The Best Hair Growth Shampoos in 2023


New year, new you, new ‘do! Whether you want to enliven thinning hair, make your existing hair longer and thicker, or just want to see how long you can make your tresses, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little assistance from the hair products you use every day. That is, if the hair products you use are designed to give your tresses a boost.

Guess what. Getting Rapunzel-quality hair is as simple as washing it like you do every day anyway—you just need the right cleansing products to help make your hair thicker, less likely to break off, and shiny so it can grow, grow, GROW. Even if you aren’t one to wash your hair on the daily, when you do suds up, you can do more than make your hair clean and free of sweat and odor, you can make your hair longer than ever to bring 2023 in right.

If it sounds too good to be true, then you aren’t using the right hair products. Lots of amazing shampoos are on the market that are practically magic potions for hair growth. Not convinced? Then read on to learn about some of the best hair growth shampoos in 2023. 

Note: To get the most out of your hair growth shampoo, team up your shampoo with a complementary conditioner and other hair care products from the same brand. When it comes to shampoo, it’s best to work the product into the scalp and hair follicles when sudsing up; the rest of your hair gets cleansed as the suds soap down your tresses during rinsing. And just a dollop of shampoo will do—only a quarter-sized amount (or less, if you have short hair) will clean your hair and scalp right up!

1. Blu Atlas Classic Shampoo 


Strong hair is healthy hair and a list of the best hair growth shampoos in 2023 is not complete without the most nourishing and strengthening shampoo of them all. Introducing Blu Atlas’s classic shampoo, a vegan hair-and-scalp cleansing wash that leaves hair healthier and stronger than ever. From your first rich lather, you’ll know why this product is our number 1 choice.

Kiss dead ends and breakage goodbye with this shampoo that’s full of natural ingredients your hair will be grateful for. The lead ingredient that caught our eye and gave this shampoo the number 1 spot on our list is saw palmetto. This herbal additive has the potential to block your body from converting testosterone into DHT, which means using this shampoo can help prevent thinning hair. What’s not to love about that? Who knew science could be good for hair?

We feel Blu Atlas classic shampoo is a go-to winner for healthy and longer hair due to its other quality ingredients as well, including jojoba proteins to ease stressed and dried out tresses, aloe vera to give a flaking and dried scalp a break, and plenty of coconut-infused derivatives to give an overall scalp and hair cleanse you’ll love. Vegan biotin gives your hair an extra healthy boost for good measure.

2. Avlon KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp Anti-Dandruff Moisturizing Shampoo


Next on our list is this dandruff-prevention shampoo by the brand KeraCare. The goal of this shampoo is to protect the scalp against the itching and dryness associated with several outside factors. Have dermatitis? This product has you covered. Fear the cold and brittle winter months and the toll taken on your hair and scalp? KeraCare takes care of you. 

The natural ingredients in this cruelty-free shampoo include green tea for its soothing effect, as well as lemon peel and apple extracts. So not only does this shampoo promote thicker, longer hair by nourishing your scalp, it makes your hair smell amazing, too. 

3. Nioxin 2 Cleanser Shampoo


Wishing you could actively prevent hair loss while growing longer tresses than you’ve ever had before at the same time? Look no further than our third pick for the best hair growth shampoos in 2023. 

Nioxin 2 Cleanser Shampoo is an award-winning hair cleansing shampoo geared towards users who are currently experiencing natural hair loss. If you’re worried about thinning hair or hair that has lost its luster, adding this shampoo to your line of hair care products can help give you the thicker, fuller hair you used to have. 

Working from the roots of the hair outward, experience less hair breakage and naturally thicker hair over time using this shampoo. We like how it’s even more powerful when used with a whole hair cleansing system by the Nioxin 2 brand, making this shampoo a powerful contender on our list. 

4. Vanicream Free & Clear Shampoo


If you have sensitive skin and feel you don’t have any way to treat your hair to a lengthening shampoo without damaging your scalp, then look no further than our number four pick. Vanicream created this shampoo for people who have sensitive heads, so enjoy having shinier, lusher hair without sacrificing yourself to an itchy, irritated scalp in the process. 

What we like most about this shampoo is what it doesn’t have. Free of bad ingredients that other shampoos typically contain, such as dyes, parabens, and even fragrance, what you get with this shampoo is the simple care your hair and scalp need most. 

As a bonus, Vanicream’s shampoo is non-alkaline, meaning it balances well with your hair’s pH. Dye your hair? No problem; this shampoo is great for everyone and works well with all types of hair. 

5. Monpure London Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo


You’ve heard of protein to build lean muscle and tone. But have you heard of protein to build healthy and strong hair? Introducing this Monpure London shampoo, a complete workout for your hair to make it long and strong in 2023, and a worthy contender for our list of top hair growth shampoos. 

Moroccan argan oil and coconut aide in creating silky smooth hair that smells amazing. Keratin saves the day to help restore your hair’s strength and vitality—this entire product packs a punch for making your hair longer and stronger than ever. Get ready for shiny hair without a greasy residue to weigh it down.

6. Noughty Get Set, Grow Thickening Shampoo


Ready to try something a little, Noughty? Our team immediately loved how this lengthening and thickening shampoo is made of 97% natural ingredients to make it one of the most natural products on our list. 

It’s chock full of unique products that you likely won’t see in other shampoos, so for the curious shampooer, this is a fun pick. See how green coffee beans, pea pods, and even piroctone olamine (commonly used to fight dandruff) can give your scalp a supercharge to make your hair long and strong coming into the new year. 

7. Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Shampoo 


Feeling hopeless about your dry, damaged, and frizzy hair? There’s a remedy for that, and it lies in this Aveda botanical repair strengthening shampoo. This shampoo took years to develop and works to strengthen tired and overworked hair in layers. Its sebum blasting qualities makes this shampoo ideal for users who suffer from a greasy, oily scalp.

First, you get this shampoo’s scalp treatment to help balance the very place where hair grows. Second, you can give your hair cuticles the TLC they need to help produce strong and healthy tresses. Third, you give your existing hair the boost it needs to calm down, receive some moisture, and restore shine so it won’t break off as frequently. The combination of these three powerful actions can lead to stronger, healthier hair that grows longer than ever, landing this plant-based shampoo a coveted spot on our list. 



Looking for a way to revitalize your hair and make it thicker than ever? If you struggle from progressive hair loss either all over your head or in specific areas of your scalp, such as the top or back of your hair, then you need a biotin boost. 

Introducing this growth stimulating shampoo by PUREBIOLOGY—a vitamin-enriched shampoo product designed to help create new hair growth while simultaneously preventing further hair loss. If this sounds like a tall order, then give it a try. The rosemary oil additives, along with the procapil keratin, make your existing hair even stronger and less likely to fall out. 

We’ve chosen this shampoo for its impressive vitamin content—you take a daily vitamin for your skin, why not take one for your hair? Included in this shampoo are vitamins B and E.

9. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo


It’s not a list of best shampoos without one of Paul MItchell’s products on it, and this tea tree-infused shampoo doesn’t disappoint. From the first whiff of the powerful herbal infusion, you’ll know this shampoo is the real deal for working wonders on your hair. 

Feel that tingle? You should! What makes this Paul Mitchell shampoo ideal for our list is the way it makes your scalp feel. A combination of tea tree, lavender, and peppermint gives your scalp a spa-like experience, full of what’s called the Tingle Complex. Try it for yourself and enjoy a healthier scalp that leads to thicker, longer, and healthier hair. 

As a bonus, this shampoo is free of parabens. It’s also safe for colored hair, so you can both treat your scalp and keep your favorite hair color in 2023. 

10. Ultralax Labs Hair Surge Shampoo


With a name like “Hair Surge” in the title, we had to check out this one for our list of the best hair growth shampoos in 2023. The combination of peppermint oil and caffeine in this shampoo not only helps to halt hair loss, it also helps your tresses grow long and strong as well. 

If you love caffeine in your drinks for the energizing boost it gives you throughout the day, then you can understand why we’re so excited about this product. Use day or night to give your hair the surge it needs to grow strong and healthy. With added saw palmetto and mango butter to aid in reducing hair loss while adding shine, this product is a wide-awake winner that can do for your hair what your morning cup of coffee does for your body. 

Try this shampoo if your hair lacks body as well as length. You’ll see beautiful shine and natural bounce without making your locks limp and greasy. 

11. Mane ‘N Tail Original Shampoo


The classic Mane ‘n Tail we all grew up with in our homes is not only the affordable approach to hair care and volume, it’s a clear winner when it comes to helping keep tresses long and strong. If you’re on a budget but still want to have amazing hair into the new year, this is a classic tried and true product to put in your bathroom. 

What makes this childhood classic so reliable year after year? More importantly, what makes this shampoo worthy of our list? Partly why this product hits our list of best shampoos for hair growth is its easy accessibility; you can buy Mane ‘N Tail at your local drugstore or even grocery store. But for us, it’s the keratin and hydrolyzed collagen in the shampoo that really make this product shine. Repair your hair on the cheap with a classic that takes you back to your bathtub days from the first use. 

12.Vegamour GRO Shampoo 


You can go vegan and still have a powerhouse hair growing and strengthening solution. Vegamour proves exactly that! Promising to restore your hair, retain its moisture and health, and to renew tresses so they grow longer and stronger than ever, this shampoo delivers. As a bonus, it leaves hair squeaky clean without weighing it down, which we love. 

How? With vegan keratin, of course. Keratin is responsible for strengthening hair and making it nice and smooth by nourishing its individual strands. Vegan keratin is a newish thing that you aren’t going to find in a lot of hair products, so give this shampoo a try for healthy, longer, and more manageable hair. You just may see results faster than you’d expect. 

13. Nisim F.A.S.T. Shampoo


Want to give your scalp the nourishment and care it needs to promote healthy hair growth? This shampoo is certainly an eye-catcher. It works F.A.S.T. to give your hair a boost—after all, F.A.S.T. stands for Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy. This shampoo means business, and starts at the literal root of the problem. 

Nisim makes our list of the best hair growth shampoos in 2023 because it’s got lots of recognizable ingredients and none of the fluff: ginseng, rosemary, and chamomile extracts make up much of this shampoo, and your itchy and dry scalp absorbs these natural additives right up. Vitamin E helps fortify and nourish the scalp in this shampoo as well. With clinical proof that your hair will grow with this shampoo, it’s worth adding to your hair care routine. 

Try this shampoo if you have a naturally dry, itchy, or flaky scalp. A healthy scalp leads to healthier hair follicles and tresses. 

13. Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Shampoo 


If you love fresh and clean ingredients and want your hair to smell amazing even as you encourage new growth, then Briogeo shampoo is sure to please. This product aims to nourish and strengthen your hair  and strip it of oils and debris that weigh it down. The results? Gorgeous hair that’s not only clean and full of bounce, but that has a healthy root system for promoting amazing growth. 

Witch hazel extract mimics sebum, which is the protective oil on your face and scalp. Your scalp produces less of this natural oil with the presence of witch hazel extract so your hair remains lush without being weighed down by greasy sebum production. Add some biotin and ginseng and you have a powerhouse shampoo that takes your dull and lifeless hair to a whole new level of vitality and strength. 

Give this shampoo a try if you have naturally fine hair and want to give it some fullness without drying it out. You’ll get plenty of moisturizing bounce and shine without weighing your hair down or making it feel greasy or limp.

14. BosleyMD BosRevive Shampoo


Here we see saw palmetto again as a leading ingredient in preventing further hair loss. A new additive that drew our eye—and put this intriguing shampoo on our list—is pumpkin seed extract. Pumpkin seed oil can help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. What’s not to love about tackling potential hair loss from multiple angles?

Imagine what a powerhouse duo saw palmetto and pumpkin seed extract can be when working together to make hair thicker and grow more successfully. If you’re worried about thinning patches of hair or have age-related or genetic hair loss, then give this product a try. Enjoy less scalp irritation and better scalp circulation—and thicker and fuller hair. 

15. Hims Hair Thickening Shampoo


As the name implies, this is a hair thickening shampoo geared towards men. (There’s a Hers option as well.) This shampoo makes our list because who doesn’t love hair that feels and looks thicker, as well as longer and stronger? Try this shampoo out if you have spots of actively thinning hair or other major thinning concerns.

How does Hims work? By using the aforementioned saw palmetto as a key ingredient for hair protection and a reduction in hair loss. We’re seeing again the use of DHT-blocking additives to prevent hair loss, which is great for people wanting to grow longer hair. Expect to see results within a few months, especially if you combine this shampoo with other products of the same line. 

16. Luseta Hemp Oil Complex Strengthening Shampoo


The first shampoo on our list that contains hemp oil as a main ingredient, this lengthening shampoo is worth trying out. Hemp oil is known for containing fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins essential for reviving tired, stressed hair and allowing for ample growth. 

That’s not all this shampoo has, either. Luseta throws in peppermint oil, green tea, and argan oil for good measure to combat environmental stressors and natural hair breakage. This shampoo makes it onto our list because it has a lot of essential natural ingredients to make hair smoother and stronger without weighing it down or making your tresses greasy. 

17. Keeps Thickening Shampoo


If you’re familiar with the Keeps brand, then you may have heard of their ketoconazole shampoo aimed at battling dandruff with the strength of a prescription. This is another shampoo of theirs aimed at helping make hair thicker. 

Like other brands we’ve mentioned, Keeps uses saw palmetto and biotin to promote healthy, thicker hair while also preventing future hair loss. We like that this product is geared towards men, and since the brand is known for taking hair care seriously, we feel this thickening shampoo deserves a spot on our list. 

Use this shampoo if you want to tackle hair loss while treating your scalp. If you have severe dandruff, consider this high-strength ketoconazole shampoo to battle fungal-related dandruff and your hair will thank you for it. 

18. Shapiro MD Hair Loss Shampoo


Developed by dermatologists, Shapiro MD hair loss shampoo is designed with what they call a triple action hair therapy formula. The goal? To prevent hair loss and to make hair stronger and longer than ever. We like that this shampoo is designed by medical professionals and that it’s free of sulfates. We also like that it contains some of the now-familiar ingredients that are safe and gentle on hair and provide great hair growth results: caffeine, green tea, and saw palmetto. 

This shampoo makes our list because it’s recommended by dermatologists and worth a try if you want to protect your scalp and hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth naturally. 

19. Prose Custom Shampoo


So this shampoo is entirely different from everything else on the list because it doesn’t have any one main ingredient to help promote healthy, long hair. Prose custom shampoo is made with the user in mind and in order to find out how it can work for you, you have to take a hair quiz to voice your needs. 

Your quiz results determine what ingredients go into your custom shampoo. If you want longer, stronger, and thicker hair, make it known in your hair quiz and the shampoo you get will be custom-blended with the ingredients you need most. 

Why did we choose a custom shampoo for our list? Because no two heads of hair are the same, and often one person wants to address multiple hair concerns. If you have more going on with your scalp and hair than just wanting longer tresses, Prose may have what you need. 

20. Umberto Giannini Grow Long Shampoo


Here’s a shampoo that just wants to get to the “root” of the problem, and that’s what caught our eye. This vegan shampoo has ingredients that focus on hair root health so the resulting hair that grows is healthier, thicker, stronger, and less susceptible to breakage. 

Again, we have caffeine for stimulating hair growth and vitality, but we also have some marine nutrients as well. Free of silicones and parabens, this shampoo is safe for color-treated hair and hair of all textures. 

Try this shampoo if you want to see rapid growth in your hair while removing the excess oils and hair product residue that weigh your hair down. You may not see results for a few weeks, so be patient. 

21. OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo


You’ve probably seen this product on the shelf at your favorite department store. It’s a winner in our books because it’s easily accessible, affordable on nearly any budget, and is a great shampoo for growing hair so it’s fuller and healthier looking. 

Healthy hair allows you to grow it longer, and the combination of collagen, biotin, and hydrolyzed wheat protein make this a shampoo that’s worth stocking up on, even if it doesn’t promise you as much hair growth as other brands. You’ll get to appreciate smoother hair that’s more resistant to breakage so it has the chance to reach its fullest—and longest—potential.

22. Biotera Long & Healthy Rich Lather Shampoo


Last but certainly not least on our list of the best hair growth shampoos in 2023 is this Biotera shampoo. This shampoo contains pomegranate and coconut oil to gently remove bacteria that weighs hair down without stripping the hair of nutrition and moisture. 

If you love a rich and foamy lather shampoo but want something that’s free of parabens, try this shampoo. Its unique formula blend leaves your hair feeling cleaner than ever. And a healthier scalp and hair promotes future hair growth. 

Explore all your options for longer and more beautiful hair and select the shampoo from this list that best meets your needs. Within a few days, you should notice more nourished, healthier hair. Within a few weeks, you should notice measurable growth! 

Let your hair be your ultimate guide in choosing the best hair growth shampoo for your needs and get a bonus healthy scalp as well! Happy sudsing!

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