Best Fat Burner 2022: Top 5 Weight Loss Pills That Work Fast

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Sometimes it is not bad to get help in terms of losing weight. So, what kind of help should you try? The most common option would be getting yourself the best fat burner in the market. The fat-burning supplements are supposed to speed up the body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms to the point that you now lose weight.

One thing to note, the fat burner supplements are not made the same. Some might be effective, while others not so much. This means not all thermogenic fat burners are great. For this reason, reviews would generally help you understand how best to choose and use fat burners today. Learn more about them below.

Editor’s Choice


  • Powerful ingredients for weight loss
  • Can help curb appetite and food cravings
  • Has no harmful stimulants

Top 5 Best Fat Burners of 2022

  1. Leanbean – Best Caffeine-Free Fat Burner
  2. PhenGold – Best for Reducing Cravings
  3. Instant Knockout – Best for Workouts
  4. Trimtone – Best Fat Burner for Belly Fat
  5. Powher – Best Suited for Women

1. Leanbean


Brand & Product Highlights:

  • Can help in suppressing appetite
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Product made with GMP practices in mind
  • It is caffeine-free


  • It uses natural ingredients
  • Can help curb cravings
  • You get more energy and focus


  • Not recommended for men

How Does It Work:

Whenever you can lose weight, it is possible that you would have increased confidence. That is what such fat burners can help you achieve. This fat burner supplement works by helping you reduce cravings. Low cravings mean you no longer have to take up a lot of calories. You should remain feeling fuller between different meals.

The product can support fat metabolism just like other fat burner supplements. The good thing with natural fat burners like this one is that they contain choline, vital for improving your metabolism. That is why we had to include it as the best fat burner overall for you to use to lose weight.

That is not all, as the fat burner leaves you feeling energetic. Of course, you burn more fat with increased metabolism, which means you are also energetic. If you work out, you may find yourself pushing even harder.

Expected Results:

You can expect to lose up to 10 pounds per month if you stick to the recommended dosage. Most people who use the Leanbean also end up with increased energy. As much as it does not have too much of caffeine, it still offers a good way of improving your energy.

Medical Note:

The supplement is largely meant for women. It might not be the best fat burner for men looking for a product with more caffeine.

2. PhenGold


Brand & Product Highlights:

  • May improve how the body burns fat
  • Can boost metabolism and burn more fat all the time
  • Can curb cravings and hunger
  • May boost energy to handle the day ahead


  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Impressively effective formula
  • Science-backed ingredients


  • Some people might take longer to see results

How Does It Work:

Each of the ingredients used in the product is all about weight loss. Examples are green tea extract, green coffee, L-theanine, and many others. There is clinical evidence for most ingredients to show that the fat burner can lead to better weight loss and how the body burns calories better with such ingredients.

Burning fat already goes on in the body. The work of such best fat-burning supplements is to increase the level of fat burning. That is what PhenGold will do here. Those who were at a weight loss plateau will generally find it easier to keep losing weight with such a great belly fat burner. The result is having the ideal weight with lean muscle mass.

With increased fat metabolism, you may find it easier to keep burning fat around the clock. Even those who might not be working out may experience better weight loss. The many positive reviews can help boost confidence in the product.

Expected Results:

So long as you can buy from the official website, you will get quality product that can help lose up to 8  to 15 pounds per month. The company uses ingredients that can promote weight loss so expect continued weight loss over the following months.

Medical Note:

Anyone who has hit a weight loss plateau and would like to break it should consider the fat burner. It might not be the best for those easily affected by high caffeine levels.

3. Instant Knockout


Brand & Product Highlights:

  • Can help you cut and get shredded
  • Has natural ingredients
  • May help boost metabolism
  • Can help boost energy for gym workouts


  • Can help with appetite suppression
  • Great for calorie control
  • Offers the best thermogenic boost


  • You can build tolerance after sometime

How Does It Work:

When a product has been endorsed by fighter such as Greg Jackson, then you know it is onto something. So, this product would help the body burn calories more than before. Of course, increased metabolism also means weight loss. Even those who struggle with stubborn belly fat can get an improved fat-burning process to deal with the excess fat.

Health Canal dietitians often recommend using this product as it can help with losing weight faster. Those who use it claim to experience improved energy. That is how they end up in the gym doing more workouts than before. If you can lose enough weight, you can now reveal sculpted muscles.

Expected Results:

The users have claimed to experience more energy for gym workouts. Users can lose up to 10 pounds and also get firm and ripped muscles. Users can also experience better metabolism which in term boosts weight loss.

Medical Note:

The product is ideal for those who work out more often. You will now come across a product that can boost your energy. It is, however not recommended for those under 18 years or when on other medications.

4. Trimtone


Brand & Product Highlights:

  • Can help with burning fat
  • May lead to reduced appetite
  • Uses 100% natural ingredients
  • Can boost your metabolism


  • Good customer service
  • Contains high-quality ingredients
  • Can boost how well you burn fat


  • Some claim results take longer to see

How Does It Work:

Trimtone is another weight loss supplement you need for your weight loss journey. It is all about helping improve the body’s metabolism so that you can burn fat faster. As much as the results may vary from one person to another, you will notice that the body burns fat faster than before, which is good for weight loss.

Other than focusing on the fat cells, the product would also reduce your appetite. You no longer have to eat more often. You may start to feel you are full most of the time, thanks to ingredients such as glucomannan. This dietary fiber helps you combat food cravings. Of course, there is also the 100-day money-back guarantee that helps build more confidence in getting such a product.

The brand also recommends only taking 1 capsule a day. This is better than others where you may have to take 6 pills per day.

Expected Results:

Some people have claimed to lose up to 30 pounds in 5 months. That is not bad at all since it might not be easy to lose with other products. Also, the product would help in improving energy and minimize cravings. No more eating all the time.

Medical Note:

Trimtone is best suited for women who might be looking to lose fat fast. It is easy to use and integrate into your day. Pregnant women or those using other medications should avoid the fat burner. Make sure to use it as recommended for the best results.

5. Powher


Brand & Product Highlights:

  • It has ingredients that work
  • It is low on stimulants
  • Comes with optimal dosing
  • The product is simple to use


  • Made in accordance with GMP practices
  • Offers shipping worldwide
  • The product is developed alongside dieticians


  • International shipping may have delays

How Does It Work:

Powher ensures that you get the most out of the ingredients by using the right ones. These notable ingredients include green coffee beans, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Each ingredient has a scientific backing to show how good it can help with the weight loss process. The company also works with registered dieticians in the testing phase to ensure you can have a product with the best results generally.

The product is low on stimulants. This means you can still lose weight without over-relying on stimulants. You only have to use the essential ingredients in the weight loss journey. This also helps minimize potential side effects.

Another thing to like about Powher is the optimal dosing. It has the right amount of essential weight-loss extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Dosing is key in helping you get the maximum returns all the time. Since we all have busy lives, you can like how easy it is to incorporate it as part of the daily schedule.

Expected Results:

Being developed alongside dieticians, people are happy with the quality and how it may be possible to lose 10 pounds a month. The caffeine content also is enough to show that it is good for boosting energy. Even those who workout more often experience the right energy for powering through the workouts.

Medical Note:

The weight loss supplement is best suited for women because of how low it is on stimulants. In case you want one that boosts energy for a workout, this is not for you.

How We Rank Best Fat Burning Pills

Buying the best fat loss supplement to achieve the right body weight might not always be easy. This is largely because of the many options available on the market. The solution would be to understand how we rank diet pills to find the right fat-burning supplements. Here is how we did it.


Natural ingredients are the biggest selling point for any fat-burning pills in the market. However, is it true? We take the time to see if the product has the right ingredients to make the body burn excess fat. This is vital so that you will have an easier time seeing the results.

The ingredients vary a lot from one type of fat burner to another. That is why you may get one having dietary fiber that helps keep you full and control appetite, while another has more caffeine to boost metabolism.

User reviews

The diet pills can generally burn stored fat if you pair them with exercise and a healthy diet. However, sometimes the option you pick might not be so good. That is why we also want to see what others say about the fat-burning supplement before recommending it.

If the fat burner supplement scores high reviews, then we know it is good. Of course, we will also look at reviews from top review sites. We do not just recommend any product because it has fake reviews. Yes, it is possible for some companies to fake their reviews.

Third-party lab results

Whether it is thermogenic fat burners or hunger control pills, the lab results are important. How else would a company prove that the product is good for fat metabolism and would actually help you lose fat?

Going through the third-party lab results can help a lot in understanding what kind of product it is and how best it can help with weight loss. The reports would also mention any contaminants or risky ingredients.

If a manufacturer makes it hard to access such important documents, then we will not recommend it. You would also be suspicious of why such critical information is unavailable.

Price and guarantee

MIDSS, a top health and wellness online publication, recommends using weight loss supplements, but they also have to offer value for money.

It is interesting how sometimes you can get a cheaper thermogenic fat burner delivering more performance than other expensive weight loss supplements. That is why we also look into how well the product is priced. So, even if the product is expensive, it should still have the right weight loss outcomes.

Of course, we also look at the kind of guarantee available for fat burners. The best fat burner should have enough guarantee period for you to try and see if the product works. We only recommend brands with flexible and friendly refund policies.

Type of fat burner

Fat burners approaches weight loss in different ways. We have thermogenic fat burners, those for appetite suppression, blocking cortisol, and blocking carbs and fat absorption. So, understanding how each work helps with choosing the right fat burner.

A good fat burner can help you lose weight, including stubborn body fat and abdominal fat, but you need the right dosage. So, the brand should have listed the correct dosage to follow for someone to end up with the right weight loss results.

Do Fat Burners Work for Everyone

It is logical that before someone invests in buying weight loss pills, the question of efficacy arises. It is important to know that fat burners alone cannot make you lose weight. You have to do several things so that the weight loss pills can keep you on the journey of losing weight.

So, in case you want the fat burners to work, there are a few things you may want to consider doing. They include;

Proper dosage and timing

The timing might not seem important, but it is vital for you to take the fat burner at the time to experience the benefits.

Most companies recommend taking the fat burner with breakfast or lunch or 15 to 30 minutes before heading to the gym for a workout.

The aim of taking the fat burner before hitting the gym is to help boost how well you burn the fat while working out due to increased metabolism.

The dosage is still vital for weight loss. Using too much fat burner does not always mean faster weight loss. You should stick to the advisable dosage as some fat burners might have side effects or affect sleep quality when you take the fat burner late into the night.

Come up with a workout routine

One thing about a workout routine is commitment. If you are not committed, then it becomes harder to lose weight. That is why we recommend that you come up with a workout routine and stick to it while still using the supplements.

People think workouts can only be done at the gym. That is not the case. You can do them at home, or even taking long walks can do the trick. You will end up with improved metabolism compared to sitting the whole day.

A healthy diet

There is no way you are losing weight without considering changing how you eat. It is time that you stopped eating junk food all the time. We recommend working with a nutritionist or dietician to get a healthy diet vital in helping you lose weight even faster.

You may have to reduce your carbs intake significantly. Protein and fat intake might be increased so that you still have lean muscle mass without the excess fat.

Keep hydrating

It might seem obvious, but not all people like hydrating. Someone might drink a glass of water the whole day. However, drinking enough water has also been associated with weight loss. Also, the fat burner supplements will have caffeine most of the time. This means urinating more often, leaving you dehydrated. That is why hydrating more often should leave you feeling better.

Fat Burner vs. Pre-Workout: What’s the Difference

A fat burner and pre-workout formula can both have similarities to a point they would be confusing too.

The biggest difference between the two is that pre-workout formulas are made to be taken 30 minutes before hitting the gym. However, the fat burner can be taken even without going to the gym. It can be before breakfast or lunch.

The fat burner can be used as a pre-workout, but not vice versa. The pre-workout formulas tend to have a lot of caffeine, so make sure you are going to work out before taking them.

What You Need to Know Before Using Weight Loss Supplements

A good supplement can help you achieve your weight loss dreams. However, there are a few things you should know before you can start using weight loss supplements.

Understand the brand

You should find understand the kind of brand you are buying the products from. With many brands on the market, sometimes it can be easy to get confused. That should not be the case. With more research, you would see what type of brand it is and if you should invest your money in getting products from it.

Customer service

Buying a fat-burning supplement also requires that you get it from a brand with good customer service. This is because, at times, you might need more information about the product and the support team is unavailable.

Also, you may want to process your refund. Without a good support team, that can be problematic.

Your Health

It is possible that you may be on medication. This should be reason enough to consult with your doctor first to know if using the supplements will affect your health or not.

Most supplements may have the disclaimer that you should seek medical help in case of some side effects. So, you can see how the doctor’s input can be vital before choosing such supplements.

Brand transparency

Clinical studies often help you understand what you are buying. It is good to know that the product is high quality by checking to see if its ingredients have clinical studies. Also, the lab reports should be posted on the company website so that you see it is a transparent company.

So long as you can stay committed, it is possible to start seeing the weight loss progress generally.


The best fat burner should be the one that actually works. One thing that people enjoy about fat burners is how they can be effective. This is so long as you are getting high-quality fat burners in the market. We have looked at some top options in the market and how best you can use them. That being said, always use the fat burners as recommended. This is key in ensuring you can enjoy the benefits. Doing more research is highly recommended to find the right fat burner for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are fat burners safe?

Fat burners are only safe based on their ingredients. This means looking into what the fat burner is made of to determine if it is safe or not. Also, look at the third-party lab results.

  1. What fat burners work the best?

You may consider Leanbean and PhenGold as the top options in the market. They can generally give you value for money.

  1. Which fat burner is best for belly fat?

Trimtone has shown it can be a good pick for those who want to lose stubborn belly fat. You also get good customer support to help you along the way.

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