The Best Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair


A conditioner’s primary purpose is to restore and lock in moisture, as shampoo strips your natural oils from your hair in order to properly clean it. Your hair can become damaged from daily tasks and also from your environment. Dry and cold weather, strong UV rays, and heat can cause frizz, split ends, and poofy hair. Because of this, you need to use products that combat and protect your hair. 

Conditioner gives your hair a protective layer of strength, prevents breaking, and encourages hair to grow strong and healthy. Another significant advantage of using conditioner is that it moisturizes your hair, making it silky, smooth, reducing frizz, and enhancing shine.

When should you use conditioner?

Conditioner should be applied after you have shampooed and rinsed your hair. Squeeze out excess water from your hair before applying conditioner. Leave the conditioner in for three to five minutes for optimal results. Then rinse it out. Conditioner should be applied every time you use shampoo on your hair, but if you are someone who washes their hair daily, you can try forgoing your usual routine and instead just using conditioner. However, you should still be using shampoo every two to three washes. 

1. Blu Atlas Conditioner 


Blu Atlas tops our list of the best deep conditioners for natural hair. A delicate conditioner that hydrates hair without making it heavy. It nourishes hair with nutrients, including argan oil, avocado oil, and barley protein to address issues like dullness, dehydration, damage, and frizz. By helping to restore brightness, enhance depth, repair damage, and relieve dry scalp, this conditioner works wonders and is suitable for all types of hair. 

Blu Atlas offers two different fragrances; they have their classic shampoo which gives off a subtle coconut scent, but if you want something stronger, try their coconut and apricot shampoo that is a mix of fruity and fresh. Pair Blu Atlas Conditioner with Blu Atlas Shampoo for the best results. By combining these two, you will not only enhance the scent but also enhance the benefits. 

2. Oribe Conditioner for Brilliance and Shine


We really love this product! Made with Oribe’s signature complex, sunflower seed extract, jojoba and rice proteins, grape seed oil, sweet almond powder, ginger root extract, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, this product is designed to add shine to your hair. It is also a great moisturizing conditioner that maintains the natural oils in hair. 

3. R+Co Sun Catcher Power C Boosting Leave-In Conditioner 


R+Co’s leave-in conditioner works magic on your hair by locking in moisture to keep your hair hydrated. While we normally wouldn’t favor leave-in conditioners over normal ones, this one has amazing benefits. It is easy to use and smells incredible. It will give your hair a boost by softening, sealing, detangling, and combating frizz. The conditioner can be used alone or layered beneath style products to enhance their efficacy on damp or dry hair.

4. Dove RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Resist Coconut + Vegan Elastin Silicone-Free Conditioner


Even when our hair is all natural, it still may need a little bit of help and care. This anti-breakage conditioner is perfect for the job. With 100% naturally derived active oils that resemble your hair’s natural oil, bio-mimetic care mimics the protective process that occurs naturally in your hair. This conditioner offers Dove care that goes further, using plant-derived keratin to repair damaged hair. 

Dove also takes precautions to protect the environment. Its formula is 100% biodegradable, vegan, has no silicones or parabens, and the bottle can be recycled. This anti-breakage conditioner functions in tandem with Dove RE+AL Bio-Mimetic Resist Coconut + Vegan Elastin Shampoo to replenish lost nutrients, and assist in visibly repairing hair damage from within.

5. Verb Ghost Conditioner 


If you are looking for a conditioner that works on all hair types, then look no further. Verb Ghost’s conditioner makes hair strong while also moisturizing. This solution, which is created using moringa oil, smooths frizz, adds brightness, and is gentle but nourishing for thin hair or frequent washers. The scent of Verb Ghost is subtle but intriguing as it contains fresh and earthy aromas. 

6. Olaplex Nº. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner


Simple but effective, Olaplex focuses all its time and energy to create one great conditioner. This conditioner has everything that you’re looking for and it feels incredible on your hair. Each use makes hair simpler to maintain, glossier, and more glowing. 

By repairing broken fibers, this product prevents and heals dry hair, split ends, and flyaways. Your hair will be strengthened and left thicker than before. For an added bonus, this conditioner is free of DEA, aldehydes and formaldehyde, so no harsh chemicals are being applied to your scalp. 

7. Briogeo Superfoods Banana + Coconut Nourishing Superfood Conditioner


We cannot get over how good this product is. Not only is this color to die for but the scent is invigorating. This conditioner is designed for those who need a real hair nourishment treatment and have dehydrated, dull, and gloomy strands. 

It is a rich conditioner with a smoothie-like consistency that works with all hair textures and utilizes the many benefits of fruits, which are high in antioxidants, to promote better-looking hair and a healthy scalp. With strong antioxidants and hair essential oils, this hydrating conditioner revives your locks.

8. Mizani True Textures Cream Cleansing Conditioner


This shampoo reminds us of a tropical getaway, and we would definitely recommend it if you are looking to be transported to a resort with every use. Without bubbles, this moisturizing coconut, olive, and marula oil based conditioner is a vibrant, energizing hair conditioning treatment that will clean and repair dry hair fibers. Additionally, it helps to lock in natural curls while leaving every strand smooth and elastic and free of any oily buildup.  

Hair that is curly and tightly coiled responds well to this purifying conditioner. This is a hydrating conditioner packed with necessary fatty acids and antioxidants to restore the hair and bring back bounce. It is also free from parabens, sulfates, and silicon.

9. Joico Youthlock Conditioner


Remember when your hair was young and fresh? It was vibrant and bouncy and it didn’t have any damage. Well with Joico’s Youthlock Conditioner you can have that look and feel back. Using Smartrelease technology, the intricate blend of collagen and buriti oil helps capture your youth. 

These ingredients rejuvenate your hair using vitamins and  antioxidants so that your hair looks and feels healthy. This conditioner will make your hair feel brand new by moisturizing, repairing damage, detangling strands, adding brightness and giving your hair the youthful volume and body that you desire. 

10. Suave Essentials Wild Cherry Blossom Conditioner


Take a walk through a blossoming field, and take in the sweet and floral scent of wild cherry blossoms. This hydrating conditioner replenishes your hair’s moisture and adds softness for a lovely finish. It also contains Vitamin E and Cherry Blossom Extract, which contain many health benefits for your hair. This conditioner is a great versatile option for everyday needs. 

11. Eleven Urban Alchemy Hydrating and Smoothing Conditioner


Coming in at number 11, is of course Eleven. This conditioner is bottled perfection with a fun and exciting bottle. This incredibly powerful, intensely nourishing, moisturizing, and calming conditioner, will leave you feeling effortlessly refreshed. 

The gorgeous Urban Alchemy designed conditioner works with all shampoos and all hair types. It nicely completes the daily hair-care routine as it locks in moisture. 

12. Malin + Goetz Cilantro Hair Conditioner 


Reliable, versatile and incredible, Malin + Goetz conditioner always delivers. The light everyday conditioner blends absorbent fatty acids and fatty alcohols with organic cilantro extract to properly nourish different hair and scalp conditions. It detangles hair while delicately conditioning without leaving anything behind. With a natural color and scent, this conditioner is vegan and cruelty-free. 

13. Mielle Moisture RX Hawaiian Ginger Moisturizing and Anti-Breakage Conditioner


Encapsulating the essence of Hawaii, this conditioner allows us to be transported to a tropical beach. Due to its captivating aroma, it is one of our top conditioners. The components used to make this conditioner are all natural. 

Its formulation ensures that each and every strand is moisturized and hydrated while also conditioning the hair. By retaining moisture, the conditioner reaches every hair fiber, restoring life to dull hair. 

14. Moroccanoil Extra Volume Conditioner


Detangle your hair from root to tip while boosting fullness. Without putting a strain on thin hair, Moroccanoil Extra Volume Conditioner adds volume, gloss, and controls pesky flyaways. This texturizing conditioner gives hair new vitality by nourishing it with strengthening ingredients like linden bud extract and antioxidant-rich argan oil. Moroccanoil conditioner is a favorite of ours as it gives brilliant boost and shine. 

15. Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner 


With a recently new formula, Davines has improved on an already fantastic conditioner. We adore how this conditioner comes in a tub, which is great if you are one that loves to reuse old containers. This conditioner helps manage curly or unruly hair. The conditioning formula helps to moisturize the hair so it can regain its elasticity , which also makes the hair lustrous and reduces frizz. The pastel purple color is a bonus that adds a touch of femininity to your bathroom. 

16. OUAI Thick Hair Conditioner 


While most people dream of having thick, luscious locks, some of us are lucky enough to already have that. But it makes finding the right conditioner very challenging. OUAI’s Thick Hair Conditioner is just what we have been looking for. This lavish thick hair conditioner controls frizz and moisturizes dull, damaged hair while strengthening, enhancing brightness and helps to reduce knots. 

17. Drunk Elephant Laini Latherless Conditioning Co-Cleanser


Like us, you may be asking yourself why you want a latherless conditioner? Well trust us when we say that latherless conditioner is delicate and works wonders. In order to care for all hair types, including the most delicate and damaged layers, Laini Latherless Conditioning Co-Cleanser uses a blend of plant-derived conditioning and smoothing agents in combination with a gentle, no-lather purifying process. Without removing essential oils or protective substances, and with a pH of 3.5, Laini Latherless will get rid of impurities and hydrate your hair and scalp while preserving the naturally acidic balance.

18. Adwoa Beauty Blue Tansy Reparative Conditioner 


The baby blue color of this bottle makes us smile every time we see it. Just like the conditioner, the color is subtle but stylish. We would be happy to have this conditioner everywhere we go. Thoroughly replenishing the hair, the blue Tansy reparative conditioner helps the hair stay hydrated and avoid damage. 

The combination of avocado, buriti seed, and blue tansy flower oils supports and promotes shine, increases smoothness, and controls frizz. Additionally, this scent is captivating as it offers a fresh but fruity aroma that is long-lasting. 

19. Shu Uemura Urban Moisture Conditioner


Shu Uemura is a classy brand that is known for its fantastic formulas and results, so it’s no wonder that we loved this conditioner. This hydrating conditioner for damaged hair smoothes and thickens each strand while enhancing brightness to leave hair that is soft and glowing from beginning to end. Using uncommon components like moringa oil extract to offer your hair a powerful boost of moisture and gently cleanse. It also prevents dehydration and allows your hair to thrive. 

20. Matrix A Curl Can Dream Co-Wash


With a fun and creative name there’s a lot to love about this conditioner. Developed with Manuka honey extract, this conditioner is perfect for those with curls or coils. When there aren’t any wash days in between, this soothing conditioner is ideal for reviving curls. Containing no silicones, parabens, mineral oils, petrolatum, or paraffins, this conditioner is not harsh on your hair or scalp. For these reasons, A Curl Can Dream is one of the best deep conditioners for natural hair. It keeps your natural hair naturally beautiful. 

21. Herbal Essences White Strawberry and Mint Conditioner for Thin Hair


This is a combination we didn’t expect to see in a conditioner but not only does it work, it smells like sweet heaven. Dry, lifeless hair has become a distant memory. The White Strawberry and Mint conditioner from Herbal Essences uses the best that nature has to offer to revitalize and re-energize your hair. The white strawberry conditioner gives your hair the strength it needs while also making it feel new and healthy. White Strawberry contains all the health benefits of a regular strawberry; the only difference is in the color. 

22. Pureology Nanoworks Gold Conditioner


Who doesn’t love gold conditioner? This conditioner can brighten your day and your hair. It is a product that gets our seal of approval. This lush conditioner brings back the young sheen of drab hair. The more you apply this unique treatment, the more it quickly grows, revitalizes, and enhances the natural look of your hair. It is a delicate product with the effectiveness of a thorough care mask without burdening your hair’s sleek fibers.

23. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner 


Since 1912 Shea Moisture has been creating and developing formulas so that your natural hair can have the best. This intensive hydration conditioner hits all the right spots. While enriching hair with deep hydrating ingredients that promote bounce, this rinse-out conditioner rapidly soothes and detangles. Designed to restore and condition damaged, fragile hair, certified organic Shea Butter, Honey, Mafura, and Baobab are a rich combination of restorative oils that aid in regaining control. African Rock Fig, which is high in antioxidants, increases moisture while shielding hair from outside factors. 

24. Nexxus Hydra-Light Lightweight Moisture Conditioner For Oily Hair


Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Conditioner, nurtures hair without dragging it down. This high-end moisturizing conditioner for greasy hair locks in nutrients and is packed with deep sea minerals and concentrated elastin protein. Unlike most conditioners, this one focuses on repairing oily scalps so that your hair can look fresh even after a couple of days. This is one of the best. 

25. Redken All Soft Mega Conditioner 


Do you want soft hair that feels brand new after every wash? Redken’s All Soft Mega Conditioner does just that. For medium to thick, extremely dehydrated hair that is tangled, try Redken’s All Soft Mega Hair Conditioner for a deeply moisturizing feel. Using this hydrating conditioner gives excessively dry strands a silky, lustrous sheen. Redken’s Nourish Complex, which is packed with Aloe Vera restores, nourishes, and retains hydration and moisture, so that your hair can feel refreshed for hours. 

26. Virtue Recovery Conditioner 


After a long week your body and hair needs a little self-care so that it can revamp itself ready to do it all again. Let Virtue take care of your hair so that you have a little bit more time to focus on your face and body. Decadent and lavish Virtue Labs Recovery Conditioner is a conditioner that restores frail hair. It heals split ends and frayed cuticles while giving hair freshness, gloss, and volume. This conditioner functions as a powerful recovery tool that distributes pure, human keratin protein straight into the hair. It was made using Virtue’s ground-breaking Alpha Keratin 60ku. 

27. Melanin Hair Care Plumping Deep Conditioner


Melanin is a brand that we’ve fallen in love with. Melanin captures exactly what we are looking for and has wrapped it up in a cute but trendy container. When the conditioner comes into contact with frizzy hair and split ends, the hydrating, reparative, intense conditioner rapidly moisturizes, smooths, and strengthens. You’ll see that the biotin, fenugreek, and bamboo work to increase resilience and hair growth, while the hyaluronic acid aids in locking in moisture and decreasing flyaways. 

28. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner 


You should nurture your hair and take extra care. With the energizing sensation of this enchanting conditioner, it will invigorate and rejuvenate. It has a hydrating botanical blend that works to instantly reduce knots. Tea tree oil, peppermint, and lavender have a revitalizing effect on the scalp and leave your hair with a wonderful scent. Paul Mitchell is a great choice for all hair types, and we recommend this conditioner if you have a dry, flaky scalp too. 

29. Pantene Pure Clean and Clarify Silicone andFragrance Free Conditioner 


If you’re not a fan of fruity or floral scents, you will love this fragrance-free conditioner. With all the benefits without the fragrance, Pantene has designed a conditioner that suits everyone. The conditioner is gentle on your scalp and is blended with the pro vitamin B5 and antioxidant combination for silicone and scent-free delight. This calming mixture restores hydration and easily washes away, dirt, impurities and unwanted oils, leaving hair looking revitalized.

30. Pattern Heavy Conditioner


This bottle design is one of our favorites, as it is a piece of art that is simple but draws your eyes so that you cannot look away. Pattern’s Heavy Conditioner, has a consistency similar to butta, and is ideal for coily & tight hair types. Velvety smooth, rich, and revitalizing, this conditioner will drown your hair in hydration and make your hair easily manageable as you don’t have to worry about knots and tangles. Made with  ingredients including avocado oil, shea butter, and safflower oil, Pattern has formulated one of the best deep conditioners for natural hair that we can’t say no to. 

31. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Ultra Rich Conditioner 


A rich, seductive conditioner that provides the roughest hair with silky, sleek nourishment. It strengthens hair from roots to the tips thanks to the addition of biomimetic hyaluronic acid, Kalahari melon seed oil, and their proprietary 6-oil blend. Bumble and Bumble gets us excited as it is designed for all hair types and effectively repairs dry and damaged hair. 

32. Dae Signature Conditioner


Dae’s Signature Conditioner hydrates, detangles and repairs broken and damaged hair. It is a great conditioner that makes your hair feel like you’ve just walked out of the salon. Smooth, silky, and decadent, you will not be disappointed with this one. The combination of citrus, orange blossom and vanilla gives off a sweet citrus and floral aroma. Vegan and cruelty-free, Dae is environmentally friendly with recyclable packaging. 

33. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Conditioner 


If you’re lacking the clean, youthful look in your hair and desperately want it back, Alterna Caviar’s Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Conditioner has an anti-aging formula. This is an indulgent conditioner that acts to replenish hydration while shielding locks from stressful pressures, color fading, and potential harm. It is suitable for hair that is straight, curly, wavy, or coiled. This conditioner has also been clinically tested to ensure that you are getting the best possible formula. 

34. OGX Liquid Pearl Shampoo


Liquid Pearl is a smoothing conditioner that is bright and vibrant. Pearls are a luxury and this shampoo has it all. This nutrient-rich sea kelp conditioner will help to balance strands and make them grow strong because it is mixed with opulent pearl extract. You may achieve your desired smooth, lustrous hair with the OGX Liquid Pearl Conditioner.

35. Fekkai Super Strength + Protein Powerbond Conditioner 


This conditioner delivers great results that will leave you wanting more. Rapid repair and elasticity are aided by triple action bonding, which repairs and protects. This conditioner is known to make your hair three times stronger while still being incredibly lightweight. It is also vegan, cruelty-free, and great for the environment. Rapeseed oil, amla fruit extract, sesame and sunflower seed oils, vitamin E, and glycerin are the key ingredients that make this conditioner so amazing. 

How to choose the right conditioner for you

Choosing the right conditioner for you can seem like an endless task as the options go on forever. The best place to start is to choose a conditioner based on your hair care needs. If you have oily hair, choose a conditioner that is not oil based. If you have combination hair, then you still need to choose a shampoo that provides some hydration, as you will find that your hair may dry out if you opt for one that is best for oily hair. And finally, the most common type is dry hair. If you have dry hair, then you need a conditioner that is extremely hydrating and moisturizing. 

The next step in choosing the right conditioner is to choose one based on your hair type. Many people think that there’s only three hair types; straight, wavy or curly but in fact there are twelve hair types based on pattern and texture. 

  • Type 1A – Straight and fine hair 
  • Type 1B – Straight and medium hair
  • Type 1C – Straight and thick hair 
  • Type 2A – Wavy and fine hair 
  • Type 2B – Wavy and medium hair 
  • Type 2C – Wavy and thick hair 
  • Type 3A – Curly and thin hair
  • Type 3B – Curly and medium hair 
  • Type 3C – Curly and thick hair 
  • Type 4A – Coily and fine hair 
  • Type 4B – Coily and medium hair 
  • Type 4C – Coily and thick hair 

If you choose a conditioner based on your hair type, you are more likely to see the results that your hair desires. If you don’t know your hair type then you can opt for a conditioner that is great for all types as these are designed with specific properties and ingredients that provide benefit to all styles.

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