Best Credit Card For Bad Credit: Get Guaranteed Approval In 2022

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The process of selecting a credit card to use when you are someone who has a bad credit score or history can be time-consuming, and it may be difficult for you to find a good option. This whole process becomes more complicated when the person in need of a credit card is a beginner in the industry.

One of the first questions that will pop into your mind is how do you know the best credit card for you? Another question that would pop into your mind is, would your credit score be affected if you get a new credit card?

In those situations, there are limited options for you to choose from, mainly when you must have applied for a new credit card on different platforms and have been rejected.

People with a bad credit score are usually advised to try and secure a secured credit card. This would be very helpful because they will always have access to credit and won’t need to be sourcing from the platform to get credit money.

When you come across some of the top brands that offer credit cards to people with bad credit, they usually ask you to make a deposit that would serve as insurance for them; this deposit can be refunded.

The whole reason you are required to make this deposit is that whenever you cannot make a repayment, the deposit would serve as security for them not to worry. Unfortunately, there have been some cases where people with bad credit obtain credit cards from various brands.

Due to how responsibly they have spent money on this credit card over time, the issuing brand tends to up their limit or sometimes issues them an Unsecured credit card. In this situation, the person with bad credit would know how to make an initial deposit.

The more accessible card to get among the two is the secured credit card. Unsecured credit cards are hard to apply for and are granted to someone with a bad credit score. However, secured credit cards also come with their benefits.

For example, the interest rates being charged on discounts and fees are lesser than when you are granted a beginner credit card. Another benefit of secured credit cards is that all your activity, including your repayments, would be reported to the three major credit bureaus. This is helpful as it can affect your credit score positively.

The secured credit card presents you with an option so you won’t have to suffer, although what you spend your credit money on can still be limited by the security deposit requirement.

In life, there is always a second option. And the second option, in this case, is for the person with a bad credit score to obtain an unsecured credit card that is streamlined mainly for someone with bad credit.

One notable fact to mention concerning unsecured credit cards streamlined for someone with bad credit is that you would be charged a higher interest rate and many fees. There are benefits to this type of card, but the disadvantages make it unattractive to apply for.

In addition, it is different from the usual unsecured credit card; your spending will not be unlimited, you will be required to pay some annual fees, and you cannot apply for those types of cards without paying an initiation fee.

One of the helpful factors in this industry is the growth that subprime loans are experiencing. But, unfortunately, the number of people with bad credit scores in recent times is becoming way too many – it only depends on how you look at the market.

What we aim to achieve with this article is to help those who are finding it hard to research the type of credit card that is more suitable for them. To do so, we have explained in detail on factors that would guide your research.

During your shopping process, if you prioritize the factors listed below, they can guide you to selecting a credit card that would not take too much from you. There are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself before setting out to obtain a credit card.

Is a low fixed rate better than a low variable APR? Would you send money through packages such as cashback? Would you be required to pay a late repayment fee?

These are questions that should guide your purchase system. Of course, once you can answer all those questions, selecting the credit card option will be easier. But, at least now, you know what you need, and you can find a credit score that would satisfy those needs.

Best Credits Cards For Bad Credit Score:

One of the things to note is that you can obtain up to 10 credit cards in one year, but we are not advising you that it is a good option for you to do.

However, if you decide to obtain ten credit cards in a year, it would be in your best interest to obtain credit cards that would offer you great options, especially if you’re someone with a bad credit score.

Therefore, the five credit card brands that we have selected are listed below:

  1. Open Sky: Overall Best Credit Card Company For Poor Credit Borrowers
  2. Surge Mastercard: Easy Approval Of Secured And Unsecured Credit Card
  3. First Access Visa Card: Premium Credit Card Company To Apply Online
  4. FIT Mastercard – Trusted Credit Card Providers On The Market
  5. Reflex Mastercard: Credit Cards To Help Build & Rebuild Credit

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. OpenSky – Overall Best Credit Card Company For Poor Credit Borrowers

Best Credit Cards 1

One of the first questions that pop into a bad credit score holder’s mind when looking for a credit card to help them build their credit score is would a secured card help them build their credit score?

This brand offers people with bad credit scores an option of a credit card that would help them along the way build their credit score and offer them financial aid.

The capital bank issues this credit card. As with most secured credit cards, you would be required to make an initial deposit to serve as a security in case you cannot repay the money spent.


  • No Credit Check: one of the advantages of this credit card is that regardless of how poor your credit score is, you can always qualify for the credit card. At first instance, a range of acceptable credit scores is acceptable.

However, the bank in charge of issuing this credit card does not run your background check on the applicant’s credit history. Although, there are some requirements that you would need to pass before you can be issued this credit card.

  • Credit Bureaus Reporting: one of the best ways to improve your credit score is when your credit card issuer reports your financial activities to the necessary bureaus. When you are a credit card holder, you only need to worry about making your repayments on time.

Those brands report your financial activities to berries such as Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

  • Make Your Credit Limit: There is zero credit check because you would be required to make an initial deposit to serve as security. Any amount you make as an initial deposit would also serve as your spending limit.

On this credit card, customers can deposit amounts ranging from $200 to $3000. So the credit limit on this credit card is determined by how much you are willing to make as an initial deposit—the higher your initial deposit, the higher your credit limit.

  • APR And Fees: customers that use this credit card turn to pay a high of $35. This is not the same as some secured credit cards that would not require an annual fee.

However, the issuing brand makes up for the high annual fee by charging a lower variable APR. You will be charged 17.64%, and that is less than what most secured credit cards charge. Regardless of your credit score, the charge remains the same.


  • Variable APR rates of 17.64%
  • Straightforward application process
  • people with bad credit scores can apply
  • Allowed to create a credit limit of $3000
  • It does not require a bank account
  • There is no background credit score check


  • an annual fee of $35

=> Click here to visit the official website “OpenSky”

#2. Surge Mastercard – Easy Approval Of Secured And Unsecured Credit Card

Best Credit Cards 2

If you know you would be able to repay the money on time so that you can build your credit score actively, this is arguably the best credit card to apply for. This credit card is issued by Celtic bank. The primary purpose of creating this credit card is to help duels with bad credit rebuild their credit score.

This issuing brand does not reward customers for repaying their money on time; however, customers can use the credit card to improve their credit score and how much they can spend.

This card is different from the rest of the cards created for people with bad credit scores; it does not require an initial deposit before you can be granted the credit card. In addition, the card is not a secured card, so you don’t have any risk of being asked for collateral.


  • $0.00 Fraud Liability: one of the significant features of this credit card is that it has a $0.00 fraud liability – this means there is high protection when it comes to identity theft.

Anytime fraudulent activity on your credit card, it would not affect you, the holder.

  • Card Fees: the APR rates being charged range from 24.99% to 29.99%. This credit card represents the best option for bank credit score borrowers who can pay a high annual fee.

However, the downside to obtaining this credit card is that you will be required to pay a yearly charge ranging from $75 to $99 in your first year of ownership. After that, you will pay a fee ranging from $0.00 to $10 monthly or $120 yearly for maintenance.

In addition, you will be charged a $40 fee in cases of late repayment.

  • Chances Of Credit Limit Increment: the credit limits on this type of card range from $300 to $1000.

However, an increment can be exercised on the credit limit after six months of usage.

  • Prequalification: This credit card offers the best application process with almost zero rejection chance.


  • It can be used at MasterCard locations
  • Report your financial activities to the bureaus every month
  • there is no credit score application limit
  • Straightforward application process
  • comes with a $0.00 fraud liability feature


  • It would require a checking account

=> Click here to visit the official website “Surge Mastercard”

#3. First Access Visa Card – Premium Credit Card Company To Apply Online

Best Credit Cards 3

The Bank of Missouri, as the warning, charged for issuing this visa credit card. Their main aim is to help people with bad credit scores rebuild their credit.

In addition, the brand helps people with bad credit to return to mainstream credit products by offering them advanced services.

This differs from the usual line of credit attached to an unsecured credit card.


  • Card Acceptance: with this credit card, you can carry out all your day-to-day transactions without hassle.

This card applies to paying for both minor and significant expenses.

  • Secure Application: one of the deficiencies of applying for a credit card is the lengthy application process.

This does not apply to this credit card; they offer you an easy application process, and the website used for the application process is secure.

  • Card Design: regardless of the preference on colors and generic designs by different people, one of the prominent features that seems acceptable is having their personality on the card.

This card issuer is open to offering you whatever type of card you want.

  • Charges And Limit Increase: when you apply for this credit card, you will be required to pay an initiation fee. The annual fee charged on this credit card is sometimes higher than other credit cards in the market.

However, the requirements to qualify for this credit card are easier to pass. In addition, you are offered the chance to apply for a credit limit increase after one year of ownership.


  • 0 monthly fee for the first month of ownership
  • A credit score is not a requirement
  • an easy and secure application process
  • Credit limit of $300


  • You will be charged a high APR rate
  • Requires checking account

=> Click here to visit the official website “First Access Visa Card”

#4. FIT Mastercard – Trusted Credit Card Providers On The Market

Best Credit Cards 4

One of the benefits of owning this MasterCard is that they are committed to helping you recreate an excellent credit history. This issue ensures that your financial activities are reported monthly to the three major credit bureaus.

Also, when your application gets approved by the issuer, your line of credit will be stated at $400, and you can apply for an increase after six months of ownership.


  • Increase Credit Limit In Six Months: As we said in the overview above, your start-up line of credit would be $400. After that, however, you would be charged some fees that would reduce the line of credit.

But then, you can apply for an increase after six months and get a credit limit of up to $2000.

  • Low Eligibility Criteria: the platform does not require or have a credit score limit.

However, your application process would only be limited to streamlined credit cards for people with a bad credit score.

  • Card Charges: people will use this credit card ARE required to pay a $99 annual fee and an initiation fee of $89.

They will also be charged 6.25 dollars for maintenance fees monthly.

  • Interest Rate: holders of this card ARE charged an APR variable of 29.99%.


  • A credit score does not matter
  • $400 as a start-up credit limit
  • Credit limit increments can be applied after six months of ownership
  • Can monitor your credit score improvement through Experian


  • The fees being charged are expensive

=> Click here to visit the official website “FIT Mastercard”

#5. Reflex Mastercard – Credit Cards To Help Build & Rebuild Credit

Best Credit Cards 5

This brand, as with every MasterCard or credit card we have listed above, is in line with helping its holders build a reputable credit score.

The Celtic bank issues it. People who use this credit card have a low credit limit and ARE being charged a higher interest rate.

However, they can apply for a change of these terms after some time of ownership.


  • Continental Credit Protection: this feature is offered by the continental finance company, and holders would be charged a monthly fee to enjoy the benefit.

However, it is optional. But if you apply for this protection, you will be charged $0.99 on every $100 balance on your credit card.

  • Unsecured Card: the sweetest option for a credit card is an unsecured card.

This card is unsecured, and holders are allowed to use as low as $100 and as much as $1000.

  • Reputation: For bad credit holders looking for options to improve their credit score, this is the best option for you.

The brand behind issuing this card is well-known for offering A-plus services.

  • Fees: holders of this card ARE expected to pay an annual fee ranging from $75 to $99. This fee is high when you compare it to other credit card issuers. However, you will not be charged for maintenance fees until after a year of ownership.


  • The credit limit can be Up to $1000
  • after six months, credit limit increments of up to $2000
  • A credit score does not matter
  • Monthly report to the necessary agencies


  • High fees being charged

=> Click here to visit the official website “Reflex Mastercard”

How We Made This List Of Best Credit Cards For Poor Credit:

A credit card is one of the best options to help out when you have financial issues. No matter how many financial activities you carry out daily, a credit card is always around that space. The need to have a credit card rises when you cannot pay your bills, and there are plenty to ignore.

However, a credit card serves as a miracle option for you to be able to pay back your bills and buy new things that are of necessity to your household. In addition, this option is the fastest way for people to get financial help and is beneficial for people with a bad credit score.

One of the difficulties in selecting the best credit card for your needs is that there are a lot of credit card issuing brands in the industry. The amount of research you will need to conduct to select a legit credit card issuing brand would be enormous.

In some cases, it becomes almost impossible for a customer to select one brand; this can be seen in the case of a beginner. The first line of duty to carry out in this situation is to find out what you exactly need – without that; it would be difficult for you to find a brand to satisfy needs you don’t know of.

Legit brands are becoming fewer in the industry nowadays, and when you patronize a brand that is a scam, they will make your life more complicated than it was. This is why your research has to be detailed, and you must invest a lot of time into the research.

You will be required to research each of the industry’s available brands. We understand that this might be difficult for you, so we set up a team of experts to research the industry and curate a list of five legit brands.

Below is our list of five credit card brands willing to issue to people with bad credit, and we know that this credit card would rightly satisfy your needs. We have vetted all of the credit card options listed below and checked other options, such as their initiation fee, interest rates, and reward programs.

What We Looked For

Before we came up with this list, we conducted in-depth research into all the brands we could find in the industry. Of course, you would have been required to put in this effort, but we have simply done that for you.

The factors we use to generate our list are explained in detail below:

  • Annual Fee: one of the main factors to consider when selecting a credit card is the annual fee that will be charged. It is not all credit card issuing brands that charge a yearly fee. You will be required to pay your annual fee when repaying the amount spent on the credit card.

Also, the interest rate would be charged on the prices of things you buy unless you can pay back your monthly balances. The best thing we did was select brands with low annual fees.

  • Security Deposit: One factor that is added to your credit card obtaining is that every issuing brand would require customers to deposit specific amounts to serve as security when they cannot pay back their money.

However, customers can return their deposit money whenever they can repay all the money they spent on time. One of the benefits that can be enjoyed from repaying the money on time is that the issuing brand might increase your spending limit.

Essentially, we selected brands that would not require you to pay any security deposit before you are issued a credit card.

  • Annual Percentage Rate: One of the things that can quickly add up to your repayment money is the annual rate that is charged on the money spent on the credit card.

However, the brand would have no reason to charge you this rate if you can make your monthly repayment money on time. That is why we selected brands that only issued credit cards with low annual rates to be charged.

  • Rewards And Benefits: Regardless of how helpful credit cards are when you need financial help, It still makes a lot of sense for you to earn rewards when you’re able to repay the money on time.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Credit Card:

If you are willing to carry out the research process by yourself, many questions in your head would require answers. All these questions will revolve around the best way to obtain a credit card to serve you the best. Therefore, your first thought will not be surrounded by how bad some brands in the industry are.

Certain factors can quickly determine if your deal with the credit-issuing brand would make sense or not. Considering the time you would need to invest in this research process, we have decided to help you streamline that time.

Therefore, we have explained some factors you can use to guide your research process. When you apply these factors correctly, this should lead you to select a legit brand.

Affiliation With Credit Bureaus

One of the significant benefits that you can enjoy from repaying your credit card money on time is that your financial activities will be reported to the major credit bureaus. This is one of the inquiries you should make when you contact a credit card issuer.

You should endeavor to ask if they would report your financial activities to the bureaus and to which of the bureaus they report. It is highly advised that if you come across a brand unwilling to report your financial activities to the bureaus, you should avoid operating with such a brand and look for another.

However, if you are applying for a prepaid card, you should not expect them to report any financial activities to the bureaus. They are not borrowing your money, so they have no reason to report your activities to anyone.

Free Credit Score

One of the things that credit card issuers offer is free access to your credit score. Along the whole credit card process, including your spending periods, you can take sneak peeks at your credit score and measure your financial health within that time.

One of the best parts is enjoying reward programs for repaying your money on time. However, not all issuing brands offer this kind of service. It is important to note that some credit card issuers would give you various programs to help you improve your credit score.


One of the things you should understand before applying for a credit card is that your bad credit score would play a big part in the amount charged as an interest rate. Unfortunately, these companies can only calculate the interest rate to charge you from how bad your credit score is.

This is why we advise you to compare and contrast various offers from different companies; compare the interest rates, And ask how each brand calculates its interest rate. The analogy behind the process is simple – the higher your credit score is, the lesser the interest rates will be charged on your credit card.

One of the benefits of securing an unsecured credit card is that most of them do not require you to make an initial deposit before being issued the card. However, the number of fees charged on the credit card could rack up your repayment amount to hundreds of dollars.

Therefore, the main benefit of obtaining a secured card is that the fees being charged as the annual cost would be little or might even be 0.

There are no hidden charges attached to a secured credit card. Once you can pay your initial deposit when applying for the card, the money will be refunded to you when you can repay the money on time and cancel the card.

Upgrading Chances

We mainly advised users to obtain streamlined credit cards for people with bad credit scores because they can use them to build their credit scores over time. Of course, this is only possible if you pay off your debt and repay the money on time.

Once you can improve your credit score, you will stand a better chance of securing an unsecured credit card. In addition, it is easier because you would not have to start a new application process; you just have to request an upgrade on your current card.

FAQs Regarding Credit Card Guaranteed Approval:

Q – Can I Transfer My Balance Regardless of My Credit Score?

1.  One of the best types of credit cards to apply for is one that comes with a low-interest rate. This will ease your financial troubles regardless of how poor your credit score is. And you might be allowed to perform a balance transfer regardless of your credit score.

However, issuers of this credit card determine all of this by calculating your credit score and deciding if they can trust you to repay the money. So if your credit score is abysmal, the features you will enjoy on the credit card will probably be limited.

Q – When Is The Best Time To Apply For A Credit Card?

2. Before you apply for your credit card as someone with a bad credit card, you should understand that a credit card is meant for you to be able to spend money on borrowing. People with bad credit scores can obtain credit cards because issuers have created streamlined credit cards for them.

The process of applying for this credit card is easy, but some of the issuers have a credit score limit. The limit in some cases is lower than 630.

Low Credit Scores Can’t Stop You! Best Credit Cards Companies Of 2022

One of the best ways to gain financial aid is through credit cards; however, not every person that applies for a credit card is granted one. One of the high challenges when it comes to getting a credit card issued in your name is the credit score requirement.

If you are one of the people with a bad credit score, we advise you to consider any of the brands we have recommended above. They represent your best chance of being issued a credit card.

However, you should not be discouraged from applying for a credit card regardless of your credit score; you can get issued a credit card. Some brands do not even offer an easy application process.

We hope that all of the sections that we have in our article will be of high importance to you and help you decide on your options.

Regardless of the recommended brands above, we have explained in detail some factors you can follow to help guide you to selecting a legit brand. This can be helpful for those applying for the first time.

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