Best Fortune Teller Sites For Free & Accurate Fortune Telling In 2023

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The art of fortune telling has existed and progressed considerably over the years. People go to fortune tellers to learn more about their future and get advice on various life aspects such as love life, social life, career, etc. Fortune telling exists in many forms, including psychic readings, horoscope analysis, astrological advice, tarot card readings, etc. Online fortune tellers have made it easy for individuals to access this service and gain insight into their futures.

Numerous fortune teller sites operate through digital platforms. They have become increasingly popular because they offer multiple options and experts. However, not all sites accessible online should be trusted as there is always a risk of getting scammed on the internet.

Through this article, we aim to help you decide on the finest online fortune teller sites. We have shortlisted these sites after considering several important factors that contribute to their credibility.

Best Online Fortune Teller Websites Of 2023

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Fortune Teller Site; Editor’s Pick
  2. Kasamba – Reputable Psychic Readers (3 FREE Mins & 50% OFF)
  3. MysticSense – Get Astrology Answers To All Your Queries (5 FREE Mins)
  4. Keen – Best Fortune Tellers For Spiritual Readings
  5. PsychicOz – Affordable Fortune Telling For Love & Career Guidance

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Fortune Teller Site; Editor’s Pick

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Purple Garden is undoubtedly one of the most superior fortune telling sites on the internet. Not only is it extremely reliable, but it also offers a range of services that include completely accurate fortune teller services & psychic readings. Purple Garden’s network of experts has been recognized as one of the most efficient and credible by Purple Garden’s valued customers. You can avail of Purple Garden’s fortune telling services through various mediums, which include video calls, chat, and phone calls. Its official website and app make it highly convenient for customers to access.

Purple Garden has an efficiently categorised site, which offers insight on various matters, for example, love and relationship advice, career advice, horoscopes, etc. It offers psychic readings, tarot card readings, astrological advice, spiritual healing, and so on. There is a vast network of fortune tellers who excel in different areas and can guide you on your choice. It also has a section dedicated to the detailed profiles of the provided psychics, which include their credentials, specialisation, reviews, experience, etc. These profiles allow customers to choose the most suitable professional for themselves.

Purple Garden is well-known for the accuracy of the readings that it provides. You can get readings on various topics to sort out any prevailing dilemmas. Over the years, it has assisted hundreds of customers in acquiring quality fortune telling services. The sign-up process is fairly simple as it requires an email and password. Once you are ready to deposit, you must provide further contact and bank details. It allows customers to make online payments through the medium of their choice, e.g., Credit/Debit card, PayPal, etc.

Purple Garden follows a user-friendly and facilitative interface, which makes the experience better for its customers. Customers using this site for the first time are also given a credit of $10. Customers can get well-informed regarding its services by going through its website. You can also provide reviews and fill out complaints through this platform. The rates offered by Purple Garden range from $0.99 to $14.99 per minute.


  • Provides various fortune telling services
  • Many different fortune tellers are available
  • Prices come between $0.99 to $14.99 per minute
  • Available through app and website
  • Informative and user-friendly site
  • Simple sign-up process


  • Highly accurate and reliable readings
  • Psychic profiles available on the site
  • Highly rated by customers
  • Various mediums of communication offered
  • $10 credit for new customers
  • Responsive customer care services


  • The prices are comparatively higher
  • Experts might have availability issues

Customer Reviews

Purple Garden has proven to be one of the best fortune telling sites in the market. Customers constantly praise its efficiency, reliability, and accuracy. The offered readers have also gained popularity amongst customers because of the specialised and insightful guidance they can provide customers. Overall, Purple Garden is positively reviewed by the majority of its customers due to its consistent standards and quality of services.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Purple Garden”

#2. Kasamba – Reputable Psychic Readers (3 FREE Mins & 50% OFF)

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Kasamba is a fortune telling site that was founded way back in 1999. Kasamba provides highly accurate readings, including tarot card readings, horoscopes, career counselling, etc. You can receive readings through chat, calls, and emails primarily. Customers can get specific readings most suited to their needs through this platform. Kasamba has gained considerable popularity due to its excellent services and overall efficiency.

There are many different readers provided through Kasamba. Customers can choose the fortune teller they find most credible after going through their profiles, which offer information on their level of expertise, customer reviews, experience, and so on. Kasamba has its website and mobile application, which can easily be accessed through your digital devices.

The charges for Kasamba’s readings vary according to the chosen reader. They usually fall between $1.99 to $20 per minute. Another added benefit given to customers is a 70% discount on the first reading and the first three minutes for free. Customers can avail of its services per their convenience and affordability. If they are satisfied with the free trial, they can continue reading.

Kasamba also offers a refund option for unsatisfied customers, where you can get up to $50 if you have an underwhelming experience. The site also welcomes customer opinions and complaints, which adds to the site’s appeal. Kasamba has been rated as one of the best fortune telling sites by its customers due to its remarkable services and high accuracy rates.


  • Has been operating since 1999
  • A variety of readings are offered
  • Has an official fortune teller website and app
  • Readings are available through phone, chat, and emails
  • Prices lie between $1.99 to $50


  • Capable and experienced fortune teller readers
  • Up to 70% discount on first readings
  • Refunds of up to $50 offer
  • Informative and resourceful website
  • Psychic profiles provided for customers
  • The first 3 minutes are free


  • Customers can’t get readings through video calls
  • Relatively high priced

Customer Reviews

Kasamba is well-rated amongst its customers. It works to facilitate customers by offering many different policies, such as refund options, discounts, free trials, etc. it is also known for the accuracy of its readings. Kasamba has many positive reviews across various digital platforms. The platform has built a strong position for itself due to its consistently improving quality.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kasamba”

#3. Mystic Sense – Get Astrology Answers To All Your Queries (5 FREE Mins)

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MysticSense is another fortune telling platform that has become a household name in the market. It has built considerable credibility for itself due to its efficient services. Mystic Sense is the optimum site for individuals wanting guidance on various life-related matters, including their love life, career, social life, friendships, etc. The readings provided through this site are designed to cater to your individual needs, as the psychics offer specialised advice on topics that can be categorised further.

Mysticsense has a highly experienced panel of experts giving readings. There are various options that you can explore when it comes to psychics and readings. You can learn more about psychics through their profiles, where their specialties and experience are mentioned. Customers are at liberty to choose whichever readings and readers they find most suitable as per their requirements. The website also offers helpful chat features, which can assist you if you need help.

You can easily register for Mysticsense’s services by setting up an account. The process requires basic details such as email, password, phone number, etc. It also asks for your location, which allows it to suggest psychics available in your time zone. This feature further appeals to customers as it makes the process more convenient. Mysticsense also has effective customer support features, which include an active team that can sort out any queries that customers may have.

Mysticsense offers various communication modes, including video calls, chat, phone calls, email, etc. Customers can opt for the mode that they are most comfortable with. It also offers the first 5 minutes of the initial readings for free. The website is very resourceful and has informative articles on relevant topics. The price range comes between $0.99 to $10 per minute. Customers can also get refunds if they are not happy with the services.


  • Offers many different types of readings
  • Different psychics available
  • Prices lie between $0.99 to $10 per minute
  • Resourceful and convenient website
  • You can get readings through various modes of communication
  • Readings on various topics and sub-topics are available


  • Experienced fortune teller & psychics provided
  • Refunds offered to customers
  • Offer psychics specific to your time zone
  • The First 5 minutes are free of charge
  • Efficient customer care services
  • Affordably priced fortune tellers


  • Only accessible through the website
  • Limited fee options

Customer Reviews

Mysticsense has gathered a strong customer base for itself through its outstanding services. Fortune tellers have high expertise and credibility, which makes it a reliable platform. Furthermore, customers have also praised its customer policies such as refund options, discounts, free minutes, and rapid responses. Overall, Mysticsense has proved to be a popular site amongst its customers.

=> Click here to visit the official website “MysticSense”

#4. Keen Best Fortune Tellers For Spiritual Readings

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Keen is one of the internet’s most well-established and trustworthy fortune telling sites. It has been operational since 1999. It has over 1700 expert readers, offering insights on many different subjects such as love and relationships, pet readings, horoscopes, astrology, psychic readings, and so on. Keen has expanded its services to provide fortune telling in various languages, such as Mandarin, Mayan, etc. This feature helps them attract wider audiences.

You can get readings through email, messages, and phone calls. You can sign in to Keen by entering your name, email, and date of birth. There is a wide range of psychics whose information is mentioned on the site for customers to go through. You can learn about their reviews, areas of expertise, experience, etc., and select the ones that you find most suitable. Its services can be availed 24/7, and you can easily book readings based on your preferences. Psychics can easily be filtered out and selected through this site, which makes it a feasible option.

Keen allows its customers to get the first three minutes of the initial reading for free. The prices fall between $1.99 to $9.99 per minute. Customers are also eligible for their money-back policy if they are dissatisfied with the overall experience. Keen stands out based on its reasonable prices and other factors compared to its competitors.

Keen has an elaborate screening and hiring process for its fortune tellers. They are put through various tests and trials before selection to ensure that reliable readers are hired, providing accurate readings and having worthwhile insights for customers. Keen is a well-trusted site that has grown considerably over the years; therefore, it should be considered when looking for a credible online fortune teller.


  • Readings can be availed through chat, email, and phone
  • Over 1700 fortune teller & psychics are available
  • Has been operational since 1999
  • Prices are from $1.99 to $9.99
  • Services are available 24/7
  • Different readings provided


  • The elaborate hiring process for readers
  • High accuracy rate
  • Free minutes and initial credit offered
  • Refund policy for unsatisfied customers
  • Simple sign-up process
  • Readings offered in various languages


  • Lacks a video call option
  • Some psychics may be more costly

Customer Reviews

Keen’s customer reviews show how efficient and reliable its services are. Most of its customers are highly satisfied with the quality and accuracy of readings offered by this platform. It has been consistently well rated and praised by its valued customers. Keen has been operational for a long time and has served thousands of customers ever since, contributing to its popularity. It displays ratings and reviews on its website, indicating how well-received and appreciated this platform is.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Keen”

#5. PsychicOz – Affordable Fortune Telling For Love & Career Guidance

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PsychicOz was founded in 1989; it has been operating in the market for a substantial amount of time and has remained relevant by updating its services over the years. It offers the most well-rated and trusted fortune tellers that can make accurate predictions and provide reliable insights on a series of topics. It has catered to millions of customers throughout the years and continues to offer noteworthy services.

PsychicOz Has more than 50 expert readers that provide readings on many different topics, which include love advice, career-related decisions, pet readings, etc. Psychics also use different tools on this platform, such as tarot cards, crystals, etc. You can discover many options on this site, making your experience all the more pleasurable.

You can register to PsychicOz by basic email verification and password. There are no particular charges associated with the sign-up and membership process. You can avail of its services through phone, chat, and email. It also ensures that customer privacy is sustained and your details are never revealed to the readers. Online payments can also be made without risks as they maintain their security. You may be required to pay in advance before getting a reading; however, if you don’t receive it timely, your account is immediately refunded.

Furthermore, PsychicOz also operates out of an extremely easy-to-use website and has various resources that customers can resort to if they have any queries regarding its services. There are also well-detailed psychic profiles available on the website, which include well-crafted introductions of the readers and other relevant details, which can help customers assess their credibility.

New customers are given discounted rates by PsychicOz, which makes it a pocket-friendly option. The discounted prices lie between $1 to $4.99 per minute; otherwise, the readings cost between $2.99 to $9.99 per minute. You can refer to its customer care agents through its website if you face any problems with the platform. PsychicOz promises to deliver a noteworthy experience that does justice to the customer’s investment.


  • General rates are between $2.99 to $9.99
  • Discounted rates are from $1 to $4.99
  • It was founded more than 30 years ago
  • Provides readings on various subjects
  • More than 50 psychic readers are available


  • No registration or membership charges
  • Offers discounted rates to new customers
  • User-friendly website
  • Details psychic profiles provided
  • Resourceful and informative platform
  • High accuracy and efficiency rate
  • Safe and Secure fortune teller site


  • Does not specify hiring criteria for readers
  • Does not have a refund policy

Customer Reviews

Customers have repeatedly appreciated PsychicOz’s user-friendly and convenient layout, affordability, and feasibility. Customers appreciate how it facilitates their experience through its discount policies, ease of use, reasonable charges, etc. PsychicOz has served in the industry for a long time and has managed to sustain a superior position through its exceptional service quality. Customers find its readings reliable and accurate. Overall, a trend of customer satisfaction can be observed through its reviews.

=> Click here to visit the official website “PsychicOz”

Things To Consider Before Talking To A Fortune Teller On Live Chat, Video Or Call

When you are looking to avail yourself of online fortune teller services, you must conduct effective research and consider several important factors before making your decision. There are many different fortune telling services available on the internet. However, not all of them are equally reliable. There are many illegitimate sites out there that might scam or exploit you and put your data at risk. It is a general rule that you must not trust every random site on the internet.

You can analyse a certain platform’s authenticity and legitimacy by considering several different factors. These include its reviews, success rate, variety, reputation, etc. Similar factors can help decide whether a site holds substantial credibility and should be trusted. The internet is a helpful tool for conducting this research as you can access various resources that hold information about a particular site. It is most likely not the best option if you notice a lack of information on a site.

While using the fortune teller sites, you must give out personal data and financial details while making transactions. Therefore, you must prioritise your security by opting for a reliable site that will sustain the confidentiality of your information and give you a worthwhile experience. Some of the primary factors that must be considered while selecting an online fortune teller are as follows:

●     The Range of Readers

The readers are of utmost importance when it comes to online fortune telling sites. You must ensure that the readers have considerable credibility and expertise in the field. If the readers are unreliable, the services won’t be worth it as they won’t turn out to be accurate or helpful. The greater the range of readers, the better it is because you have more options and are more likely to come across one suitable to your requirements. Different readers specialise in different types of readings; therefore, having a larger range of experts at your disposal is always preferable.

●     Customer Response

Customer reviews are a helpful tool for assessing the credibility of a particular platform. Customer responses are based on first-hand experience. Therefore, they are an accurate measure of the quality of fortune teller services a particular site provides. You can find customer reviews regarding these platforms on the internet, and some platforms even display them on their official website and social media pages. Customer reviews can help you judge whether an online fortune telling platform is worth investing in. It is recommended that you opt for platforms with a majority of positive reviews, as opposed to ones with mixed responses from customers. Never avail of any service without looking at its reviews as they provide a clear picture and can help you decide.

●     Types of Readings

Online fortune telling platforms offer a range of readings, including love readings, career advice, social life, pet readings, tarot card readings, horoscope readings, etc. They also use various psychic tools, such as crystals, palm readings, etc. Every individual may have a topic in mind that they would like more insight on. Therefore, platforms that offer different readings and categories are most suitable as you can opt for the preferable ones. Many known platforms categorise and filter out psychics according to the reading and topic you want guidance on. Therefore, you should go for a platform that offers the kind of reading you are looking for and can provide accurate knowledge.

●     Prices

Most fortune telling platforms charge by the minute. Rates may also vary according to the level of expertise of some particular readers. Some readers charge higher because they have more experience and higher credentials. You must look into a site’s prices before choosing it. The rates must align with your affordability, and the investment must be worth it. You should ensure that you are not overspending on a service that will eventually prove inefficient. There are relatively reasonable online options that provide accurate readings at affordable rates and are highly feasible for customers. Therefore, the pricing policy should not be overlooked as you should ideally be spending a reasonable amount, and it should have fruitful results.

●     Customer Support Service

The customer care policies associated with a service aim to facilitate customers and make the experience as worthwhile for them as possible. These policies include free reading minutes, which allow customers to get the first few minutes of a reading for free, which helps them assess whether it is helpful and if they want to continue before making an actual deposit. Furthermore, they also include refund options, which account for a money-back policy in case of an unsatisfactory experience. Moreover, it is an added benefit if the site has responsive customer care agents that can help you if you face any problems or have any queries you want to resolve. Customer care policies significantly add to the quality of your experience; therefore, you should always opt for a platform that prioritises your convenience and feasibility.

●     Mode of Communication

Online fortune telling services can be availed through various online mediums, which include chat, video calls, phone calls, emails, and so on. Sites that offer more modes of communication are always preferred as you are most likely to find one that aligns with your comfort level. Some customers may prefer personal and face-to-face interaction. Therefore, a video call would be the optimum mode of communication. Whereas others might prefer written messages if they don’t feel like revealing themselves to the reader completely, SMS and email would work best for them. Most well-reputed sites offer various mediums, making the site all the more appealing for customers.

●     The Ease of Use

You should always opt for platforms that are user-friendly and do not have complex layouts. Easy-to-navigate websites will save time and make it easier for you to find the most suitable reader and the reading of your choice. Platforms that are unnecessarily complicated or have interruptions and errors can cause inconvenience. You should be able to access the site, make payments, and book readings with ease. Easy-to-use websites are more attractive to customers as they are facilitative and do not require unnecessarily long sign-up procedures. It is also preferable if the website is resourceful and contains relevant information regarding the offered fortune teller services as that can help resolve any queries that new customers might have.

●     Customer Security

You should prioritise your security and privacy while availing any online fortune telling services. The platform that you choose must have a reliable privacy policy, which ensures that the customer’s personal information and financial data will be kept safe and their confidentiality will be sustained. If you give your data to a random and unreliable platform, your personal security can be at risk. You must ensure that you are not choosing a platform that could be a potential scammer. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for reputable platforms, which have clearly stated policies and give considerable guarantee to their customers.

Online Vs Offline Fortune Tellers

People have been going to fortune tellers for the longest time, and the mode of fortune telling services has modernised and advanced over the years with the introduction of online fortune telling services. Back then, people were required to go to an expert and get readings physically; however, now, you can avail of suchfortune teller services at the click of a button. While offline fortune teller services may offer a more personal experience due to face-to-face interaction, online fortune teller services have captured the same charm by introducing features such as video chat. You can get the same experience from the comfort of your own home.

Online fortune teller services have become a substantial need in recent times as people can get so much done without going to a particular location. Online fortune tellers are no exception, as you can book time with expert readers, get accurate readings, and make online payments, which can be done through your digital devices. Another added benefit of online fortune telling services is that they offer a variety of readers with expertise in different areas. You can choose the most suitable reader for yourself. This facility is unavailable with offline fortune tellers as you may have limited options. Online fortune tellers also allow a wider range of customers to avail of their services as they are accessible globally.

Therefore, considering the way times have progressed and customer preferences, online fortune teller services are a more favourable option as compared to offline fortune telling services because they offer more options, greater convenience, ease of accessibility, 24/7 service options, and many similar benefits that cannot be obtained through offline fortune tellers. If you are looking for a convenient way to get accurate readings of your future, online fortune tellers are the best way to go.

FAQs On Online Fortune Teller Sites

Q1. Are online fortune telling platforms safe?

Your safety is dependent on which online fortune teller platform you choose. While there are potential scammers on the internet, several legitimate and secure sites are also available. If you opt for a site with a trusted and reliable security policy, that platform is most likely safe to use. You can assess whether a platform is safe through its website and privacy policies. Customer reviews can also guide you regarding the safety of using such a platform.

Q2. What kind of services do online fortune tellers provide?

Online fortune tellers can help you gain insightful knowledge of your future and other life aspects. You can get readings on several topics, including love and relationships, career, children, social life, and horoscopes. They also provide spiritual healing, crystal predictions, pet readings, etc. A vast range of services can be availed through online fortune tellers. Different sites offer different fortune teller services; however, most platforms give customers various options according to their suitability.

Q3. Are online fortune tellers free of cost?

There are always some charges associated with online fortune telling services. Customers are mostly charged by the minute on these platforms; therefore, prices are determined by the length of the readings. However, some platforms offer the initial few minutes for free to first-time customers. These free minutes allow customers to explore the fortune teller services without having to pay upfront to analyse whether they want to invest further. Different sites may offer variable charges depending on the kind of experts available. While these fortune teller platforms may offer a few credited free minutes, they will eventually require you to pay a certain amount to continue availing of their services.

Q4. How are readings provided by online fortune tellers?

There are various modes of communication offered on online psychic reading sites through which you can get readings. These include phone calls, live chat, emails, and video calls. You can choose the mode that you find most suitable according to your comfort level. If you prefer written correspondence, then email and chat is the right option, and if you want personal interaction, you can opt for phone and video calls. Different platforms have different mediums of communication provided.

Q5. What are the best online fortune tellers in the market?

Online fortune tellers have gained popularity as people appreciate the convenience that they come with. Some selective platforms are highly reliable and hold considerable legitimacy. These platforms have been mentioned in detail earlier in the article. Not only do these sites promise to deliver completely accurate readings, but they also give customers a worthwhile experience through their customer service policies and variety of options. The readers on these sites hold considerable expertise as they are hired after a detailed screening process, which further adds to these platforms’ credibility. Some of the mentioned fortune telling sites include names such as Keen, Mysticsense, Purple Garden, etc.

Q6. How to register for online fortune telling sites?

Ans. There is mostly a standard sign-up process for these sites. You will most likely be asked to provide your email, password, and contact details. Once you are required to make a transaction, you might also have to enter your bank account details. Different sites may have varying prerequisites for applying.

Which Online Fortune Teller Sites Are Safe & Secure?

To summarise, online fortune telling services have gained popularity as people always look for easily accessible platforms to provide accurate readings on various topics. However, not all sites on the internet should be trusted because you could risk your security if you choose the wrong site. The decision should be taken after substantial research and consideration. We have made the decision easier for you by compiling a list of some of the finest online fortune telling sites in the market.

These fortune teller sites are well-reputed and provide efficient services and facilitative policies that ensure customers have a memorable and noteworthy experience. If you are looking for suitable online fortune teller options, refer to the above mentioned platforms.

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