Best CBD Oil Canada: Where To Buy CBD Oil In Canada?

Finding the best CBD oil for health issues is tough because of a lack of knowledge on the subject.

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This is especially true for many online blogs that claim their articles provide authentic information. But the problem is, most of these writers have probably not even touched any of the products they are peddling.

Our guide on the three best CBD oils in Canada stands apart as we back up all the information with relevant data.

List Of Best Brands Of CBD Oil In Canada

  1. CBDNorthPremium Full-Spectrum CBD Oil; Top Pick
  2. CBD MagicBest Canadian-Made CBD Hemp Oil Tincture
  3. Plant Of LifeVegan CBD Oil; 100% Organic & Natural

#1. CBDNorth – Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Oil; Top Pick

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Quality healthcare should be for everyone – but most brands out there always look at profits as the bottom line. However, one brand that makes top-notch products readily available to all Canadians is CBDNorth, a leading name in the CBD industry.

A major area of its focus is helping people reap the best benefits of CBD and develop products, such as oils, tinctures, gummies, and pet oils. For that, it uses only natural and affordable plant-based ingredients to minimize the chances of side effects.

Moreover, these compounds may relieve pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation to improve your overall well-being. While the products do not cost much, CBDNorth still has a CBD Assistance Program to help people who cannot pay the full amount.

You can avail of a 45% discount on all orders after qualifying for the program, as there are several categories like teachers, retired army veterans, low-income households, students, etc. Best of all, you can order from any city, town, or village in Canada as CBDNorth’s delivery team operates throughout the country.

And people who make bulk purchases will enjoy free shipping on orders above $99. For the best results, be sure to check the dosage guide before purchasing your favorite CBD oils.


  • Exclusive offers and discounts
  • Free shipping on orders above $99
  • CBD Assistance Program for all Canadians
  • Organic ingredients
  • No artificial flavors
  • Lab reports guarantee safety
  • Potent formula may produce Entourage Effect
  • Hardly any chances of side effects


  • Refund policy is not clearly stated.


A. Essential Cannabinoids Enhance Formula’s Potency

Many people think CBD is the most important compound when purchasing CBD oils, but that’s not the case. Other essential cannabinoids like THC, CBDV, CBG, and THCV may offer a range of benefits for improving your skin condition, managing anxiety, and reducing inflammation.

When used in the right concentration, these compounds produce the Entourage Effect that enhances the formula’s potency.

B. Lab Reports Determine Safety

Like all reputable organizations, CBDNorth sends its products for testing to third-party laboratories to determine their potency, safety, and efficacy. The lab reports list all the compounds in the formula and deem the CBD oil fit for consumption only if it does not contain microbes, mycotoxins, pesticides, foreign matter, and solvents.

C. Organic Ingredients Deliver A Pure CBD Experience

For the ultimate CBD experience, CBDNorth infuses its organic full-spectrum hemp extracts with MCT oil. The formula has no artificial preservatives or flavors, which makes this CBD oil safe for consumption. Moreover, it is manufactured in Canadian FDA-approved facilities and contains less than 0.3% THC, so there’s no chance of getting high.

D. CBD Assistance Program For People Struggling Financially

The CBD Assistance Program provides a 45% discount on all orders for Canadians who fall in any one of the categories mentioned on its website. Most pleasing is that you can purchase products at discounted prices without any shortfall in quality.

E. Dosage Guide To Avoid Side Effects

Before placing the order, you can use the Dosage Finder to determine the accurate amount of CBD you need for pain relief, relaxation, and sleep. Depending on an individual’s weight, the severity of their issue, and their willingness to consume MCT oil, the algorithm delivers accurate results.

Check out the latest deals from CBDNorth here.

#2. CBD Magic – Best Canadian-Made CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

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When you visit the CBD Magic website, a large assortment of products is visible on the home page. There are many creams, tinctures, pet products, and even libido boosters infused with CBD compounds extracted from pure hemp plants.

But we concern ourselves with its range of CBD oils for pain, sleep, anxiety, and focus, which makes CBD Magic popular. It uses water-soluble nano extraction methods to streamline manufacturing and provide effective relief.

Along with perfecting production, the brand has developed an efficient and responsive customer support team. Thanks to its 20+ years of industry experience, it understands consumers’ demands, and the 24/7 customer support team can help solve your queries.

Its relentless pursuit of delivering all orders on time is even more pleasing. Hence, it’s a trustworthy organization, and you can enjoy free shipping on orders above $50 or pay a flat charge of $5.

Also, considering that it’s impossible to please all customers, CBD Magic offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to refund unsatisfied consumers. This makes it a trustworthy choice for most people, and the brand has received many positive reviews.


  • Easy refund within 30 days
  • Subscription plan with 20% discount
  • Top-notch natural ingredients
  • Multiple cannabinoids produce the Entourage Effect
  • Convenient dosage guide based on dropper size


  • Customer service is not available on weekends.


A. May Deliver Multiple Benefits

Since the primary purpose of CBD oils is to improve your health and enhance your overall well-being, this full-spectrum oil may provide fast relief. We have noticed the following potential benefits:

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Helps manage body pains
  • Offers calmness and relaxation

This is due to the natural ingredients in the formula, sourced from organic hemp and lab-tested for safety.

B. Natural Ingredients Guarantee Potency

This full-spectrum oil combines hemp seed oil, MCT oil, and full-spectrum distillate. The latter contains saturated fats and quickly breaks down inside the body to release energy. Using the ethanol extraction technique, the brand develops a 100% pure distillate while infusing the necessary raw materials with MCT oil.

Meanwhile, hemp seed oil contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that may improve brain and heart health.

C. Multiple Cannabinoids Enhance Potency

Some potent cannabinoids in the formula include CBC, CBDA, CBN, THC, THCV, THCA, and CBG. None of these compounds will get you high, but they bind themselves to the endocannabinoid receptors for quick healing. They fuel the body to repair itself by sending the right signals through the neurotransmitters.

Together these compounds may deliver pain relief, help diabetic patients, and produce anti-inflammatory and antiemetic reactions.

D. Accurate Dosage For Fast Results

This CBD oil comes with a dropper, and you can opt for a suitable dosage based on the severity of your issue. Depending on how comfortable you are using CBD, you can opt for either a mild or a strong dose. A strong dose is a full dropper that amounts to one milliliter of CBD oil, and you can increase or decrease the dosage by ¼ th of the dropper.

E. Subscription Program For Regular Buyers

If you regularly purchase from CBD Magic, it would be best to opt for a subscription plan since you can save 20% on every order. With just one click, your favorite CBD products will arrive at your doorstep every month, completely hassle-free.

Check out the latest deals from CBD Magic here.

#3. Plant Of Life – Vegan CBD Oil; 100% Organic & Natural

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Another well-known brand with a strong foothold in the CBD market is Plant Of Life, thanks to its focus on compassion, education, and accessibility. It sources the hemp from local farms to handcraft all the compounds in FDA-approved facilities in Toronto. There are several products available, including gummies, tinctures, edibles, topicals, CBD for pets, and of course, oils.

We checked the educational blogs on its website that have detailed information about CBD and its impact on a person’s life. You can learn how its CBD products, especially oils, may benefit people with pain, stress, and anxiety. Some people even consume CBD oil to improve their focus and clarity for greater productivity at work.

Talking about consumers, the brand has an affordable pricing policy to enhance accessibility and make its products available to people across Canada. Plus, Plant Of Life does not levy shipping charges if you make bulk purchases over $65.

It also publishes all the lab reports related to each product. A third-party organization conducts these tests to determine the safety and efficacy of the compounds.


  • Free shipping on orders above $65
  • Reasonable prices
  • Extracted and legally sourced from organic hemp farms
  • Contains healthy carrier oils
  • Lab reports confirm no psychoactivity
  • Uses only natural ingredients


  • Seldom produces the Entourage Effect.


A. Discounts And Offers For Customer Satisfaction

The primary discount is on orders above $65, whereby you will not have to pay shipping charges, which makes bulk purchases convenient. You can also enjoy offers and sales on special days, like Canada Day, when the company provides 5% off on select products and 20% off throughout its product line.

These reduce the overall expense and ensure CBD oil brands, like this one, are more accessible.

B. Lab Reports Assure Quality

The third-party lab reports are essential for quality control and ensuring all the products adhere to the safety guidelines. An independent organization provides a Certificate of Analysis to determine the concentration and potency of cannabinoids in the formula, including CBD gummies and THC.

And the brand publishes all the reports to guarantee transparency for the benefit of consumers.

C. CBD Education For First-Timers

Not many brands have blogs, but Plant Of Life has a dedicated CBD Education page to help consumers know more about different CBD products. Several articles explain how CBD may improve a person’s quality of life and provide relief from health conditions, such as anxiety, stress, or lack of sleep.

Ask yourself why you need CBD products and choose the relevant category from the menu to read articles on the subject.

D. Subscription Plan For Bulk Buyers

People buying in bulk would want to avoid the hassle of repeating their orders every month, so Plant Of Life has a subscription plan. You can sign up through your email account to enjoy a 15% discount on the first order. Best of all, you will not receive unnecessary emails from the brand – only updates about new launches and exclusive deals.

E. Reviews Lend Credibility

As a trustworthy company, it has received mostly positive reviews, and you can view what people have to say on the Your Story page. Feel free to share your CBD experience or read other people’s suggestions to make an informed purchase.

Check out the latest deals from Plant Of Life here.

How We Made This List Of The Best CBD Oil For Sale In Canada

Given the misinformation surrounding CBD oil help and people’s reluctance to invest in it, the primary goal of this guide was to authentically analyze the top brands before choosing the best three. We wanted this guide to be a gateway for people into the world of CBD, so we developed a detailed screening process.

The first step was a simple Google search about the best CBD oils in Canada, which produced numerous results, including blogs that shortlisted the top ten brands. But none of these articles referred to scientific research or customer reviews while narrowing down their choices.

They were not trustworthy though they gave us an idea of what to avoid while writing this article.

Nonetheless, we noted the names of the brands that repeatedly appeared on several blogs and visited their websites. Our focus was on organizations that used organic ingredients to develop affordable CBD products, which helped eliminate some companies.

We further researched the shipping, refund, and customer service policies of the brands that made the initial cut. Once we found a suitable organization, it was crucial to study the lab reports and read scientific papers and journalistic accounts about the ingredients.

Even more essential was consulting CBD experts and doctors in close contact with people using CBD oils. But that’s not all; we spoke to consumers and noted their experience of using CBD products.

We even consumed these CBD oils to see whether the brands delivered on their promise. This led us to the final list of the three CBD oils we have reviewed above.

Here’s a low-down on the crucial points of our selection criteria:

  • Brand image
  • Lab reports
  • Company policies
  • Manufacturing and extraction techniques
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Dosage guide
  • Choice of ingredients

Beginner’s Guide: What To Look For In A CBD Oil Before Buying It?

After going through our reviews and reading about the selection criteria, you might be eager to buy any of the options mentioned in this guide. That is fine, but what if you want to look at other CBD oils on the market? After all, it is never a bad thing to have more choices, so that is why we have written the buyer’s guide.

Here we discuss several aspects of choosing the best CBD oils in Canada based on factors like brand reputation, extraction techniques, shipping and refund policies, etc. These are indispensable attributes of the best CBD brands and their products; keep them in mind to make a suitable purchase.

1. Customer Reviews

An effective way to determine the worth and quality of a brand is by reading customer reviews. There’s no one better than previous CBD users who have tried a product and shared their experiences about its effectiveness.

Brands often hide or conceal information because their main purpose is to sell their products. But referring to customers’ ratings and suggestions can help you stay clear of low-quality CBD compounds.

Another technique is to check whether a brand publishes all reviews on its website or only the good ones. It is impossible for everyone to like a particular brand, and you can tell the difference between a trustworthy and shady organization.

2. Opt For Organic Ingredients

To enjoy a pure CBD experience, it would be best to look for brands that use only natural ingredients for manufacturing their products. You will come across some organizations that claim to have developed affordable CBD products, but more often than not, the formula contains artificial flavors.

That’s why brands like Plant Of Life and CBDNorth made it to our list since they manufacture premium-quality full-spectrum CBD oils without using inorganic derivatives. The main problem with artificial ingredients is that the chances of side effects go up, so it is a hefty price to pay to save a few bucks.

Moreover, thanks to technological innovations and modern production techniques, the latest organic CBD oils taste the same as artificial compounds. And it is also suitable for vegans as they do not have to consume animal fats to enjoy the benefits of CBD oils – plant-based ingredients may be just as potent.

3. Lab Reports

Speaking of ingredients, you should always refer to the lab reports before purchasing a product. Most brands don’t mention the list of cannabinoids or other compounds in the product description, and you could consume something you are allergic to.

To avoid side effects and enjoy the calming aftereffects of CBD oils, check the lab reports on a brand website. If a brand does not publish the reports, do not hesitate to buy from other organizations, no matter how enticing the former might seem.

A trustworthy brand sends its products for testing to a third-party agency that highlights the formula’s compounds and ingredients, along with their concentration. This also eliminates the presence of microbes, mycotoxins, foreign matter, and heavy metals in CBD oils.

4. Customer Service

An excellent way to develop a bond with consumers is through customer service. It takes years to build a customer service team that can answer consumers’ queries and respond to questions 24/7. But brands that put the effort can ensure that customers return to make further purchases owing to the greater convenience.

It’s important to note that Canada is the second-largest country in the world, and a reputable brand will account for the time difference between states. Consumers should be able to call anytime during the day regarding their order or to know more about CBD products.

This means that the customer service team should have detailed knowledge about all the products and company policies to respond promptly.

5. Dosage Guide

Consuming CBD oil is not as easy as putting a few drops in your food and hoping all your ailments will disappear. It is not a magic formula, and choosing the right dose based on your medical condition and weight is imperative.

The right dosage ensures that regularly consuming CBD may not cause side effects, although it would be best to consult a doctor. But once a medical professional clears you to consume CBD oils, you can place a few drops under the tongue or add it to different meals.

Taking CBD oils sublingually allows the body to absorb the oil faster, but you may not like the earthy taste. In such a scenario, taking it with meals is easier, and all you need is a dropper.

Check the brand website on the recommended dosage or call customer service. You can start with a mild dose of 0.5 mL before increasing it over the next few weeks, depending on how your body reacts to CBD.

6. Extraction And Manufacturing

We have spoken about a lot of factors so far, but none of them hold weight if a brand’s extraction and manufacturing techniques are not up to the mark. The best brands have a separate section on their website that details the extraction methods, like water-soluble nano extraction technology, as seen with CBD Magic.

Also, to produce premium-quality CBD oils, learn about the organic hemp farms from where brands source their hemp. And if the manufacturing occurs in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities, you can rest assured that no essential cannabinoids or ingredients are lost during production.

7. Price, Shipping, And Refund Policies

The last thing you should check before purchasing is the price of a product. Usually, organic and plant-based CBD oils cost more owing to their modern manufacturing techniques, while artificial compounds cost less.

While it might seem that purchasing compounds with artificial flavors will not make much difference, you are sadly mistaken. There is no excuse for buying low-quality products and suffering side effects when top-notch compounds are available for a slightly higher price.

So, do not compromise on quality and check the shipping and refund policy before clicking “Buy.” Be sure that the organization delivers to your location and does not take more than four to five business days from the day of purchase.

Also, some companies offer a satisfaction guarantee and pay full refunds within 30 days, while others only help if the package was damaged during transportation. That’s why reading the company policies before buying will serve you well.

FAQs About The Best CBD Oils In Canada

1. Do you need a prescription for buying or selling CBD oils In Canada?

As a consumer, you will not need a prescription for purchasing CBD oils in Canada, although it would be best to consult a doctor if you are already taking medication. But for manufacturing products with CBD and THC, you will have to get approval from the Food and Drug Regulations board since these products supposedly offer health benefits.

2. How can you verify that a CBD oil is of good quality?

The best way to ascertain the quality of a CBD oil is by checking the Certificate of Analysis or lab report. Most reputable brands hire a third-party organization to test their products, and you can view the reports to ensure the CBD oils are safe. These reports also come properly labeled and list the ingredients in the formula, including their concentration.

3. What are the different grades of CBD oil?

Three grades of CBD oils are available in different concentrations and contain various compounds.

  1. Full-Spectrum

Includes several cannabinoids and all parts of the cannabis plant. It has less than 0.3% THC.

  1. Broad-Spectrum

It contains most cannabinoids, but not all of them, and the chances of experiencing the Entourage Effect are less due to minute amounts of THC.

  1. Isolate

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD and does not contain other cannabinoids or THC.

4. Can you consume CBD oils every day?

To experience the benefits of CBD, you must consume a suitable dose of CBD oils daily. If you are a beginner, you can start with a mild dose until the body adjusts to this new compound before increasing the dosage in the following weeks. You can also break the dosage into two smaller parts and consume the oil sublingually or with breakfast and dinner.

5. Can CBD oils reduce pain and inflammation?

Research shows that CBD oils may reduce pain and inflammation if administered correctly. The CBD molecules bind to the endocannabinoid receptors and act on the body’s biological processes through neurotransmitters. This gives these compounds anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties and helps calm people while providing relief from chronic pain.

Conclusion – Which CBD Oil In Canada Should You Buy?

But if you are still confused about which product to choose, we recommend using CBDNorth’s Premium Full-Spectrum CBD oil. Thanks to the brand’s reasonable pricing policy, you won’t need to burn through your savings to purchase it. Best of all is the organic ingredients and efficient manufacturing techniques that help you enjoy the benefits of multiple cannabinoids.

This is just our suggestion, and you are free to purchase the other two products in this guide or even other options on the market. Beware if you choose the latter because the number of new CBD brands and products is rising.

There is no conclusive way to determine whether a CBD oil Canada is worth purchasing, and only more research about CBD will better our understanding of such products. Until then, you can refer to our guide to make the right purchase.

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