Buy Kratom Online: Review of the Best Kratom Vendors 2023

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Kratom has received praise over the years because of how it may help with pain, anxiety, depression, and so much more. We have seen different people coming out with views on how Kratom capsules or Kratom powder helped them with their pain. This is enough to trigger the curiosity of what Kratom would do to improve someone’s health.

These positive reviews are also what may make some people consider using Kratom strains and buy Kratom online. If you are interested in Kratom, which Kratom brand should you get it from? That is why we provide you with a list of the best Kratom vendors in the market. Keep reading to understand more about Kratom, where to buy it, and how best to use it.

Editor’s Choice

Kats Botanicals

  • Same-day shipping available
  • Lab-tested products
  • Offers different Kratom strains to consider

Top 5 Best Kratom Vendors

  1. Kats Botanicals – Best for Product Variety
  2. Super Speciosa – Best Brand for Kratom Tea Bags
  3. Golden Monk – Best for Bulk Buying
  4. Kona Kratom – Best for Fast Delivery
  5. MIT45 – Best for Potent Products

1. Kats Botanicals



  • Multiple Kratom products are available
  • Makes the products in cGMP-certified facilities
  • The products are 100% organic


  • Lacks the Kratom teabags

Customers review

“I enjoyed the orange cream flavored Kratom. It made things easier for me to enjoy Kratom like never before. There are other flavors to consider, too, if you want some.” – Michael W.

“It was my first time using Kratom, and I felt amazing. My anxiety was lifted, and I looked happier than I had been for a long time.” – Tori P.

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Kats Botanicals had to be included among the top Kratom vendors simply because of its quality Kratom products. This Kratom vendor offers its buyers a wide selection of Kratom strain products. You will have options such as Maeng Da, red vein, green vein, Bali kratom, and so much more. If you need it, the brand can possibly have it.

All the different types of Kratom stains are available in various forms. They include Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, Kratom extract, flavored Kratom, and Kratom shots. Such versatility makes it among the best Kratom vendors, making it easier for you to find the right product for your needs.

The products are 100% organic. This is based on the various ingredients the company lists as part of its products. Since these products are also lab-tested, you can have the lab report for further analysis of the product you are about to buy. It also makes its products in CGMP-certified facilities, ensuring it is of the best quality.

2. Super Speciosa



  • Good for beginner Kratom users
  • Lab-tested products
  • Offers free shipping on its products


  • A few complaints on delayed shipping

Customers review

“Among the many Kratom vendors online, I like this one for its affordability, I can use the products and get more if I want.” – Thomas H.

“The products are high quality, and the service is also top-notch. I will return for more orders.” – Eddie M.

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This vendor has the American Kratom Association GMP certification. This means it provides you with quality kratom that you might expect from such a top Kratom brand. We like that it makes its Kratom extract products in the right environment and follows proper procedures to get the most out of a product. Even those who need the best Kratom for sleep would find its Kratom extracts quite good.

You can shop for Kratom for energy, relaxation, and for body & mind. This is all available as part of the Katom products the company provides. As part of the products, you can expect green vein Kratom, red vein, white vein, and special blends too. The customer feedback on the various products makes you easily buy from the brand.

The brand offers capsules, tablets, powder, and teabags of Kratom. So, if you want to buy Kratom capsules, you are covered. It also gives you more information about dosage so that you do not end up worrying about Kratom addictive nature. Since the company also does lab tests on its Kratom tablets and other products, you will always end up with the quality Kratom you need.

3. Golden Monk



  • Great brand for getting Kratom in bulk
  • Tests its products in a third-party lab
  • It sources its Kratom from Indonesia


  • Lacks Kratom shots and teabags

Customers review

“In addition to enjoying the product quality, the top-notch customer service makes it easy for me to keep getting Kratom from the brand.” – Micheal Petrario

“This is my new favorite Kratom vendor. I like how my product was neatly packaged and delivered fast. Also, the price is excellent.” – Brian Pasquine

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Golden Monk is where other people who want to buy Kratom in bulk would go to get it. If you also want to be taking Kratom more often, here is where you will get the best quality and still at affordable prices. Like some vendors to buy Kratom, this one also gives you a wide range of strains to consider. This can include green vein, white vein, green maeng da Kratom, and more.

Kratom brands take pride in being approved by the American Kratom Association. This means that it is the best Kratom vendor that sells quality kratom too. The company sources its Kratom plants from Indonesia. At least you are sure of getting high-quality kratom strains. It is from the fresh Kratom plant that the company makes quality Kratom capsules and powders.

The Golden Monk Kratom products are also tested in a third-party lab. At least you are assured of purity and safety. The lab will largely test for heavy metals and other possible contaminants. Unlike some Kratom sellers, now you can find more information the Kratom supplements before buying.

4. Kona Kratom



  • Has over 2 dozen Kratom strains available
  • Lab-tested products
  • Powders and capsules forms are available


  • The money-back-guarantee could be longer

Customers review

“I value the company’s attention to detail, customer support, and quality products.” – Diana S

“Being new to Kratom, I enjoyed the Beginner pack variety. It helped me learn more about Kratom and its proper use too.” – Vincent P.

Click here to get the best deal on Kona Kratom

Kona Kratom is among the top Kratom vendors that make it easier to access high-quality Kratom all the time. Unlike some Kratom suppliers, you can get many options for Kratom products. The company offers two dozen kratom strains available for sale. This includes Bali Kratom, Thai Kratom, green vein, white vein, Borneo Kratom, and red vein Kratom strains. All these products are made from quality Kratom leaves.

This is still an outstanding one among vendors selling Kratom products because it has its products lab-tested always. That is good for safety and purity, plus it makes it among the trustworthy and efficient Kratom vendors. Once you learn about Kratom legal state in your area, go ahead to buy the product today.

The products are either powder or capsules. Powders can be easy to use as you simply mix them in water and drink it. If you want a faster way of taking Kratom, use the capsules. The 30-day money-back guarantee might not be enough for someone, but the support team can always answer your product questions.

5. MIT 45



  • A good brand for raw Kratom leaves
  • Offers strong and quality Kratom products
  • Quick customer support


  • Does not always offer discounts on products

Customers review

“I found it easy to access the product information including the lab results so that I can know I am buying best quality Kratom.” – Ken B.

“Free delivery of my order was a good gesture. I even liked it more for the product’s effectiveness. I can see myself ordering more.” – Grace W.

Click here to get the best deal on MIT 45

MIT45 prides itself as a home to premium Kratom products you might want. The products range from raw powders to capsules and extracts. So, you can buy a Kratom product knowing the quality is an important brand consideration. You would also purchase Kratom from the brand because it is GMP-compliant in terms of how it makes its products.

The company has multiple Kratom products online. The best part is how they undergo third-party lab testing vital for ensuring you get the strongest Kratom strains that do their job well. So, your Kratom usage will always have more results than before. You will always get various Kratom strains from the brand, including yellow Kratom, red vein, white vein, green vein, and more.

Free shipping may be available, but it is for those who have spent over $50. Even if you spend less, you are at least assured of receiving your quality Kratom product on time. Since the products are vegan and non-GMO, they would be enough reason to keep using them for improved health.

How We Rank The Best Kratom Vendors

As expected, you may come across several Kratom vendors, but are they good all of them? We want to look at that to help you understand how we came up with the list of top vendors in the market.

Company Reputation

We would not recommend a company if it does not have a good reputation. The last thing you need is to take Kratom and not get the benefits you were expecting.

Just because a company claims to offer natural kratom or potent kratom powder, it does not mean you rush to buy from it. First, we look at its reputation mostly based on how people tank it. Too many negative reviews show the company might not be the best.

Of course, we would also love to see some lab tests done on the products. It is even better when a third party is doing the lab tests. It largely helps to ensure you get the full story about what the manufacturer uses in its products.

Product Variety

A good brand will likely have several products available to consider. So, before you purchase Kratom online, understand the different Kratom strains plus their uses. This helps in ensuring you only get the right strain for the job.

We try to find a brand with different strains since they work differently. Some can help uplift your mood, while others work as painkillers. Also, you may want Kratom in pills, powder, or leaves. Such variety helps a user consume Kratom in the best way possible.

Kratom Source

A reliable Kratom vendor would always want to show the content of products sold by the brand. This includes the source of Kratom and if the quality Kratoms are being used by the online Kratom vendor.

We look at where the brand is getting its Kratom. Most of them try to get their Kratom from Southeast Asia and countries in the same region. This is because the area is known for its quality Kratom and its growth is highly regulated to ensure the quality is always top-notch.

Value for Money

Of course, anyone looking for the best Kratom powders or pills would also want to experience value for money. We investigate to see how well the products can serve the users and how they can benefit from them.

You may come across some companies with exorbitant prices, but there is little to show for it. As such, we only recommend a brand after understanding its product to see if it offers value for money or not.


When can the company deliver the products? This is important to understand as you may need the product as soon as possible because you need it.

Besides delivery time, we also consider where online Kratom vendors deliver their products. Kratom products may face a few legal hurdles in some places. First, understanding if it can be shipped to your area is important. Also, not all users are based in the US. As such, a company with worldwide shipping is often preferred.

What is Kratom?

Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a native tree in Southeast Asia. The indigenous people of the area have used Kratom for various applications, including pain-relieving like opioids such as morphine. The only difference is that now this is natural.

Because of its pain-relieving effects, Kratom has largely been promoted as an alternative to opioids to help people get better without the risk of addiction. However, there still needs to be proper scientific evidence showing how it does it.

People commonly suffering withdrawal from morphine, heroin, and other drugs for pain relief are sometimes advised to consider Kratom. However, is it any good? That is not all the same and may also work well for cough, anxiety, depression, and so much more.

What Does Kratom Do?

When buying quality Kratom, you would want to know how it works. It can be a Kratom capsule, Kratom pills, powdered Kratom, or Kratom tea; just ensure you get the best product from a top Kratom supplier.

The FDA claims that Kratom functions by binding itself to the mu-opioid receptors in your brain. These are the receptors that would be activated whenever you take opioids. That is why you may find Kratom extract is recommended for pain relief.

Because of such potential, Kratom has largely gained popularity as the alternative to opioid pain medications, including OxyCotin and Vicodin. So, anyone who might be suffering pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis should definitely consider using Kratom.

A survey done in the US in 2014 found that people using Kratom were mostly affected by pain and are middle-income people. The survey responders claimed that Kratom was beneficial in improving their pain and mood. This confirms what the Healthcanal E-magazine has always shared about Kratom.

As much as it might not be the largest survey, it was significant enough to help several people quit using opioid drugs or manage opioid withdrawal.

Several proponents of Kratom claim that it could help end the opioid crisis. Even though it might be a long way to go, it is often good to have people think about it. They claim that Kratom offers a solution for managing pain while aiding those who struggle with opioid addiction.

Tips to Choose the Right Type of Kratom

After going through the potential benefits of Kratom, you might be intrigued to try it out, but you are not so sure where to start. That is why this guide will help you choose the right type of Kratom.

Kratom Legality

The first thing would be to understand Kratom legality in your area. As much as it might not be highly regulated, Kratom might not be legal in all places.

Do more research on its legality and understand how well to use it in your area without problems. Consulting an attorney was necessary first.

Sometimes, you might notice that the company does not ship to your location. Legal hurdles might be the reason this is the case. As such, make sure to consult with the company’s support team to understand more.

Type of Kratom

The best Kratom brands would have different high-quality Kratom products for those who seek to enjoy the benefits of Kratom. It is best if you can find a wide range of Kratom strains so that you know how best to use them.

The popular Kratom strains include red vein Kratom, white vein Kratom, green vein Kratom, and white Kratom. Of course, customer reviews of each Kratom strain may help further understand what you are buying.


Other than Kratom extract, sometimes you may come across a company having additional ingredients in the product. Such an online vendor needs to highlight the ingredients in the Kratom products for transparency.

A company such as Kratom Spot lists its ingredients so that you know if there is filler or not. No one wants to use Bali Kratom from Kratom Spot, Super Speciosa, or any other brand only to find it is full of filler ingredients and does not work well.

Third-Party Lab Testing

When seeking Kratom near me, also considers if the products are third-party lab tested in addition to the Kratom reviews.

Testing in a lab is good for understanding what is in the product. It is even for transparency when a third-party lab does the testing. Once the testing is done, a lab result is available. Most brands would publish such results on their websites so buyers can understand the Kratom product before buying.

Extraction Process

Kratom extraction can be a big determinant regarding the best places to buy Kratom online. MIDSS being a champion for a healthy living recommends understanding the extraction process as it can determine the quality of the Kratom products.

The last thing anyone needs is to have a product full of contaminants due to the extraction of Kratom from the Kratom leaves. It comes back to the lab testing process as it will show if there are any contaminations to take note of.

Customer Feedback

How do customers feel about the products a vendor is offering? Various Kratom dealers have no problem showing customer reviews and feedback. It helps build the brand’s transparency and overall trust among buyers.

If you look into the customer feedback and find it is generally a good and trustworthy brand, go for it. It may have the right products you need for your health.

How Much Kratom Should You Take?

You may have identified some good strains of Kratom in the Kratom market, and now you have to start using it. What would be the best dosage?

It is advisable to take 4 grams of Kratom per serving when you are a beginner. The pro dosage tip is that you should start low, go slow, and only increase the dosage when necessary.

Also, most brands have a recommendation for achieving a particular result. If you want more benefits, it is best to stick to the brand’s recommended dosage range.


The best Kratom brand to buy the best Kratom powder, pills, extract, or leaves from should always be trustworthy and transparent. That is the only way to enjoy the health benefits that come with such a product. Still, we recommend that you go through the brands mentioned above to find out more about their products and choose those that work for your needs. Still, only buy a product after properly researching its effectiveness to enjoy using Kratom.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can Kratom help with?

Kratom largely helps with pain relief. Other than that, it may also help with anxiety, boost your energy, improve focus, and improve depression.

  1. What should you expect when using Kratom?

In case you are in pain, expect better relief. It is preferred for pain relief because it is not as addictive as opioids. Also, most users experience better relaxation and improved mental clarity.

  1. Where is Kratom legal?

Kratom is largely legal in different areas, but we advise you to check with local laws. Some states or counties might decide to enforce their regulations differently.

  1. Is Kratom addictive?

It depends on how you use it. Since it makes you feel good, some people tend to abuse it. However, sticking to the recommended dosage gives you more benefits than addiction.

  1. Does Kratom have side effects?

They are not pronounced, but yes, Kratom can have side effects. They include dry mouth, dizziness, hallucinations, muscle pain, and more. They often arise because of the incorrect use of Kratom.

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