Best LLC Service in Florida: Expert Review and Analysis

By Martha Morris

If you plan to start an LLC in Florida, let me tell you from experience, having the best LLC Service in Florida will help make your life much easier. 

The right service provider will help you organize your Limited Liability Company, get all the paperwork filed, and provide exceptional customer service that makes the whole process faster. 

I’ve used a majority of these companies when starting various companies and they each provide the best value and service. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur just getting your start or a well-established business, optimizing your choice of LLC Service will streamline your operations and help you stay on top of the paperwork to ensure a smooth start. 

Best LLC Services in Florida

  1. Northwest Registered Agent (Best Overall $39)
  2. ZenBusiness (Best for the Money $0 Starting Fee)
  3. Harbor Compliance
  4. IncFile
  5. Rocket Lawyer
  6. Swyft Filings
  7. Sunshine Corporate Filings

Best Florida LLC Services

Like most people, when I started my first LLC, I didn’t have a ton of money to spend and I had no idea what I was doing. 

That meant I needed the best LLC Service in Florida and I couldn’t make a mistake and risk something going wrong. There are many legal and administrative processes involved in starting an LLC and this is the reason I prefer to use an LLC service. 

Keep in mind, while I have my favorite (and so does the state, in terms of rankings and popularity) some are better than others in specific areas. 

So, choose wisely from the list of LLC Services in Florida below.


Northwest Registered Agent (Best Overall) – $39


Pros Cons
  • Clear pricing
  • Personalized treatment
  • 90-day free VoIP trial
  • Certified copies of documents
  • Contact anytime
  • No free plan offer
  • They aren’t BBB Accredited – but have a solid track record


This is no surprise. Northwest Registered Agent services are typically at the top of every list in Florida. I personally use Northwest, and they’ve been excellent for my business, especially with its team of advisors that help you learn the ins and outs of starting a new business and forming an LLC.

The company provides everything needed to establish your LLC in Florida. They’ll assist with filing your articles of organization and drafting the operating agreement. 

Northwest even offers bonus services including a Certificate of Good Standing, certified copies of your documents, and access to an EIN (employer identification number) at an additional cost. 

The main thing that makes this company stand out is their service and willingness to walk you through everything step by step. That’s where I found the most value from using Northwest.

You can contact Northwest anytime via email, phone, or carrier pigeon if it floats your boat. 

They assign you a dedicated account manager, and this approach keeps things from getting confusing. Any issues you have will not fall between the cracks created by dealing with one of the thousands of employees each time you call.

Best of all, Northwest Registered Agent has a team of US-based employees working in their call center. You’re receiving support from former attorneys, business owners, and accountants. These people have the experience you need to help you along your journey. 

You can access your personal and legal correspondence, all of your business formation documents, mail forwarding, service of process notifications, and legal notices (physical mail is scanned and uploaded to your account). Online access is secured via an encrypted connection behind a secure firewall and 2FA.

One of the more exceptional things I like about Northwest is the fact that they don’t sell your data to third parties. That is such a breath of fresh air when we live in a time where every institution is jumping all over themselves to sell your data.

Some people complain that Northwest doesn’t do much to help you establish your business once you set it up. Many companies provide website builders, domain name registration, and marketing services. 

Personally, I think there are so many options out there so it’s not a big deal. 

What you get with Northwest Registered Agent is a team of experts to assist you in the process of setting up your business for success and this is why they are the best LLC service in Florida in my eyes. It’s hard to put a price tag on that. 

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ZenBusiness (Most Affordable LLC Service in Florida) – $0

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Pros Cons
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • They offer a free package
  • Excellent customer support/service
  • Prioritize client privacy
  • Somewhat basic LLC service package
  • Customer service lacks expert level knowledge


ZenBusiness is known for specializing in LLC formation, business incorporation, and registered agent services. They don’t quite have the star power of Northwest, but it’s a close second.

The value proposition is what stands out right away for ZenBusiness. They’re one of the only companies offering a completely free package plus state fees with everything you need to form your LLC. If you have a little bit of know-how or experience and simply want help filing the paperwork, ZenBusiness is the way to go. 

That said, help doesn’t end with the formation of your LLC. ZenBusiness continues to provide valuable resources and tools to support entrepreneurs through the business life cycle.

I was super impressed when I saw the assortment of services available through ZenBusiness. Annual report filing, service of process, compliance management, and multiple solutions for every problem are all a part of the overall package.

But the thing I like the most is that ZenBusiness specializes in LLC formation so you know you’re getting professionals with experience in what they do best. 

In addition to the free LLC services in Florida, if you want registered agent services, you’ll have to spring for the Pro Package at $199. Still, ZenBusiness provides an incredibly affordable, no-frills LLC service with great customer support, same-day responses, a set of services, and everything you need to get your business up and running. 

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Harbor Compliance Lightning Fast Processing

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Pros Cons
  • Super fast processing and customer service
  • Everything is personalized
  • Operates in all 50 states
  • Best for multi-state businesses
  • Pricey
  • Not as many services as some of the others


It may confuse some to see that Harbor Compliance is headquartered in another state (Pennsylvania to be exact). However, they have offices in Florida, and starting a business in Florida with Harbor at your back is no different than starting a business in Pennsylvania.

One of the first things that stands out about Harbor Compliance is the simplicity of setting everything up. All you need to do is provide your information using their online form and they’ll do the rest. 

You don’t need to sit through hour-long calls, fill out 50 forms, or even request anything. As soon as you fill out the one form, they file everything for you and send you your approved LLC formation documents. 

I really like the simplicity of Harbor’s online portal. Whether they are scanning and uploading documents or sending out service of process notifications, everything is streamlined and easy to access. Your Florida Business is in good hands with Harbor and it helps that their customer support is expedient and effective as well.

They assign a dedicated compliance specialist to each client, providing a high level of attention and support throughout the LLC formation process. Their add-ons also help keep the IRS off your back. 

These specialists have extensive knowledge in compliance matters and can guide clients through the complexities of forming an LLC, answering any questions and addressing specific concerns along the way.

Harbor Compliance also offers additional services beyond LLC formation, making them a comprehensive compliance partner. They assist with registered agent services, obtaining EINs, filing annual reports, and managing ongoing compliance requirements. 

This holistic approach ensures that clients have ongoing support and guidance, even after the initial formation process is complete.

Harbor Compliance’s approach is clearly one built on speed, quality, and service as you should expect when you’re starting a business. Of course, this comes at a pretty steep cost. 

The basic formation package is $399 and their Compliance Package is $799. It isn’t cheap. But, if you seek expert level knowledge and you’re starting a more complicated business with a lot of regulations, Harbor can ensure you get started off on the right foot and stay compliant. 

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IncFile $0 LLC Formation 



Pros Cons
  • Easy to use
  • Free Registered Agent
  • $0 Business formation
  • Super fast filing speeds
  • Research services
  • Not so knowledgeable customer support


While I gravitate toward Northwest as the best LLC service in Florida on the list, it’s hard to deny the advantage of choosing IncFile if you’re a business startup. When starting a business, keeping costs down is paramount.

One of the key advantages of Incfile is its affordability. They provide a free basic package that covers essential Florida LLC formation services, such as business name availability search, preparation and filing of formation documents, and one year of registered agent services. 

This free package makes Incfile an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals looking to start an LLC without incurring significant costs.

As a new client with IncFile, you also get a free registered agent service for the first year. That means free mail forwarding, a free Florida business address, free legal services, and free everything that comes with a registered agent service. It’s hard to argue with that level of value for a startup business.

IncFile is one of the fastest-growing private companies in America for a very good reason. They’re good at what they do. This is a feature because growth means exceptional new services continually coming out, coupled with affordable pricing.

This is a major part of the package. As your business expands and potentially touches new arenas within the industry, obtaining the right business license is key. IncFile offers the research services you need to find exactly what you are looking for.

IncFile also has a very user-friendly platform that makes the process smooth and simple. They provide clear instructions so that you can fill out all the forms accurately. This reduces bottlenecks and decreases the chances of your filing getting sent back. 

While the company does offer customer support through phone, email, and live chat; I found their service to be slightly lacking in terms of knowledge and experience. You can only expect so much from a free service but even as you upgrade, I don’t know if I would trust IncFile with compliance matters. 

There are ups and downs to being with a company that is growing at an exponential rate. While some growing pains are inevitable, the core of what you need as an entrepreneur or business startup is all here, with affordable prices, free filing, and a number of very convenient side features that every business needs.

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Rocket Lawyer Best Range of Services



Pros Cons
  • Fast service
  • Upfront pricing
  • Tons of services
  • Affordable
  • Great customer support
  • Membership required for some services
  • Specializing in Legal Services


Rocket Lawyer’s greatest asset is their expediency. Within minutes of contacting and speaking to a support rep, I was on the phone with an expert who helped me through the entire process. Filing my articles of organization was as simple as uploading a few documents to their online portal and they took care of the rest. 

Their pricing is also very transparent and upfront. They charge $99 for LLC formation and that’s it. 

Rocket Lawyer matches IncFile with their free tax consultation service, which is an essential commodity for all business owners, but especially for startups. While Rocket Lawyer’s pricing is already affordable, this is an excellent reason to choose them.

Engaging Rocket Lawyer’s services is a lot like balancing subscription plans from multiple streaming providers. Outside of LLC Formation, you can add a ton of additional services in a subscription-based format, only paying for what you need.

Rocket Lawyer’s user-friendly platform is another notable aspect of their service. The intuitive interface allows users to easily navigate through the LLC formation process. 

They provide step-by-step instructions and interactive tools that make it simple to complete the necessary forms and filings accurately. The platform also offers the convenience of electronic signatures, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and streamlining the entire process.

Rocket Lawyer is unique with their subscription service model, which allows you to only subscribe to what you want, without paying for services you don’t need. It’s especially nice to know that if you need something down the road, as your business expands, you can simply add it on as a subscription service.

Overall, Rocket Lawyer’s combination of legal expertise, user-friendly platform, and access to on-call attorneys make it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs seeking not just LLC formation services but also ongoing legal support.

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Swyft Filings


Pros Cons
  • Starting at $0
  • Free domain for a year
  • Rapid LLC Formation process
  • Expert customer service
  • Lifetime support
  • Premium charge for Registered Agent service


Swyft Filings is a new but rapidly growing LLC service in Florida. It’s a great choice for new entrepreneurs looking to start a business while keeping their costs down. 

With its strong reputation and comprehensive range of services, Swyft Filings offers numerous benefits that make it a great option for starting a business in the Sunshine State.

One of the main benefits behind Swyft Filings is the fact that they specialize in LLC formation so the process is super fast, affordable, and their customer support team is made up of accountants so they know what they’re talking about. 

Swyft Filings understands the intricacies of forming an LLC in Florida. By leveraging their in-depth understanding of the state’s laws, they can provide accurate and compliant guidance throughout the formation process. This ensures that entrepreneurs can confidently navigate the legal requirements and file their LLC documents accurately and efficiently.

Not to mention their low pricing. I’m always a little leery when it says “starts” at $0 but their basic plan truly is free and they were super transparent about it. From the moment I spoke with someone, they walked me through all the steps including a name check, preparation of articles of incorporation, document filing with the state, and the whole process of receiving my paperwork only took 10 days. 

Swyft Filings also offers lifetime customer support which is great for a growing business. Whether you have questions about your documents, you need guidance choosing a business structure, changing your structure, or even compliance support; they can help you. 

Keep in mind that you do have to upgrade to the $199 package if you want an EIN, business bank account, and instant electronic delivery of your documents. Still, it’s more affordable than most of the other LLC services in Florida so it’s worth the cost. 

Swyft Filings is a top-notch LLC service in Florida, offering a combination of expertise, user-friendly platform, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support. Their deep understanding of Florida’s LLC formation requirements, coupled with their streamlined process, ensures a smooth and compliant experience for entrepreneurs.

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Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC


Pros Cons
  • Double LLC for additional privacy
  • No third-party addresses
  • Affordable package offerings
  • Florida Virtual Office
  • 2-month free trial
  • Forwarding up to 10 pieces of non-state mail per year


One of Sunshine Corporate Filings’ major selling points is its low-cost LLC formation service. Only $35 per year will get you everything you need including a registered office location, limited free mail forwarding, free 60-day phone service trial, affordable filing services across the board. 

Sunshine Corporate Filings is located in St. Petersburg and, as a Florida business, employs Florida residents who know the inside and out of Florida’s rules and regulations on business and business operations in the Sunshine State.

As with all of the LLC services on this list; Sunshine Corporate Filings does more than help you set up your LLC. They offer registered agent services for $35 per year, they offer Florida phone services, and free mail forwarding. 

A service unique to Sunshine Corporate Fillings, a double LLC is just that—two LLCs that manage each other. This is how SCF maintains the absolute privacy of its clients. Choosing a double LLC also includes a Florida business address and the cost of one LLC for one year of membership.

Sunshine Corporate Filings charges a $125 state filing fee, followed by $35 for the registered agent service and/or $35 for an LLC formation. 

The business formation service helps you register with the Florida department of state and offers corporate guides to walk you through choosing an LLC name and filing your LLC operating agreement. 

It’s important that all LLC owners understand liability protection, income tax filing, DBA, and how to account for personal assets. Sunshine offers everything you need at an added cost in addition to the $35 filing fee. 

I personally love the fact that the company offers bare bones LLC formation packages all the way up to comprehensive services covering everything. 

Fortunately, Sunshine Corporate Filings offers an assortment of affordable and premium packages to cater to all your needs. The company has great customer reviews and can help you get your business entity up and running with one of the best LLC formation services. 

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Methodology: How I Chose the Top 7 LLC Services in Florida

Whenever I choose an LLC service, there are several important factors that I consider – these are non-negotiable: 

  • Reliability and expertise
  • Compliance
  • Timely delivery
  • Privacy measures
  • Affordability

I’ve turned to large financial blog reviews in the past for information on LLC formation services and they’re always misleading, biased, and incorrect. 

Experience is the number one thing I look for and specifically expertise in Florida’s legal requirements. How efficiently LLC formation services navigate complex paperwork and filing while offering expert guidance to clients played a significant role in the evaluation process. 

Affordability is taken into account as well, especially since many of the potential clients on the lookout for a good registered agent are entrepreneurs, taking their first foray into the business world. Whether they lack the business acumen that only a veteran business professional has or the financial backing, affordability is crucial from the get-go.

One thing I notice right away is when affordability gets in the way of quality service. One area where you can see that is in customer service. Some companies have experts like attorneys and accountants on staff to help you, while others outsource their call centers. 

Speed is the name of the game for me as well. When you’re starting a business, the last thing you want holding you up is the paperwork. 

Not only is it crucial to get a fast response but also to get an informative response, rather than a “give us some time to work on that request.” LLC formation services that are able to demonstrate commitment to exceptional customer service, with prompt and helpful responses to inquiries were given higher rankings.

Last but not least, transparency played a large factor in my selection process. If I had trouble figuring out what is what and where, it didn’t make the list. Of course, not every company chooses to cram its entire business offering on its landing page.

In those cases, a quick phone call was enough to make a solid assessment. If they’re willing to lay out their pricing, procedures, and capabilities while receiving no commitment from me, I label that transparency.

The goal, as always, is to provide a reliable and accurate assessment to assist businesses in making informed decisions based on reputable criteria. It helps that it’s a lot of fun for me.

Why You Can Trust Our Recommendations

I can wax poetic words about my residence status and how I’ve procured my own LLC service, but that’s all taken for granted. However, when combining the personal experiences of myself and the team around me, along with the extensive research conducted on each of these LLC services, you can have faith in our results.

We’re passionate about small business owners and the many avenues they can take to facilitate, protect, and grow their businesses. Every successful small business that is successful and experiences exponential growth goes in the ‘win’ column as far as our book is concerned.

Trust is all important when it comes to taking advice on business decisions. At the same time, finding the right registered agent is necessary. The two have to come together at some point, with an ultimate decision reached.

We spent an inordinate amount of time conducting in-depth research into the seven LLC services on our list. All seven of them are well-known, especially among Florida’s many and ever-growing population of small businesses.

In fact, small businesses in Florida make up 99.8% of all businesses throughout the state, and they employ over 3.6 million. Florida also has four of the top ten best cities for small business growth in America. With that kind of existing small business infrastructure, growing at an explosive rate, it’s paramount to provide Floridians with the fastest and most efficient way to start their LLC. 


Getting the best LLC service in Florida is an important piece of the puzzle for getting your business started and we highly recommend Northwest Registered Agents for this. Even if you are a particularly savvy business person, there’s always a chance for mistakes.

I chose the seven LLC services in this guide based on filing speed, quality customer service, and affordability. 

Take your time. Do your homework. Choosing the best LLC service in Florida shouldn’t be a last-minute decision.

Your business depends on you making the right decisions—taking it in the right direction without compromising. It all starts with filing your articles of organization. Once that’s done, you’re open for business! 


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