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When it comes to a dog’s health, we are always looking for the best products to use. These include medications, supplements, toys, and even food. There are many types of melatonin for dogs that can treat certain conditions or help in other ways.

That’s why you need to know more about them to determine the best melatonin for dogs, especially if your four-legged friend has been diagnosed with sleeplessness and needs help fighting this condition.

Top 3 Brands Of Melatonin For Dogs

  1. Holistapet – Overall Best Melatonin For  Dogs; Top Selling
  2. Zesty Paws – Affordable Melatonin Brand For Dogs
  3. Pet Honesty – Top Quality Melatonin Product For Dogs

#1. Holistapet – Overall Best Melatonin For  Dogs; Top Selling

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Holistapet Melatonin for dogs can help to ease the onset of your dog’s sleep cycle. This supplement will not only help them to relax and feel more comfortable, but it will also help to reduce their stress levels, which can be a factor in their insomnia.

A natural supplement that promotes restful sleep for dogs is a great choice for pet owners who are tired of seeing their dog toss and turn throughout the night.

A natural remedy like Holistapet Melatonin for dogs is a great option because it does not contain any harsh chemicals or drugs that could harm your dog’s system. In fact, this product is safe enough to be used by dogs of all ages.


Brand Reputation

Holistapet melatonin for dogs is beloved by pet owners and vets alike. The company is dedicated to the holistic health and well-being of all animals, and its products do an excellent job of delivering on its mission.

The Holistapet team takes a unique approach to their manufacturing process, resulting in some of the highest-quality and most effective products available for pets.

Holistapet has been in business since 2001. They have been awarded several certifications from various organizations that support their efforts to develop quality products, including certification by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). They also have a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on their products.

Holistapet is a brand of melatonin for dogs that has a growing reputation online as a safe and effective treatment for anxiety in canines, but with some hesitation from the veterinary community about its use.

Product Quality

Holistapet’s Melatonin for Dogs supplement is a unique blend of premium-grade magnesium, calcium, and potassium that helps ease canine anxiety and sleeplessness. It is made in the USA using only FDA-approved ingredients and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Holistapet’s melatonin for dogs has been a popular choice for pet owners because of its ability to aid in the regulation of sleep cycles.

While the product does not contain any active ingredients, Holistapet does suggest that customers consult their veterinarian before administering the product to their dog. The container itself is small and easy to carry with you to feed your dog the correct dosage at night.

If you have multiple dogs, Holistapet has also manufactured a larger version of their melatonin, but advise that you not give a large dose to your dog, as it could cause serious side effects.

Product Safety

Holistapet’s melatonin for dogs is safe and effective for supporting the canine species’ natural sleeping patterns.

The melatonin found in this formula is produced from plant extracts and has been used safely in humans since the 1970s and, more recently, in different animal species, including dogs.

When given at the proper dosage, Holistapet melatonin has a calming but natural effect on dogs, helping to induce sleep without any of the harmful side effects that other sleep aids can have on a dog’s health or behavior.


  • Effective in aiding sleep
  • Easy to administer
  • Safe for dogs
  • Contains natural ingredients


  • Dogs may be overly drowsy the next day.

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#2. Zesty Paws – Affordable Melatonin Brand For Dogs

Zesty Paws melatonin for dogs is a dietary supplement that can help your pet get better sleep at night. Zesty Paws melatonin for dogs is a dietary supplement that can help your pet get better sleep at night.

Zesty Paws melatonin for dogs is a dietary supplement that can help your pet get better sleep at night. Zesty Paws melatonin for dogs is a dietary supplement that can help your pet get better sleep at night.

Zesty Paws melatonin for dogs is a dietary supplement that can help your pet get better sleep at night.


Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is essential to the success and safety of a product. In the case of Zesty Paws melatonin for dogs, the company has established a positive reputation over the years.

The company’s website,, has an extensive page on its history, including information about each product.

They have been in business since 1995 and are located in California. Their products are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for dogs and cats through the use of natural ingredients derived from plants and herbs.

Their mission is to help pet owners take care of their pets by providing them with quality supplements that promote health and wellness.

Zesty Paws melatonin for dogs is one of several products manufactured by Zesty Paws to treat insomnia in senior dogs and other sleep disorders in dogs with mild anxiety and fear issues.

The melatonin supplement is made from a combination of natural ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives.

The supplement helps relieve anxiety so that dogs can relax and fall asleep when they need to without getting overstimulated or hyperactive.

The supplement also promotes deep sleep, which provides additional benefits for dogs suffering from anxiety, stress, or fear issues.

Product Quality

Zesty Paws melatonin for dogs is a powerful supplement melatonin to help dogs relax, fall asleep and stay asleep.

The formulation includes the highest quality melatonin available, along with natural ingredients like L-theanine and valerian root that are proven to help promote relaxation in dogs.

The supplement is easy to use—give one tablet daily to your dog by mouth. However, it’s important to note that Zesty Paws is a dietary supplement only, not a drug or a food.

It’s not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have any questions about whether Zesty Paws is right for your dog or what dosage might be best, check with your veterinarian.

Product Safety

Zesty Paws melatonin is the most trusted brand recommended by veterinarians for dogs that need to regulate their sleep cycle.

Melatonin is a hormone secreted in the brain’s pineal gland that regulates circadian rhythm and helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle.

Since dogs experience some of the same sleep disturbances as humans, including difficulty falling asleep, frequent nighttime wake-ups, and trouble staying asleep through the night, melatonin has been proven to be effective in helping to alleviate these common issues.


  • It helps establish a regular sleep schedule
  • Works as a strong aid for anxiety
  • An ingredient in melatonin is natural herbs
  • Nonhabit forming and safe for use in pets


  • Doesn’t cure dog insomnia problems permanently.

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#3. PetHonesty – Top Quality Melatonin Product For Dogs

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Pet Honesty melatonin for dogs is a fantastic solution for pet owners who want to give their pets the best care possible. Pet Honesty melatonin for dogs is a natural supplement that helps your pet get a good night’s rest and stay healthy.

Melatonin is produced naturally by the pineal gland in your dog’s brain, but stress, jet lag, and other factors can sometimes hinder this function.

Melatonin can also be supplemented in pill form. The recommended dosage of Pet Honesty melatonin depends on your dog’s size, so you should follow the instructions given with each bottle of melatonin.


Brand Reputation

Pet Honesty, a company specializing in pet supplements, has established quite a reputation among dog owners.

After years of hard work and dedication to creating high-quality products that improve the quality of life for pets, Pet Honesty’s offerings are bought by nearly half of all pet owners in America.

The reason that so many people turn to Pet Honesty is simple: they’re dedicated to creating products that actually help pets, and they’ve proven it time and time again.

Pet Honesty’s melatonin for dogs is one of their most popular products, with an estimated use rate in the neighborhood of 60%.

That figure is not without merit—the melatonin offered by Pet Honesty has been proven through scientific studies to help your dog sleep better at night.

Product Quality

Pet Honesty melatonin for dogs is a quality product that delivers its promise. The company uses high-quality ingredients, the packaging is professional, and the website is informative.

Pet Honesty melatonin for dogs has been formulated to help your dog get a good night’s sleep. It contains L-tryptophan, which has proven properties to relieve stress.

It also contains L-theanine and calming herbs like valerian and chamomile. Melatonin is an important hormone in the body of humans and animals alike that regulates sleep.

Product Safety

Pet Honesty melatonin for dogs is made in the USA and is formulated to meet the highest industry standards. As a pet parent, you can trust that this product is safe and effective for your pup.

Pet Honesty melatonin for dogs is a dietary supplement that has been scientifically formulated to help calm and settle an anxious dog.

It’s made with the same active ingredient as human melatonin supplements, which is a hormone naturally produced by the pineal gland in the brain.

Pet Honesty melatonin for dogs is an over-the-counter product, meaning that it doesn’t require a prescription from a veterinarian and can be sold at any retail location, including pet stores and online retailers.


  • It Helps dogs sleep better
  • Natural alternative to drugs
  • Easy to take


  • Short shelf life

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How We Made This List Of The Top Quality Melatonin For Dogs?

The process of choosing the best melatonin for dogs is a complicated one. In order to evaluate brands and make an informed ranking, we had to consider many different factors.

Brand Reputation

The first thing we wanted to look at was brand reputation. Having a good brand name behind a product is the most important factor in determining its quality.

This was especially true when it came to melatonin for dogs, as there are no regulations on the ingredients allowed in dog food supplement products.

As such, you can only be sure of what you’re getting once you know more about who’s making it.


When looking for the probiotic for dogs and melatonin, you want to make sure that you’re getting a natural product. Dogs are living creatures, and their health is important to us.

We need to feel comfortable that we aren’t harming them by giving them medicine and vitamins.

The natural ingredients in this list of the best melatonin for dogs help support good health while also having calming effects on dogs.

Pet Safety

When choosing melatonin for dogs, you need to find one that is made specifically for dogs due to their body size.

There are some risks associated with using human products on dogs, so it’s important that you don’t use human products in your dog’s treatments.

Dogs have different health needs than humans, so when choosing melatonin for dogs, you want to consider their health issues.

Dogs often suffer from anxiety and sleep disorders, which can stem from environmental issues like poor weather conditions, noise pollution in their living area, or separation anxiety.

Dogs also suffer from the seasonal affective disorder, just like humans do during the winter months. Therefore, it’s important that you choose a melatonin product that addresses these health issues in dogs to ensure your dog is as safe and healthy as possible.

Product Quality

When looking to buy melatonin for dogs, you want to make sure that you find the best product possible.

When it comes to quality and safety, there are two main things to look out for: The purity of the melatonin and how much of the melatonin is actually in the product. Both of these factors are incredibly important when it comes to finding a good dog melatonin.

It’s important to choose a good quality product so you can find the best melatonin for dogs. Finding high-quality dog supplements is important because they will be absorbed and work properly in your dog’s body. Lower-quality products may not be as effective or may even cause negative side effects.

Side Effects

We decided that it was important to choose no side effects of the dog melatonin supplements. Side effects are extremely common in drugs, especially those which are intended to be used constantly or daily.

This is because in order for a drug to be effective, it has to be in a certain amount. If too much of the drug is given and it does not get processed by the body, then your dog will have an excess of the drug in its body. When this happens, there are side effects that your dog can experience.

Customer Service

We chose to focus our research on customer service because it is a key factor in finding the best product for your needs.

Any company can make claims about their products, but if you can’t trust the people behind the brand, then it doesn’t really matter how good their products are.

The best melatonin for dogs should be made by a company that stands behind its products and genuinely cares about its customers’ needs.

Showcasing customer reviews is an effective way to get a meaningful product overview, but it does not give you any indication of the company’s attitude toward its customers or its approach to providing service.

Focusing on customer service gives us a complete picture of the company’s commitment to its customers.

We can find out if they will be available to provide support if something goes wrong with your order or if you need help deciding which melatonin dosage is best suited for your dog.

In this way, there are many different options when it comes to choosing the right melatonin for your pet.

And we can see that many companies stand behind their products and go out of their way to help their customers choose the best melatonin dose for dogs.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Melatonin For Dogs

It takes work to find the best melatonin for dogs. There are many options out there, and it cannot be very clear to know how to tell the difference between brands.

Finding the right one for your dog can be a struggle with so many different versions of melatonin for pets.

Here is a list to guide you on your purchase:

Brand Transparency

Not all melatonin for dogs is created equally. Some have fillers and additives that could be harmful to your dog. Some contain a very low amount of melatonin that won’t affect them at all.

Some brands don’t bother to give you the amount of the product in milligrams, which is important because a higher milligram strength means more melatonin is present in each dose.

When you buy melatonin for dogs from an unregulated brand, you need to know what you’re getting in terms of quality. Do they use synthetic or natural ingredients? Do they test their products before selling them?

This is why it’s important to look at brand transparency when buying melatonin for dogs, especially if you’re buying directly from the manufacturer or seller.

You should always check out their website and see if they have information about where they source their products and how they make their products.

Product Price

The product price for melatonin for dogs varies depending on the package size, brand, and quality, among other factors. A huge factor in determining product price is the concentration of melatonin (mg) per given weight of the product.

A higher concentration usually means that more melatonin can be extracted from a smaller material, which is often reflected in the product price.

When looking for the best melatonin for dogs, do take into consideration how much you will need and plan ahead for future purchases so you will only have to keep buying more melatonin every now and then.


When considering melatonin for dogs, it is important to consider the product’s dosage. Melatonin dosage is measured in mg/kg, and one must calculate the correct dosage based on the dog’s weight.

It is common for a dog to require a higher dosage than humans because they have a larger body mass. It is important to consult with your veterinarian or a certified expert before giving your dog melatonin.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an excellent resource when you’re researching a new product. When looking for dog melatonin products, it’s important to look at customer reviews because you can get a better idea of each product.

Many of the products available have similar ingredients, each with comparable melatonin levels. In addition, customer reviews provide useful details that can help you choose the best melatonin for your dog.

FAQs On Melatonin For Dogs

Q1: What is melatonin?

In the brain, melatonin is a hormone that develops naturally. Its main objectives are to lower anxiety, relax the body, and aid in the body’s preparation for sleep.

In order to achieve the same results and help with stress and anxiety reduction while also encouraging better sleep, the pills mentioned above use synthetic melatonin.

Q2: Can Dogs Receive Melatonin?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), melatonin is safe for dogs. It is a hormone that your dog naturally produces to control wakeful periods.

It is also known to be effective in treating a number of ailments, including separation anxiety, cognitive impairment, and even hair issues.

However, there is a small potential for side effects, and most of them are brought on by larger melatonin dosages that result in drowsiness or grogginess the next day.

Q3: Can dogs safely take human melatonin?

Dogs shouldn’t take human melatonin, according to veterinarians. There are various safe canine melatonin chews and oral versions on the market.

However, if you must feed your dog a human equivalent, carefully read the contents label to prevent any hazardous fillers and chemicals.

Although there is little information on melatonin’s recommended levels, we know that it interacts with medications, interferes with the synthesis of hormones, and can harm some dogs.

Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the proper dosage and frequency. Melatonin should start working 15 to 20 minutes after consumption.

Q4: Does giving melatonin to your dog every night pose any risks?

The ASPCA affirms that melatonin is often quite safe. Lethargy and stomach distress are minor adverse effects that some dogs experience. However, melatonin excess is frequently the cause of these negative effects.

Conclusion: Does Melatonin Improve Sleep Cycle Of Dogs?

We hope you’ve found the information fascinating. If you want to take a more in-depth look at each of these sites, go for it!

Check out their videos, read their privacy policy, and see what other customers say about them. Here’s hoping you get a better idea of what melatonin for your dog is all about.

Now you know what to look for when buying melatonin for dogs! The sites we listed come at a range of prices, so there’s bound to be something within your price range.

Try out a few and see what works best for your pet!

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