Best CBD Oil for Dogs 2022: Top 10 Brands for Your Pet Health

The best CBD oil for dogs will help the pet get better in terms of health. Here are the top brands to make that happen today.

Orl Best Oil Dogs

CBD has not always been on the list of people when it comes to pet use. Most people just know CBD oil would be perfect for humans, and that is it. However, there is now pet CBD oil you can get from various brands. They have organic CBD oil, just as you would with human CBD products.

Now that you know that CBD can also be good for pets, what options are available? This list looks at some of the top options in the market and helps you find the best CBD oil for dogs.

Editor’s Choice

Honest Paws

  • High-quality dog CBD oil
  • Third-party lab-tested oils
  • Non-GMO CBD oils

Top 10 Best CBD Oils for Dogs

  1. Honest Paws – Best for Extra Strength CBD Oil
  2. CBDfx – Best for Tasty Dog CBD Oils
  3. Spruce CBD – Best for High Potency Oil
  4. NuLeaf Naturals – Best for Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  5. Royal CBD – Best Brand for Discounts
  6. CBDistillery – Best for Affordability
  7. Medterra – Best for Free Shipping
  8. Holistapet
  9. Pure Spectrum CBD
  10. Green Roads CBD

1. Honest Paws



  • Multiple potencies
  • Third-party tested
  • Non-GMO products


  • Could use more flavor options

Bestseller: CBD Oil for Dogs – Well

Hemp source: Colorado, USA

Honest Paws CBD oil category is full of many options to consider as a pet owner. The options as CBD for pets include CBD for wellness, calmness, and mobility. This makes it easy to choose CBD hemp oil that would also be within your budget and need for the pet.

The CBD oils are also categorized based on the size of the dog. This makes it easier to choose the right potency for your dog. Each of the CBD oils come with an extra strength option. So, you can always choose the right CBD product to ensure it suits the dog’s condition.

Having full spectrum CBD oil rather than broad spectrum CBD oil makes CBD oils good in terms of managing a wide range of conditions. Some of the ways to use CBD hemp oil from the brand include immune support, cognitive support, and seasonal allergy relief.

Thirty-party testing makes it a good pick also. This would be an easy way to ensure the CBD oils you buy from the brand are high quality. There are no artificial flavors, which makes it even safer on overall.

2. CBDfx



  • It is fast acting
  • Human grade and vegan CBD oils
  • Has tasty flavors


  • Only broad spectrum CBD available

Bestseller: CBD Oil for Dogs – Bacon Flavored

Hemp source: Kentucky, USA

When Honest Paws lacked variety in terms of flavors, that is not a problem with CBD oil products from CBDfx. It has flavors such as bacon, chicken, and others for its pet CBD oils. At least you can see it will be easier for you to get the pet to enjoy the best CBD oils from the brand.

The hemp seed oil you get from the brand is broad spectrum and will also contain coconut-derived MCT oil. The MCT oil would largely help improve the CBD oil’s bioavailability and make the best CBD oil for dogs act faster. Expect the dog to start feeling better within a short time.

How about potency? That is not a problem with oils from the brand. The potency starts at 250mg of CBD per bottle for small breeds and goes up to 2000mg of CBD per bottle for big breeds. Yes, you have to consider the dog’s weight when choosing CBD for pets.

3. Spruce CBD



  • Makes high-quality CBD products
  • Sources its hemp locally in the US
  • Products tested in third-party labs


  • Expensive products

Best seller: Dog CBD Oil 750mg

Hemp source: Kentucky and North Carolina, USA

The brand has invested a lot in ensuring you can always get the right CBD products even if it is for a pet. That is why CBD experts from HealthCanal would also recommend it to pet owners to help them maintain the health of their pets. The results are always good for your pet because the brand’s CBD extract is full spectrum hemp extract.

The most popular option is the strawberry ice cream flavor. This does not last long because of the demand. Well, we could wish for a lot more flavors so that you can choose many options for your pet. Being organic should make up for the products being available in a few flavors. Of course, when a product is organic, you know it is a good pick.

You will also like it for being made in the USA. This also means that it gets its hemp from local farms. These farms practice the right methods to ensure that the final hemp is good quality so is the final CBD product. The manufacturer also takes it through third-party labs to ensure the best quality CBD oil.

4. NuLeaf Naturals



  • Full-spectrum quality CBD oil
  • Uses organic hemp plants
  • The CO2 extraction method maintains quality


  • Limited product selection

Best seller: CBD Full-spectrum Pet Oil

Hemp source: Colorado, USA

Many customers who have used the pet CBD oil tincture from the brand claim that it has helped reduce anxiety, aging, arthritis symptoms in a pet. As such, these CBD pet products would help the pet remain in good health always. Using the organic MCT oil in the organic hemp oil makes it good in how fast its effects are experienced.

You can always get the best CBD for dogs with arthritis because studies have already shown it is possible. Well, the full spectrum CBD oil will be good at its suggested remedies based on the number of people who have already left reviews. Being a highly reviewed product, you would know that it would help the pet feel better.

How CBD oil is extracted is always important as the last thing you want are solvents in the CBD oils. The advanced cultivation program by the brand and extraction process can assure you that you end up with organic CBD products. A 60-day guarantee is also enough to help you see if the product is good or not.

5. Royal CBD



  • Good flavor for dogs
  • Great potency range for dogs
  • Uses premium hemp source


  • Short guarantee period

Best seller: Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil – Bacon Flavor

Hemp source: Colorado, USA

Honest Paws CBD oils might be one of the best, but you can also get more options when you check out Royal CBD too. It does have one of the highest quality CBD oil on the market, which is vital for your dog’s health. Making sure the dog keeps taking CBD oil extracted from a hemp plant should leave you with a healthy dog.

The brand has CBD oil with bacon flavor rather than the natural flavor. We all know that the natural CBD flavor is not the best in terms of taste. So, the bacon flavor should make it good for the pet. The brand still has options in terms of potencies. So, pick a good potency and follow the CBD oil dosage to ensure the pet can be healthier.

The brand is not afraid to share how it uses natural ingredients. This is an important factor to keep in mind considering you want a safe product for your pet. The brand further tests its products in labs to ensure the user can get the right product for the pet.

6. CBDistillery



  • Gluten-free products
  • Affordable CBD oils for pet
  • Fast acting CBD oils


  • Slow email support

Best seller: CBD Pet Tincture – 150mg – 30ml

Hemp source: Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon, USA

CBDistillery has some of the best CBD tincture options and CBD dog treats you can get for your pet. Dog owners would like that they can get a low-cost option too. Not many other brands have such affordable, high-quality CBD products. Even if it is affordable, it does not mean that the CBD oils are not high quality.

You will get many options in terms of potency too. So, go ahead and pick a high-quality CBD potency oil depending on the condition you want to handle in a pet. The brand offers full spectrum CBD oils rather than CBD isolate. The good thing with full-spectrum extract is how it would help deal with many conditions and maintain the dog’s health.

The hemp seed oil used in the products improves their bioavailability. That is how these products can be fast-acting.

7. Medterra



  • Non-GMO CBD products
  • Tested in third-party labs
  • Easy to use thanks to the flavors


  • Could use more flavors

Best seller: Medterra CBD Pet Oil – Natural Beef and Chicken Flavorings

Hemp source: Kentucky, USA

Medterra is another top brand for buying CBD oil for your dog. So, besides shopping for dog food, you can now also get CBD pet oil to improve its help. The brand combines the pet oil with MCT coconut oil to end up with a CBD product that acts faster to help relieve the pet from pain and other conditions.

The brand also offers more details on how best to give the pet this full spectrum CBD oil. This is not the brand for you if you want broad-spectrum hemp extract. However, the full spectrum extract still does a good job. With the lab results available on the website, you should learn more about the product before buying.

How We Rank The List of Best CBD for Dogs

The list above of CBD oils for dogs helps you see that it is possible to get quality CBD products for your pet. But how did we choose these brands? Here are the criteria we used in picking the best brands.

Hemp source

Believe it or not, hemp sources will always be a big deal when it comes to choosing CBD oils for your dog. This is because the hemp source determines the quality of the final product. We try to investigate as much as possible to understand where the company gets its hemp for making CBD oils. Some farms are notorious for using practices that jeopardize CBD oil quality.

If a brand gets its hemp locally in the US, the better. At least you are sure that the quality is maintained from planting to harvesting.


The potency is measured in terms of mg of CBD per bottle. The potency for dogs is not the same as for humans, warned Giving your dog a lot of CBD is not the best idea. So, we make sure that the brand has the right potency varieties that can be used for dogs.

Third-party lab results

A good brand would also share its third-party lab results. This means that you can get the results and analyze them on your own before deciding if the brand is good for your dog or not.

The reports are usually posted on the brand’s website, where you can check with ease, or you may have to request access to the lab results. We always highlight brands that openly have their lab results publicly available.


In the case of price, you want pet CBD oil that is also value for money. Just because you pay more for a product, it does not mean it is good for the pet. So, what are you getting for the oil against its price?

With a good analysis, we can now share brands that would be good in terms of value for money and still affordable so that people can get CBD oil for their dogs.

Transparency and reputation

The best CBD oils would also come from brands that are transparent and reputable. A good brand would help you understand more about its CBD oils before buying. Things such as the ingredient list and lab results help a lot with proving it is a transparent company.

As for reputation, customer reviews help us understand more about a brand and if you can trust it. If so many people are complaining about it, there is no point for you in investing your money it. We will only shortlist brands with high reputations.

Support team

We also test how fast you can get replies from a company. It would be nice if a CBD brand had a prompt support team. This helps a lot to ensure that you get the help you need before buying or even after getting the products. A good example is when you want refunds, then choose any brand mentioned above, as they have good customer support teams to help you with it.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD is just as important in dogs as it is in humans. That is why we have to look at some of the reasons for you to use CBD oil for dogs. Let us learn more.

May help with arthritis pain

Dogs tend to develop arthritis more often than humans. Actually, most dogs, as they age, will have arthritis at one point. That is why you need to give CBD to help with the pain. A study done in 2018 found that CBD may help in decreasing the pain associated with arthritis in dogs.

Can improve seizures

Dogs can also have seizures, and it is important to keep the frequency to a minimum. That is how a 12-week clinical study found that the CBD used in certain dogs made it easier to improve seizure frequency. As much as more studies need to be done on dogs, we can say that there are signs of CBD helping dogs with seizures.

Can reduce anxiety and stress

You may get some CBD oils labeled as the best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety. This means that dogs too, can get the benefits of CBD, where anxiety is relieved. A study found that the use of CBD in 24 dogs helped them reduce their aggressive behavior and continued barking. This shows that dogs too, could use CBD to keep them from being anxious and stressed.

Other than those conditions mentioned above, we find that CBD could still be a good pick for improving the overall health of your dog. Some brands will clearly indicate which health conditions can be best handled by which CBD type. That is how you would know which CBD oil type to choose.

Is CBD for Dogs Safe?

Now that you know it is possible to get the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis, next would be if CBD is safe and how much CBD oil to give to the dog. Most of the research on how CBD affects dogs shows that it is safe so long as you give it as recommended.

A 12-week study in dogs found that CBD was safe for dogs, and there were minimal side effects. Another similar study in 2021 found that so long as you keep the CBD dosage within the recommended range, then the dog should be safe.

It is worth indicating that THC is not so good for your dog. It might not always make things better. So, you can keep the dosage low or as per instruction if it is full spectrum CBD oil.


The list above helps you choose the best organic CBD oil for dogs so that you can always have a good way of taking care of the dog. It could be that your dog has a lot of inflammation problems; now, with CBD, that is not an issue anymore. It is the same for other conditions that have been known to be treated by CBD oil. Make sure to talk to a vet in case you are unsure if you should be using the best CBD oil for dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I choose CBD oil for my dog?

Always focus on the type of CBD oil, its potency, and its brand reputation. These features help you settle for a good product always.

  1. Does CBD oil cause side effects for dogs?

Not always, as CBD is tolerable in dogs. Some notable side effects include hypersalivation, an increase in liver enzymes, and more. As such, use the right dosage as advised.

  1. Can a dog be given CBD daily?

Yes. The idea is to give the dog the recommended dosage and make it daily so that you can see more improvements.

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