Best CBD Oil For Anxiety Canada: Top CBD Oil Brands Of 2022

CBD products and oils, in particular, are emerging as potential alternatives to help deal with anxiety.

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Many brands claim to do wonders with their “specially-formulated” CBD oils, but not everyone delivers on this promise. That’s why we have taken the responsibility to help our readers pick the best ones by reviewing the most deserving CBD oils out there.

Best CBD Oils For Anxiety In Canada:

  1. CBDNorth – Overall Best CBD Oil For Anxiety; Canadian Hemp Produced
  2. CBDMagic – Flavored CBD Oil Canada For Depression
  3. Mellow Oil – Top-Rated CBD Brand To Buy CBD Oils For Anxiety ;Non-GMO Hemp

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. CBDNorthOverall Best CBD Oil For Anxiety; Canadian Hemp Produced

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Perhaps, no list of CBD products for Canadian users is complete without mentioning CBDNorth. And before we divulge the features of its highly-praised full-spectrum oil, let us introduce you to the brand and its philosophy.

CBDNorth believes that every citizen should have access to high-quality yet affordable CBD products that may help them live healthier lives. Hence, it aims to provide products formulated from all-natural ingredients that may have immense potential to manage different health conditions.

Moreover, the brand ensures that all its products undergo third-party (neutral) lab tests, the results of which are available on the website. This empowers potential buyers to make a well-informed decision by offering them complete peace of mind.

Aside from that, it runs the first of its kind “CBD Assistance” program that’s directed to provide certain buyers with discounts on full-price orders. It’s applicable for buyers who belong to lower income groups, are serving in the army or are veterans, or those serving in the police force, or are firefighters, among others.

CBDNorth delivers its products all across the country within two to five business days once the order is confirmed.


  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Products are tested by neutral labs
  • Different potencies to meet different requirements
  • Made in Canada with organic hemp
  • CBD oil doesn’t make people high


  • Higher potencies are expensive


A. Ingredients

Being a full-spectrum product, this oil is made from the blend of different potentially beneficial cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBDV, and THCV found in the organically-sourced hemp extract. Plus, it contains organic MCT oil, which acts as an effective carrier to help your body absorb the potential benefits of the mentioned compounds.

B. Benefits

One of the best things about this full-spectrum oil is that it may do more than just reduce anxiety.

For instance, the CBG content may help you deal with inflammation, memory loss, IBS (irritated bowel syndrome), and even colitis. Additionally, its antioxidant properties may keep your acne in check and add to the overall health of your skin.

Likewise, the THCV may render multiple benefits like enhancing your mood, focus, and concentration, while suppressing anxiety and without making you feel unnaturally “high.” It may also suppress cravings, helping you with weight loss.

Lastly, the CBDV compound may counter nausea, treat bladder dysfunction, and act as a neuroprotective agent. In tandem with CBG, it may fight against skin diseases and acne.

C. No Artificial Flavors Or Colors

Since the formula is made from natural ingredients, it doesn’t include any chemical additives that can interfere with the natural taste and color of the oil. Its earthy taste will especially appeal to buyers who like the raw taste of hemp.

D. Potencies

This CBD oil is available in three potencies- 500 mg (30 ml bottle), 1,000 mg (50 ml bottle), and 2,000 mg (50 ml bottle), so buyers can choose one that suits their needs. We also liked the glass packaging with the convenient dropper that makes both safe storage and dose administration a breeze.

=> Click here to visit the official website “CBDNorth”

#2. CBDMagicFlavored CBD Oil Canada For Depression

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CBDMagic is often credited for manufacturing the number one full-spectrum CBD oil in the country, thanks to the use of high-quality ingredients and an experienced team at the helm of affairs. In fact, the foundation of this brand was led by a chemist with almost two decades of experience in the industry. Today, the brand operations are handled by an expert team with a combined experience of five decades.

The biggest success story of CBD Magic’s dedication to constantly manufacturing the best products on the market is its contribution to the most advanced CBD technologies worldwide. It has also streamlined its full-spectrum CBD oil formula and water-soluble nanotechnology to help the CBD industry in general.

Besides formulating quality CBD products like oils, creams, tinctures, edibles, etc., the brand focuses on providing the best customer service and timely deliveries. With 24×7 customer support and easy refunds, buyers can rest assured about investing their hard-earned money for the right cause.


  • Formulated from natural and organic ingredients
  • Lab-tested products
  • CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Available in two flavors and three potencies
  • Satisfaction guarantee of 30 days


  • Peppermint flavor isn’t available in all potencies


A. Three-Ingredient Formula

Straight off the bat, we were impressed with the simple formula of the oil, which contains only three ingredients. The first is hemp seed oil, which contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These can have potential benefits for the heart, brain, and skin health.

Secondly, the full-spectrum distillate used in this oil is sourced from organic hemp and is devoid of ethanol. Plus, it’s tested by third-party labs to confirm the absence of any harmful chemicals like pesticides or toxins.

Last but not least, its MCT oil content is high in saturated fats that the body can quickly process to extract energy.

B. Potential Advantages

Full-spectrum CBD oils are popular because of the wide range of benefits that they may offer, and this product is no exception. Several users have mentioned how the regular use of this oil in controlled doses may have helped them deal with sleeplessness, chronic pain, lack of focus, and anxiety relief.

C. Flavors

We were delighted to find that CBDMagic manufactures this oil in two flavors, viz., peppermint and original. The former leaves a cooling sensation in the mouth while cutting through the raw taste of organic hemp that may not please everyone but without any chemical taste enhancers.

D. Potencies

Each flavor comes in a 30 ml glass bottle, with the potencies ranging between 500 mg, 1,000 mg, 2,000 mg, 3,000 mg, and 4,000 mg for the original flavor. The peppermint variation is available in all these potencies, except 3,000 mg.

E. Additional Features

The 30-day satisfaction guarantee by the brand means buyers can ask for a refund if they don’t like the product within the said period. They can reach out to the customer support team to know more about the return procedure and refund timeline.

Beyond that, you will find CBD a dosage guide and dosage recommendations by the brand, which will come in handy if you’re new to the compound.

=> Click here to visit the official website “CBDMagic”

#3. Mellow OilTop-Rated CBD Brand To Buy CBD Oils For Anxiety; Non-GMO Hemp

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Mellow Oil is a well-known name in terms of delivering plant-based wellness (read CBD products) to buyers all across Canada. Most of its products have simple formulations, as the brand doesn’t believe in complicated ingredient lists that will invariably confuse buyers.

Moreover, it manufactures only a small batch of handmade products at a time. In hindsight, this allows the brand to focus on the quality of the ingredients and the overall quality of the final products. And it uses only natural and organic components.

Among the other highlights of the brand are its 60-day satisfaction policy and multiple customer service channels. The toll-free helpline number is open 24×7 to resolve buyer queries, but you can even get in touch with the representatives via chat or email. They usually get back within one business day.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Multiple variants of CBD oil
  • Formulated in Canada with satisfaction guarantee
  • Dosage breakdown
  • 24×7 toll-free helpline


  • Taste may be too intense for some users
  • No additional flavors


A. Formula

Comprising only three ingredients in the form of MCT oil, non-GMO, organic hemp-derived CBD oil, and filtered hemp seed oil, this formula may provide faster results for dealing with anxiety.

The latest extraction technology used by the brand ensures that users can experience the full range of potential benefits, such as anxiety and pain relief as well as overall wellness. Plus, it infuses the oil with maximum hemp flavor. But it can be somewhat strong for first-time CBD consumers.

This oil is formulated in Canada, which will appeal to buyers who prefer national products over imported ones. You can also check the third-party lab results for better peace of mind.

B. Dosage Breakdown

Since figuring out the exact quantity of CBD in each drop of oil can be difficult otherwise, Mellow Oil has gone the extra step by providing a detailed dosage breakdown. According to the brand, each full dropper (one ml) contains 40 mg of CBD, while half a dropper (0.5 ml) contains 20 mg. This will undoubtedly aid the precise administration of the oil.

C. Discounts

CBD products, especially those from good brands, tend to be a bit expensive, and this oil is no exception. However, we appreciate how the brand has different policies to help make it affordable for buyers with different budgets.

For example, first-time buyers can avail a discount by ordering two or more of these oils. Additionally, you can opt for the subscription option, which saves you from the hassle of placing repetitive orders every month while offering a discount of up to ten percent.

D. Money-Back Guarantee

Mellow backs its CBD oil with a 60-day return policy, where dissatisfied customers can contact the brand within 60 days from the date of purchase to avail a refund. In case of subscription plans, you will be refunded for the last shipment, and you can cancel the rest of the plan without incurring any additional cost.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Mellow Oil”

#4. ResolveCBD

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As we near the end of the list, here’s another noteworthy brand that manufactures some of the best full-spectrum CBD oils on the market. Based in Toronto, Canada, this brand was founded on the principles of education, compassion, and accessibility.

Hence, it aims to educate people about the potential benefits of CBD and provide high-quality products at reasonable prices. The official website of the brand contains a dedicated blog section with educational articles about CBD. Whether you’re a first-time user or looking to explore more CBD products, there’s something for every need.

Apart from that, the Resolve Cares program offers a flat 25% discount on a maximum of two orders per month for certain sections of the population. Simply fill in an eligibility form, and the brand will get back to you to process the same.

Not only does ResolveCBD sources its hemp from local farms, but it also handcrafts the entire product line, be it topicals or edibles. Plus, they are sent for third-party lab tests, and the results are made available on the website to ensure complete transparency with buyers.


  • Handcrafted and lab-tested for quality assurance
  • Organic ingredients and low THC
  • Subscription option for 20% discount
  • Potency guide to help first-timers
  • Online assistance


  • Doesn’t facilitate full refunds


A. Organic Ingredients

Aside from using quality hemp that’s locally grown in the top Canadian farms, this full-spectrum CBD oil is made from organic flavors and MCT oil. As a result, users can rest assured that they aren’t consuming an oil contaminated with pesticides and herbicides. And the third-party lab test results offer a better insight into the product composition.

B. Potential Benefits

The THC content makes the formula potentially more effective, as it may interact with the other cannabinoids of the hemp extract to relieve anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc. However, it has been used in low concentrations (less than 0.3%), meaning there won’t be any psychoactive effects to make you feel high or drowsy.

C. Potencies And Flavors

Like CBD Magic, CBD Resolve also manufactures its oil in multiple potencies (500 mg to 2,000 mg) to cater to different requirements. You can choose between the original or organic peppermint flavor according to your taste palette.

There are many reviews on the website, which talk about how all potencies and flavors may have helped users deal with anxiety, restlessness, and chronic pain. So, make sure you go through them.

D. Dosage Guide

This full-spectrum oil comes in a 30 ml bottle (irrespective of the potency), and the brand provides a dosage chart to help buyers understand the amount of CBD in one ml oil. In case you aren’t sure about which potency to opt for your condition, take the easy three-step quiz to find the best match.

How We Made The List Of Best CBD Oils For Anxiety In Canada?

The CBD industry in Canada is booming at a rapid pace, and it won’t be wrong to state that brands and products are flooding the market by the minute. But we were adamant about curating a list that features only the cream of the crop.

For the first step in the process, some of our team members got in touch with CBD experts, brand representatives, and long-term CBD users to prepare a quality checklist to assess the products. They also consulted available journals and studies for the same.

Once this was done, some of the other members prepared an extensive list to include all the popular CBD oil Canada brands manufacturing oils to avoid leaving out any noteworthy brands.

Then, we took each brand at a time and looked more into it based on the quality criteria in the checklist. We eliminated more than a dozen brands and their oils until we were left with the top four names to be reviewed in detail.

Here are some of the factors that made our quality checklist:

  • The reputation of the brand among new and old customers
  • Whether the oil has more positive reviews than negative ones
  • Whether the ingredients are natural or organic
  • Whether the hemp source is organic
  • The THC content (in full-spectrum oil)
  • Potency and flavors
  • Third-party lab test results and their ease of access
  • Whether or not the brand website has CBD-based blogs and dosage guide

Beginner’s Guide: CBD Oil Canada To Relieve Anxiety:

We understand that narrowing on the top options may not be enough to pick the best oil for anxiety in Canada, especially if you aren’t familiar with CBD in general. That’s why our team has gone the extra step by putting together this buying guide containing the important factors to keep in mind when purchasing one.

1. Organic Ingredients

No surprises here for guessing that the first thing to ensure is that the oil contains natural and organic ingredients so you don’t have to consume any unnecessary chemicals. And always ensure that the hemp plant used in the manufacturing process is organically grown; otherwise, it may contaminate the oil with pesticides and other similar chemicals.

If you choose flavored versions (like peppermint), make sure that there are no artificial flavoring or coloring agents in them. The purer the ingredients, the more will be the potential benefits.

2. CBD Strain

You must have observed that all the CBD oils on our list are “full-spectrum,” and there’s a good reason behind it. These oils are made from all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the hemp plant, which creates the “entourage effect.”

Simply put, this effect is said to be a symbiotic relationship between the above-mentioned compounds and may increase the overall efficacy of the oil. Hence, a full-spectrum CBD oil may show faster and long results to keep various health conditions in check.

The two other CBD strains include broad-spectrum and isolate. While the former is almost similar to that of full-spectrum minus THC, the latter contains only CBD extract. Such oils may require more time to show the desired results.

3. THC Content

THC is the main compound in the hemp plant that’s responsible for creating psychoactive effects that can make you feel high, dizzy, or give rise to brain fog when taken in large quantities. That’s why regulatory bodies have kept the permissible level of THC in full-spectrum products below 0.3%, which is also the legal mandate.

Always check the product description minutely to ensure that the brand follows this guideline to avoid inviting any severe side effects or legal problems.

4. Third-Party Lab Results

Third-party or neutral lab testing is an important criterion that helps buyers distinguish the good from the bad. Moreover, it aids the brand in establishing transparent relationships with its buyers by displaying the oil composition in greater detail.

But if you don’t find this result easily accessible on the website, we’d strongly recommend moving on to another option.

5. Potencies And Flavors

During our research, we found that many users prefer going for oils that come in different potencies and flavor options.

You may need to switch to a higher or lower CBD potency at some point in time. And if you are consuming an oil that has potency options, then you don’t have to go through the hassle of trying new oils and seeing how the body reacts to the new ingredients.

Similarly, the opportunity to taste flavored oils means you can save your taste buds from monotony! However, be aware that some flavors, like the peppermint ones, can render a cooling sensation. This can be a little uncomfortable initially, but most people get accustomed to it with time.

6. Customer Service

Customer service is an important aspect that shapes your overall buying experience. Even something as simple as a responsive helpline can make your investment worth it in every sense. We’d suggest looking into the customer reviews to understand more about it.

Some brands may not provide full or partial refunds, but they should be able to help you out in case of issues like damaged packaging or delayed deliveries. Aside from that, the website should feature dosage suggestions and CBD-related content to make users feel more confident and comfortable using the compound.

FAQs Regarding CBD Oil For Anxiety:

Q. How Do CBD Oils Work For Anxiety?

Although there’s more study required in this field, initial research suggests that CBD oil may work with some of the brain receptors.

Once the required dosage is placed under the tongue, the CBD compound gets absorbed through the tiny blood capillaries located there and travels to the serotonin receptors in the brain. This interaction between the compound and receptors may help reduce the signs of anxiety, as well as boost your overall mood.

CBD oils are often said to be more effective than their topical counterparts, as they are directly absorbed by the blood. However, you may mix the oil with other topicals, especially if you’re looking for pain-relieving effects.

Q. Why Is MCT Oil Used In Some CBD Oils?

MCT oil is one of the most popular carrier oils that may help your body absorb the CBD compound more effectively at a faster rate. Hence, you may be able to experience the potential benefits faster, and they may last longer.

Aside from that, MCT oil may provide you with some much-needed energy as well as promote weight loss.

Q. Is There Any Side Effect That You Should Be Aware Of?

Generally, CBD oils made from organic hemp with organic ingredients and less than 0.3% THC don’t cause severe side effects. But not everybody will react to them the same way, and some users may be less tolerant to new compounds or ingredients than others. Moreover, you can accidentally overdose on the oil.

In either case, some of the common symptoms observed by users include:

  • Fatigue, nausea, and dizziness
  • Upset stomach
  • Sudden changes in appetite (short-term effect)
  • Changes in body weight (long-term effect)
  • Dry mouth
  • Restlessness and less sleep

Most of these side effects should subside on their own as long you follow a nutritious diet and stay properly hydrated. You can even try getting some rest or walking outdoors to seek relief. But if the symptoms last for more than eight or ten hours, discontinue using it and consult a doctor.

Q. What Is The Correct Dosage Of CBD Oil?

There’s no “correct dosage” for a CBD oil for sleep, as the compound reacts differently with different bodies based on their composition, weight, and the severity of the condition the user is suffering from.

From a general point of view, you can start with a low dose varying between ten and 40 mg CBD each day. Keep in mind that the number of oil drops you consume will depend on the CBD concentration of the oil.

For instance, if a ten ml oil contains 1,000 mg of CBD, then each ml will contain about 100 mg of CBD. So, if you’re looking to consume 40 mg, you should take less than 0.5 ml (which is approximately less than half a dropper). You will also find dosage recommendations provided by different CBD brands on their website.

Furthermore, we’d strongly suggest not increasing the CBD dose by more than five mg at a time, if at all needed. Once you do that, give your body at least seven to ten days before altering the dose again if required.

For best results, always consult with a doctor and stick to the dosage. You should also understand if the compound or any other ingredients found in the oil will interfere with any other medications that you may have to take.

Q. What’s The Best Way To Consume CBD Oil?

Again, there’s no “one method that suits all” policy when it comes to consuming the oil. While some people like administering the dose directly under their tongues, others may add to their beverages (non-alcoholic), salad dressings, soups, desserts, or meals.

Since most users don’t require consuming a lot of CBD oil in one go, they don’t have to worry about spoiling the taste of their drink or food, especially if the oil is flavored.

Q. How Should You Store The CBD Oil?

CBD oils come with expiration dates, but there are a few ways through which you can maintain their quality. First of all, don’t transfer the oil into any other container, and always ensure that the cap is tightly replaced after each dose. Secondly, keep the bottle away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place.

Conclusion- Which CBD Oil For Anxiety In Canada Should You Buy?

That brings us to the end of our exhaustive guide. But we will give you some more time to process all the information to make the most informed purchase decision.

Meanwhile, let us help you some more by naming our favorite from the list. We’d pick the CBDNorth premium full-spectrum CBD oil for anxiety as the winner due to its potent formulation that may render multiple advantages. Plus, its financial assistance program aids its affordability.

However, we have thoroughly vetted the other three options as well, so you can choose from them with complete peace of mind.

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