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Let’s face it, the cannabis market has come a long way since the 1970s. Today, we have tons of cannabinoid-based products to choose from. And no, they’re not all CBD-based.

Now, we get it… over the last few years the general public has finally started to understand that cannabis includes both hemp and marijuana. So, when we refer to cannabis, we’re naturally referring to hemp.

That said, even cannabis connoisseurs are making a switch to hemp-derived THC.

That’s right, hemp-derived THC has become a cannabinoid favorite among CBD advocates and marijuana buffs. And here’s why…

Hemp-derived THC is federally legal! Which is a big deal, given that Delta 9 THC is considered federally illegal and is still listed as a Schedule I Controlled substance.

But that’s not the only reason why hemp-derived THC is gaining so much popularity. As it turns out, certain hemp-derived THC variants offer subtle psychoactive effects and unique therapeutic benefits.

Now you’ve likely heard all about the new variants of THC. Seriously, these newer THC cannabinoid have been making waves in the cannabis market for the last few years, and we suspect that those waves will only continue for years to come.

But now there’s a newer variant of THC that’s sweeping the nation. We’re talking about Delta 10 THC.

Unlike the other THC variants, Delta 10 is a little more energizing. Imagine that: a variant of THC that doesn’t make you feel completely out of it, couch-locked, and slightly paranoid.

Yes, some other THC variants are also known for their energizing effects, but Delta 10 takes your productivity to a whole new level.

In fact, so many consumers swear that it increases their motivation and focus, while at the same time keeping them feeling relaxed, calm, and free from those dreaded paranoia effects. It’s no wonder why so many Delta 9 connoisseurs are making the switch.

But as everyone knows, when you go to buy a supplement or any kind of consumable, the best way to ensure that you will receive true efficiency from the product is by making sure that the hemp brand is reputable and that they’re creating high quality, effective hemp products.

That said, if you really want to experience an awesome, mentally stimulating and invigorating high, you have to ensure that you’re buying Delta 10 THC from reputable Delta 10 brands.

But since everyone is wanting to cash in on the Delta 10 market, it can be incredibly stressful, confusing, and somewhat frustrating to find a trustworthy Delta 10 brand.

Needless to say, the Delta 10 market is highly saturated with tons of shady hemp brands, and very few reputable THC brands.

Which brings us to…

Best Delta 10 THC Brands

We’ve been in the cannabis industry for several years. In fact, we’ve watched the rise of CBD, and now we’re watching the rise of Delta 10 THC.

So, we’re all too familiar with the many shady hemp brands flooding the cannabis market. We’ve also developed strategic guidelines of how to find the best Delta 10 brands in the industry. And let’s just say, it was not smooth sailing.

There were a lot of Delta 10 THC brands that raised our eyebrows, but we did find a few diamonds in the rough.

Now, before we dive into our list of the best Delta 10 brands, we wanted to mention that each of these brands have been thoroughly researched and vetted by yours truly.

We looked at their cultivation practices, extraction/conversion methods, formulation processes, and third-party testing standards. And we’ve gotta say that each brand exceeded our expectations!

So, we invite you to check out our list below, and then head down to our Delta 10 FAQs.

Let’s get started…

  1. 3Chi – Best Delta 10 vape carts
  2. Delta Extrax – Best Delta 10 disposables
  3. Vivimu – Best Delta 10 gummies
  4. Urb – Best Delta 10 flower
  5. Vivimu – Best Delta 10 distillate

1. 3Chi – Best Delta 10 vape carts

Best Delta 10 1

Company Background

3Chi is a highly acclaimed Delta 10 THC brand. In fact, their claim to fame all started with their exploration into alternative based cannabinoids outside of CBD.

3Chi quickly became the hemp brand of choice when it came to all hemp-derived THC cannabinoids.

Once they began creating high quality Delta 10 THC products, everyone including CBD advocates wanted in on the action.

The reason 3Chi remains at the top of our list is because they value quality, safety, and effectiveness.

All of their products are carefully formulated with organically cultivated hemp, their cannabinoids are all extracted using the most effective methods, and each product is thoroughly tested to ensure label accuracy and efficiency.

Delta 10 Products

Yes, 3Chi offers a ton of cannabinoid-based products, but we’ve gotta give it to them for creating the most effective and smooth Delta 10 vape cartridge on the market.

This particular Delta 10 vape cart is packed with Delta 10 THC along with other cannabinoids. It also contains 5% of therapeutic cannabis derived terpenes, which helps to increase the medicinal benefits of Delta 10.

You can choose different strains to experience various effects. However, it’s their sativa strain that really has us and others singing 3Chi’s praises.

In fact, many consumers report that this Delta 10 vape cart is better known as a “super sativa”, which means it offers an awesome uplifting effect that keeps you focused and energized throughout the day.

This Delta 10 vape cart comes in a Poly-Carbonate CCELL cartridge which offers the best performance and smooth smoke experience.

Seriously, if you’re looking for a Delta 10 vape that leaves you feeling clear headed, motivated, and productive throughout the morning and daylight hours, then 3Chi’s Delta 10 vape carts is just what you need.


  • Best Delta 10 vape carts
  • Organically cultivated hemp
  • No VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or any other harmful cutting agent
  • Federally Legal under the 2018 Farm Bill
  • Third party tested


  • All sales are final
  • 3Chi does not ship their Delta 10 vape carts to certain states

Shop 3Chi Delta 10 Vape Carts

2. Delta Extrax – Best Delta 10 disposables

Best Delta 10 2

Company Background

Delta Extrax is a great quality brand with an impeccable reputation. And it’s because of their reputation that they have been featured in the following well-acclaimed platforms: Forbes, Leafly, GQ, Vogue, and Dope Magazine.

They’ve been around for almost as long as 3Chi, but what sets Delta Extrax apart from other hemp brands in the industry is that they focus purely on hemp-derived THC.

And because of their focus on hemp-derived THC, they remain one of the most well-trusted and highly recommended THC brands in the entire industry.

What’s more, Delta Extrax has awesome transparency. All of their products are formulated with organically cultivated hemp, they use the best extraction methods and conversion practices, and they steer clear from unnecessary added ingredients.

But it’s their third-party testing that really stands out to us. All of their products are thoroughly tested by an accredited third-party laboratory to ensure their products are labeled correctly and truly effective.

Delta 10 Products

Since Delta Extrax focuses on hemp-derived THC, they have a larger inventory of Delta 10 products. But today we want to highlight their Delta 10 disposable vapes.

Again, they have several different Delta 10 disposables to choose from, like:

  • Blue Candy Kush Indica Delta 10 disposable
  • Ekto Kooler Sativa Delta 10 disposable
  • Wedding Cake Hybrid Delta 10 disposable
  • Green Cush Indica Delta 10 disposable

But it’s their Orange Creamsicle Delta 10 THC disposable that really stands out the most to us. It’s a Sativa blend that contains Delta 10 THC distillate and amazing terpenes which give it a delicious orange creamsicle taste.

Now, what makes this particular Delta 10 disposable so unique is that it’s a perfect pick-me-up for those afternoon slumps.

With nearly 60 positive reviews, this Delta 10 disposable is honestly the best disposable on the market.

It’s rechargeable and offers 2 grams of Delta Extrax’s highly effective Delta 10 blend.

If you’re looking for a Sativa Delta 10 disposable to give you a lift in the afternoons, then Delta Extrax is the brand for you.

However, while Delta Extrax offers a number of other Delta 10 disposables, keep in mind their Delta 10 disposables are so popular that they’re often out of stock. So, act fast!


  • Best Delta 10 disposables
  • Organically cultivated hemp
  • Federally Legal under the 2018 Farm Bill
  • Third party tested


  • No refunds or returns
  • May not be able to ship their Delta 10 THC disposables to certain states

Shop Delta Extrax Delta 10 Disposables

3. Vivimu – Best Delta 10 gummies

Best Delta 10 3

Company Background

If you haven’t heard of Vivimu, that’s ok. Vivimu is a fairly new hemp brand, but they’re quickly gaining a ton of popularity and notoriety. And for good reason…

You see, Vivimu is all about formulating high quality, reasonably priced cannabinoid-based products with incredibly quick shipping.

But that’s not what really sets them apart from the other hemp brands in the industry. What really makes them stand out is that Vivimu is a highly reputable online store that features other trustworthy hemp brands.

Not many hemp brands like sharing the spotlight, much less recommending other competitive hemp brands’ products, but Vivimu is not your average hemp brand.

Amazingly, Vivimu not only creates well formulated cannabinoid-based products, but all of their products are thoroughly tested by an accredited, unbiased third-party laboratory.

Additionally, before they feature any other hemp brands on their website, they first research and vet them extensively to ensure they meet their own standards.

Now, you might be wondering why Vivimu features other high quality hemp brands on their website to begin with…

Well, Vivimu understands that other hemp brands carry cannabinoid-based products that they might not carry, and since Vivimu is all about putting the needs of their customers first, they reach out to those reputable hemp brands that carry what they don’t have and they feature them on their website.

Which means Vivimu is your one-stop-shop for all your cannabinoid-based needs. If they don’t have a certain product, chances are they know who does and you can find it on their website.

Delta 10 Products

As we mentioned above, Vivimu is all about partnering with other hemp brands that create cannabinoid-based products that they may not carry themselves.

Which is why we want to introduce you to Elyxr LA and Vivimu’s Delta 10 THC gummies.

Now, these Delta 10 gummies are created using pristine hemp and 25mg of Delta 10 THC.  They come in a variety of flavors, like cherry, watermelon, blue razz, mango, and orange.

If you decide on which flavor you want to go with, you can choose their party pack which offers all flavors mentioned above.

What makes these Delta 10 gummies our favorite D10 edibles on the market is that they offer an awesome uplifting and energetic ‘high’.

They’re great for daytime use, or you can eat one at night for a fun get-together with friends and family.

Just keep in mind that you only stick to one Delta 10 gummy at a time. Don’t overconsume, no matter how enticing those fruity flavors are.


  • Best Delta 10 gummies
  • Pristine cultivated hemp
  • Fast shipping
  • Reasonably priced
  • Federally Legal under the 2018 Farm Bill
  • Third party tested


  • No refunds on perishable products

Shop Vivimu Delta 10 Gummies

4. Urb – Best Delta 10 flower

Best Delta 10 4

Company Background

Urb Finest Flowers is one of those hemp brands that truly embodies excitement and hippie vibes.

They’re the sister company of Lifted Made. Now, if you don’t know anything about Lifted Made, then you’ll be happy to learn that they are one of the most reputable and highly acclaimed hemp flower brands in the entire industry. Which speaks volumes of how reputable Urb is.

We love Urb and everything they stand for. They’re all about quality over quantity, hence their motto: “Quality over everything”. If you read their reviews, you’ll quickly realize just how genuine and trustworthy they are.

Now, because Urb is the sister company of Lifted Made, they have to uphold the same guidelines and high standards. So, you can rest assured that all other cannabinoid-based products are created with high quality grown hemp, extracted using the best practices and methods, free of unnecessary ingredients, and thoroughly tested by an unbiased third party.

And it’s because of these incredibly high standards that Urb is now featured on the highly reputable Great CBD Shop – one of the largest online stores that feature only the best and most trustworthy hemp brands in the industry.

Now, before we dive into Urb’s amazing Delta 10 products, we want to mention that Urb was created by Lifted Made to promote hemp-derived THC.

So, if you’re looking for some amazing THC-based products, Urb is where it’s at. But we need to mention that Urb doesn’t actually have their own website.

Instead, you’ll have to visit Lifted Made and the Great CBD Shop to learn more about their brand and amazing products.

Delta 10 Products

Since Urb is the sister company of Lifted Made, it’s no surprise that they offer the absolute best Delta 10 THC Caviar Flower on the market.

This flower combines Delta 10 THC and other therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes. According to the lab analysis, this Delta 10 THC flower contains CBDa, CBGa, CBD, THCv, and of course, Delta 10 THC.

By combining all of these cannabinoids with Delta 10, you get a more balanced effect that leaves you feeling mentally stimulated and invigorated.

What’s more, there are three terpene profiles to choose from: Banana Runtz (hybrid), Mint Cookies (indica), and Guava Kush (sativa).

But we need to mention that their Guava Kush is often out of stock, so it’s important to check in with the Great CBD Shop as frequently as you can to ensure that you get the terpene profile you want.

No matter what terpene profile you choose, 7 grams of Delta 10 THC flower comes in each jar.

If you want to experience the invigorating effects of Delta 10 THC, plus other cannabinoids and terpenes, then you can’t go wrong with Urb.


  • Best Delta 10 flower
  • Sister company of Lifted Made
  • Featured on the highly reputable Great CBD Shop
  • Organically cultivated hemp
  • Federally Legal under the 2018 Farm Bill
  • Third party tested


  • Unfortunately, this Delta 10 flower cannot be shipped to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington

Shop Urb Delta 10 Flower

5. Vivimu – Best Delta 10 distillate

Best Delta 10 5

Company Background

Normally we don’t list the same hemp brand twice, but we’re making an exception. As we mentioned on number 3 above, Vivimu is a newer hemp brand, but they’re not your average hemp company.

They feature numerous hemp brands on their website along with their own cannabinoid-based products.

Now, if you want to explore more about Vivimu’s company background, then head back up to number 3. They have a very interesting background and impressive approach to providing high quality cannabinoid-based products to the general public.

We highly encourage you to check out their website, but for now we want to dive into Vivimu’s…

Delta 10 Products

Since Vivimu is all about featuring other reputable hemp brands that offer highly effective products, we want to highlight their partnership with MC Nutraceuticals.

MC Nutraceuticals is amazing and they have created a truly potent Delta 10 distillate. It comes in various sizes from 3.5 grams to 1,000 grams. Which means, Vivimu offers the best deal on bulk Delta 10 distillate.

And the best part… Vivimu’s Delta 10 distillate is not only potent, but also highly affordable.

Now, keep in mind that Delta 10 distillate is a highly concentrated product. So, no matter how experienced you are with Delta 10 THC, we highly advise that you take things slow and at a low dose.

That said, if you have a higher tolerance for Delta 10 THC, and you’re looking for something that has a more of a kick to it, then Vivimu’s Delta 10 distillate is the perfect product for you.

In fact, Delta 10 distillate is perhaps the most versatile product on the market. You can create Delta 10 edibles, vape carts, tinctures, and more.


  • Best Delta 10 distillate

To view additional pros and cons, check out this, in-depth Vivimu review article.

Shop Vivimu Delta 10 Distillate

Delta-10 THC FAQs

It’s an interesting feeling to finally know where to find and buy high quality Delta 10 THC. But even with that knowledge, you probably still have a few Delta 10 questions flooding your mind.

We know this, because we did at one time, too. Which is why we’ve answered some of the most common Delta 10 questions below.

So, take a few moments and read through our questions and answers. Once you’re done, head back up to our list of the best Delta 10 brands above.

Where can I find Delta 10 near me?

You’ll likely find Delta 10 THC sold at gas stations and head shops, but we highly recommend that you don’t buy Delta 10 THC from those places. Instead, we advise that you buy Delta 10 THC from online Delta 10 companies like the ones listed above.

Are Delta 10 carts better?

Delta 10 carts are amazing, but if you’re comparing Delta 10 carts to other hemp-derived THC carts, then it’s purely based on your personal preference and the effects they possess. If you’re looking for energizing effects, then Delta 10 carts are better.

What’s the best Delta 10 according to Reddit?

Reddit users frequently mention that 3Chi and Vivimu have the best Delta 10 brands on the market. Check out the Delta 10 Reddit group and see what they are saying now.

Does Delta 10 help with pain?

Yes, like most THC variants, Delta 10 can help alleviate pain. In fact, according to many consumers, Delta 10 THC is so subtle and so invigorating, they praise it for calmly reducing unwanted ailments.

Does Delta 10 cause anxiety?

When you take the recommended dose, Delta 10 THC is very soothing and not at all overwhelming. But like all THC variants, if you take too much at one time, you may experience some level of anxiety. But if you start slowly with the proper dose, it’s unlikely you’ll experience any kind of anxiety.

Does Delta 10 give you energy?

Delta 10 is widely praised for its energetic effects. Just be sure you stick to the recommended dose.

Does Delta 10 sativa get you high?

Yes! Any type of Delta 10 product will get you high.

How long does a Delta 10 vape last?

It varies. Depending on how big your hits are, you can expect your Delta 10 vape to last 300-500 hits per 1 gram of vape cart.

Does Delta 10 take longer to kick in?

It depends on your tolerance and the unique biological makeup of your body. But according to consumers of various experience levels, Delta 10 will kick in as quickly as other THC variants. However, if you eat a fatty meal before or even after you consume Delta 10, then you’ll likely speed up its effects.

What is delta 10 THC Florida?

Delta 10 THC is a variant of THC. It’s known for its subtle high and mentally stimulating effects. Because of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived Delta 10 THC is legal to consume and buy in the state of Florida.

How much THC does Delta 10 have?

It varies by Delta 10 product, but the Vivimu Delta 10 Gummies contain between 20mg – 25mg of Delta 10 THC per gummy.

Are Delta 10 gummies worth it?

We think so. They’re incredibly affordable, and you get a good therapeutic high for your buck.

Will Delta 10 make you sleepy?

Not typically. Delta 10 offers a more upbeat effect. However, everyone is different. So, in some cases, it may help improve sleep.


Finding the best Delta 10 products can be downright frustrating, but we’ve done all the analysis and searching for you.

If you want to experience a Delta 10 high that’s truly invigorating and stimulating, we encourage you to check out our list of the best Delta 10 THC brands above.

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