, or highlighted hair. It contains our advanced Ocean Silk Technology and argan oil to infuse intense moisture back into your locks. 

This special formula provides optimal hydration without weighing down the hair, leaving it healthy and manageable. Plus, it helps repair chemically damaged hair and has been formulated without parabens, making it vegan and cruelty-free.

Ocean Silk Technology means that the product is infused with natural, ocean-sourced ingredients such as rhodophycea and chondrus crispus to strengthen and protect your hair. With high levels of magnesium, zinc, calcium, and manganese, this shampoo works to boost shine, protect against damage, and normalize the scalp.

17. Dr. Squatch Cool Fresh Aloe Shampoo


New to the market, bringing freshness and a wicked sense of humor, Dr. Squatch Cool Fresh Aloe Shampoo is one of the few 100% natural shampoos out there. As it says on the bottle, this shampoo brings out aloe vera’s cool and soothing moisture. If you’ve ever had a sunburn, chances are you know just how potent aloe vera can be.

They also use glycerin, a natural hair-conditioning agent, and shea butter, which softens and moisturizes. They also use the invigoration of clary sage, cypress, and patchouli essential oils to help strengthen and cleanse hair, leaving behind a captivating, masculine fragrance.

Frequently asked questions 

Why do I need moisturizing shampoo?

A moisturizing shampoo is an essential part of any hair care routine since it assists to nourish and replenish moisture in the scalp and strands. Formulated with hydrating ingredients like oils, butters, and creams, this type of shampoo works to moisturize dry or brittle hair while also providing shine and softness. 

While there are many benefits to using a moisturizing shampoo, the biggest advantage is that it aids to combat environmental damage caused by too much sun exposure or harsh chemicals used in hair styling products. Moisturizing shampoos can also improve the overall health of your scalp by restoring its natural balance, leading to fewer problems such as dandruff and flakiness. 

Ultimately, using a good quality moisturizing shampoo regularly can result in healthier-looking locks that are strong, shiny, and manageable!

What do I need to look for?

When looking for a moisturizing shampoo, you should pay attention to the ingredients it contains. Seek out hydrating oils like argan or jojoba oil, as well as nourishing butters such as shea and cocoa. Additionally, many shampoos require additional hydration, so check for moisturizing agents such as aloe vera, glycerin, and panthenol. 

It is also important to find a shampoo with a mild formula that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils; avoid types that contain sulfates, which can be too harsh on hair. 

Lastly, make sure to read the product description before buying to confirm that it will address your specific concerns and needs.

What do I need to avoid?


Sulfates are harsh chemical detergents that are commonly found in shampoos and other hair products. These chemicals strip away natural oils and protective lipids on the scalp, leaving it dry and prone to irritation. They can also fade away color-treated hair, resulting in dull, flat locks. For these reasons, sulfates should be avoided as much as possible when selecting hair care products.


Parabens are a group of preservatives commonly used in personal care products, such as shampoo and conditioner. While these chemicals help to extend the shelf life of these products, they can also be damaging to your hair and scalp. They can cause dryness and flakiness, as well as increase sensitivity to other chemicals and irritants. 

Long-term use of products containing parabens is linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and fertility issues. For these reasons, avoid using any hair care product that contains them.


Phthalates are a group of common chemicals found in many personal care products, including shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and styling products. They are known to be endocrine disruptors, meaning they can interfere with the production and balance of hormones in the body. 

Phthalates can also cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Unwanted exposure to these chemicals has been linked to reproductive issues and developmental problems. For these reasons, avoid using any hair care product that contains phthalates.


Silicone in shampoo can be bad for your hair and scalp, as it can cause buildup on the scalp, leaving hair looking greasy or weighed down. Silicones (or “cones”) are derived from silica, a mineral found in quartz sand. They create a barrier on top of the scalp and strands, which can trap grime and dirt instead of effectively washing it out. 

This buildup will take extra shampoo and mechanical action to remove, leading to more frequent washes that strip away natural oils from the scalp as well as premature damage. Furthermore, some silicone ingredients have been linked to skin irritation, which can lead to inflammation or even an allergic reaction for those with sensitive skin. 

Ultimately, look for shampoos made with natural ingredients that won’t leave any residue behind.

Why should a man moisturize their hair?

A moisturizing shampoo is vital for men as it helps to nourish and reinforce the hair’s natural defenses against environmental stressors like extreme temperatures, harsh styling products, and UV rays. In addition, moisturizing shampoo can keep the scalp clean and healthy by balancing its oils and reducing excessive dryness or greasiness. 

Men’s hair is often more coarse than women’s, so a moisturizing shampoo can add softness to the strands while also aiding to reduce frizz and flyaways. Ultimately, using a moisturizing shampoo regularly can result in healthier-looking locks that are strong, shiny, and manageable!

What about conditioner?

Conditioner is an essential part of any hair care routine, providing moisture and nourishment to keep your locks looking and feeling healthy. It works by coating the hair shaft with a protective layer, sealing in hydration while smoothing down the cuticle to reduce frizz and give it a glossy shine. 

Conditioner also helps detangle knots and add volume, making styling easier. Additionally, it contains ingredients like proteins, oils, and vitamins that assists to restore the hair’s natural strength, elasticity, and vibrancy over time.

Since a conditioner is an essential part of your hair moisturizing routine, many shampoos designed to moisturize your hair are combined with a conditioner for even more moisturizing power. As a result, you will see quite a few shampoo/conditioner combinations on this list of the best moisturizing shampoos for men!

The lowdown

If you’re looking for a new moisturizing shampoo, we hope our list has helped steer you toward one that will work great for your individual needs. No matter which product you decide to go with, make sure to read the directions and ingredients list carefully before use so that you can get the most out of it. As always, consult with your barber or hair stylist with any concerns about using a new beauty or grooming product.

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